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Our Salvation Has Arrived…

Our Salvation Has Arrived…

According to Ken Gurnick, the Dodgers have signed former 20-Game winner, Russ Ortiz.  I say “salvation” tongue-in-cheek but you never know.  In this case, we’re pretty sure he’ll get bombed at AAA, but you never know…  Here’s his CAREER STATS.   He will be given a chance to win a spot in the rotation, but it’s more likely he’ll be fighting for a middle-relief role at AAA.  He was once a pretty good pitcher and had a seven or eight-year stretch where he was considered to be an upper tier pitcher.  That was a log time ago, but he’s only 35.   Still, you never know….


The Dodgers are having a Minicamp later this month at Camelback Ranch – Maybe the Old Badger (Rory) can give us a full report.  Here’s the list of players invited:

LHP- Armando Zerpa
RHP- Carlos Monasterios
RHP- John Ely
RHP- Jon Link
LHP- Brent Leach
RHP- Travis Schlicting
RHP- Josh Lindblom
RHP- Chris Withrow
RHP- Javy Guerra
RHP- Kenley Jansen
LHP- Aaron Miller
RHP- Ethan Martin 
C- A.J. Ellis
C- Lucas May
INF- Russell Mitchell
INF- Ivan DeJesus
INF- Dee Gordon
OF- Andrew Lambo
OF- Trayvon Robinson
OF- Kyle Russell

I’d love to be there to see that…

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15 Responses to “Our Salvation Has Arrived…”

  1. Badger says:

    Well, here’s your ivnvisible impossible scenario about to play out. Looks like what we did last year with Milton and Estes.

    This guy is so done.


  2. Blue Haze says:

    That signing is what you call A SIGNAL OF WHAT IS TO COME or as I have called it THE DODGERS ARE STANDING PAT!

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Oh Boy. The West Coast Yankees are being coming the West Coast Pirates. I wish Russ well in the 4 hole. Now we just need to find another former great to fill the 5th spot. Has Melton and Estes already been selected by another team this year or can we expect them back as well? Hurry up and get this thing settled Frank, It’s going to be a very rough year running this team with no money.

  4. Ken says:

    Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    Let us sing a song of cheer again
    Happy days are here again
    Altogether shout it now!
    There’s no one who can doubt it now
    So let’s tell the world about it now
    Happy days are here again
    Your cares and troubles are gone;
    There’ll be no more from now on
    Happy days are here again
    The skies above are clear again
    Let us sing a song of cheer again
    Happy days are here again

  5. Rory says:

    I believe McDonald, Elbert, Haeger and Stults are better options than this guy.

    “It’s going to be a very rough year running this team with no money.”

    You got that right. And the scary thing is, McSpoliate is going to have less money when this thing is settled.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    Check out UPDATE Above

  7. Ken says:

    Maybe Ned thinks that because both times Ortiz pitched against the Dodgers last year the Dodgers hit 11 gound balls. Only KC had more ground balls at 12. NO NO NO NED that means that the Dodgers were trying to pull every freakin pitch and that Ortiz is not a good pitcher but the Dodgers are lousey hitters, especially when the pitcher throws around 90 mph and the Big Ego kids think that means that they should pull every pitch. The Apple does not fall far from the Tree does it Torre?

  8. Ken says:


    When are the players on the 25 man roster going to have a mini camp where they are fined 100 for every pitch that they pull? Never will happen just like a WS win.

  9. Rory says:

    Some interesting names on that update mover.

    Javy Guerra. Can he control his pitches within the strike zone? Ivan De Jesus? He hit .324 with a .414 OBP at AA two years ago. Is he healed?

    Armando Zerpa? Isn’t that Frank Zerpa’s kid? Oh wait, I am thinking of someone else.

    Give me the details and press pass and I’ll head down there with my son.

  10. DRomo says:

    Russ Ortiz? Are you kidding me? We are also said to be interested in Noah Lowery. We’ve already had Schmidt & Jeff Kent so I am guessing our next signing will be Kirk Rueter or Rich Aurillia? Why not Benito Santiago to back up Russ Martin. Holy crap we are the 2002 Giants now. Who was their CF? Kenny Lofton…been there done that too, right?

    Wow, I know we are desperate but this is a funny signing. We need to get serious here Ned. Bring back Weaver, Padilla or Garland(2 of 3 of these guys). At least that is respectable bottom feeder moves.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    The Hot Stove MLB channel that was on this morning and I guess last night was very interesting. Catch it if you can.

    Tomorrow night they have a 2 hour special of the first baseball league in Israel, I think it will be a series.

    I and most here have seriously questioned the Dodgers commitment winning this year. Others think we will do okay.

    But look at it this way: think of the other teams in the N.L. West, and then the other two divisions — and then think of the match-ups pitching wise.

    Now, think of the Giants starters — now roll out Billingsley, Kershaw, Kuroda and another warm body.

    Think through the other teams all the way to the Phillies — painful . . .

    The class act the Dodgers should be — there should be two names before Bills and Clayton that are top stars today. (Maybe I am dreaming for a rotation like back in the early 1960s.)

  12. Rory says:

    The Dbacks and Giants could be better this year. And Colorado was nearly good enough last year to derail us. Have they lost as much as we have? Or…. will they get better? I plan to look into these teams as the Spring progresses. Most important on my list of to-do’s – living here in Arizona I plan on finding out if Brandon Webb is back to form. If he is……

    and, I expect to hear something from Tony Abreu soon.

    The Giants of course have a couple of starters that aren’t too bad.

    More to follow.

  13. lawdog says:

    Two catchers, 3 outfielders and only 3 infielders for the minicamp? I guess that means they’ll have to move batting coach Don Matttingly out to cover first and Lasorda will be the hitter standing in for all those pitchers? How is that going to give them a sense of what it will be like to face real hitters with a complete infield for defense?

    Seems totally stupid to me.

    We’re signing 36 year old Estes, eh? Expect more of the same. Perfectly won’t authorize a FA signing unless the FA is a geezer who’ll sign a AAA contract and accept an “invitation” to spring training. Then he hopes for a miracle. I guess we’re reduced to doing the same this year.

  14. lawdog says:

    Watch Lasorda bunt the ball at Mattingly on first. Mattingly will fall down trying to field the ball, flip the ball to the catcher who will then throw Lasorda out by 45 feet, over and over again. :shock:

  15. lawdog says:

    If Lasorda gets a hit Joe Torre will have to bat.


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