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TWID Notes January 29th

TWID Notes January 29th

Some great links this week. One of the most difficult parts of putting this together each week is that fact that there are literally 100s of great links that just don’t make the cut because, well, this post would be way too long if I included all of them. One of my hopes is that through these links you will be exposed to new sites and new ideas. Enjoy.

  • Dodgers Sign Two New Players!!!
    Timo Perez??? WTF?
  • Final Post on “Growing Up with the Dodgers from TheLFP Blog
    Poignant end to a wonderful series of posts.
  • Albuquerque Season Review
    Thanks goes to Memories of Kevin Malone.
  • Franks Wants to Sell the Dodgers ASAP… NOT!
    Rumors, drama, rumors, press release, drama…..
  • Buster Olney with Notes on Fixing the MLB Draft
    Sorry, you need an Insider subscription.
  • The Bulldog… Cardboard God
    One of my favorite sites, very well written and poetic.
  • Karma Working it’s Way Towards Jose Offerman
    The poor guy Offerman hit in the head with a bat in 2007 is still suffering, while Offerman lives a healthy life!
  • The Bulldog Belongs
    My favorite Dodger had the most astounding run and was a pleasure to watch in ’88!
  • Updated Dodgers Payroll from Eric Stephen at True Blue LA
    So…… you’re saying we have a chance?
  • Major League… Our League or The Movie We Most Resemble?
    Congrats to Diamond Leung on the new college hoops gig for!
  • Buster Olney of ESPN Speaks on Joel Pineiro
    Dodgers vs. Mets; East vs. West; Which will Pineiro choose?


    Vintage Radio Tries to Kill Deep Left – Oh No!

    SOURCE: TheLFP Blog

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    Professional online marketing consultant, husband, father, completely obsessed Dodgers fan, writer, speaker, and all around sports fan. I represented in the press box at Dodger Stadium last season. My favorite player is Orel Hershiser. I am currently grooming my 2 and 4 year old boys as avid Dodgers fans. Follow me on Twitter, Oh, and I hate the Giants.

    3 Responses to “TWID Notes January 29th”

    1. Roger Dodger says:

      This is off topic, but I spent the last 2 hours watching the lead-in to the final season of “Lost.” Now, I have been watching all 5 years of Lost and enjoyed it. Also, we have a friend who lives in Hawaii and is part of the production of that TV show.

      But after watching this 2 hr. recap and just where we are when the final season kicks-off next Tuesday —- I am now totally Lost.

    2. A Shot of Haeger says:

      I just started watching Lost on DVD about two weeks ago. I have all five seasons.. I’m halfway through Season 3… I’m enjoying it, but the suprise factor is definitely missing when you don’t have to wait but a second to find out what happens next. I’m hoping to finish it within two weeks, then watch the rest with the rest of the public

    3. A Shot of Haeger says:

      Oh, before I started watching, I hadn’t seen one episode. I’m watching without reading any of the episode synopsis… that has helped make the surprise factor that is gone, more bearable. I know absolutely nothing…. and hopefully I can keep it that way until I get caught up.


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