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No Shortage of Options For Stunt Men

No Shortage of Options For Stunt Men

THE Chin

Green, Berroa, Carroll, Belliard, Johnson, Repko, Paul,  Hu, DeWitt, Mientkiewicz and Amezaga are all in the running to be “stuntmen.”  

The reality of the matter is that the majority of them will end up at AAA waiting for a call…  If you look at the stats of each (and I shall not bore you), not much jumps out. 

Maybe you can ascertain that Reed Johnson is a professional hitter (if healthy), and maybe you can even say the same about Carroll and Belliard, but Green, Berroa and Amezaga have never been known as hitters.  Missers, maybe.  Hitters?  Hardly!  Barring injury, I think it’s safe to assume that Johnson, Carroll and Belly will make the team.  So will Brad Ausmus. 

That leaves Green, Berroa, Repko, Paul, DeWitt, Hu, Mientkiewicz and Amezaga to fight for one spot.  May the best man win.  For the record, I think Amezaga will prevail (if healthy).

Oh, and sometimes guys like him have an unexplained “career year” only to fade into oblivion the next. 

You never know…

Have you seen “The Chin?”  When Casey Blake stands at 3B, his chin is on the mound.

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14 Responses to “No Shortage of Options For Stunt Men”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Are you saying that Ausmus will not make the team, or do you believe that the Dodgers will carry 3 catchers? Neither seems likely to me, but stranger things have happened. Does Ausmus have a guaranteed contract? Whatever the case, I’m interested in hearing your rationale.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    I think he forgot about Ausmus. Or he has inside info about Ausmus being injuried.

  3. DRomo says:

    Again we are signing all these guys forthe same role. I don’t get it. Amezuga is a nice signing but how many damn 4th outfielders do we need? I do like the re-signing of Jeff Weaver!

  4. mark says:

    It was late, I was sleepy, I was insane. Ausmus will be the #2. I shall change it.

    Uh, actually, I was seeing if you were paying attention.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  5. Rory says:

    Barring injury, I think it’s safe to assume that Johnson, Carroll and Belly will make the team. So will Brad Ausmus.

    I read it and you did include Ausmus. I think that is a given. And I see it the same way. Carroll, Belliard and Johnson are on the team and Carroll may end up being a starter, at least at the beginning of the year. I still see no legitimate starting second baseman on this roster.

    Other than who starts at second base, the Opening Day lineup is set. How the lineup itself stacks up is still open for discussion. Furcal leads off, and I sure hope he can get back to a reasonable OBP, but I have some doubts. This team needs him on base at a .380 clip, and it won’t happen. I hope for his career avg. of .350, which isn’t that good considering we have no ideal 2 hole hitter behind him. The middle of our order should be fine, but the bottom has a lot of outs in it. Our bench has some former scrappy ballplayers, but it also looks very Giant like.

    The starting rotation has a lot of if’s too. Hopefully Bills is at full strength and give us 220 innings. Is Kershaw ready to go 200? Most fantasy sites say no. Kuroda never has, and I doubt he will this year. Padilla can go 170 if all goes right for him. #5? Who knows. The bullpen had better be deep and good.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Rory, think you are right on with the bench on Ausmus, Carrol, Belliard & Johnson. So that is 2 infielders, 1 catcher, and one outfielder; total of 4.

    To go with the 8 starters on the field, that is 12. Right?

    We assume that Joe will go with 12 on the rubber — but sometimes, as I remember, they might break camp with 13 — because our starters have this continual problem of not going deep into the game, and the need from lots of innings, day after day, from the pen.

    Soooo that leaves the roster with 1 or 0 left for the bench. Right now, I would rather have 12 pitchers — so as to need another outfielder.

    There are some interesting folks on the 40 roster that could / should make the team, to make it stronger — and that is what Spring Training is for.

    But over the years, there always will be surprises out of March . . . injuries, flashes in the pan, needs, new finds, trades, signings . . .

    Cannot wait to see Blake clean shaven.

  7. Roger Dodger says:

    Just caught Peter Gammons and others on Hot Stove, and they were really ragging the Dodgers on cash flow for signing and trading and salaries.

    I think they said they did not fool with Hudson and Garland because they did not have the money for the possible draft picks. And they they have spent less money on draft picks over the last several years — than all other teams. ??

  8. Harold says:

    I have a question. If anyone can answer it, please do so. The Dodgers have signed many guys to minor league contracts, into the twenties now I expect. Do they have guaranteed contracts? That is, $500,00 or more is mentioned often, it seems. Is it guaranteed whether they played with the Dodgers or at AAA?

    It seems to me if it is guarenteed money and so few can make the MLB roster, wouldn’t it be better to lump the money together and sign a player that is likely to succeed, rather than give a half million or more to a number of guys, most of whom will not be with the Dodgers?


  9. Rory says:

    Joe speaks the obvious. And yes, what he says is honest and has already been said a few hundred times by most of us right here.

    If what we are doing is just getting some bodies to help the old farts rest, why not just go with Hu, DeWitt and Repko/Paul? How is bringing in guys like Carroll and Johnson considered that much of an upgrade over the other guys we have who have paid their dues? Now we still have the same minor leaguers going back to AAA to do what they did last year in hopes that the old retreads we brought in will, like most of them have already in their respective careers, blow a rod so these kids can be brought up to replace them.

    Looking at this team, and the goofy bobbing and weaving moves Gammons and the Hot Stove team refer to, I can’t help but think this is not our year and the Dodgers know it. Why not prepare a rebuilding effort just in case Frankie has enough tail feathers left to move forward after his impending car crash in June? Frankly (no pun intended) I would find the situation easier to believe and the team more entertaining if we just admitted we are hitting the pause button and this year we are going with DeWitt at 2nd base and Haeger/Stultz/McDonald/whoever in the rotation.

    After what we have been through the last several years in this country, and the last several months with this team, a bit of honesty and humility would be refreshing.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    I believe, if I remember correctly, that Joe and Ned like the seasoned vets, rather than kids (Hu, DeWitt, Paul) so they keep signing the vets up.

    An outsider to the org. would think that the $$$ raised each year by the Dodgers gate, sales, etc. — would allow the team to move to the $110-115 million range. Plus, if the right players were brought in, and they win — more $$$$.

  11. lawdog says:

    So are we still going to get a quality starter, or are we done? If so, we will not be winning as many games as last year with the rotation we have at the moment–unless Torre brings Haeger up who I think would have a legitmate chance to pitch well enough to make up for the loss of Wolfman.

    More utility players and geezers on the down side to squeeze the kids off the roster and send them back to AAA for another year. We won’t spring for $10 million to get real quality like Sheets, but we fiddle fuck around with all these marginal players and spend all kinds of jack in the process–without improving the team significantly.

    What’s with Ned and Fred that they’d rather sign geezers and utility men and push the kids back to the farm? No upside to that.

    We might do a little better than .500 this next season, but don’t expect more than 85 wins unless we get a better pitcher than what we have now for the rotation and figure out who’s going to hit .284 and win a gold glove for us at 2nd.

    • Andrew Wagner says:

      There really aren’t any quality starters without significant questions/risks available. We’ll have to wait until July to answer that question.

  12. Andrew Wagner says:

    I think more than half of the guys that signed minor league deals with invites to SP will be released. Some are just filler for the lower levels. There simply aren’t enough spots at any level of the system for all of them however. The point of signing these guys is to create competition in camp. However, I think Colletti went overboard and signed far too many guys, especially INF’ers. With the majority of those 400-500k guys being released, it’s not that big of a waste of money though. Still think we will be looking to acquire a FOR starter at the deadline, seeing as how there are none available right now. Just have to hope one becomes available in July (Sheets?). I agree that there isn’t that much of an upgrade from Hu to Amezaga/Green, or from Repko/Paul to Johnson. At this point Hu and Paul are going to be reserve players for the Dodgers either way, so the argument that they need regular AB’s in the minors doesn’t really apply. Still, I’ve watched Reed Johnson over the years and like what he brings. Amazega is a plus defender at short and CF but hasn’t hit much. They will be quality enough guys off the bench, but probably wont affect the teams record (unless a starter gets injured)


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