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It’s A New Year!

It’s A New Year!

Those of you who chose to make yourselves miserable by believing that the Dodgers will not be competitive this year can feel free to be as miserable as you like.

For my part, I see great things for the team this year, and rest assured, come August or September, I am going to remind you of how your misery was not based in reality.

Happy New Dodger Year!  Be miserable or be happy – it’s your choice!

I’m just not a party to it. 

Call me crazy now, but I’ll call you crazy later!  That’s the beauty of a message board – the history is there for all to see.

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4 Responses to “It’s A New Year!”

  1. Badger says:

    I am not miserable Mark. As a matter of fact, my life is actually pretty darn good.

    As for the Dodgers, you can be optimistic, you always are, and that’s a good thing. Many of us are waiting to see if that other shoe does indeed drop.

    “Call me crazy now, but I’ll call you crazy later! That’s the beauty of a message board – the history is there for all to see.”

    Yep, that’s a fact. And last year your optimism cost you 1100 push-ups, not that that is a bad thing, we all could use more exercise. But I would like to see some of the predictions you made about certain players and see how they panned out. I don’t remember all the crazy things that you said, but perhaps you could re-post them. (how about this year’s predictions? seems to me you had about 6 Dodgers on the All Star team) I made a crazy prediction too – that LaRoche would outhit Blake. Cost me 100, but Blake did end up pretty much where I thought he would. And, he will do it again this coming year. As I remember you didn’t like Manny, you didn’t care much for Hudson, you wanted Abreu and DeWitt at 2b, you thought Jason Schmidt would be in the rotation, you wanted to ‘limit’ Kershaw’s innings to 200 (I thought then and I still do – bring him along s l o w l y) and predicted 16-20 wins. The list is long and to tell you the truth I got a real kick out of reading your predictions.

    So my early prediction has already been made – as we stand right now I can see us as a .500, maybe .5185185 team (84 wins). That isn’t being miserable or pessimistic, that is my estimation of how this team will do based on all that I have seen so far. Other teams in the league are getting better, including teams in our own division. We lost our best pitcher and we lost a top of the order great clubhouse guy .280 hitting Gold Glove 2b. Our owner is up to his gluteals in bad juju and we have nobody in the top 50 as far as prospects go. I think Vegas still has us as one of the favored teams to win the NL, but I think those odds will go down as we get closer to ST and no moves are made.

    I do however reserve the right to change my position should, by some miracle, we get another starter and some speed somewhere in this lineup.

  2. lawdog says:

    Blake is getting older, not younger. He won’t be as good this year as last. I predict he’ll hit about .245 with an OBP of .295, he;ll hit 12 homer runs and drive in 45. He’ll strike out 200 times. DeWitt will hit .255 with 11 home runs. OBP around .325. Martin will hit .255 or thereabouts with an OBP of .330 and 5 home runs.

    Our starters will have a collective era of around 5.00, we will be lucky to win 80 games and we will finish out of the playoffs. Sometime in September, lawsuits will force Perfectly to give up control of the team for abuse of power and stealing from the organization. The tam will go into receivership so the players can be paid. Attendance will plummet while fans will picket with signs begging Perfectly and Meanie to go to hell and sell the team on their way out the door.

    It’s going to be a great year if you like to watch train wrecks!

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Interesting: MLB Trade Rumors site has an article – “Dodgers, Matt Kemp Talk Multi-Year Deal” —- followed by responses. Some of those responses are very interesting. Check them out if your have not read the responses . . .

    Here is the site:

  4. Badger says:

    Yeah I read that too Roger. I agree with his agent, why would Kemp lock himself up with the Dodgers? They won’t offer what he could get on the free market, and his arb numbers will generate millions as long as he is eligible so, just keep improving Matt and the East Coast dollars will come calling. I can see him anchoring centerfield in New York for about a decade.

    I am sitting here thinking of all the ways I disagree with you ldog and let me start with this – I got nothin’.


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