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Who Knew?

Who Knew?

Maybe Bonds and Clemens will also admit it too.  Yeah, and pigs might fly!  Well, I give him credit – he didn’t lie and LaRussa said he had “no idea.”  So, LaRussa lied?  Even Ray Charles could see Big Mac used steriods.  The thing is, I like the guy.  Unlike Bury Bonds, he’s not a liar.  Just a “juicer.”


Greg Maddux has joined the Cubs as an assistant to GM Jim Hendry.  He’ll work with the coaching staffs as well as baseball operations. 


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16 Responses to “Who Knew?”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    None of these guys took steriods, they were all Jack Lalaine juice fanatics. Raul Modesi didn’t take the roids thats for sure, it is all a settled science and consensus was reached long ago by the baseball elite. Not worth discussing anymore.

    Now, here is the question that dare not be asked of the Dodger faithful, Did Mike Piazza do roids?

  2. Roger Dodger says:

    I am going to sue MLB. Lawdog, do you want to represent me?

    All of those baseball cards that I collected for years — now those so-called mega players — their cards are way down. I have hundreds of them.

    lawsuites must happen.

  3. Ken says:

    But will Rihanna admit that she has the rumored herpes?

  4. DRomo says:

    Haze, I would be shocked if Piazza never dabbled in steroids.

    Here is my question. So many writers and fans have always said, “If he just admits it I would be OK with it.” Just like the old ” Pete Rose should just cop to gambling and then they will let him back in to baseball”. Let’s see people actually do it. McGwire brought baseball back from the brink with the HR chase in 1998. Sure he was a cheater but we all had our suspicions but we loved it anyway. The guy admitted it, so let it go!

    Thats my take!

  5. Miguel says:


    I don’t think that most people ever wanted Big Mac out of the game, even if they thought he juiced. I think that his popularity with most fans has remained in tact. I think that in his case, having been such a “good guy” for so long people were mostly just dissapointed as a parent is when their teenage child does something illegal. You still love’em and always will, but can’t help but be dissapointed.


    Make it a class action suit and I’m in. I shoulda sold while they were high. (pun intended)


    You’re just jealous that Rihanna did not get them from you! LOL I just hope that Kemp doesn’t fall into that girlfriend slump that Martin fell into last season! Or into the young, rich, party and drink my ass off every night slump that so many young star players fall into. He’s young, attractive, and successful so that is a difficult temptation to overcome. Only time will tell.

    • Ken says:

      I will stay 1,000 miles away from that. I previously thought that Dave Stewart was smarter than a 5th grader but no longer. Any agent who lets his players get involved in the hip hop world, get fall down drunk at Hollywood events or date that female is not doing a service for his clients. Frank if you have more Snoop Dog Days at Dodger Stadium you will have more players staying out all night and catching incurable diseases.

  6. steevo17 says:

    This just in: the earth rotates around the sun…oh yeah and fire burns. Why is this news? Who really believes that this is surprising? Why do we, as Dodger fans care?

    One point I’d like to make the question of Piazza using or not. Piazza never had any early injury problems, definitely nothing out of the ordinary for a catcher and never had his stats mysteriously spike. Beginning in his first season Mike Piazza was a strong and steady offensive force and as his career progressed his production maintained its high level until he inevitably was overcome by age…as we all are.

    Nothing at all should raise any questions about Mike’s integrity and I find the simple mention of steroids along with his name offensive.

  7. Badger says:

    Who’s Rihanna?

    Everyone with an education above the 5th grade level knew these guys were all doing PED’s, including Butt Sellout. Why isn’t he confessing? MLB is culpable here. The long ball put b.i.s. and McGwire, Sosa and Bonds led the way. Why they all didn’t just come out and say it is simply mind boggling to me. “Hell yeah I did it, many of us did it. I did it because MLB was willing to pay me 8 figures a year to smash home runs and never lifted a finger to stop me or anyone else.”

    Kind of weird knowing that Jose Canseco was about the only one telling the truth from the get go.

  8. Miguel says:

    I forgot to chime in on Piazza. I think that he was clean and if he did use then it was only for a short while, for the reasons that steevo17 just pointed out and also because Lasorda to this day vehemently backs up the notion that Piazza never used PEDs.

    Most teams, including the Dodgers out right knew that certain players were using PEDs or had a REALLY good idea about it. In fact I read some leaked internal communications from the Dodgers in the Piazza era that noted LoDuca was probably using them. This was shortly before he was traded by the Dodgers interestingly enough!

  9. Ken says:

    If Pinero actually signs with the Mets for 2 years for $15 mil then the Dodgers are broke. Who else can they sign at that level for those dollars?

    Now that ALBA has 15 NRI players and a few graduates from AA the Dodgers should be turning their attention to at least one free agent pitcher.

    Green versus Hu – What a dumb contest Ned! Will Hu faded away like Pewee, Counsel, Werth,etc.

  10. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Green, etc. were signed as fillers for spring training, just like the Dodgers and every team do every year. None of these minor league free agents have been brought in to take anyone’s job. Every major league team needs experienced bodies in spring training. It’s better than using young, inexperienced kids who are better served in minor league camp. Some of you need to get a grip. This is really business as usual. And it certainly doesn’t preclude the Dodgers from actually signing someone useful between now and spring training, or even a little later.

    Joel Piniero is not worth $15 million over two years. Guy has one decent year at age 30-31, and all of a sudden people get excited. If memory serves me correct, he had a far better first half than second half. I don’t know who the Dodgers will sign, if anybody, but Piniero is not someone I would pursue. Quite frankly, Garland would be a better choice.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    I have some close Cardinal friend — you are right Brooklyn, in the second half they were down on him.

  12. lawdog says:

    Roger, Deep down you know I’m a bastard litigator. Of course I’ll represent you and everyone else burned by the deflation of star player baseball cards due to ‘roids. Should we join the Players Association? If they hadn’t insisted on players retaining their constitutional rights we could have tied them all to poles and made them give up their blood to get rid of the cheaters.

    All youse guys need to pull your specific information concerning damages together and we’ll file the bugger in Federal Court! (I might even still be licensed to practice there although I gave up my California license 10 years ago because i didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars per year for the privilege of making myself miserable by “practicing law” in that state.)

    Did Mikey Piazza use steroids? You betcha! Any catcher back then would have been tempted if they’re catching every day? And where do you think LoDuca got the stuff? Piazza even looks like Big Mac and Bonds.

    Piniero is a very good pitcher. If Blake, that worthless geezer, is worth what we’re paying him, Piniero is worth at least $18 million for 2 years of service. He’d be our ace, although he’s really only a #2.

    Did I miss any pertinent issue? ;)

  13. lawdog says:

    As I’m sure you’d guess (if you didn’t already know), Perfectly couldn’t sell the team right now if he wanted to. Not unless the proceeds of the sale would be held in escrow or something until the post-nup issue is resolved. And even that wouldn’t happen; Jamie, if she wanted to, would be very justified in arguing that she doesn’t want the money, she wants the baseball team. It’s not like those are available off the rack at Macy’s. :shock:

  14. steevo17 says:

    Lawdog, will you represent me in suing you for offending my sensibilities?

    The records have shown that the Dodgers had no roid problems until “The Dodger F/A of the Decade”: Kevin Brown, showed up…after Pizza Man was traded in 1998. LoDuca, Eric Gagne, Todd Hundley and Adam Riggs were the other Dodgers named, only LoDuca was a teammate of Piazza and that was just a Sept callup in 1998.

    Come on Lawdog, do you really want to stain the career and reputation of the only Dodger that has any remote chance of being a HOF…I know he will most likely go in as a Met, but I have faith in the power of Tommy.

    So what do you say Lawdog? Want to be my lawyer?

  15. Mark Timmons says:

    1. It is very easy to hide behind one’s keyboard and call someone a juicer, but is it right if there is no credible evidence. We already have credible evidence on Mac, Clemens, Bonds, A-Rod, LoDuca, Gagne and others. I’ll leave it at that. Piazza? Someday the truth will come out – whatever the truth is. Until then, I’ll not assume the worst.

    2. Lawdog, I think you should re-evaluate Pineiro’s stats befor annointing him our #1. He has had 2 “decent” years in his entire career. He’d be our number #3… maybe #5!


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