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We Don’t Need Another Starter

We Don’t Need Another Starter

After the addition of Vicente “Gunsmoke” Padilla, Ned Colletti said that it was unlikely that the Dodgers would sign another starter.   Why would they want another starter?  If they can’t get a 5th starter from this list, then they should just quit:  Charlie Haeger, Scott Elbert, Eric Stults and Carlos Monasterios.  I won’t stoop to including Russ Ortiz in that list, although I imagine he’s got a real long-shot at it.   I think it will boil down to Stults and Haeger, but you never know what can happen in the Spring.

What are the odds that Padilla has a better year than Wolf?  Pretty good, I predict!  Padilla has every reason in the world to act right, train hard, pitch good and step up.  If he wins 12-15 games with a sub 4.00 ERA, he’ll be in line for a bigger payoff next year.  It is in situtaions such as this that starters like Padilla can put up their “career year.”

It appears to me that James McDonald is going to pitch out of the pen this year.  I thought that there might be chance that Troncoso would be given a shot at starting, but with the wave of youngsters we have at A headed to AA and beyond (Withrow, Martin, Miller, Eovaldi, Gould and others), McDonald, Troncoso and even Lindblom could be slotted as relievers. 

George Sherrill is still a candidate to be moved – probably in the Summer when someone needs a closer. 

As for me, I’m rooting for Eric Stults.  Indiana Boys have to stick together.

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22 Responses to “We Don’t Need Another Starter”

  1. DRomo says:

    Although I am of the thought that you can never have enough pitching, I think we are in a lot better shape with Padilla. I too think Stults is underappreciated! He is a SOLID #4 guy. I’ll take it. I would like to see us sign Weaver back. He is a great veteran swing guy who can spot start too.

  2. DRomo says:

    “Gunsmoke” Padilla? I like it. I was gonna go with Shooter but I like Mark’s nickname better. I can here the theme song blaring when he walks to the mound. Awesome!

  3. lawdog says:

    “Sudden” Stults–he ain’t. Soft tossing prematurely “crafty” lefty with no fastball and no command of his off speed stuff. Don ‘t count on him for anything other than a “player to be named later” in a scrub trade.

    If we don’t sign someone like Sheets–who would move us back up into true contention all by himself if his arm has healed–it will be a contest between Elbert, McDonald and Haeger for the final spot in the rotation. Haeger is the long shot, but probably the best bet to be a success if he’s given a chance. A knuckleball pitcher surrounded by guys who really bring the gas is a recipe for success. Haeger might win 16 games from the #5 slot.
    If we put Elbert or Stultz in there, expect a rotation that will win as many as it loses and we’ll end up winning 80-85 games for the season. Haeger with his 58 mph dancer makes Padilla’s 96 mph fastball look like 106 mph by comparison.

    At least things are getting interesting again, FINALLY. I didn’t expect that until we got new management from the owner on down.

  4. Ken says:

    “Don‘t count on him for anything other than a “player to be named later” in a scrub trade.”

    Compare these stats – one is for Stults and the “Other Guy” has a $126 mil contract

    For the last three years 2007 – 09
    Complete games Stults 2; Other Guy – 1
    Shut outs Stults 2; Other guy – 0
    WHIP Stults 1.53; Other Guy 1.43
    ERA Stults 4.74; Other Guy 4.56
    Innings Per Game Stults 5.2; Other guy 5.8

    Would you rather have Stults for $500,000 per year or the Other Guy for $18 mil per year?

    I am happy with Stults starting for 2 months with Haeger coming out of the bullpen every day that the starter does not make it to the 6th inning.

  5. steevo17 says:

    I suddenly feel like singing “Kumbaya”…I agree with DRomo that Weaver should return, as the long reliever/spot starter. He did a great job last year, being more effective as a starter than a reliever. He has a rubber arm that, if used correctly, would really bolster our pitching staff.

    Lawdog, Stults is a little more than a scrub trade level pitcher. I think he could be an important part of a trade to bring in some significant help, whether it be lower minors or near major league ready. He’s proven he can pitch at the major league level and its obvious he will never be given a legit chance to do so with the Dodgers. Why not put him to beneficial use and trade him for prospects? He deserves a shot somewhere.

    • steevo17 says:

      My current starting rotation:

      1. Billingsley, my ace is 100% healthy and hungry to redeem himself.
      2. Kershaw, should still be restricted to under 200 innings.
      3. Kuroda, should motivated by “contract year” status.
      4. Padilla, welcome back Gunsmoke – look forward to a career year.
      5. Elbert, only thing holding him back is time.

      Both McDonald and Haeger should also get serious looks.

  6. Bootz says:


  7. mark says:

    A guy who has thrown 2 MLB shutouts has to get some attention. Stults is allegedly working on a new pitch and wants to “quit nibbling” on the outside of the plate. He’ll be 30 and I think he will get a shot. He had one last year, but got injured – I don’t think Torre has it in for him. If he’s the best option, he will start.

    Weaver? Unless he wants to pitch for the minimum, we don’t really need him. I also doubt that he would be as good again as he was last year. He has been wildly inconsistent thrughout his career.

  8. Rory says:

    We do indeed need another starter. Right now we have 4, and no guarantees all of them will be standing on the mound in September.
    I am willing to give all these guys their shot at it, and I suspect we will see all of them get an opportunity once the bell rings. Our starting rotation is going to change all year long.

    The new guys? None of them have ever done in it on a regular basis, so how do we know Elbert is finally ready, that Haeger can go out every 5th day, that “Sudden” is suddenly ready, at age 30, to become a Major League starter. Is McDonald finally going to trust his stuff and throw strikes? Maybe. Maybe not.

    The good news is, we have a lot potential starters. The bad news is we still have a lot of question marks.

  9. lawdog says:

    The good news is we have a lot of prospects with dreaded potential. The bad news is we have lots of prospects with dreaded potential. Fells like an 81-81 season if you ask me. :shock:

  10. Ken says:

    If Stults has a good spring then he needs to be given the #5 spot. The Dodgers are becoming famous for lack of patience with player devlopment. Why do so many Dodger improve in the minors and then cap out in MLB only to improve again when let go or traded to another team? Where is the Dodger player development at the MLB level?

    Making a committment to Stults will run straight in the face of Big Ego’s annual goal to have the best record at the All Star break even if that means he burns out the players and they bomb in the play offs. Stults will be on a short lease and be treated like a dog just like Torre’s father treated Torre.

  11. SpokaneBob says:

    Although I think its unlikly I would like Orlando back. I think it would be worth it if we could get him for less than 5 million.

    It is believed Hudson is asking for $9 million for 2010, which is too much for the Nationals. In fact, one baseball source believes the Giants set the market for infielders like Hudson when they re-signed Juan Uribe to a one-year, $3.25 million contract on Jan. 5.

  12. Blue Haze says:

    Amazing level of pissy-ness and that is before ST even starts. Hope some of you guys don’t kill yourselves before it all starts this season. Some of you are sounding as pissed off as the voters in MA.

  13. Rory says:

    Pissy-ness? hmmm. I see it differently.

    Voters in MA? That has something to do with the Dodgers 5th starter – how? All those dopes are Red Sox fans. They don’t give a flying stultz about what we think.

    If Stults shows that he can do it, then he gets the job. I still think it is entirely possible that nobody amongst the names mentioned will out right win the 5th starting job. Looking good in ST can be misleading as many of the teams starting position players are just taking it easy, working themselves into season form. I will need to see how any of these guys do it time and again once the season starts.

    Having said that, if someone does dominate and looks ready, I hope we can stick with them for more than a few starts come April.

    • Ken says:

      You are correct about spring training but the closer it gets to Opening Day the coaches should be able to see who will be good for at least a month. For instance I went to the LV 4 team event the last week of Spring Training in 2006 and Sele was much better than Penny and several of the other Dodger pitchers. Stults should start for 2 months before Torre pulls the plug. As we can see from the stats posted above, Stults is almost as good as Zito.

  14. DRomo says:

    The only issue I have with O-Dog is he is so damn fragile. How many times did we hold our breathe last year when he did anything remotely physical. I just think we were luck to escape last year getting what we got out of him. We have DeWitt/Carroll, or I still see us as a player for another 2B. Belliard may be had at a bargain, he really has no other suitors.

  15. Rory says:

    I understand the feeling about Hudson Romey, but he did play in 149 games last year, and had 550 ab’s. And, he was ready for more after a short rest and….. well, he didn’t get them.

    Is he really that fragile or is an undeserved rep? If I knew we could get exactly the same thing out of him – 149 games, 550 ab’s, .280 and a Gold Glove – I would take it in a heartbeat.

    Wouldn’t you?

  16. DRomo says:

    On a 1 year deal I would pay him his worth. But beyond that no way. I can recall twice last year on pop-ups behind 2B him making a somewhat acrobatic catch then an easy roll that anybody else could make and not get hurt O-Dog came up lame and came out of the game. They always said it was precautionary and he came back but who needs that?

    Also he tried to protect another player this year going into first (I forgot who we were playing) and he had to come out and missed several games. Like I said on a 1 year deal laced with incentives, OK. Otherwise I say good luck O-Dog.

    By the way, other clubs must have the same worries about him because he is still unsigned. A multiple Gold Glove 2B, switch hitting, & great clubhouse guy has a hard time finding work? You do the math.

  17. Bill Russell says:

    All we need to do is limp to the Allstar break and stay in contention and I’m sure there will be a overpriced starting pitcher available to pickup. Someone will want to unload pitching midway thur the season. Belliard still might sign with us but I’m not counting on Hudson coming back. If I were Hudson, I certainly wouldn’t.
    Has anyone heard the status on Bedard? I haven’t heard his name much lately and I wonder if he’s healthy enough for 2010 or has he signed somewhere? He could be a nice addition if he’s healthy.

    I need a row boat as my pool is over flowing. It has rained for 4 straight days and nights.

    I am heading out to see Sherly Crow tonight as they are reopening the Fox Theater in Riverside and she will be the first act in this newly rehabbed historic building in downtown Riverside. I love her music and I can’t wait.

    Sorry Romo about the quick departure last night as my power went out for 4 hours. Peace

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Here’s 14 names will be on or have a chance at being on the Dodger opening day pitching staff. And I did not include any of the Rule 5 guyes. Also did not include Cory Wade, simply because I do not know his current status. Anyone have any info. on him? I also didn’t include Brent Leach, who I like, but who also has a marginal chance at this point of making the opening day staff.

    After looking at the names, exactly where does Weaver fit in, given that the Dodgers are likely to carry a 12-man staff, 13 at the most?


    Yes, there could be player moves between now and opening day that will change the current reality. But Weaver? I don’t see it.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Definitely need an edit/preview button.

    • Ken says:

      Good post anyway. There is a lot of talk about a 13 man pitching staff for next year. In my opinion that is the wrong solution to the lack of innings by the starters. As always I will say the solution is to have more long relievers not more short relievers thus keeping the # of pitchers at 11 or 12.


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