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What Will Ned Do Next?

What Will Ned Do Next?

With the Dodgers pitching rotation settled (1-4 and #5 from a plethora of in-house candidates), Ned has now turned his attention to 2B and the utility players.  At last glance, we had Blake DeWitt and Jamey Carroll at 2B, and I am fine with that, but I doubt that Ned is.  Felipe Lopez and Ronnie Belliard are still out there, last time I checked. 

Carroll  and Belliard are not shortstops, and while Lopez has not played SS for a couple of years, he could play the position in a pinch.  The only real SS we have other than Raffy is Hu, and we may or may not be able to keep him because of his bat.  Lopez made $3.5 mil last year and no one is busting down his door.   He might be a bargain, and might be perfect as a #2 hitter for us.  Since he played for St. Louis the last half of 2008, his OB% has been over .400.  He has good speed and can steal a base, although he hasn’t been asked to lately.  I am intrigued with the possibility of Felipe playing 2B for us.  He’s a switch-hitter and sometimes as a guy nears 30, “it’s right place, right time. ”

Our infield would be set with him at 2B and DeWitt able to spell Blake at 3B against tough right-handers.   Carroll becomes a pinch-hitter and relief at 2B  or 3B.  Hu would probably not make the team under that scenario.  We payed about $9 mil last year for a second baseman who is arguably not an upgrade over Lopez.

In the outfield we have Jason Repko and Xavier Paul and while I am fine with both of them, Ned probably isn’t.  Stay tuned!

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29 Responses to “What Will Ned Do Next?”

  1. Rory says:

    Lopez? You think we can afford Lopez? wow, I hope you are right. But the guy hit .310 with a .383 OBP for only $3.5 mil. He deserves a raise from that for those kind of numbers. I doubt we can afford him. He will have a job and he will be paid what he is worth.

    The second game was the best game of the day. Turnovers killed the Vikings and how was that last catch, you know, the one where the ball hit the ground, ruled a catch? Something finally went right for New Orleans. They got hosed by an inept government agency after Katrina, but got a bit of good karma back at the hands of the refs. Good for them. The people of New Orleans deserver a break.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Lopez would be a nice pickup. Who knows, maybe after getting Padilla as cheap as we did, we can afford Lopez. Whatever small amount Hu would have made is saved, and maybe we do go with Repko/Paul (I prefer Paul) and save a few more bucks.

    Of course, if we do sign Lopez it will be deja vu all over again for DeWitt. And no doubt he would be valuable spelling Blake at 3B. And if #5 in our rotation comes from in-house, Lopez is all that more affordable. And in games he doesn’t start, the switch hitting Lopez gives us pinch hitting flexibility off the bench.

    Ned pulled off the Hudson signing in February last year, so anything is possible.

    I’m guessing that such a move can’t happen at least until Hudson is off the market. If as rumored the Nationals are after Hudson, then failing that they could target their former player, Lopez.

  3. Bill Russell says:

    We payed about $9 mil last year for a second baseman who is arguably not an upgrade over Lopez.

    ?? Am I misreading this? I thought you just said last week that Hudson was paid in full at somewhere around 3.5 million or something like that. He’s asking for $9 million to play for Washington but did we have another 2nd baseball that I forgot about making 5.5 mil?
    signed confused again.

    The Vikings got hosed on multiple calls. The P I call that set up the Field Goal was not catchable and not P I from where I was sitting and the completion/dropped pass that Badger is talking about. Both calls just killed poor old Brett. Brett is a gamer and I bet has a few broken ribs. We all just watched the last game of a hall of famer and he truely will be missed.

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    O-Dog’s base contract was $3.4 mil, but he hit every incentive except one and ended up making about $8 mil. Way too much for the 16th rated 2B in baseball.

  5. Rory says:

    Hudson scored 74 runs, knocked in 62 (from the 2 hole) and won a Gold Glove – and he made everybody around him better.

    Do you think that is not worth $8 million?

    I strongly disagree.

    And where do you get your rankings? From some fantasy site right? How many fantasy points is a Gold Glove worth? You talk about the value of a strong defense, yet you are not willling to pay for it, or give it any value when you rank your players.

    If he could do exactly what he did again next year there might teams lining up to pay him $8 million. Part of his problem is, most teams already have their second baseman on the roster. I would assume there are teams right now trying to figure out how to add a guy with his skills, and it may not be easy at this time of year. I think there are pitchers that would throw in some bonus money just to have him playing behind them.

    “but he hit every incentive except one”

    Not bad for such a “fragile” player, right?

    I doubt he gets the money he is asking for – $9 million. But, he is worth a two year contract constructed exactly like the one the Dodgers gave him last year.

  6. Blue Haze says:

    “Something finally went right for New Orleans. They got hosed by an inept government agency after Katrina, but got a bit of good karma back at the hands of the refs. Good for them. The people of New Orleans deserver a break.” Come on Badgerory, don’t work so hard at it!

  7. DRomo says:

    I would pay for Lopez. He is a damn good 2B and can fit nice in the 2 hole or 8 hole in our lineup. Lock him up for 2-3 years and we are in great shape. Another name that I don’t heard much about is Orlando Cabrerra. HE is said to be willing to play 2B and his price tags is less than 5 million. I think I have heard 3 or 4million would land him. All this guy does is win. Everywhere he goes. It might be worth a shot. Plus its added insurance if Raffy goes down.

    Minnesota didn’t get hosed last night. If they hold on to the ball and take care of their own business the win the game. They didn’t, theylost! As for Favre, doesn’t his story always end the same… It is crunch time in the playoffs and Brett throws a pick! I know he is great and has had some good seasons, but I have never seen a QB make so many bonehead throws in the playoffs. Thank God they lost because 2 weeks of hearing the media grovel over him would have made me sick!

    On paper the Colts should be the favorite, but I am pulling for the Saints. I think it would be great for the city of New Orleans. I love that city and the people need this. Jump on the Who Dat Bandwagon!! Geaux Saints!!

  8. Rory says:

    That wasn’t hard work at all ODHazeLovechild. There are bloggers everywhere talking about how even the refs were in on the payback to New Orleans. That town still hasn’t been rebuilt properly and we are sending money elsewhere. I said nothing about your boy W, I was talking agency. You gotta admit, Brownie didn’t really do a heckuva job on New Orleans. That is pretty much accepted by everybody.

    If the Saints play as badly in the Super Bowl as they did yesterday, the Colts are gonna hang 50 on ‘em. The Vikings themselves, and in my opinion, some questionable late game calls, handed the game to the Saints. 12 men in the huddle? 5 turnovers? The 4th and 1 when the runner clearly lost control of the ball and didn’t regain it until he landed a yard behind 1st down marker? Pass interference? On that ball? Eh, I don’t call that one in that game. Meechum’s catch? Did the ball touch the ground? I thought it did. And then Favre inexplicably throwing the ball back over the middle when he had a clear path for at least 10 yards? Dummy. That is something you teach high schoolers not to do. Yep, in reality, the Vikings have no one to blame but themselves. They should have won by plenty – but they lost the coin toss (a system I think needs to be addressed) then predictably lost by 3.

    I am not at all attached to any of this week-ends results. I did disagree with some booth reviews, but so did thousand of other fans. It’s the Saints and the Colts. After yesterday, I got the Colts in a romp.

    And yeah, I would take Lopez in a heartbeat. At the risk of sounding negative, I just don’t see how we do it.

  9. Roger Dodger says:

    Not all teams have a solid hitter from all 8 fielding positions. In fact, some world championship teams and other very good teams had one or even two weak hitters in the lineup — and played great baseball.

    Especially at SS and even 2b. Most of the time they hit at the bottom of the fielding batting order.

    One example, Mark Belanger for Baltimore. He played 18 years, in 2,016 game, had 5,784 ABs. His lifetime batting average was .228. He hit a total of 10 HRs in those 18 years. Yet, he was a key to that infield.

    I guess times have changed. My point is — if Hu was needed to play, say, 110 games because Furcal was injured — I think he could be important as the Dodger SS — and what he would hit, would be extra.

  10. Ty says:

    I keep reading that Carroll was signed to get a good amount of time at 2B as a starter. A platoon role for Carroll would be too much. He’s a UTIL guy who should not get many starts so if they see him as a part time starter then they better come back to reality.

    Felipe Lopez would be a GREAT signing. He could hit second and provide some solid offense. It all makes sense which makes Lopez signing with the Dodgers all but impossible.

  11. Ken says:

    There is no coal in the Dodger’s Hot Stove. Can the Dodgers afford more than a backup catcher, and another backup infielder until they trade Sherrill?

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    is this site shut down or what?

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    Yeah, must be . . .

  14. Rory says:

    Interesting article on Lopez chucky. I wonder what they said about him before last year? What was predicted for 2009? Can we assume they were wrong?

    I think Lopez hitting in between Furcal and Ethier would be good for him. He is an everyday player who could do what Hudson did last year (.280) without the Gold Glove. I read he should get a $5-7 million dollar contract. Is that us? Doubt it.

  15. Mark Timmons says:


    This site is not shut down.

    But, maybe it should be….

  16. Original Dodgerman says:

    Rory, despite what you say, you are putting in too much effort to slip in political crap, give it a rest. You said you would, repeatedly, but just can’t bring yourself to follow your own word. So my point is valid, you are trying to hard, give it a rest, stick to baseball.

  17. Rory says:

    I will ask you once again to not attack me personally OD. I am not going to get into this with you. What happened in New Orleans after Katrina is well documented. You can read or not read it, I don’t give a damn. But, the people of New Orleans sure do. We were talking about a football game and the number of people who were blogging about what happened during the game.

    I will ask you nicely, but only once – please back off.

  18. Bill Russell says:

    Now somewhere in the black mining hills off Dakota lived a young boy named Rocky Racoon. One day his woman ran off with another guy, hit young rocky in the eye, Rocky didn’t like that and said “I’m gonna get that boy”.

  19. Rory says:

    Me and OD go back to the start of the Iraq War. We have disagreed on everything since the election of 2000, and he is probably really pissed that everything I said would happen DID happen.

    Repko is a 4th outfielder that will hit .250 in the Major Leagues. Paul, in my opinion, has the skills to be more than that. He needs to play everday.

    With Sheets demanding somewhere around 8-9 million, are we gonna trust a few work-outs? He hasn’t pitched 200+ innings in 5 years. Now, at age 32, he is gonna do it for us?

    I smell Schmidt.

    As you were. Sheets just signed with the A’s for 10 mil. Yoiks. We were never in that one.

    One more things – I see a classic Beane move come July. Sheets will not finish the year in Oakland.

  20. DRomo says:

    Rory you took the words from my mouth. The big question here is where will Sheets be in July/August and what will Beane land in return? $10 million is STEEEEP for a guy who didn’t pitch at all last season. Count us out of that bidding in July because imagine the amount of salary he would cost in a 2 month rental, also Oakland is not likely to eat that salary unless we give them everything and then some. Sheets will not be a Dodger in 2010.

    With The Mets looking to jump on Smoltz (don’t ask me why), Garland is dangling out there, so is Wang (who will have a try out soon). I know Ned has said we are looking for bench help but I would take a look at either one of these guys. Wang I think still has something left. Our division is not a sure thing this year. If The Rockies get pitching they could be dangerous and if the D-Bags get any sort of offense they have a lights out rotation. Heck the Giants are a few bats away from being trouble too.We may be in trouble unless Kershaw and Bills become what they were hyped to be this year!

    You never have enough pitching!!!

  21. Rory says:

    I would assume the A’s have an insurance policy on Sheets.

    This could be a good move for them because if his surgery was successful, and he can pitch, he probably will do fine for the first half of the year and that is where his trade value lies. Those teams with a play-off itch will be looking for stretch help come July 31. I don’t see the A’s as contenders so – who pays the scratch to scratch the itch? And if Sheets blows his patch before the stretch scratch, the A’s snatch the insurance scratch.

    OK, that was a stretch of the scratch bit but, I had fun with it.

    And Romey I agree with you about the teams in the West. The Rockies will be good again, and the dbacks will not have the same kind of season they did a year ago. They have some scrappy ballplayers in the desert and if Webb is good to go, they have a very good staff.

  22. Dodgers just signed Belliard to a one year deal reported to be $825k plus about $250k in incentives. Confirmed via Twitter by both Dylan Hernandez and Ken Gurnick!

    That gives us plenty of depth in the infield with Carrol there as well.

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  24. A Shot of Haeger says:

    John Garland signed with the Padres. I can’t think of a more perfect spot for him other than L.A. He gets to stay home and gets to pitch in the big stadium

  25. Roger Dodger says:

    Garland will probably have 5 solid starts against the Dodgers and win several of them.

    You know, DeWitt might not even make the 25 man roster and be on the shuttle bus to and from L.A.

  26. Rory says:

    Yeah Roger, you got that right. Tells me what the Dodgers think of DeWitt. About as much as I do. Had he done better when demoted, he would have some value – like what happened with Loney. Loney hit about .380 there, DeWitt hit about .250. Maybe we give him one more chance at AAA and if he tubes again, dump him as a PTBNL in a trade for a real pitcher.

    Haeger’s right, Garland will probably have good numbers in that park, but he likely won’t win many games. He must not care about that. You don’t go to the Padres thinking you will be playing in post-season – unless of course the Pods got Beane’s in their belfry and intend to send him to a contender later. Maybe we send DeWitt to San Diego for Garland in July.


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