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The Saints Came Marching In

The Saints Came Marching In

I still believe the Colts had the best team, but the best team doesn’t always win and the Saints had the better game plan, better coaching and better execution. 

They rolled the dice, and it paid off.  The Saints deserved to win.  Peyton Manning could have cemented his legacy as the greatest QB of all time with a win, but he couldn’t deliver. 

I’m a Colts fans because I live in Indy, but I’m not a Saints’ Hater. 

They are now America’s Team. 

 They deserved this Championship.  Congrats to them!

Ironic:  A Purdue Guy was the QB and and IU Guy intercepted the pass to seal the win…

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31 Responses to “The Saints Came Marching In”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    When I saw the Dodgers signed Giles to a minor league deal my first thought was that he didn’t have a prayer to make the team. However, after examining his work in 2008, I think he at least has a prayer. Giles is no doubt a bit long in the tooth, and perhaps last years knee problem will be severely chronic. But if not, then perhaps there’s still something left in the tank, especially if it involves mostly pinch hitting. And he’s the patient type of hitter that both Torre and Mattingly favor.

    In 2008 he hit .306 with a .398 OBP and 12 HRs. Last year he hit only .191 in a season abbreviated to 61 games, with only 2 HRs. However, even with the .191 he managed a .277 OBP. I still tend to think that his chances are slim, and probably close to none. But I believe it’s a chance nonetheless. And I’m NOT saying that I hope he makes the team. Just observing that he might have a chance.

    And congrats to the Colts for getting to the Super Bowl. Of course, as a Giants fan (NY variety) I had very little rooting interest in the game. Besides, it’s pitchers and catchers NEXT WEEK.

  2. DRomo says:

    Class act Mark! Cheers to all you Colt fans out there in the middle of nowhere :)

    The best thing about tonights game is baseball season is here!! Woo Hoo!!

  3. Bootz says:

    Isn’t this a baseball board?

    I’ll save myself until we get the Buffalo Bills of LA County of Diamond Bar of 909 off the 57 freeway, to talk about football.

  4. Bootz says:

    In better news; how about the Kings? 9 in a row and counting.

  5. Rory says:

    Not a well played game by Indy. It happens sometimes. Wayne had a horrible game, including the last play where he alligatored the pass on the goal line. Man up dude. This is the Super Bowl.

    “We knew that on third and short they stack, and they like the outside release for the slant. It was great film study by me, a great jump and a great play,” said Porter.

    Yeah, humble man that Indiana player. If Wayne had recognized the blitz he should have shortened that slant and not allowed the jump. I saw it coming, Manning saw it coming, Wayne? Head up butt, didn’t adjust.

    Giles? Eh. If we want a LH home run hitter off the bench, and we don’t care the guy is an a**hole, why not just sign Barry Bonds?

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Maybe Joe is seriously thinking of only 12 pitchers, and work them wisely. So as to have 13 fielders on the roster. Or, 5 on the bench. Or, maybe even 11 pitchers with moving some of the relievers up and down as some get worked too much from time to time. Maybe Joe wants Giles on the bench. There are some games during the season that is won by pinch hitters doing the right thing. Dodger speed is gone with Pierre out of the picture. So a decent hitter is needed.

    [[[ please do not attack me, the above is just a thought. I do not need to have 98 facts thrown at me . . . please let it be. Go after Manning and his mistaken pass near the end of the game. ]]]

    Oh, by the way, last nights game. With over twenty folks to our house for dinner and the game — I called the interception in the fourth quarter. I stated that the Saints would intercept a Manning pass and take it back for 6 points. Folks all around the room smiled, some laughed . . . but they waited. Then a few minutes later it happened. Well . . . I am now running against Palin in 2012 they think I am a prophet.

    On to Spring Training.

    Rory, I will be in Glendale from March 20th till after the game on March 25th. We need to get together for a few games and some meals.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    I agree with Roger and Brooklyn on Giles, but he has to make the team, which means he has to show signs of life in the Spring.

    On the interception:

    Reggie Wayne is the best “route runner” in the NFL with sharpest and best cuts of anyone. Reggie was thrown to 11 times, most of any Colts receiver but had only five catches for 46 yards. The Pro Bowl receiver aggravated a right knee injury in Friday’s practice. To his credit, he said: “My knee wasn’t bothering me at all.”

    To me, I saw a guy who makes that cut and curl better than anyone in the NFL, not even try to do it, leading me and a lot of other people to believe IT WAS THE KNEEE. Of course, the QB gets the INT, but in this case, it wasn’t on Manning.

    That said, the Colts didn’t LOSE, like the Vikings did, but the Saints WON. They deserved it more.

  8. DRomo says:

    Very cool Roger, Funny I had just leaned over to tell my brother in law that the Saints needed a turn over when Manning threw the pick! Maybe I can be your VP choice? :) I have plenty of foreign policy experience, I can see Mexico from my front yard…

    Joe maybe be thinking 12 pitchers you never know. I am not sure they have thought that far ahead. I get the opinion they have invited everyone they can as non-roster invitees to spring so they can have an open competition with young and old without really costing them much. It isn’t a bad idea but some of the names I have seen us sign is just laughable. I mean …Timo FREAKING Perez? Brian SHUT UP WOMAN Giles? Was Hee Sop Choi busy?

    It feels good, weeks away from Spring Training. I don’t know when I will be there or for how long, but I’m going. I hope to see some of you fellas in person!

  9. ken says:

    “Maybe Joe is seriously thinking of only 12 pitchers”

    Can anyone tell me when the Dodgers ever carried 13 pitchers except for when one pitcher had a sore arm for 5 days and management decided not to send that guy to the 15 day DL, or when two pitchers got bombed in the same week and the bullpen needed an additional arm for a week?

    As predicted the Super Bowl was a Brees. Who knew that the Saints would win by more than 5 points? The Saints win and celebrate on Sunday. That is appropriate! Even more appropriate would have been if the Saints beat the Lions.

    Everyone talks about the Dodger young players. Everyone should be talking about the Dodger old players and how strong the bench and the AAA backups need to be in case one of the old geezers is injured and the Dodger budget does not allow a real replacement to be obtained from outside the organization.

    Finally that sissy football sport is over and baseball is just around the corner. Time to watch Rugby until opening day.

  10. Rory says:

    Wayne had a bad night in the most important game of the year. The Saints deserved it.

    OK, the new me – what the Dodgers need to win the World Series:

    Brian Giles, 39, and even though he is now steroid free and older than the Equal Rights Amendment, will make a comeback and hit .300 for the Dodgers off the bench. And, along with Manny hitting .320 with 35 home runs, and Matt Kemp’s MVP year, Martin’s resurgance, Loney hitting .300, Ethier hitting 40 dingers and driving in 110, DeWitt nailling down the 2b spot, Furcal returning to his mid 20′s form and Blake staying on the field all year – the Dodgers win 98 regular season games and cruise to the World Series.

    Chad Billingsley – 220 IP 3.4 ERA and 18 wins.

    Clayton Kershaw – 200 IP 3.25 ERA and 17 wins.

    Hiroki Kuroda – 200 IP 3.5 ERA and 16 wins

    Vicente Padilla – 200 IP 3.8 ERA and 15 wins (Wolf 198 IP 3.9 ERA 14 wins)

    Whoever wins the 5th spot – 170 IP 4.0 ERA and 10 wins

    The bullpen has a collective ERA of 3.75

    Frank McCourt is granted ownership of the Dodgers, does not need a new partner because he marries Eli Broad’s daughter and money just fills up his bank account. The economy rebounds, unemployment drops to 5%, we get out of Iraq and use the $3 billion quarterly cost of that war for universal health care and everyone everywhere lives happily everafter.

    This feels pretty good. Please, don’t anyone try to wake me up.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    I agree.

  12. lawdog says:

    Wow! Roger and Dromo. I had the same premonition last night. As the Colts were marching down the field to seemingly crush the life out of the Saints, my friend’s wife said that the game was over and we should do something else, like play bridge and drink beer. I said, “it only takes one INT”. She asked me to explain myself since I’d told her when the game started that Manning was the best quarterback in the game (and to forget what I’d said about Kurt Warner in 2002.) I said again, “even the best quarterback can throw an INT against a defense as good as the one we’re seeing from the Saints. The Saints have their backs against the wall. Watch them continue to blitz and the safety or a corner will jump the hot read and pick off a pass and turn the game around.” Next play it happened and she asked me why I wasn’t a coach in the NFL making piles of cash.

    Manning wasn’t running enough draws to counter the blitz and he went to the well one time to many. He’s still the best quarterback in the game, but Brees is the second coming of the now retired Kurt Warner.

    32-39 is Kurt Warner shit.

  13. lawdog says:

    From the Spokane Hot Stove:

    “Dodgers rumored to be pursuing former All Star Duke Snider to play for them in 2010! Snider, 87, said: ‘Gimme some ‘roids and HGH! I can still rake! Probably hit better than that whippersnapper Giles coming off the bench. And I’m still a better outfielder than that bozo Manny despite the creaking knees!’ The Dodgers first tried to contact the agent for former great Gill Hodges and only then learned he was unavailable, having died many decades earlier. Snider is rumored to be leaning towards accepting the 2 year deal for $750,000 a year, but is irritated that McCourt wants to backload the deal over the next 20 years and make Snider’s survival for the duration of the backloaded period a precondition for payment by agreeing to make a new will which bequeaths any unpaid portion of the sums owed back to Frank McCourt personally.”

    Ain’t no one going to screw with the Dogs now! The Duke is coming back! :shock:

  14. DRomo says:

    Lawdog, That is awesome!!

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    What do we learn from last night’s Super Bowl?

    As the Saints beat the Colts — the Dodgers can finally beat the Phillies.

  16. DRomo says:;_ylt=AnLiPvD61i234TuG.lxhU3oRvLYF?urn=mlb,218036

    Hilarious story about the Dodger Caravan last week ending up at the same place Baryy Bonds was about to have lunch!! The fans chased Barry out. This is too funny to be true!!

  17. lawdog says:

    Here’s a projection of the kind of stats I expect from our starting 8 next season, just for a change of pace:

    Furcal .280 12 hrs 65 rbis

    Martin .245 8 hrs 60 rbis

    Ethier .310 35 hrs 125 rbis

    MannyMan .285 25 hrs 90 rbis

    Kemp .315 .32 hrs 115 rbis

    Loney .305 19 hrs 105 rbis

    Blake .242 15 hrs 58 rbis

    DeWitt .248 14 hrs 60 rbis

    Predicted finish: 84-78 2nd place, no playoffs.

  18. Mark Timmons says:


    If we hit like that, we’ll win 95 games!

  19. lawdog says:

    Naw, our pitching is weak and there are too many .240 averages in there with Martin, Blake and DeWitt all sinking closer to the Mendoza line.

    But you’re right in that I’m predicting 160 home runs for 8 starters. If we can average 20 home runs per man, we just might make the playoffs in spite of our weak bench and mediocre pitching,. Could be worth 90 wins.

  20. ken says:

    23 NRIs = a AAA team. A lot of salary is being paid to the NRIs.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    lawdog, you have to learn to dream bigger.

    Furcal .280 12 hrs 65 rbis; and 42 stolen bases

    Martin .245 8 hrs 60 rbis; change that to .268

    Ethier .310 35 hrs 125 rbis; good

    MannyMan .285 25 hrs 90 rbis; .302 is better

    Kemp .315 .32 hrs 115 rbis; good

    Loney .305 19 hrs 105 rbis; 112 rbis is better

    Blake .242 15 hrs 58 rbis; .251 with only 12 hrs is real

    DeWitt .248 14 hrs 60 rbis; only 9 hrs instead with 48 rbis

    Predicted finish: 84-78 2nd place, no playoffs; 92-70 – wins the west; wins the NL; here my glass ball became plastic.

  22. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I assume the above is your batting order. If so, please answer the following:

    1. How does Blake with more HRs than Martn and a similar average, drive in less runs than the latter? And he manages to do that hitting behind the productive Ethier, Manny, Kemp and Loney.

    2. Pretty much the same for DeWitt vs. Martin (although DeWitt does have the weak hitting Blake in front of him).

    3. How does Furcal get 65 RBIs hitting leadoff and behind two guys in the .240s and the pitcher? And he manages to do that with no one in front of him with anything more than average to below average speed.

    4. How does Ethier manage 125 RBIs with the light hitting Martin in front of him? I guess the opposing pitchers will be giving Martin a lot of free passes to get to Ethier, Manny, Kemp and Loney.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I should have also added that DeWitt has the pitcher hitting behind him, and may not see too many good pitches to hit. So maybe his RBIs do suffer. Yet he still manages to drive in a couple more than Blake.

  24. Rory says:

    You must believe in miracles Brooklyn.

    You know how Torre likes to change the lineup every few minutes, so nobody is hitting in front of or behind anyone every at bat. Also, everybody on the team gets on base at a .400 clip, including the bench, therefor, there will always be somebody on base when somebody else is up. Since the team will hit .399 WRISP, this allows the above numbers to be achieved over 162 games.

    Easy peasy.

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Of course I believe in miracles. Which explains why I try to keep my glass half full.

  26. Miguel says:

    Our offense and pitching will be great.

    I still haven’t heard a good reason to why and how the divorce could be affecting payroll. I heard some disagreeing with what I said, but still, no proof. Will some wise oracle rise up and change my mind?

  27. A Shot of Haeger says:

    It’s because you’re right, Miguel

  28. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I like our offense. I expect the maturation process to continue with players like Ethier, Kemp, Loney, and even Russell Martin. I believe there’s a good chance that Manny will be back to being a productive force. Probably not the Manny we saw at the end of 2008, or not even the Manny we saw at the beginning of last year. But still a dangerous presence in the lineup. Until he shows signs of decline, I’m expecting a normal year out of Blake. Nothing spectacular, just vintage Casey Blake. DeWitt is a question mark, but I like his chances. And I expect Furcal to bounce back with a solid year based on what appeared to me to be a player beginning to regain his form in the second half of last year. As I’ve said before, the recovery from his back surgery was probably an 18 – 24 month process.

    Could I be disappointed. Of course I could. Only time will tell.

    As for the pitching staff. I love Kershaw, and think that Billingsley will be at least good, and perhaps very good. He’s still relatively young, and it won’t take much to get his game turned around in the right direction. I’m not certain about Kuroda, but I’m not pessimistic either. He’s had two consecutive years with ERAs below 4. His injury problems could carry over, and then again, he could give us a nice year. From what I saw of Padilla last year, he’s at least as likely to give us a good year as Randy Wolf. And if we get to the postseason, I’d be more confident hanging my hat on Padilla than Wolf, who was horrid in the 2009 playoffs. Between Stults, Haeger, McDonald, Elbert, etc., I believe we will find a more than competent fifth starter. Furthermore, an acquisition via trade is still not out of the question. And the bullpen remains strong. Also, with another year to work on his secondary stuff, I believe we will have a better Broxton.

    And despite what appears to be popular opinion, I trust that the bench will be improved over what we had last year.

    This is not the pathetic team that some ouf you describe. There’s talent here, and I believe it will get us 90 – 100 wins.

    I would like to see a new owner. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out how the Dodgers would have been better off spending oodles of money on what was a weak free agent market. Lackey could have been the next Jason Schmidt, and Joel Pineiro is in no way worth what he got. Neither is Randy Wolf. Fact is, I like the cheaper Padilla better than both of them. And we weren’t about to sign a Holliday or Bay given that our outfield is already set.

    And if there was any business as usual, it was the signings of players to minor league contracts. It happens every year, and once in a while it results in something. Sometimes not. Teams sign these guys to create competition in spring training, and to provide experienced bodies to fill up innings. The players who sign those contracts also realize that they’re not just playing for a spot on the team they signed with, but perhaps with another team with a need that they can fill. These players can also play a role providing experienced talent in the minors that could prove useful filling a void created by injury during the regular season.

    I also believe that should there be a need to spend money during the season to add a difference maker, it will be available because it wasn’t needlessly spent during this offseason on the Joel Pineiro’s of the world.

  29. Rory says:

    “Will some wise oracle rise up and change my mind?”

    Not likely Miguel. Some times people just choose to believe what they choose to be true. There have been many articles written and opinions posted that question the McCourt leadership – including this one by Weisman, followed by over 70 comments from fans that are concerned:

    with this contained within it:

    I don’t like to make assumptions, but if I had to guess, I would guess you have never had to give up half your multi-million dollar assets to an ex in a divorce settlement. To try to explain how this effects a man’s day to day operations is difficult to do. You kind of have to have been there to understand how it works. I referenced Moores as an example, but you didn’t respond to that. The Padres were NL West Champs in ’05 and ’06, tied the Rockies in ’07, then came his divorce, and you can clearly see what that did to them.

    The Dodgers are one of the elite franchises in all of sports. Despite claims of “business as usual” I find it very difficult to believe it is the case. Business as usual does not include dealing with teams of divorce lawyers daily with the prospect of losing half of everything you own looming on the horizon.

    Having said that, I look forward to every Dodger having career years, and then our owner being able to miraculously afford the massive raises this will cause. The team will draw 4 million to help our owner raise payroll to $120 million.

    All is well in Dodgerland.


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