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This Is Big!

This Is Big!

My sources tell me that Manny Ramirez checked into Camelback Ranch one day BEFORE the pitchers and catchers were to report. 

For whatever you think about Manny Ramirez, he is a hard worker and his early arrival (way early) bodes well for the Dodgers upcoming season. 

Without saying a word, he is making a statement: “I’m Serious About Winning This Year!”

He's Here!

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15 Responses to “This Is Big!”

  1. Voldomer says:

    Who will attract more attention at Camelback this year–Manny or Gagne? If will be interesting to see if the latter has anything left. I’m not overly optimistic, but it would be a good story.

  2. Rory says:

    I am going to try to ask Gagne if he can teach that circle change of his to Broxton.

    I sure hope Manny is serious. Without the threat of the real Manny in the 4 hole, this team isn’t nearly as scary.

    This is interesting:

    “The Cubs won their arbitration case against infielder Ryan Theriot according to Paul Sullivan of The Chicago Tribune. He will earn $2.6MM in 2010 instead of the $3.4MM he filed for.

    The 30-year-old Theriot hit .284/.343/.369 in 677 plate appearances as Chicago’s every day shortstop in 2009. He won’t become a free agent until after the the 2012 season.”

    Now why would Orlando Hudson be worth more than twice what this guy is? Looks to me like the Dodgers win that arb case too. Wolf and Hudson – Dodgers two for two.

  3. Mark Timmons says:


    I am sure the team would win if you were the arbitrator, but again you are comparing apples to oranges.

    How many Gold Gloves or All-Star positions has Theriot won? He’s also a SS and not near the top of his position.

    Most baseball people agree that Hudson would have gotten $7-9 mil in arbitration and Wolf would have gotten $10-12 mil.

  4. Badger says:

    Most people do not agree that Hudson would have received $9 million in arbitration. I refer you to Weisman:

    There was even a reference in here where someone could give $10 million reasons why Orlando would have accepted arbitration. Yeah, I suppose it is possible he would have won as much as $8-9 million, but I really doubt it. If we offer the same contract we gave him last year, I bet he turns it down and moves on. And there is no way an arbitrator gives him $9 mil.

    And, a starting SS, with similar numbers to a second baseman would be worth more – wouldn’t they? He hit for a better average, scored more runs and stole a lot more bases. And, maybe it wasn’t you, but somebody in here said the Gold Glove was an overblown award. Afterall, Hudson can’t go to his right anymore.

  5. ken says:

    Does MLB allow sign and trade moves? I would like to see the Dodgers work a deal with another team for that team to sign Felipe Lopez and trade him to the Dodgers for Belliard and an average AA pitcher like Krebs or Aguasviva.

  6. Ty says:

    Manny’s done unless G*gne can provide him with a new shipment

  7. Mark Timmons says:


    There is NO WAY Hudson would have gotten less than what he made last year, which was just shy of $8 mil. If the Dodgers had offered less, it would have been an automatic win for Hudson. So, lets assme he would have gotten $8 mil – HE’S NOT WORTH THAT! He didn’t sign for that.


    Baseball doesn’t allow “sign and trades.”

    I like Lopez, but I’m fine with our secondbaseman who makes less than $3 mil: Bellicarrolwitt

  8. Mark Timmons says:

    One more thing Badger,

    When you quote Weisman, don’t quote his older stuff – go to his newest post on the Hudson issue (which you conveniently left out), where he said:

    “There’s got to be a middle ground in there with Hudson somewhere. Given the doubts about him and the price for which he signed, which was about $3-5 million less than what he might have won in a salary arbitration case with the Dodgers, maybe there’s more justification for the team not offering him salary arbitration than I originally allowed for.”

    It’s right here:

    Weisman just said that Hudson would have gotten $8 to 10 million!

  9. Badger says:

    I didn’t “conveniently” leave out anything Mark. That article you just pasted has already been seen here. I referred to what Weisman was saying at the time we were all talking about whether or not to offer these guys arbirtation. I was looking at the team and what makes it better. Look at the Dodgers right now – they are weakened by not having Wolf and Hudson, and they are weakened by not getting the compensation picks that MLB offers in such circumstances. Everyone has 20/20 hindsight and I am on record saying I don’t think any of these guys are worth what they get paid.

    And for the record, Weisman didn’t say Hudson would have gotten 8-10 million. This is exactly what he said about Hudson’s current contract:

    “which was about $3-5 million less than what he might have won in a salary arbitration case with the Dodgers”

    might – nobody knows for sure what would have happened. My bet is Hudson wants out of here. My bet is that we would have received a draft pick for him. Just a hunch.

    If I am GM, I offer both arbitration when it was time to do so. If we win, we have a strong team. If we lose we have a strong team. If we just let them walk away, we are weakened. We see it differently and it looks like we will not agree on this.

  10. Mark Timmons says:

    What we do know is that he would have gotten at least what he made last year – $7.9 mil.

    Which is too much.

  11. Rory says:

    I suppose I agree with that. I would take this year what Hudson gave us last year for exactly what he made, but I see your point.

    But, how many of these players are overpaid? And if you benched every starter that wasn’t earning their money, you would probably have 6 guys on the field. And if you went through the roster and cut them from the team, you wouldn’t have enough guys to substitute.

    I just want the Dodgers to continue to improve and this year looks like a step backward to me.

  12. Mark Timmons says:

    Well, you have to overpay at times, but not every time. In this case, I think the Dodgers did the right thing.

    Everyone is rating the Dodgers on what they did, not what can happen with current young players. We are ready for a big jump ahead.

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I absolutely agree with Mark that the Dodgers “are ready for a big jump ahead.” Young teams don’t develop overnight. We’ve watched our young players (now young veterans) develop and mature over the last several years. It’s a process that’s generally measured in years, and one which I believe is about to bear fruit. Loney at 26 should step up his power numbers significantly. Kemp and Ethier have already demonstrated their power, and we should see even more (especially from Kemp). And a return to productivity for Russell Martin wouldn’t surprise me at all. Furcal finished strongly last year, and may finally have returned to full health. DeWitt has shown some pop and plate discipline in the past, and I believe that he will thrive in a platoon situation at 2B. Together with Belliard/Carroll, I really don’t see much of a drop-off at 2B, and maybe none at all. Hudson did most of his damage last year in the first two months. IMHO, he’s as much a risk as DeWitt/Belliard/Carroll. Torre and his whole coaching staff aren’t stupid, and I’m betting that Hudson was benched in the postseason because of things they know and we don’t.

    Blake and Manny are getting up in years, and Manny has the drug issue to recover from. But good years from both of them would not be a surprise.

    I also like our starting pitching. Billingsley, I believe, is a strong candidate for a rebound. If Kershaw continues along his current path of development, it’s more than reasonable to expect his command to improve, and with it his productivity. Kuroda’s health is a question, but he too is a strong bet to be a solid #3, and Padilla may well be motivated to have a strong year to earn a lucrative multi-year deal. From Haeger, McDonald, Elbert, Stults, Monaterios, etc., I expect the Dodgers to find a more than adequate 5th starter, perhaps better than anything that could be obtained on the open market or via trade.

    The bullpen remains strong and deep, and perhaps will even show improvement, especially if Broxton finds an effective secondary pitch.

    And if the Dodgers have questions to answer, so does every team is every division, in both leagues.

  14. Rory says:

    So Brooklyn, you in for 500 on over 95? If the Dodgers “are ready for a big jump ahead” that’s a safe bet.

    And, the only place that a big jump could take the Dodgers is to the World Series. I would gladly do 500 push-ups if that happens. In fact, let me go on record here – I will do them in front of Mark at Spring Training next year if it happens.


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