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Jets On The Ground…

Jets On The Ground…

Jets on the Ground,

Lookin’ like a fool with your Jets on the Gound!

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7 Responses to “Jets On The Ground…”

  1. Jaydavis says:

    Most dodgers fans want the jets to win, it’s a Los Angeles thing!!! Go Mark Sanchez

  2. New guy says:

    Being a Dolphin fan I hate the Jets…go Colts…
    Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young playing pants on the ground is classic
    you gotta check that out Mark….

  3. Rory says:


  4. Mark Timmons says:

    Hey, I like the Saints, but how’s this for irony?

    The Colts have a quarterback who is from New Orleans and the Saints have a quarterback who is from Indiana.

    I am not a hater – may the best team win.

    However, I think the team with the New Orleans QB will prevail!

  5. A few seconds off says:

    For the people, by the people; so sorry Mark: GO SAINTS!

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Wow, the Vikings got some bad calls, couldn’t hold on to the ball and Brett throw an interception at the worst possible time. It felt like someone oiled up the ball when Minnesota was on Offense. They pretty much handed the game to the Saints. But I’m now on Dat bandwagon. Should be a good Superbowl.


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