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Twitter Tells – Dodgers Sign Alfredo Amezaga

Twitter Tells – Dodgers Sign Alfredo Amezaga

Its been reported that the Dodgers further added to their bench today signing Alfredo Amezaga to a minor league deal. The deal is said to be worth $650k if he makes the team with incentives that can raise his salary to $850k. This all comes via Ken Rosenthal on Twitter.

Well this throws a wrench into the roster discussions going on here at the previous post.

I believe someone said in that thread that “it takes a village.” Well, we are certainly equipped now. Plenty of backups for the stuntmen crew with Amezaga joining Reed Johnson, Jamey Carroll, and Ronnie Belliard. Amezaga plays all over the field, he has literally played every position except for pitcher and catcher. He is best in center and at short I have heard.

Also, this just in, Dylan Hernandez reports via Twitter that the Dodgers would like to bring Jeff Weaver back but that our “roster situation” may prevent us from doing so.

What does everyone think the lineup will look like now?

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10 Responses to “Twitter Tells – Dodgers Sign Alfredo Amezaga”

  1. Erik says:

    Weaver back on minors deal. Does this mean we couldn’t afford Wong. Or is he the long reliever?

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Where did you see that? I haven’t seen anything regarding the Dodgers signing Weaver to anything. I’ve heard that they might be talking, but nothing else.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Sorry Erik,

    There it was right in front of me on MLB TradeRumors at the top of this page.

  4. Erik says:

    You heard it here first. LoL. If Weaver is signed to be a long Guy out of the pen I like the signing.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If anything, I think Weaver was signed as insurance in the event that any of the younger pitchers aren’t deemed ready to open the season with the Dodgers. Also, if a player like Lindblom has a strong spring and is considered for the bullpen, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was sent to ALBQ to open the season with the intent to recall him sometime in June or July, if only to get his clock ticking later, in order to avoid having him become a Super Two in 2013.

  6. Rory says:

    Amezaga – career .250 with a .311 OBP. Be still my heart.

    What does everyone think the lineup will look like now?

    1. Furcal SS (Amezaga as back-up?)

    2. I have no idea. Nobody really.

    3. Andre Ethier RF

    4. Manny Ramirez LF (Reed Johnson, the freakin’ gazelle, as backup)

    5. Matt Kemp CF (No back up really)

    6. James Loney 1b (back-up? ion’tno)

    7. Russell Martin C

    8 Casey Blake 3b (Belliard as back-up)

    The bench? Whoever survives Spring Training.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I won’t even attempt to get into Torre’s head. But here’s what I would like as things stand now:

    1. Furcal

    2. Kemp – I like his speed near the top of the order. I also think he would get pleny of RBI opportunities, and certainly would score a boatload of runs. Also, his presence on base would be a distraction to any pitcher having to face Ethier, Manny and Loney following him.

    3. Ethier

    4. Manny

    5. Loney

    6. Martin

    7. Blake

    8. DeWitt/Belliard

    With only 5 slots available for the bench, I see them as follows:





    Amezaga/Mientkiewicz/Paul – Amezaga brings versatility, given his ability to play both the infield and outfield. And it his knee has fully recovered, then he also offers speed. On a team with a predominantly right handed hitting bench, he provides some balance from the left side.

    Mientkiewicz – lefthanded bat off the bench. However, inspite of his gold glove caliber work at 1B, he has limited value on the defensive side, since Loney is not likely to have many days off, and there are other players who can fill in at 1B, and also at 3B, the other infield position he can play. And even though he is reputed to be able to play the outfield, I doubt if he is any good at it. No speed. Long shot at best.

    Paul – Despite the signing of Johnson, I still believe Paul has a chance to make the team out of ST. He’s a lefthanded bat on what will otherwise be a predominantly righthanded bench, has speed, and an awesome arm. The Amezaga signing, however, lengthens the odds he opens the season in LA. However, the presence of Carroll, Belliard, and DeWitt could provide enough infield depth allow for a 5th outfielder. Probably opens the year in ALBQ. Possible trade bait as well (as is Jason Repko, who I see as having virtually no chance of opening the season in LA).

  8. GoNzO says:

    We should of signed Chris Duncan! We have no one that can hit it out off the bench; or the threat of it.

  9. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Another reason I like Kemp in the #2 slot is lot of first inning runs. If Furcal gets on base it will be very hard to pitch around Kemp with Ethier, Manny and Loney following. This is a case where I think power (along with speed) plays well in the #2 hole.

  10. Rory says:

    Ideally you want a left handed hitter with speed and bat control in the two hole. A left handed hitter makes it more difficult for the catcher to see the runner at first and to throw to second. A left handed hitter has a hole on the right side to pull into and is two steps closer to first base making a double play more difficult to turn. Kemp would get a lot of hard sliders with a runner on first, and I don’t think he would handle them all that well. Hudson was the ideal 2 hole hitter. Furcal would be a good 2 hole hitter. On this current team, I see no ideal 2 hole hitter, but Ethier is the closest one we have.


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