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Kim Ng is the Daisy

Kim Ng is the Daisy

As the Dodgers make plans to go to Camelback Mountain, a mere 4 hour drive from Tombstone, we all wonder if this year will be the near death experience of the current Dodger ownership.  Just like Wyatt Earp, who had as many lives as a cat, Frank is desperately attempting to hang on to his gold mine, the LA Dodgers. One of the key players in this reality show is Kim Ng.  She is more than just Frank and Ned’s Huckleberry, she is the Daisy.

As Kim prepares her quantitative, qualitative, objective, subjective, player’s analysis, with more information than even a Boras Player’s Information Memorandum, you know that the players and their agents do not want the arbitrator to hear all of the negative information that Ng will present on behalf of the Dodger’s in their attempt to turn the player’s anticipated gold strike into mere pyrite.

As a result some of the Dodger players are contemplating accepting a 2 year contract.  This is actually to the benefit of both the players and the team.  The players are able to reduce their second year economic risk, should they fall to an injury, and the Dodgers will receive a discount and more importantly, payroll certainty. 

When the Dodgers have payroll certainty and are able to accurately budget their aggregate player salaries for 2010 and 2011 they simultaneously can (1) budget a higher level of player salaries, (2) appropriately sign free agent pitchers to 1 or 2 year contracts, and (3) not rush the potential future stars from Low A to the majors.  Additional positive consequences are (1) the increased stability observed by the fans will increase season ticket purchases, (2) increased stability will increase player productivity, (3) increased player productivity should increase the number of wins achieved during the season, (4) a higher probability of making the playoffs, and (5) the value of the Dodgers will not evaporate like the Padres.

It is time for the McBluffs to put their cards on the table and show the Dodger fans their actual business plan for the next two years in order to maintain true loyalty from the fans. Frank will probably win the Battle at OK Corral later this year; however, even if he does the consequence should not be a bankrupt team with Frank riding off into the sunset as broke and hopeless as Wyatt Earp.   Kim Ng is not just Frank’s Doc Holliday, she is the Daisy.  -  Ken

UPDATE FROM MARK:  This Just in:

Frank McCourt speaks  Here’s the crux of what Ken Gurnick quoted:

“When you talk about California, a community property state, and a divorce and sports teams, people might come to the conclusion that the team gets split and so forth, and perhaps that’s the situation in San Diego,” he said. “My situation is different. There were agreements signed and those agreements alter what is normally the case in a community property state. That’s my case. I have agreements, they are public record and they show very clearly I own the team, 100 percent of the team, and I have since I arrived. It’s a totally different situation.

I own the team, it’s not for sale and my hope someday is that my four boys will own the team. When people process this situation, they go down a path that the team is owned 50/50 and one party has to buy out the other. That’s when you need a partner and that’s not this situation. I own 100 percent. There’s nothing to buy.”

So, if Jamie tries to wrestle the team from Frank, she could be stealing her “boys” legacy.  Does she really want to be the villian to her sons?


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Ken is a professional working in multiple disciplines who has participated in various sports from elementary school through post intercollegiate level. He may be the only athlete in intercollegiate sports history to have started as both a middle blocker on an intercollegiate volleyball team and as a hook on an intercollegiate rugby team during the same season. He has been a Dodger fan since youth and now regularly watches over 150 Dodger games per season.

10 Responses to “Kim Ng is the Daisy”

  1. Rory says:

    I got shut out again on the other thread. I hate it when that happens.

    It was lost but, I’ll try to tee it up again……

    I think it is generally accepted that a baseball players prime years are 27-32.

    And here is something else that is generally accepted – statistics are what every Major League team uses to pay it’s players. Also, every Fantasy League ever put together uses statistics as it’s base of evaluation. You can use clever quotes like Vinnie’s to make a point about stats, but I submit this to you – I will take a team of surly .300 hitters, along with a staff of unlikeable 3.00 ERA pitchers, and play your team of scrappy, likeable .250 hitters and face your staff of 4.5 ERA pitchers and I like my chances over both a 162 game season and a 7 game series.

    Russell Martin – this is indeed a pivotal year for him. He knows it. His agent knows it. And the hitting instructors for the Dodgers know it. He is smart young man, I believe he will work on what it was that made him a .290 hitter and get it done this year. Maybe not .290 again, but certainly .275 with a high OBP. And with the other intangibles he brings to this team – he is my catcher. You can take the over 32 vets and send them to the Giants.

    Besides, Russell tossed me a ball during batting practice at Chase Field last year.

    I agree with your general premise above. Arbitration is an uncomfortable process for both parties. I noticed on this mornings headlines the Padres avoided it with Bell. Good idea. If our guys will all agree to two years, everybody wins.

  2. DRomo says:

    So McCourt wants to give the team to his boys? What a great dad! Blah Blah Blah, what else is he suposed to say? But I don’t want to talk about that. Heres a great “what if” for you guys:

    Supose he does hand the team to the boys. Didn’t one of his boys get drafted last year? Imagine young McCourt makes it to the big leagues, and plays for or against a team he is technically an owner of. Wouldn’t that be wild. Improbable, but wild!

    As for Ms Ng, she is the master of arbitration. I would not in a million years want to go against her. Locking up guys for 2 years would be great. Locking up Kemp,Ethier, and Loney through their arbitration years would be ideal. Even if they slide in numbers it makes them tradable in the future.

    Have a nice weekend fellas.

  3. Rory says:

    What does not change is the equal split of property. Yeah, ok, Frank “owns” the team – fact is Jamie owns half of Frank so, divie it up Paco.

    The guys you refer to Romey will likely walk in FA before traded, unless of course it’s a deadline deal. If they walk as type A free agents, does Frankie let them walk without compensation? He might have to without a money partner.

    I still think a partner will have to be brought in.

  4. lawdog says:

    Boras to Ng: Hmmmmm. One hundred dollahs! That’s an awful lot of m oney. Must be a peach of a hand! Well, just call me deranged, but I’m gonna hafta call. (Coveh yer ears, darlin’.) Isn’t that a daisy?


    What’s that now Holliday, 12 hands in a row? Hell, nobody’s that lucky.

    Maybe pokeh’s just not your game Ike! I know, let’s have a spellin’ contest!

  5. lawdog says:

    If the screaming meanie screwed herself by trading her interest in the Dogs for scads of real property, jewelry and other baubels, you can bet the judge will make it all up to her with a spousal support award that will bankrupt Perfectly anyway because he’s not going to change his priggish life style for anybody.

  6. lawdog says:

    Interesting tidbit from Dylan Hernandez this morning in the Times:

    The Dodgers are among the teams that will scout Ben Sheets when he works out for interested teams on Tuesday, according to a club official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

    Sheets, who missed the entire 2009 season because of elbow surgery, is believed to be asking for a contract worth $10 million a season. The 31-year-old former All-Star agreed to a two-year deal with the Texas Rangers last winter but failed a physical and elected to undergo an operation to repair a torn flexor tendon.

    More on Matt Kemp’s new deal: The two-year contract is worth $10.95 million, including $4 million in 2010.

    – Dylan Hernandez

  7. Rory says:

    ten million dollars?

    notta gonna happin

  8. It’s nice that Kin Ng strikes so much fear into players and agents that they bow to her superior negotiation skills and end up signing a deal instead of going to arbitration. She has some insane record in arbitration. Hmmm, maybe she’d be a good manager? She could talk the players into hitting!

  9. Rory says:

    Yeah, that’s true…. but look at what the guys who signed signed for. They did pretty not too bad.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Great, 4 sons to pass the club on to.

    That could mean, in addition, 4 wives, or 3 wives and 1 guy into the mix.


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