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Give It A Rest!

Give It A Rest!

Since the Dodgers failed to offer arbitration the Hudson and Wolf, I have heard such incessant crying and complaining about the Dodgers failure to do so and how stupid it was.  Right about now, I am going to publish what Jon Weisman  wrote today at his new gig at ESPN Los Angeles, where he has evidently softened his stance on the arbitration issue as well.  Take the time and read the article, where he ends up saying:

There’s got to be a middle ground in there with Hudson somewhere. Given the doubts about him and the price for which he signed, which was about $3-5 million less than what he might have won in a salary arbitration case with the Dodgers, maybe there’s more justification for the team not offering him salary arbitration than I originally allowed for. Thoughts are still in flux.

I have been telling you knuckleheads this for quite some time.  Think about it.  Would it have been smart to devote $10 mil to O-Dog?   He’s a nice player, but he obviously isn’t all that.  Yes, he’ll help Minnesota, and I might have wanted him at $5 mil, but the injury factor and diminishing skill factor has to be considered.  Those of you who say he wouldn’t have accepted arbitration because he didn’t like the way Torre treated him are way out of touch.  I can give you $10 million reasons why he would have accepted arbitration.  Also, how can you be mad when you slump and are replaced by a guy who OPS’s over 1.000?  You can’t say a damn thing and O-Dog didn’t! 

Randy Wolf had his career year last year – watch and see what he does this year.  We have a exciting group of young players, some of whom will step-up and seize the day.  Why do you make yourself miserable by hating on an owner who has gotten the Dodgers to  the playoffs more frequently than EVER in the past, and has built a great young team?  

 ”But he isn’t spending enough on draft picks and international scouting…” 

Tour Camelback Ranch and tell me he’s not spending money.  It’s temporary!  We will spend again.  This too shall pass.  Don’t make me keep questioning your sanity!

You will probably say “Yeah but…” 

It’s time to put a sock in it.  I’m sick of it.  Let it play out.  If you want to be miserable , do it on your own time.  Get your own blog.  It wearisome to me!

I am not saying the Dodgers will win the World Series, but we have a good shot.  This team will contend, and when it’s all said and done, that’s what it’s about!  Now, if I am wrong, then come back after the season and remind me.

By the way, the Smart Money is on the Colts – Give the points. 

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31 Responses to “Give It A Rest!”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Tried to post this in the previous thread in response to Rory’s comments. Got back a message that comments were closed in that thread. So here they are:

    “…and Blake just ain’t all that scary in our lineup.” I never said he was.

    This is what I did say: “Mind you, I’m not a huge Casey Blake fan, and would welcome an upgrade at 3B. However, examining his entire body of work, Blake is a solid, mostly dependable third baseman with some pop, but by no means a star.” He’s not scary, but he is dependable.

    “Casey Blake had a hundred fewer at bats than the “injury risk” Hudson. I don’t share your optimism about him.”

    Actually the difference was 66 ABs (551 ABs for Hudson and 485 ABs for Blake). Same for PAs (631 PAs for Hudson and 565 PAs for Blake). Hudson played in 10 more games (149 vs. 139). Also it should be clear that part of Hudson’s AB/PA advantage was a function of his hitting higher up in the lineup than Blake, who began the season hitting 8th. Quite frankly, the difference was inconsequential.

  2. Rory says:

    Brooklyn I did not mean to sound argumentative. The point was Hudson is no more an inury risk than Blake.

    Mark, $10 million? Where did you get that number? You said the same thing about Wolf, that he would get some ridiculous amount of money in arbitration. I didn’t believe that for a second so I wrote a couple of writers and both of them said “no way”. It is my opinion, that had we been able to offer both of those players a reasonable raise, we would have won the arbitration hearing. The point is, and I will try to be succinct here – we cannot afford to pay players what they have earned for us. Let me say that again, and maybe in a different way – due to the current financial situation of our owner, we cannot afford to overpay our stars like the Red Sox, Yankees, Mets and a few other elite franchises can. The point is, we would be in a better position to dethrone the Philadelphia Phillies with Hudson, Wolf and a front line starter. (or players their equal) The reason we don’t have Hudson, Wolf and a front line starter (or players their equal) is because our owner’s nuts are in a vice. If it cost a nickel to crap, he would have to puke.

    Am I making myself clear here?

    And as for Odog’s “slump”, Ethier hit .211 in May and .212 in September. I don’t recall you demanding he sit. Matt Kemp hit .240 in September. Why weren’t you calling for his benching? Orlando Hudson was our starting second baseman and when he was ready to play for us Torre benched him for a sub. It is my opinion that you should not lose your position due to inury. Hudson was ready to play. It is my opinion that Blake and his tweaked hammy, should have been benched and Hudson start in the NLCS.

    Now you can call that incessant crying if you want, or you can accept it as just another fan’s opinion.

  3. Rory says:

    Brian Giles?

    If this move was made 5 years ago, I would be impressed.

    Barry Bonds is looking for work. Why not him?

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    Team have to exchange munbers for arbitration and the arbitrator choses one number or the other. O-Dog made $7.9 mil last year, so the Dodgers could have offered less. If the Dodgers offered $8 mil (which is still too much), O-Dog could have argued he “was an All-Star, Gold Glove, Yada, yada, yada” and asked for and got something North of 9 mil. If Wolf asked for $10, he would have gotten that easily. maybe as much as $12. Hudson is worth $5 mil, not $8 or $10 mil!

    Remember, the whole dynamic changes once a player is offered arbitration. Would the Brewers have signed Wolf if the Dodgers had offered it? We will never know, but you have to admit that the possibility existed. Ben Sheets signed for $10 mil and his arm is ready to fall off. I don’t know any writer who thinks Wolf would have geotten less than $10 mil in arbitration, unless he asked for $13 mil….

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    I can’t see Giles making the team, but if he does, it would mean that he still can hit, which would be good for us. I just don’t think he can hit anymore.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    Coming to the Dodgers at age 89, Brian Giles must think the Dodgers have a shot at winning it all…

  7. ray says:

    Mark-I think the Giles signing is a solid one. He will be a good pinch hitter who knows how to take a walk. Mattingly and Torre love guys who can take a walk. I think it was here, or maybe on TJ’s blog, where Carroll’s pinch-hitting stats were mentioned….he can take a walk as well.
    Put me in the camp that likes the Giles signing and the Colts covering tonight. As long as Giles can stay healthy, he will be a valuable bat off the bench.
    And, I think you were right all along, Mark. Not offering arbitration was a GOOD decision by Colletti and co. Spending $20+ million on Wolf and Hudson would not have been worth it.
    GO BLUE!

  8. Rory says:

    If Wolf asked for $10 million? Where did you come up with that? If Wolf asks for $10 million he loses – period.

    What I still have no explanation for is why the Dodgers didn’t offer these guys a contract first. Without them, we don’t win the NL West. Why not avoid arbitration and just offer them a decent contract? It is my contention that the Dodgers couldn’t afford to do that because of our owner’s predicament. Randy Wolf pitched over 200 innings for the first time in 6 years and he did it for $5 million, with another $3 mil in incentives. Will he do it again? Who knows, maybe, but in my world he is worth offering something similar. He won only 11 games. When a player files for arbitration, both the player and the team submit salary figures for the coming year, based on the salaries of similar players with the same amount of experience. What does a player of his stature who won 11 games make in today’s game? I don’t know, ask Ng, but I would think that amount of innings, and the fact it is the first time in years he did it, is worth maybe $8 million. Offer that, and if he asks for $10 milllion……… HE LOSES. Same thing with Hudson. With those goofy incentives, that I suppose the Dodgers never believed Hudson would achieve, he made $7.9 mil. Offer the same incentive laden contract and I’ll bet we avoid arbitration. If we go, and Hudson asks for $10 million……… HE LOSES.

    The reason we didn’t even offer these guys a contract is, in my opinion, because the owner is handcuffed.

    And I am not the only fan who believes this.

    • Rory, I have to COMPLETELY disagree with you and all of the other people that are crying about our owner’s balls being in a vice with the divorce proceedings! THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR PAYROLL.

      Let me say it again so that everybody is clear…


      I do have a fantastic inside tip from a trusted source on what is exactly effecting our payroll. THE CRAPPY ECONOMY AND CRAPPY FREE AGENT MARKET THIS WINTER! Oh, and that trusted inside source is none other than…. my common sense.

      OK, so I may be proven wrong someday. When Frank writes his memoirs or some other revelation. But I doubt it.

      It’s really common sense. Legally there is no reason whatsoever that our payroll should be effected by the divorce proceedings right now. In fact, if Frank was really playing hardball and desperate he’d be spending like a crazy man.

      The other thing is that Blake is not a power 3B, but we do not need that. I am happy we have a consistent 3B that can show some veteran leadership in our young and fun clubhouse. Again, WE DON’T NEED A POWER 3B because we have great hitting at the other positions. This team will hit well, I predict better than last year. Manny is playing for next year’s contract and all our young guys should improve.

      Our pitching will be fine too. I am confident in Padilla and Kuroda. Clayton and Chad are a given for me. That is totally enough pitching if we have the great offense that we should this year. I do feel that a mid season acquisition or two will be needed for the post season though.

  9. ken says:

    If Giles will sign a AAA contract for 2 months then this is a great insurance policy. If not free Eyechart.

    Offerring Hudson arbitration never was a good move. Paying him $8 mil is a waste of money. However, Wolf should have been offerred arbitration. Can’t change the past. Looking forward to seeing Stults’ rumored new pitch.

  10. This just in…..

    “With all of their additions this offseason, the Twins’ payroll will jump from $65M to about $96M as they move into Target Field this year.

    The Twins will have a larger payroll than the Dodgers.”

    But then again teams with new stadiums do this all the time.

    Also,, are we getting Hisanori Takahashi??? The Gianst already feel like they are out of it, leaving the Dodgers, Mets, and Red Sox. I say we get him because of our history with Japanese players and knowing how to handle them as well as the huge Asian population in LA.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    I was hanging out with Brian Giles a few months ago and he told me a joke. Here it is.
    Q What do you call a woman with two black eyes?
    A A women that didn’t learn her lesson the first time.

    Now personally, I don’t think that was funny.

    Everyone have a save Superbowl today. Peace

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Just received Baseball America’s 2010 Prospect Handbook. Here’s their list of our top 31 prospects. You’ll have to buy the book to get the particulars on each player (too much to post).

    1. Dee Gordon, SS
    2. Chris Withrow, RHP
    3. Aaron Miller, LHP
    4. Ethan Martin, RHP
    5. Josh Lindblom, RHP
    6. Scott Elbert, LHP
    7. Andrew Lambo, OF
    8. Ivan DeJesus, SS
    9. Trayvon Robinson, OF
    10. Allen Webster, RHP
    11. Garrett Gould, RHP
    12. Kyle Russell, OF
    13. Nathan Eovaldi, RHP
    14. Kenley Jansen, RHP
    15. Pedro Baez, 3B
    16. Javy Guerra, RHP
    17. Lucas May, C
    18. Alfredo Silverio, OF
    19. Scott Van Slyke, OF
    20. Brett Wallach, RHP
    21. Austin Gallagher, 1B/3B
    22. Blake Smith, OF
    23. Xavier Paul, OF
    24. Jonathan Garcia, OF
    25. Jerry Sands, OF/1B
    26. Brian Cavazos-Galvez, OF
    27. Daigoro Rondon, RHP
    28. Tommy Giles, OF
    29. Danny Danielson, RHP
    30. Gorman Erickson, C
    31. Carlos Monasterios, RHP

    I wonder if he doesn’t make the team out of spring training, whether or not the Dodgers will attempt to make a deal to keep from having to offer Monasterios back to the Phillies for $25,000. He’s described as follows: “…fastball has been clocked as high as 96 mph and usually sits at 91-93. His No. 2 pitch is a hard slider, and he also throws a curveball and changeup, which are both inconsistent. He fills the strike zone but has trouble with homers at times because his inconsistent mechanics lead him to leaving too many pitches up in the zone. Monasterios will get a chance to crack the Los Angeles rotation in spring training, but it’s more likely that he’ll fill a role in the bullpen.”

  13. Rory says:

    “the divorce proceedings! THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR PAYROLL.”

    Tell that to John Moores. In fact, tell it to any rich guy that ever got a divorce in California.

    “Let me say it again so that everybody is clear…

    Yeah, I heard you the first time.

    “Oh, and that trusted inside source is none other than…. my common sense.”

    I see. And those of us who think differently don’t have any common sense. Thanks man.

    You are confident in Padilla and Kuroda. Confident of what? That they will do what they have done the last few years, or that they will suddenly do something magnificent?

    “The Twins will have a larger payroll than the Dodgers.”

    I find that fact depressing.

  14. DRomo says:

    B Russ, I hear you. When I think Brian Giles I think roid rage and beating pregnant ladies. I think Grade a ASSHOLE. The video shows it!!

    Why do we need a guy who couldn’t hit hit weight as our BAT off the bench? Whatever!! Bad signing, even if the guy hits .500 in spring I don’t like it.

    Have a great Super Bowl fellas, and remember if you aren’t rooting for the Saints you are un-American! Or from Indiana….same thing! LOL

    Peace fellas

  15. Bill Russell says:

    I am confident that Kuroda and Padilla can get us thur 5 innings most of the time. The biggest issue is – Are we going to burn up the pen again this year? That’s a big YES unless Kershaw and Billingsley suddenly start pitching 8 innings per start this year, Padilla and Kuroda can go 7 and we find another starter that can eat innings. The starter we are looking for may or maynot already be on the team.
    I must admit that I am more surprised with what we currently have on the team compared to what I thought we would have on the team at this point. Do I wish the divorce wasn’t going on and that McCord had deeper pockets? (Yes) Do I wish we had money to burn like the Yankees and Red Sox? (Yes), but I hate those two teams because of their ability to spend every year and not build within. Bottomline is that the Divorce has to have an impact on the team and it may have cost us a better free agent signing this year but I’m currently happier with the team then I thought I would be. SO
    It’s silly to say the divorce is causing no Impact but on the other hand it hasn’t affected us too bad as of now. The free agent class of 2010 was/is pretty weak.

  16. Bill Russell says:

    Have a SAFE Superbowl.

  17. lawdog says:

    Anybody who actually read the declarations of the parties in the divorce would see that the Dogs have been a cash cow for these two bottom feeders. They’ve raked every dollar they could out of the organization to continue to live their disgusting life style.

    If you close your eyes to these facts–which have had their obvious effect on our low ball team for next season, your the one who needs to wake up and face reality.

    I didn’t realize Blake hit as well as he did last September. Maybe he’s not as useless as I thought. I sure remember his .221 August and lame performance in the playoffs. I don’t understand why we’d pay the kind of money to this journeyman who never was much and is now in his dotage. Expect a season around the Mendoza line for Blake this season and next.

  18. lawdog says:

    Remember when O-Rod finally got an AB in the playoffs in garbage time when the series was lost, what did he do? He belted a missle to left for a home run. You don’t think we could have used his bat in that series? Torre is a moron!

  19. DRomo says:

    If O-Dog had at bats like that in the regular season down the stretch when we needed him he would have been in the lineup. Too little to late Slow-Dog!

    Here’s one for all of you to use today!

    Super Bowl Drinking Game!

    The New Orleans Saints
    1. Every time they mention hurricane Katrina, drink 1

    2. If they show pictures of the City of New Orleans right after Katrina, drink 1

    3. Every time they say how much the Saints mean to the City of New Orleans, drink 1

    4. Every time the words “tragedy”, “flood”, or “devastation” are used, drink 1

    5. Every time they talk about how good Reggie Bush was in college, drink 3

    6. If they show Kim Kardashian in the stands, drink 5

    7. Every time they show a picture of Reggie Bush with a bat or say “bringing the wood” drink for 5 seconds.

    8. Every time Reggie Bush gets negative yardage trying to run around in the backfield a bunch and outrun the defense, drink 1 and turn to the person next to you and say “I told you Vince Young should have won the Heisman”

    9. Every time Reggie Bush gets up and flexes his arms in that pose he likes to do, drink 1

    10, If they mention Tim Tebow for any reason, funnel a beer

    11. Every time they say that “it’s destiny for the Saints to win” drink 1

    12. If they show footage of Katrina survivors at the Superdome, take a shot of cheap liquor

    13. If they call Saints fans the most passionate fans in football, drink 1

    14. If they say that the Saints, Saints fans, or the City of New Orleans “deserve” a Superbowl victory, drink 1

    15. Every time they say how good of a story the Saints are, drink 1

    16. If Jeremy Shockey pretends to be hurt after dropping a pass, drink 2

    17. If they mention the Saints beating the Falcons in 2006 in the first game after
    Katrina in the Superdome, drink 5 and remember that we are still a better football team with better fans.

    18. Every time they compare hurricane Katrina to the Haiti earthquake, funnel a beer and yell “bullshit!”

  20. Rory says:

    I too think Kuroda and Padilla can give us 5 – most of the time. I don’t see 360 innings between them, let alone 200 each. When they pitch, it’s going to be 2 out of the bullpen before Broxton – if it even gets to Broxton. And who is going to take the ball after them? I don’t know yet, but I doubt it’s anyone who is going to give us 200 innings. Even if both Bills and Kershaw get 200+, which I doubt, our bullpen is going to be tested big time.

    Well put ldog.

    The Giles signing is meaningless. He won’t be around long enough to make a difference in April, let alone September.

    If it weren’t for the cheap shots on Favre, I could be rooting for the Saints. But, I don’t like their attitude. I got the Colts in this one, and I think they can hang 50 on that Saints defense if the refs have the cajones to call penalties on the cheap shots.

    Having said that, I got the ‘over’ (56) and – Colts 34 Saints 27.

  21. Mark Timmons says:


    Using that same rationale, if a rookie hits a HR in his first at bat in the majors, he’s destined to be Babe Ruth.


    Wolf made about $8 mil last year. If he had asked for $10 mil, what would the Dodgers have countered with? If it was $8 mil, the arbitrator would have given him $10 – I could beat Ng on that one. Now, maybe he could have been beaten if he asked for $12 mil, but even that is no slam dunk.

    In fact, I am going to go so far as to say that if I were Wolf’s agent, I would compare him to Lackey last year. I would point out that he pitched more innings, had a better ERA and all-around better stats than Lackey. Lackey get $18 mil in 2010 and I would beat that to death.

    If you don’t think $10 mil was a slam dunk in arbitration for Wolf, then I question your sanity. I really think he might have been able to make a case for $12 mil.

  22. Mark Timmons says:

    Oh, and I predict that Padilla will have a better year than Wolf in 2010.

  23. McCHEAPNE$$ says:

    Flip flopping idiots…

  24. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “I didn’t realize Blake hit as well as he did last September. Maybe he’s not as useless as I thought.”

    “Expect a season around the Mendoza line for Blake this season and next.”

    Aren’t those contradictory statements? Blake will turn 37 in August, and no doubt there is some risk that his age will catch up with him. But without providing examples, we are all well aware of lots of players who have performed extremely well at his age, and older. And I expect that he will be getting days off during the season, with perhaps DeWitt playing 3B with Belliard at 2B.

    I am guessing that at minimum Wolf would have received $8 million, and the same for Hudson. That’s $16 million. Between them (w/o looking up the numbers) I believe that DeWitt and Padilla will bring home about $6 million. That’s $10 million that can be used elsewhere. Will it? I have no idea.

    Everytime I hear talk about how the Dodger starters don’t provide enough innings to support the bullpen, I never hear anything about the role of the offense in supporting the pitching staff. If this team scores enough runs there will be less close games, and more opportunity for the starters to go deeper into games. And fewer pinch hitters late in a game means reduced use of the bullpen.

    Anyone criticizing Casey Blake’s performance in the NLCS might want to consider Randy Wolf’s postseason contributions in both the NLDS and NLCS. He’s really not a pitcher I want to rely on in the postseason. I’ll take my chances that Padilla has a good day, because unlike Wolf, he can be nasty when he’s on.

    Because Blake is getting older, there are questions concerning him in 2011. For now, DeWitt is the only prospect who would appear to be ready to take over at 3B in 2011. For that reason alone 2010 may provide evidence as to whether or not he will be ready to take over at 3B in 2011/2012. I don’t see 2B as a position that can’t be filled if he doesn’t succeed in 2010, and I see 2010 as an opportunity for him to step up and establish himself as a big league player. I also believe that with maturity, DeWitt is capable of 20 HRs or more. I don’t know if there will be any big time free agent third baseman available next season, and besides, with Manny in his final year with the Dodgers, they may be looking to fill his spot next year, when there will likely be big time outfielders available (Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford). By that time the divorce will likely be settled, and the Dodgers will be one year closer to establishing a regional network. Who knows, maybe we’ll even have a new owner.

  25. Rory says:

    If I did that Romey I would be passed out before the end of the first quarter.

    $12 million. We are never going to agree on this Mark so, let’s take your advice and give it a rest. I acquiesce. We don’t need Wolf or Hudson to win it all. Padilla pitches Wolf’s 214 innings, has an ERA under 4, wins 18 and is in the running for a Cy Young. DeWitt makes the All Star team and wins a Gold Glove. The Dodgers win 96 and I do 500.

    “I am guessing that at minimum Wolf would have received $8 million, and the same for Hudson. That’s $16 million. Between them (w/o looking up the numbers) I believe that DeWitt and Padilla will bring home about $6 million. That’s $10 million that can be used elsewhere. Will it? I have no idea.”

    That $10 million will indeed be used elsewhere. It will help pay lawyer bills.

    And that sums up why the Dodgers didn’t sign either one of them. It’s cheaper to just plug in some utility players and hope Furcal, Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Martin, Blake and Ramirez all have career years.

    “And who knows, maybe we will have a new owner.”

    I’ll drink to that.

  26. ken says:

    Cool. Some band sang the CSI LV theme song.

  27. Rory says:

    My cable went out.

  28. Rory says:

    Well, I had that one wrong.


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