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The Sad Story of Troy From West Virginia

The Sad Story of Troy From West Virginia

Over the past several years, I have ran into Troy Sexton (Troy from West Virginia) at several Dodger games and Spring Training.  I think I first photographed him before he became Troy from West Virginia.  This first photo was taken by me at a Cincinnati Reds/LA Dodgers Game in 2007.  This was before he acquired the “Troy from West Virginia Persona.”

I had watched his videos on the internet and then in 2008 in Cincy, I ran into him again and we talked before a game.  A Dodger film crew interviewed us about the Dodgers chances and mid-way through the interview, someone flipped a switch and Troy went crazy in the interview.  My son asked me after it was over “What is wrong with him?”  Later that night he was arrested and escorted from Great American Ball Park after an altercation.  The end result was that he was banned for life from Cincinnati.  

I saw him again at Camelback Ranch in the Spring of 2009, and he had a cult following.   Troy is bigger than I am (and I’m pretty big) and about 20 years younger.  He intimidates most people, but not me.  He’s just another goofy guy to  me, but I have been concerned about his conduct for some time now.  Well, here’s the latest from

A Hurricane man arrested last year for his conduct at his sons’ midget football practice was removed from a high school basketball game last month for directing a racial slur toward Winfield’s chief of police, a Putnam County prosecutor said Tuesday.

Troy Sexton, 36, was removed by a Winfield police officer from the Winfield-South Charleston boys basketball game on Dec. 22 for making several “loud, vulgar and offensive remarks” about Police Chief Harrison Lucas, Putnam County assistant prosecutor Jennifer Scragg said Tuesday.

Sexton also allegedly offered the Winfield officer a T-shirt from his car that he had made with Lucas’ picture and the words “dumbest cop of the year.”

Sexton pleaded no contest to two counts of domestic battery on Dec. 4 in Putnam County Magistrate Court, and was sentenced to six months in jail and given a suspended one-year sentence and two months of probation. He was arrested in August after holding one of his sons upside-down by the ankle and pushing another to the ground at the boys’ midget football practice at Winfield Elementary School.

Sexton appeared in Putnam Circuit Court on Tuesday to appeal the six-month jail sentence levied by Magistrate Kim M. Blair. Scragg’s remarks came in response to Sexton’s request for probation.

Sexton’s lawyer, Thomas H. Peyton, argued Tuesday the jail sentence doesn’t compare to other domestic battery sentences in the county.

Since 2005, there have been 265 criminal cases in magistrate court where the defendant has been sentenced for domestic battery or assault charges, according to Sexton’s petition for probation. Of those, 19 were sentenced to jail.

Many of the defendants who received alternative sentencing, including probation or fines, were accused of stabbing, slapping and pulling a knife and/or gun on the victims, the petition states.

“While [Sexton's] conduct was highly inappropriate and admittedly criminal, the children did not suffer any serious injuries or long term effects,” the petition states. West Virginia Child Protective Services also found no signs of abuse or neglect in the Sexton home.

Christie Sexton, Troy Sexton’s wife, asked the court Tuesday to allow her husband to return home and receive probation instead of jail time. She said her husband has underlying mental-health issues and has been taking medication for about five years.

Sexton has been diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder and has been seeing a counselor, Peyton said.

Sexton told the court Tuesday he had not consistently taken his medication while on vacation prior to his outburst at his sons’ football practice in August.

“I’m extremely sorry for what happened that day,” he said Tuesday. “I handled it in the most inappropriate of ways, humiliating my children and making a whole bunch of children uncomfortable and a bunch of other parents uncomfortable.”

Putnam Circuit Judge O.C. Spaulding did not make a decision Tuesday, and instead referred the matter to the county probation office to review Sexton’s mental health, and the recent allegations at the Winfield basketball game.

Prior to the basketball game, Winfield’s chief of police had had no contact with Sexton. The outburst was apparently related to the town’s investigation and charges against Sexton, according to prosecutors.

“[Sexton] chose again to exhibit bad behavior at a local sports event where children were in attendance,” prosecutors said in their petition. Several students overheard the remarks and mistook them for a racist attack on some of South Charleston High School’s basketball players, according to the petition.

The Winfield officer who removed Sexton from the basketball game last month was the same one who arrested him at his sons’ football practice in August, according to prosecutors.

Sexton has a cult following on YouTube where he has posted more than 70 videos under the name “Troy from West Virginia.”Most of them focus on sports, more than 20 on Sexton’s admiration for Joe Beimel, a major-league pitcher with the Colorado Rockies.

Sexton also wrote a 1,289-word “Arrest Manifesto” appeared about a week after his arrest on the blog, which bills itself as “Booze, Ladies and Football.” The manifesto is from a YouTube chat Sexton had with a blogger from the Web site.

Here’s his MANIFESTO:

This is a sad case.  Troy is a nice enough guy, but has been out of control due to the development of his alter ego “Troy From West Virginia.”

I hope it all works out for him.  I hope that his Kids and Wife are good and he is good. 

Troy – Chill!  There are more important things in life & Take your medication.

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13 Responses to “The Sad Story of Troy From West Virginia”

  1. Rory says:

    I met him last year and he seemed calm enough. I liked him.

    “loud, vulgar and offensive remarks” about a Police Chief? In Putnam County West Virginia? In his defense, he is talking about the law in West Virginia. Could it be he is just telling it as he sees it? Can’t be easy on a guy like Troy there. His videos are a kick, but also maybe he is a guy who is wound a little too tight. In so many ways, I can’t say I blame him. There have been many times over the last few years I about lost it. Most recently, day before yesterday.

    Mover is right Troy, take your meds and recognize there are some things you can change, and some things you cannot.

  2. Blue Haze says:

    “Change you can believe in”

  3. troyfromwv says:

    I don’t want to go into many details right now. But I’ll tell you this.

    The news has a savvy way of portraying an event to make it seem what it really wasn’t.

    On August 11th, this non-story was made into a story. On the TV news the anchorwoman said, “The little boys we’re glad to see police.” Which was immediately followed by Winfield’s Chief of Police stating, “The kids were scared and immediately jumped into their arms.”

    A lot of thinks have blown my mind about this whole thing but those quotes right there top it all off. It’s total garbage and a lie. I didnt something I obviuosly shouldnt have done, but why these people felt the need to sensationalize it with crap like that…. I do not know.

    My stepson, which you’ve seen, attends Winfield High School. They were hosting South Charleston who were the #1 team in the state at the time. I told him Id take him and go to the game myself. I’d like to see it. We arrived in the 3rd quarter of the JV game. My stepson went to sit with friends and I sat by myself towards the entrance.

    In the 4th quarter of the JV game the cop who put me in handcuffs arrived. (Why Winfield feels the need to have police at the game, I dont know.) This cop, who I had no problem with, recognized me. He initiated a conversation with me by saying, “Hey how’s it going.” For some reason I decided to tell the truth. I said not so good, I was sentenced to 6 months in prison. Then it kind of struck me. So I asked him. Were you the cop whose arms my kids ran and jumped into. He said no and kind of laughed. But I guess you know I was being sarcastic. So then I asked him if he knew which cop it was my kids ran and jumped into the arms of because they were so scared. I said Chief Harrison Lucas wouldnt lie about something like that, my kids surely were so scared they ran and jumped into the arms of some policeman. Then I guess i let some irrational anger get the best of me and I said I didn’t apreciate that blankety blank saying that blank on the news. he said I’m not going to have any trouble out of you. i said, no. The JV games ends. The 30 minutes of pregame comes and goes. 3 minutes into the Varsity game the cop I was speaking to and Lucas came to throw me out. I had not left my seat or spoken a word to anybody for the 40 minutes between my last words with the cop and my forced exit.

    I told them I wasnt leaving without my stepson. It took awhile before he was found, in the meantime I asked Lucas why he said those things on the news. he never would answer. They felt the need to escort me and my stepson to my car at the far end of the parking lot.

    In the trunk I happened to have some T-shirts I had made months ago which featured Lucas’ image and the words, “The kids were scared and immediately jumped into their (the cops) arms.” Followed by, – Chief harrison Lucas with the bonehead quote of the decade.

    Of course the news misleads. Saying I made numerous loud, offensive, and vulgar remarks. Not true. They made it sound like all these people could hear it. not true. If you’re sitting on ground level of a game in progress you can’t hear what the people around you are saying unless you’re actively listening. They can’t even get the quote of the T-Shirt right. And one would think by reading the article I brought it in there with me to cause trouble. I never expected a cop to be there. I never expected a cop to instigate a conversation with me. It happened. And I got to ask questions that have been eating at me for a long time. Of course, they were never answered. And how in the World would I have ever imagined I would be escorted out to my car where those T-Shirts have been in the trunk for months. Unworn. Unopened. Just made on the spur of a moment thought out of frustration, anger, and a touch of humor.

    It bothers me that some people in society whose disdain for a person (me) outweighs the rational logic a situation like this does to his wife and kids.

    Mark, my kids were not hurt, they were not bruised, no broken bones, no knicks, scratches, nothing. It’s been a bizarre witch hunt that has hurt my wife and kids more than it has me.

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    Here’s the deal – your whole personna is what is stirring the pot here. I believe everything that you told me. I know the cops lie, but you are in a battle you can’t win. You have to play their game. I believe you did not hurt your kids, but once “the system” has you, it becomes very difficult. Pick your battles, pick your fourms, pick your friends and choose your words carefully. You are in their hands now. You may want to consider re-locating.

    I think (correct me if I am wrong) that some of your “personna” on video is “put-on” but these people will use that against you. You have to chill – if there is medication that helps take it. Cherish your wife and kids (I know that you do in your own way), but the State now has control of your life. When you get it back, you have to make doubly sure that nothing happens to get you back.

    If I can help in any way, let me know. I feel for you and all of our prayers will be with you and your kids.

  5. Rory says:

    I believe you Troy.

    I know you didn’t ask for it, but I want to give you a word of advice. Avoid cops. You see them coming just walk away. Say nothing to them. You are in a no win situation in that area. You make reference to “rational logic” and humor – well ask yourself a question – do you really expect to get logic and humor out of the cops in your area?

    I lived up in NW Wisconsin and went to college in Bumscrew Nebraska and being a guy from California there is one thing I learned early, keep to yourself and never ever challenge a law enforcement officer.

    I am real sorry you had to go through this. You can turn this around. Control what you can – and that is your behaviors. I wish you well in the future.

  6. Mark Timmons says:


    Those youth football league mothers are dangerous. I’ll tell you what happend to me this year.

    My 10-year-old son is a Football Coach’s Dream. He loves to hit, block, tackle and run over people. He weighs 105 lbs. Our team had 4 linemen over 145 pounds (one was 209 lbs), but they hated to block. I was assistant coach, but due to my hip surgery, I was not able to take the field until the 4th game (the team was 0-4) where I was defensive co-ordinator. In this league the coach is allowed to be on the field 20 yards back of the play, and I was mortified to watch players refuse to block – they just stepped out of the way and let a blitzing linebacker smash the QB or RB. I yelled at them during the game – we had 5 or 6 players literally REFUSE to block and after the game the parents all said “Good game” even though they got smashed 21-0. I spoke up and said “No, it’s not a good game. If you got beat 21-0 and tried your best, then it would have been a good game, but you didn’t – some of you didn’t want to have any contact or block and my advice is that if you don’t want to block, then don’t play football. It’s OK not to play, but if you play, you have to block.”

    Well, the parents took exception to what I said, and I e-mailed them all and said that if their kid missed 5 out of 10 questions on a test at school, they would get an F and no one would say “Good Job.” I said that football is the same in that if you refuse to block, no one should tell you “Good job.” It’s a bad job and it’s unacceptable. If you are going to play, then block. If you don’t want to block, don’t play.

    Long story short – I had to re-sign as coach. Half of the parents loved me (the ones whose kids blocked) and the other half hated me and they won out. That’s the society in which we live.

    The head football coach told me before the season that he was going to pass 70-80% of the time and I told him that it wouldn’t work. I never missed a game or a practice for my son and after the season was over I took the coach aside (the team was 1-8) and told him that he was an “idiot” for trying to pass instead of run. At this level it is very challenging…

  7. Evan says:

    WOW! at first he was funny. Then some of his videos got weird. I wish hime the best. I hope he gets the help he needs

  8. Ken says:


    Please consider the following advice:

    1. Until you fully understand the difference between authority and power – say nothing.
    2. Never be sarcastic because you never know when you are on tape. Many police officers carry a tape recorder, transcribe the words, change the words and hide the tape. – Say nothing.
    3. Your first amendment right of speech extends to wearing a t-shirt that says “Fu.. the Draft” but maybe not “Fu.. the Police Chief” – Write nothing.
    4. Never say anything unless you have a willing witness.- Say nothing.
    5. Know when you are under arrest verus when you are being interrogated. When you are being interrogated you do have to talk.
    6. The creative side of your brain, which we all appreciate, is your strength but it can be a hugh weakness when used to evaluate what your repsonse should be.

  9. troyfromwv says:

    I’ve been given that advice before on dealing with cops. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that lesson a bit too late. You guys are right. I’m going to steer clear of cops the rest of my life.

    As far as relocating. My wife had been suggesting it for months. I got to the point where I finally agree with her. We’ve been looking at houses and we’ve even made an offer on a house….outside Putnam County. The house we made on offer on is really nice but it’s quite expensive.

    And Mark’s story makes perfect sense. I have no doubt about it. Many think that’s the cause of my problems right now. A couple women started screaming at me as I picked up the one boy by his ankle. The screaming I can deal with and ignore. But when those words of, “CPS is going to take your kids away….You’re not going to see your kids anymore”… I didnt like it. And I called them some unflattering names. And many think that this is what this is really all about. Me cussing those women. And the football “community” did what they could to see I get punished as harshly as possible. It’s not about my kids, the 1st person to show any care for them, and he did show genuine concern for my kids, was the Circuit Court Judge on 1/5/10.

    The Magistrate, Prosecutor, Victims “Advocate”, Community….. None of them have asked how the kids are, offered my wife assistance with 4 small children, recommended any community programs for assistance. The attitude seems to be .. lets punish the big, bad man, no matter how much it upsets and inconveniences his wife and children.

    I will add. CPS did an investigation. I have the reports. They concluded the accusations of abuse as FALSE. The funny story behind that. You know who should have the original? Joe Beimel. I ran across Dylan Hernandez in Pittsburgh and he knew about my situation thru Beimel. I happened to have that paper in my back pocket along with a paper stating I could leave the state. Hernandez said he would give that CPS report to Beimel when the Dodgers hosted Colorado the final weekend of the regular season.

  10. DRomo says:

    Matt Stairs is going to sign with the Padres. That can only mean 1 of 2 things. Either Stairs wanted to be closer to Jonathon Broxton or Broxton will be wetting his pants more often in 2010!


  11. Bootz says:

    Troy, can you shed light on why you like the dodgers if you are from West Virginia?

    Also your “We are the LA Dodgers” song is the best thing ever.

    All the best.


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