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Felipe Lopez Cans Scott Boras

Felipe Lopez Cans Scott Boras

Ever seen them together? I think not...

According to multiple sources, Felipe Lopez has fired his “Super Agent” Scott Boras, as Boras’ posturing has evidently screwed him out of a few million bucks. 

Right about now, who wouldn’t like to have Felipe Lopez at 2B, instead of Belliard and Carroll?  Since Lopez can also play SS, Nick Green would have been redundant as well. 

Boras has also put it to Johnny Damon by over-estimating his worth.  I think the Dodgers would have given Lopez a 2 year/$6 or $7 mil deal before they signed Carroll or Belliard or Green…  Can Ned get a “do over?”

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20 Responses to “Felipe Lopez Cans Scott Boras”

  1. Erik says:

    I wish he had a do over. Lopez is a better option. Is belliard an MLB contract or minors?

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    Boras was my agent in the “Agent to fan welfare” program. He promised to look after my concerns as a fan ———- I fired him yesterday. Boras is not talking to me any more.

    I am now a free agent.

  3. ken says:

    Badger – Are you Haeger? If so, then I offer my apology.

    Mark – Agree completely.

  4. Ty says:


    You mentioned Felipe Lopez about a week before we signed Belliard. I thought adding Lopez would’ve been a perfect fit to hit 2nd and play 2B

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “Do over”??????? Why not just do it?

    Let’s assume 12 pitchers (and that’s not a given). If that’s the case, we carry 5 guys on the bench.

    As I see it those are:


    Add Lopez, and Belliard/DeWitt becomes two people. That’s 5 guys on the bench.

    Lefthanded pinch hitter you say? Is it an absolute necessity? DeWitt’s lefthanded, and Furcal and Lopez are both switch hitters who will occasionally be on the bench. Even Ethier occasionally. And, if perchance we should carry only 11 pitchers, there’s room for another bench guy.

    I believe Green’s contract is of the minor league variety. So he’s not a factor.

    Is Belliard’s contract guaranteed? Could he be traded? I believe his contract is for about $825K, and any team he was traded to would be obliged to pick up at least the major league minimum, which is about half his contract. Seems doable. And if not, there’s still room for him to take a role as a righthanded hitter off the bench, and occasional fill-in.

    I think 11 pitchers is possible, at least early in the season. I haven’t looked closely at the Dodgers schedule, but usually there are lots of days off early in the season, precluding the need for a 5th starter early on. Also, if Haeger was able to handle the bullpen, he would be a guy that could be used on back to back days. So eleven pitchers, if only temporarily, is not out of the question.

    It’s often argued that if DeWitt doesn’t start with the Dodgers he should be sent to ALBQ. to get at bats. Why? Couldn’t he get sufficient playing time filling in for Casey Blake at 3B, and even occasionally for Lopez at 2B (especially on days when Lopez may fill-in for Furcal at short). That would keep DeWitt sharp, and increase his chances of becoming a valuable lefthanded pinch hitter late in games on the days he doesn’t start. In short, the possibilities are endless.

    If it can get done at the right price, then the Dodgers should not hesitate to sign Lopez. Anything else, to use a phrase often utilized on this site, would be felony stupid.

  6. Badger says:

    Am I Haeger?

    Heavens no.

    Lopez huh? I doubt it. We already signed 4 second baseman, do we really need another? I think if we really wanted him, we could have offered him both Carroll and Belliard money and we would have had a shot. There will be other teams in the hunt for that guy. Teams with more money than us.

    It’s been said in here that the reason DeWitt hit so poorly last year was the fact he was up and down and became uncertain. It is my opinion that he needs 5 at bats every day and he won’t get them sitting on our bench. Neither will Paul. I think it’s best those guys go to Albuquerque and hit 2nd and 3rd in the lineup, giving them 5 plate appearances every night. It’s an audition for them. If our back-ups tube, and those guys tear it up at AAA, then they are here for the second half of the year.

  7. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I’m my own man Ken and I stand by everything I said. Torre is a good manager and I agree about Felipe Lopez. Wouldve been a good signing. Looks like I’m touching a nerve with some of you with my positive thoughts about the Dodgers this season and beyond. Enjoy your misery, I’ll have fun watching my team succeed this year and beyond.

  8. Badger says:

    We will all enjoy it if the Dodgers succeed Haeger. It will be fun to watch every starter on the Dodgers have career years, cuz that’s what it is going to take to pull it off. Well, maybe not Manny. The Dodgers can win it all with Manny only having an average Manny year. The rest of them had better have the game face for 162 and put up the numbers. The West is going to be much tougher, and the Phils, Cards, Cubs and Braves aren’t going to lay down. Should be a very interesting year for all Dodger fans.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Brooklyn, I remember last season when inside folks said that the Dodgers needed (almost all of the other teams) 12 to 13 pitchers because most starters could not go as far into a game in April, and the bullpens would be called on — very often. And, they do get tired.

    We will see.

  10. Badger says:

    Billingsley and Padilla are the only Dodger starters that had ever pitched 200 innings. Bills has done it once, and Padilla hasn’t done it in 3 years. Kershaw will eventually – but this year? Who knows, but my guess is he will at least come close. Kuroda has only pitched 300 in two years. Granted, last year was cut short by injury, but, can we count on him doing something he has never done at age 35? Frankly, I don’t expect it.

    Which means two things to me, the bullpen had better be deep and the Dodgers had better score a ton of runs all year.

  11. steevo17 says:

    Here’s a report on the Dodger’s possible roster that I agree with:

    A couple of points I want to make though…

    1st, my opinion has become, after some thought, that McDonald, Elbert and DeWitt all should be left in AAA for the entire season. DeWitt should concentrate on getting his ABs and preparing himself for 2011 with the parent club. Both McDonald and Elbert should be given innings as starters for the entire season…we will be needing starters in the next couple of seasons with Kuroda and Padilla being FAs after this year. I would really look forward to a starting rotation of this in 2011:


    Ned? You reading this?

    2nd, please stop this ridiculous talk of HAVING to sign another 2B…especially Felipe Lopez. We will be just fine with Belliard and Carroll there. Plus we already have a backup SS in Alfredo Amezaga (remember him?) who had some pretty good years with FLA recently. Amezaga is a switch-hitter and is a true utility player. If healthy, and reports are that he is, he could be an important backup to us.

    These would be the only disagreements I would have with the Yahoo report.

    One last thing…keep an eye on Brian Giles. If he’s ready and healthy, he might be the lefty PH of our dreams. Think about it.

    Keep up the great posts guys.

  12. steevo17 says:

    PS: Great pic of BorAss…who’s the guy on the right? hehe

  13. Badger says:

    Good take steevo. I agree with everything you said.

    I’ll keep an eye on Giles, as we all will. I won’t expect much though. Roger and I will hook up at Camelback in March, and maybe some others will be there at that time too. I’ll try to get a report back on how Giles looks in the cages and in BP.

    Looking at those arrivals and departures – it looks very unbalanced to me. We lose Wolf, Hudson, Pierre and Garland, and we get back Carroll, Reed, and a handful of reclamation projects. I know they were going to be expensive, but I would feel a whole lot better about the coming year with Wolf and Garland in the rotation, and Hudson back at second base. Yeah I know, time to move on.

  14. steevo17 says:

    Thanks for the acknowledgement Badger, I really appreciate it. In response to your post, I think all the departures will have an addition-by-subtraction effect…at least I hope so.

    The fact that we have so much young, up-n-coming talent is going to affect how much is spent on FAs for the next few years I think. Unless a Cliff Lee or a Carl Crawford type player becomes available (both are on my wishlist by the way) I just don’t see much being spent otherwise.

    Most of the payroll will most certainly be involved in giving our current talent raises in the near future. As long as the current group of players continues to mature and advance their game, we will be alright. I am very eager to see Billingley and Loney make a huge impact this year.

    I know no one remembers, but I felt both Ethier and Kemp were ready prior to last season…as I recall there were a lot of doubts (by mostly the same guys that are doubting the team this time also) concerning how they would produce and if the Dodgers should upgrade offensively (Abreu, Burrell…ring any bells?) and the pitching was also a concern (Randy Johnson, Oliver Perez? really?) because of Kershaw’s inexperience. So many questions in 2009, so many doubts.

    Well the more things change…the more they stay the same. At least here at LA Dodger Talk it does.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If the Dodgers could sign Felipe Lopez it would probably help. But by no means am I advocating he be signed for a ridiculous number. That being the case, he’s not likely to be signed.

    I did forget about Amezaga, and if he’s healthy, he can be a valuable piece off the bench. As for Giles, I posted in a previous thread that I thought he could be a surprise off the bench, given he had a solid 2008, and was hampered by knee problems last year.

    I am fine with DeWitt/Belliard at 2B, but NOT Belliard/Carroll. I am not of the opinion that DeWitt needs a full year of AAA, and think that his lefthanded bat and patient approach at the plate fit well in the lineup, especially if he’s hitting 8th. He’s also a candidate to spell Blake at 3B. On days that Blake is given off, I’d rather have DeWitt at 3B and Belliard at 2B, than Belliard at 2B and Carroll at 3B. Amezaga could probably also play second or third, although I’m not sure how well. If Giles makes the team, then Mientkiewicz doesn’t, in which case the latter is not an option at 3B.

    I’m not so sure that McDonald and Elbert need a full year of AAA. I would let spring training decide that. McDonald has been effective out of the pen, and could play an important role there if he doesn’t start this year. With Elbert it’s all about command, which is why spring training could provide answers, or why he might need more seasoning. And don’t think Elbert might not end up in the bullpen. Kuo is fragile, and Sherrill (who I do not like) could be traded at any minute.

    As for 2011, time spent pitching for the Dodgers in 2010 might be the most valuable preparation that McDonald and Elbert could have. And who knows, maybe Withthrow makes big progress in 2010 and is ready in 2011. Same could be said for Aaron Miller, maybe even Josh Lindblom (who is probably better suited for the pen). And if we need another starter or two next year, there are always trades and free agency. The Dodgers need to keep thinking ahead, but it might be a bit premature to be worrying about 2011.

  16. ken says:

    Good takes, but in my opinion, on balance Steveo17 makes a better argument than BD.

    Mark – Are you working on the EDIT function?

  17. lawdog says:

    No question, Steevo is making some excellent points. But if we have to count on good additions coming in behind the subtractions we are making, you just have to acknowledge that there is more than a little hope mixed into the equation ou are using which makes you a glass half full kid o f person even when the glass is ust slightly less than half full.

    The guys we are losing are some ot the blue chip core of the team. Maybe not the Kemps, Ethiers and Kurveshaws. But Wolf and O-Rod can’t be replaced by Elbert and DeWitt, nor than they be replaced by geezers who are over the hill and on the downhill slide to oblivion. Management should be bringing in hitters who can defense, throw, are young with lots of upside offensively and already are producing where O-Rod ended last year (.284).

    As long as we keep trying to patch together a team for one more run at the title when we weren’t good enough to get there last year, and we continue to patch the team with geezers who are finished and young wannabes who never were, it will require Torre to catch lightening in a bottle to even get deep into the serious with what we have.

  18. Badger says:

    “But Wolf and O-Rod can’t be replaced by Elbert and DeWitt, nor than they be replaced by geezers who are over the hill and on the downhill slide to oblivion.”

    That is what I have been trying to say ldog. And, add to this the fact that Pierre was a super-sub last year. Johnson won’t give us anything close to what Pierre did.

    If all goes well, we can be buyers at the deadline. Hope that’s the case. A lot of things have to go right, including the ownership issue, with the hearing in late May. We come out of the shoot hot, Frankie Dimes wins in mccourt, we could actually pick up an arm at the deadline. That is what I anticipate needing. Or a third baseman with some power. A shortstop maybe. A power hitting left fielder. A second baseman that can actually hit. But all those are if’s that only happen if things don’t go right. We got some potential injured geezer issues that could surface.


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