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The State Of The Dodger Union

The State Of The Dodger Union

There have been many seasons where the Dodger fans wondered whether they would have a winning season.  There have been times when the fans were frustrated and angry. They do not understand why the owners have been unwilling or unable to sign better players.  They are tired of the bitterness and petty bickering between Beans and Franks.

The fans have many anxieties regarding the 2010 season. Will they be able to afford season tickets?  Will they be able to afford a single ticket? Many fans are struggling but encouraged. Mark has never been more hopeful then he is tonight. Despite the hardships the Team is strong.  In this new decade the Dodger management will embody our hopes.

It all begins with the budget.  First the Dodger must increase the revenue and decrease expenses.  One thing that we all hate is the spin from management and the deferred salaries.  Most of the high salaried players have been released.   If the Dodgers can afford to pay big bonuses to the players than they should also reduce the ticket prices for the fans that keep the team financially alive.  The hot dogs should be 65% cheaper.  Prices should be cut on 25% of the merchandise.   

The Dodger management has done much for the fans.  Maybe they should promise not to raise prices a single dime this coming year.  There is not a single fan that is now unable to afford a ticket.  All union employees are now able to afford to buy at least one ticket per year.  A Dodger stimulus bill should provide all you can eat in more areas of the stadium.

The fans send daily e-mails to the blog hoping for an increase in the Dodger Budget.  The true engine for World Series winners will always be dedication of the players and intelligent coaching decisions.  It all begins with the young players receiving proper instruction in the low minors.  When you talk to these young players they tell us that all of the salaries go to the free agents.  Why not give 30 million each year to each minor league and development budget?  Why not increase the daily food allowance for all minor league players.  There is no reason why the dodgers should have only 2 of the top 100 prospects in the minors.  More of the budgets should be allocated to player development.

Bonuses should be paid to players who keep their weight done and perform their core exercises.

The fans are hurting for a World Series title.  They only way to win is to lay a firm foundation for the future.  The Dodgers can not afford a player development bubble caused by lucky drafts picking.  How long will player development be on hold?  How long must we wait for a World Series title?  The Red Sox are not waiting, the Yankees are not waiting.  They do not settle for second place.  We do not accept second place for the dodgers any longer.  We want a World Series title.

It is time to get serious.  I am not interested in punishing the owners. The owners must guard against the same poor contracts given to injured players.  They can not afford this risk any longer. If the direction of management does not change then all fans should protest by not purchasing season tickets.

Last year investment in Camelback Ranch was a good start for player development.  But in order to create better players in the minor league system the Dodgers must develop new off shore areas for player development, continued investment in the Orient, and yes hiring a new coaching staff.

The team must seek new batting styles and pitching styles in order to compete with the rest of the teams. Only success should be rewarded.  More incentive contracts should be offered to players.  World class player development is needed for the future success of the young players.  Just being drafted does not guarantee that a player will get to the majors.

A task force should be created so that every fan can have access to at least game per year.  Millions of fans should be allowed to attend one game per year.  Each fan should be allowed a ticket credit so that if they only purchase one ticket per year the price will be reduced 25 percent.

I am not taking on these issues because I want any praise from the fans.  No I am writing this article in order to assist the fans in their attempt to express their long held desire to have they Dodger management fund the budget and make the proper player and personnel choices so that the Dodgers will win another World Series title.  Perhaps the fans have not expressed their thoughts to management properly.  We all take part of the blame.  We will not walk away from the Dodgers and neither should any of the fans.

Every fan should prepare their thoughts for improving the Dodgers and submit their ideas via mail, internet, or pony express.  – Written by Ken

About Ken

Ken is a professional working in multiple disciplines who has participated in various sports from elementary school through post intercollegiate level. He may be the only athlete in intercollegiate sports history to have started as both a middle blocker on an intercollegiate volleyball team and as a hook on an intercollegiate rugby team during the same season. He has been a Dodger fan since youth and now regularly watches over 150 Dodger games per season.

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  1. Rory says:

    To me it is quite simple Ken. The reason we don’t have the minor league system production we used to have is the same reason we don’t have the global scouting we used to have and the same reason we didn’t get two picks in the upcoming draft – ownership cannot afford these things at the present time. Quite the opposite is true – we are actually paying players to leave.

    There appears to be enough money in the budget to afford a $100M payroll and frankly that surprises me. It has to be because of attendance and advertising revenues. Or maybe Frankie is taking a currently popular approach to lack of funding abilities – he is printing his own money and hoping to back it up later. According to the 700 page divorce filing Frankie has no money left.

    Yeah, fans are anxious all right. But it isn’t because of ticket prices. “They do not understand why the owners have been unwilling or unable to sign better players.” Yeah we do. The Dodgers ownership is in trouble. Those of you who have been through a nasty divorce know exactly what that means to your finances. The team can only afford to sign the Jamey Carroll’s. Vicente Padilla’s and Ronnie Belliard’s of the league because they went out on a very long limb to keep the arbitration players in town and just do not have the money to sign the big name free agents.

    This coming year the Dodgers should remain competitive but make no mistake about it, there is a financial crisis at the top of the leader board in this organization. To believe otherwise is to remain in denial.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    The fact remains that Padilla, Belliard and Carroll could ultimately produce more wins for the Dodgers than Jones, Schmitt and Pierre combined. I think the Dodgers can afford MORE than $100 mil in payroll – they are just being smart in how they spend it. The Dodgers had $120 million dollars tied up in Jones, Schmidt and Pierre. They have a little over $9 mil tied up in Padilla, Belliard and Carroll. What players should we have signed this winter? Lackey is the only real Top-of-the-Rotation guy available, but with $82 mil and his lack of durability, I’d pass. This was a bad free agent crop and the Dodgers have been smart to stay out.

    If McCourt doesn’t get plundered of the Dodgers in the divorce (and I don’t think he will), then I predict we will be buyers at the trade deadline and be in a position to get somebody really good. The signings of Schmidt, Jones, Pierre (and even Ramirez) crippled us, and robbed us of our ability to get that “really good” pitcher or player who could make a difference.

    The Dodgers are under no obligation to outline their plan or be transparent in what they are doing. In fact, it would be felony stupid for them to tell you what I am telling you, but that’s their plan.

    People are wondering why they paid Carroll $3.4 mil when they could have gotten Belly for $850,000. The deal was that Belly wanted more than Carroll. Belly could have signed for 2 years and $3.4 mil but he wanted more. The Dodgers wanted insurance at 2B, so they signed Carroll because they had no way of knowing that Belliard’s stock would drop so low. Hudson is in the same boat – no one wants to pay him.

    You are way off in your thinking. This team isn’t making bad moves. This team is FINALLY making the right moves! The Dodgers were not recently in the position to buy at the trade deadline because they owed $120 mil to the above-mentioned trio. A lot of things happen during the season. This year, if a top player goes on the market (for reasons were don’t know right now), the Dodgers could be buyers. Who knows, if we hadn’t have had Schmidt, Pierre, Manny and Jones, we could have signed Sabbathia…

    Do you think, we’d have ben better with him?

  3. Rory says:

    Hudson is in the same boat – no one wants to pay him.

    Nonsense. Hudson will get a job, and he will get the same thing we paid him.

    You are way off in your thinking. This team isn’t making bad moves.

    I may be wrong, but I don’t think I am “way off”. The team’s “moves” are rather mundane. Carroll and Belliard won’t help nearly as much as Hudson did. Padilla? Eh, maybe. There are others I would have preferred. We had a good team last year, and it’s a damn good thing Pierre was there isn’t it? Why do you continue to blast him? It wasn’t his fault somebody from the Dodgers decided to overpay him. He is what he is, a decent outfielder who can hit .300 and run like a deer. And you talk as if that is a bad thing. What if Repko had stepped in to replace Manny?

    if we hadn’t have had Schmidt, Pierre, Manny and Jones, we could have signed Sabbathia…

    You refer to all the bad moves from the past but I have seen you defend Jed many many times. You are doing it again right now. Would we have been better with Sabbathia? Duh.

    I think this team has been all over the map and the moves that actually worked were the ones that weren’t made – trading our young talent. The best players we have on the field, and the top of our rotation were mostly ours to begin with. Manny fell out of the sky to us, was practically free and he immediately made everyone on that squad better. That was a good move, but, it was freaky weird and another one like that is extremely unlikely. And last year, when it came time to get THE guy we needed to beat the Phillies – who got him instead? Fred Collecti does not fill me with confidence.

    Bad Free Agent year huh? Really? Randy Wolf, John Lackey, Felipe Lopez and Orlando Hudson are all rated as Class A free agents at positions we need. How would you feel about our chances if we had replaced an aging Casey Blake with Chone Figgins, re-signed Wolf and Hudson, then went out and grabbed John Lackey or Ben Sheets? That’s the kind of moves the Red Sox and Yankees make every year.

    Sorry my friend, too many if’s for me to feel as confident about things as you do. We don’t even know which one of our bickering McJamies’s own this team.

  4. DRomo says:

    Should your picture above include a FOR SALE sign? Interesting rumors out there that the team has actually had to address recently.

  5. Mark Timmons says:


    I read that yesterday and totally dismissed it. It makes no sense on any level. I always use the “smell test” – if it dosn’t “smell” right, it’s not!

    A lot of Dodger fans are pining for Eli Broad or Mark Cuban, but Cuban has never won anything and Broad has never been a baseball owner. Cincinnati Reds fans pined for billionaire, Carl Lindner to buy the team a few years ago. They got their wish and he hosed them. I’m telling you that McCourt isn’t as bad as many of you think.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    I have not read that much about the McCourt divorce go around. (Mrs. or is is Ms.?) which one wants the divorce? I am not asking, is there a fault person, but gee, the McCourt’s could have really developed their name into Mr. & Mrs. (Ms.) of Southern California. And even as popular or even more popular than the film stars and rock stars.

    They had a good thing going.

    I know nothing of how they used Dodger income funds — for personal use. I would think the Dodger corp. gave them a salary. Or, did they have uncontrolled use of the Dodger funds for salary, expenses, housing, etc.?

    Maybe it is two strong willed personalities out of control. And so we read about Ms.’s need of $450,000 a month to live on. I am not sure that Queen Elizabeth II needs that much money each month.

    But because of their out of step waltz dance — the team and fans are ham-strung.

    I hope the judge is a Dodger fan and moves any legal action the honest and truth way it should.

    The Dodger action should be about baseball and putting the best team on the field they can within limits. And — not dealing with the McCourts private lives.

  7. Badger says:

    Got a painful laugh at the comments written below the article Romey posted.

    It would appear that there are many people whose thinking is as way off as mine.

    McCourt may rebound from this. But I don’t see how it happens without a money partner. Jamie is going to get half his ass sets. That’s just a given. If Frankie Dimes only has $167,000 in his bank account, as he claims on one of those 700 pages, Jamie gets half of that and half the $800M estimated Dodger value.

    This guy is gonna be writing his checks from a van down by the river.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    Last night I saw a few minutes of MLB channel – Top 50 Prospects for 2010.

    An hour ago, I went online and found the show, watched the entire show.

    As said earlier, only 2 Dodgers were on the list, #49 Eathan Martin and Gordon #36.

    There are so many good looking players on that list. From that report, the Dodgers are really way behind other teams in producing solid prospects.

  9. Erik says:

    I think the dodgers appear to be behind because a large chunk of the minors has become part of the MLB club. Over 3 years we have moved a lot of talent to the majors.

  10. Badger says:

    Good point Erik. I wonder where Kershaw and DeWitt would be in their respective careers had the Dodgers not felt forced to bring them up. I would imagine there will be others asked to move up quickly very soon. And considering what everyone seems to be saying about our system, it might be too soon for them as well.

    It would seem to me that other organizations are better at talent evaluation than are the Dodgers. Schmidt, Jones, Julio Lugo, Wilson Betemit, Mark Hendrickson, an aging Garciaparra, Loiaza, Berroa, Mark Sweeney, Mark Loretta, $44 million for Pierre? – as much as I respect Pierre $44 million is a ridiculous figure for what he does – the Casey Blake trade, the Jon Garland deal, letting Wolf and Hudson walk with no compensation – what am I leaving out here?

    While it is true we won the West a couple of years, some of that was the fact the West wasn’t all that difficult to win. Last year we were playing .672 ball until we lost Manny, then the rest of the way we were good, but, not that good. OK, we beat the Cards, but I got a feeling if we played them again the following week the outcome would have been different.

    And now we don’t really improve the team. There are a lot of if’s with this team – IF Manny, IF Martin, IF Furcal, IF Billingsley, IF Kershaw, IF Blake, IF the second base trio – the list is long. As I have said, we might actually be ok. But, Webb and Jackson are back for the Dbacks, the gints are better and the Rockies should be just as good. We won’t be able to cruise the West like we did last year. The other teams know full well how vulnerable the Dogs are right now and make no mistake – they are all coming after us. BEAT L.A. is just about everyone’s mantra outside of California. It’s going to be tough.

  11. Mark Timmons says:

    Why do we have IF’s and not the Rockies and the Giants?

    You should say IF Webb and IF Jackson can come back?

    Etc, Etc.

  12. Erik says:

    I agree there are a lot of ifs. But not all of those have to pan out perfectly. We made NLCS without a real Manny without anything from Furcal and without anything from Martin. The same hand in Poker has the same odds each time its dealt. If even one of the ifs is a major turn around we will have a good shot at it. If all the ifs work out we could be great.

  13. Erik says:

    Agreed Mark. All teams have ifs. Even the Yanks.

  14. Andrew Wagner says:

    I think fans in general are wayyy too negative about this team. Much like they were last year. In regards to Lee and Halladay. Colletti offered a very similar package in terms of talent to Cleveland as the Phillies did, according to reports. Cleveland liked the Phillies package better, and I believe they got screwed. Reports had the Blue Jays preferring to trade with the Dodgers because they liked our package better, but Halladay wanted to go to the Phils and he had a no trade clause. Nothing Colletti could do there. Lackey would certainly be a welcome addition, but not for 82 million, that will surely be considered a bust at the end of the deal when he is making 15-18 mill/year. Hudson is a defensive upgrade over DeWitt/Belliard but not really an offensive upgrade, and he would cost 5-7mill more per year. Wolf will come back to earth and the Brewers obviously overpaid based on the current contracts handed out to similar caliber pitchers. Nothing the Dodgers could have done this year would give them a more talented team than the Phillies, NOTHING. With Kershaw, Billingsley, Kemp, Ethier all due to either repeat or improve next year, that makes up for the losses of Hudson and Wolf. There is no reason for Ned to spend money just to bring the payroll up to 100 mill. I would rather see the Dodgers invest many more millions on player development and scouting, the main reason why the Dodgers have been successful in recent years.

  15. Andrew Wagner says:

    If you take the time to look at where the Dodgers are headed, we have above average players at C and 1B under team control. We also have super-star caliber players at CF, RF, CP and 2 SP’s under team control for 2-4 years. Gordon will take over SS in 2012, leaving LF, 2B, 3B and 3 rotation spots up for grabs. Top 100 prospect Chris Withrow along with fellow TOR upside pitchers Ethan Martin and Aaron Miller all project to be in the roation by 2011-2012. For LF, we have the likes of Lambo, Russel, Robinson and Van Slyke. 2B will probably be handed to DeJesus and 3B to Dewitt. Will all of these prospects hit their ceiling or even pan out? Probably not. But some/most should. The only spots that concern me, or should concern you, going forward are 2B and 3B. Outside of that, the Dodgers are covered.

  16. Jaydavis says:

    Rory, I thought I was the only one thta felt that way.
    Ned well never sign the best free agents, but he will over pay players. when Ned first came aboard he said nobody wanted to play for the dodgers–over paying players. That’s not the case now, I think players want to play for the Dodgers now, so what’s the deal with over paying players like Carrol, Furcal, Blake, Padilla, ManRam,last two years. I don t understand the moves he makes—EVER! Has one of his moves got us to the WS? I can’t remember. He got us Ethier, so what!!! two words Jayson Werth.
    What’s going to hap pen in 4 years from now??

  17. Rory says:

    Thank you Jay. There are more people who think the way you do than don’t.

    The Yankees have if’s? Yeah, if their players only have average years, they may not win 103 again. They may lose the division to the Red Sox and be a Wild Card team.

    Who said the gints, dbacks and Rockies didn’t have if’s? Did I say that? Of course they have question marks. That wasn’t the point. The point was…. well, let me put it another way – I got another 500 push-ups that says the Dbacks don’t lose 92 again. Anybody want some of that?

    After having a sizeable lead in the West, we damn near lost it. Like I mentioned, we were playing .672 ball the first part of the year, but only .530 ball from August 1st on. And, we have lost arguably our best pitcher and an All Star Gold Glove second baseman. Call me a pessimist if you must, but .530 ball translates to 86 wins next year and we don’t have those two key players now. We have Padilla and ‘who knows’ in the rotation and a guy who hit .250 in AAA, and two back-ups at second base. We also lost a back-up LF who hit .300 and ran the bases like Maury Wills when Manny was suspended. Nobody answered my question – what if Repko had taken Manny’s place last year? Think about it, because when Manny goes down, that’s who is coming in.

    87 wins. As the team stands right now, that is my prediction.

    Here’s another prediction – Jamie walks away from this divorce with Frankie Dimes’ ball sack in her right hand and the keys to the mansions in her left.

    And Andrew, if this divorce goes bad, our arbitration players will be planning their exit strategies.

    • steevo17 says:

      Rory, you are beyond being pessimistic…try fatalistic. i’d hate to have you around if I ever needed a pep talk.

  18. steevo17 says:

    Mr. Andrew Wagner wins my vote for the most cogent and logical post of the off-season with brilliant, in my humble opinion, and well-thought out reasoning.

    I say BRAVO to you Andrew.

    I would remind you all of the oh-so-similar doomsday predictions of last off-season. Anyone remember the questions engulfing both Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. They turned out to be much more improved than anybody thought they’d be and Manny wasn’t the savior last year that he was in 2008. Kemp and Ethier did it the old-fashioned way…they matured.

    Kemp will continue to mature and improve and I expect Ethier to be an MVP-level force for years to come.

    I don’t remember too many Kershaw supporters either, we were all looking forward to him eventually being great, though no one gave him much chance to be what he was last year…a reliable every 5th-day starter. His potential is still sky-high.

    Many questioned the ability of Broxton to replace Saito…he did pretty good I think. Again the future is bright as the sun for him.

    It’s true that Martin, Loney and Billingsley (I can hear you DRomo) didn’t exactly light the league on fire…but really, were they THAT bad? Also the future is still more than promising for each of them.

    The point I hope that I’ve made is that we are NOT in a desperate situation here. If all the players that I’ve mentioned here continue on their expected path, we will be #1 in the West as well as contenders for both the NL pennant and World Series for years to come.

    That is the true state of my Dodgers.

  19. Andrew Wagner says:

    Rory…I have to respectfully disagree. The Dodgers obviously won the West because of how well they played in the first half. No argument there. The 530 record from August 1st on is true, but that record is slightly skewed by poor play at the very end of the season. It’s not like the Rockies were even keel the whole season and caught up to us. They played COMPLETELY above their heads the second half. How many games did they win in the 8th inning on over the last 3 or 4 weeks? I call fluke. Just as their 07 run was a fluke. There is no way for this divorce to “go bad”. Either Jamie wins and gets half the value of the team paid out over 20 years and McCourt takes on a financial partner. Or the judge forces them to sell. At which point we would have a new owner most likely by next winter. Why would the arb-eligible players “plan their exit strategies”. Randy Wolf pitched beyond his skill level. Look at the BABIP against him…tied for first in baseball. That will NOT happen again. Calling Hudson an All-Star Gold Glover doesn’t make him any better. Utley should have won the Gold Glove and Orlando sucked over the last 2 months. Belliard(who hasn’t hit below .275 in several years, and hit 17 homers a few years back) with DeWitt and Carroll definitely make up for Hudson offensively. Hudson is overrated defensively. Padilla over a full season on a one year deal in the national league will mitigate the loss of Wolf’s production. Just because the Dodgers struggled from August 1st on to a 530 record, you really think they will play that way all season? 87 wins could very well win the NL West this year seeing as how LA, COL, SF and AZ figure to beat up on eachother all season. Just seems like the same negative outlook that fans have expressed over the past 2 offseasons and yet both years we won the division and come within 1 out of being tied 2-2 in the NLCS.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    interesting thoughts above. But some of us can make a very very very very long list of Dodger prospects from the past that it was said of them “that so-and-so will take over 2b in a year . . . or be the starting SS next year . . . or be a key starter in 2011 . . . or will be in the outfield in two years or less . . . ”

    The Dodgers have had the most Rookies of the Year, but many of them moved on to other teams and were not the “start” we were talking and writing about. Some spend only half of their career with the Dodgers, a few moved on and have been forgotten.

    As I posted above, the Top 50 Prospects on — really have some great looking guys there.

    Yes, there have been some dumb signing by the Dodgers. I believe in the playing effort of Pierre; not necessarily the $$$ side. If the dumb signings can stop, then whoever is GM can sign a few FA that have playing value from time to time.

    The Dodger open against the Pirates with 3 games, then to Florida for 3, then home to Ariz for 3, then the lovable Giants for 3. Then off to Cincy for 3 games, following on the Washington for 3, and then to NY for 3, and the month ends with 2 at home with Pitts. Only 8 home games in April, and 15 games away.

  21. Jaydavis says:

    The problem the past two years is, we needed a PROVEN ACE and the fans are still waiting. To win the west it’s going to take 90+ games

  22. Andrew Wagner says:

    Jaydavis….who should Colletti have gotten to be that PROVEN ACE? Lee? We offered the same as Philly and Cleveland chose Philly. Halladay? Jays wanted to trade with us but Halladay wouldn’t approve a trade to LA. CC? For 160 million? I dont dissagree that with a proven ace in the playoffs, the outcame MAY have been different. Without an Ace available and willing to come to LA, kind of hard for Colletti to grant the fans their wish. Are you saying the Dodgers cant win 90+ games? If so, I would love to hear why.

  23. Andrew Wagner says:

    Roger…I agree about prosects…alot or most dont pan out…thats why you have depth..and the Dodgers have depth on the pitching side in the low to mid minors. Not sure how that negates my point that the Dodgers should spend more money on development and that the scouting and developing of young players is the reason why we have won the division the past 2 years.

  24. Rory says:

    I would remind you all of the oh-so-similar doomsday predictions of last off-season.

    I wasn’t one of them steevo. And if asked to do pep talks, and I actually have been asked to do so, I wouldn’t tell it like it is. This isn’t a freakin’ pep rally my friend. This is a place where where people give their opinions, nothing more. It is my opinion that McCourt is in trouble.

    This is about next year. We came up short last year because we didn’t have the pitching needed to dethrone the Phils. And as of this day, we haven’t improved that position. And as of this day, our lineup isn’t as good as the lineup that we came out of the gate with last year. If you disagree, that’s ok. If we are playing at .637 on July 31st, I will admit to being wrong. If we are closer to .530, I will expect the same from you.

    I appreciate the respectful disagreement Andrew. May I assume you have never been divorced in California? The idea that this divorce can’t be bad for McNoNickles tells me that maybe you have been happily married for a while. If so, good for you.

    My take – this is going to sting.

  25. steevo17 says:

    Andrew, we are of like mind here.

    Everyone is crying over spilt milk here…Pierre was too expensive, we have no “proven ace”, we could have had Lee, we should have had Halliday. waa waa waa.

    The facts are: #1, we are in great position to not only repeat as West Champs, but also return (and win) the NL pennant and potentially win a World Series.

    Fact #2, this year’s crop of FA’s was truly lacking. The FA’s we should be looking at are next year’s. Think of this for a moment. After 2010, Manny will be gone, I can’t see any way he is re-signed. We will have a clearer picture of Martin, Billingsley and Loney. 3B and 2B will most likely be weak spots. Torre should be in the front office and (Scioscia anyone?) we will have different on-field management, pitching coach included.

    Potential FA’s include: Carl Crawford (LF – who would be my main target), Joe Mauer (C), Adam Dunn (1B), Jorge Cantu (3B), Jeremy Bonderman (SP), Chris Young (SP) and, yes, Cliff Lee. Certainly, all of you guys have to agree that list of potential FA’s not only is more talented than this year’s group, but fills our needs much more appropiately.

    The future is bright and I, maybe I alone, am looking forward to it.

  26. DRomo says:

    Mark and fellas ,

    For the record I am a McCourt defender. I just thought it was interesting the Dodgers addressed the rumor of the team being for sale.

    As for the MLBNetwork list of prospects, I wouldn’t get too excited or depressed about the list. I’d bet you of the 50 prospects only a handfull end up stud in the big leagues in 5 years. That is just the way it works. As for our orginization we have guys that are on the roster now that would have been on that list some 2 years ago. OUr core is young we will be fine!

  27. Andrew Wagner says:

    Rory…I can’t say that I have been divorced in California so I wouldn’t know first hand. My point was that this is going to end in 2 ways. The court forces the Dodgers to be sold, and we assume MLB will only approve the sale to a competent new owner. Or the court hands the ownership over to Frank. With all the money he will be paying Jamie, he will be forced to take on a financial partner or several of them. Either way I dont see how it would affect the players or the fans unless the team gets sold to an owner who wants to make the Dodgers a small-market-like franchise. Frank will have to pay up regardless…that doesn’t mean he will just resume his roll as Owner with millions less in his pocket. He will be forced to take on a partner or sell. I could be wrong, and I want to hear your thoughts if I am. What are the potential results in your mind?

  28. DRomo says:

    Timo Perez? Timo Freaking Perez? I almost complained about the Garret Anderson rumors, but then saw Timo Perez is taking GA’s invite. Holy crap.

  29. Rory says:

    OK, I could certainly live with the forced sale. But don’t assume MLB will only approve competent ownership. This McCourt guy was turned down three times before Selig ok’d him for Dodger ownership.

    The second point, I have said the same thing many times in here. NoNickels is going to need a partner, and I believe he still thinks he won’t need one. I think I read that somewhere. And if we go back to moneyball, Frankie’s first choice of leadership direction, our arb guys might be squeeezed enough to want out. Yes, they won’t be let out, but our arbitration process could get ugly. All those guys want the big paycheck, and with Frankie living out of his car, it might not look good to the players who will all want the big paycheck at the same time. I doubt we can keep them all.

    This is interesting, an early Power Ranking has us 6th – not bad really. If all goes well and everybody has career years, we could actually stay there:

  30. Andrew Wagner says:

    Rory…mlb approving a competent owner was my feeble attempt at sarcasm since they already approved McCourt and Selig said this past year that the Dodgers were in good hands. The one reason why I am not so worried about arbitration hearings is that Kim Ng handles those. She wont go to arbitration specifically because McCourt has no money, the would settle first because of the chance the player wins the case. I also read that McCourt said he wouldn’t need a partner, but I take that with a grain of salt. Also, he wouldn’t necessarily need a partner if the court deems the Dodgers to be solely under the control of Frank as his document states. Jamie would get half or whatever amount of their personal items but would have no stake in the Dodgers if the court agrees that the signed document is legitimate.

  31. steevo17 says:

    Great link Rory.

    “Despite losing Randy Wolf, a reliable starter last year, the Dodgers should have enough left in the tank to at least compete for the top spot in the West. (understatement there)

    Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw are continuing their growing process and should only get better through time. (totally agree)

    With Manny Ramirez, Andre Either and Matt Kemp leading the offensive attack, the Dodgers should be decent enough to make it in the West, considering they owned the NL’s best team ERA (3.41) and the NL’s best batting average (.270).” (another understatement)

    Just reinforces my opinion that all we need is to allow the youngsters to continue their development. As they mature, success will follow and that will nurture itself.

    2010 will be great and we will be a team to be reckoned with. I have faith in that. I think most Dodger fans are equally optimistic.


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