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Is It Really Such A Bad Thing?

Is It Really Such A Bad Thing?

Look, it is apparent that the Dodgers are trying to stay around $100 mil in payroll.  The Angels are not spenders either, and I would not be surprised if their payroll was lower than the Dodgers.  While attendance was good, I think that other revenue streams in LA have receded.  It apparent from the (in)activity of both teams.  Frank McCourt is sitting on a Gold Mine with all the property around Chavez Ravine to be developed, an upcoming cable deal, and stadium naming rights. 

However, he may (or may not) be the owner of the Dodgers, and pending that resolution, very little money will be spent until the arbitration cases are settled.  Deal with it – it’s the way it is.  We aren’t the Padres with a $35 mil payroll and few scouts and farm system personnel.  The Los Angeles Dodgers have a FULLY STOCKED FRONT OFFICE, with more professional baseball people running it than any other team!  

The Dodgers recently hired Ken Bracey who was one of the top player development people within San Diego’s organization and also added Bruce Hines, who also has 25 years experience to our Minor League Staff.  They continue to have a deep instruction base in the minor leagues.  To say that McCourt just wants to plunder the team, brands you as a crackpot.  To think we didn’t offer arbitration to Wolf and Hudson because we didn’t want to pay a first round draft pick is borderline psychotic!  There may not have been much of a chance either would have accepted, but THERE WAS A CHANCE, and due to the Dodgers payroll limitations, they simply couldn’t take that chance.  If they were really intent upon pillaging the farms system, you get rid of all the suits with six-digit salaries first.  Then, you would quit spending on personnel and development at Camelback Ranch.  GET A GRIP ON REALITY!

The past few seasons, we have signed Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones and Manny Ramirez.  By staying out of the game right now, we may be in a better position come Spring or July.  Big contracts haven’t gotten us much.  It is what it is and it isn’t the end of the Dodgers.  By July, they should have their ownership resolved.  McCourt will be in (or out) and then the Dodgers should have a direction.  Quit raving like lunatics – this too shall pass… and we might (JUST MIGHT) be better for it.

Sometimes you get better from within…

UPDATE:  SI’s Jon Heyman reports that the Dodgers may be interested in Adrian Beltre…

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  1. Andre says:

    Hey Mark, I’m surprised that you haven’t commented on the recent rumor that connects the dodgers to Adrian Beltre

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I have been on record as hoping for a new deep-pocketed owner. And that’s still the case. However, Mark’s comments here and those in the recent past are by no means off base. I agree that we have a solid base of young players, some of which I believe are close to or about to emerge as legitimate stars. There’s no guarantee that it will all happen at once (or for that matter, happen at all), but I’m confident that our lineup will be markedly improved with Manny being Manny (or at least a reasonable facsimile), and improved power from a number of our young veterans. I believe our bullpen is still strong and deep, and I believe that we will have two quality starters in Kershaw and Billingsley, and that between Kuroda and several of our younger pitchers, we should at least be OK in the 3rd and 4th slots in the rotation. I also believe that between now and spring training we will probably add a decent veteran starter for the back end of the rotation. If not, it’s not totally unreasonable to think it can’t come from within. Whatever the case, I don’t believe our rotation will be a disaster, and may well prove to be quite good as the season progresses. An improved offense will definitely help in that regard.

    Color me nuts, insane, naive, or whatever, but I firmly believe that we will at the very least contend. And getting the ownership issue resolved can only help. If I’m wrong, well, then I’m wrong.

  3. lawdog says:

    Go back and read the Screaming Meanie’s declaration filed with the divorce court back when this all started to happen and you will see that I am not a “crackpot”. She and perfectly have been plundering the dogs for all the years they’ve been here. They’ve leveraged long term player salaries, interest free, to let them pull all that cash out and now the leveraging of players, the way they’ve always leveraged their real property investments, is catching up with them as they go through the dissolution of their marriage. They can’t leverage any new players while they still have all that old money for players gone and about to go still on the books.

    But their lifestyle demands they leverage even more cash, every month, out of the cow they call the Dodgers. It can’t be done anymore so the team has stalled and can’t fill major holes in the roster as we go into the season. They have to pay the piper but they spent all the money on mega-bazillion mansions and flights to the far ends of the earth for lunch and a massage, then a flight home for dinner at the “ritzyest” Ritz. They give the term “bourgeoisie” a bad name.

    And if you can’t see that obvious fact after reading the declaration, then you, my friend, are the crackpot. You asked me to present evidence, Mark. I’ll bet you dougnuts to dollars you haven’t actually gone and read Jamie’s declaration. If you had you’d be singing a different tune, and you’d be scared just like the rest of us. Be prepared to spend 3 or 4 hours reading stuff that will scare you half to death. It will take that long. But if you do, you’ll stop spouting this Polyanna nonsense about everything being peachy in Dodgerland. It’s not. And it’s going to get a helluva lot worse before it gets better. The product we’ll see this year will have a geezing 3rd baseman who will strike out in the clutch more often than not, we’ll have no second baseman and try to get by with smoke and mirrors. And we will lack a #1,#2, and #3 pitcher as Kuroda is toast and the kids haven’t proved they can do it yet.

    You might be happy whistling in the dark as we approach what will probably be a .500 season. But don’t call those of us who have perused the evidence and can see the truth about what these bottom feeding turds have aaleady done to our beloved team, names like “crackpots.” Sometimes the emperor doesn’t have any clothes. Perfectly and Meanie are perfectly naked, you just don’t want to look–(not that I can blame you for that.) :shock:

    But if you’re calling me names without reading the evidence I supplied to you at your request, then shame on you. You’re better than that! :(

  4. Badger says:

    Both Mark and ldog could be right. Hiring a few suits at $100K is nothing compared to getting one starting pitcher. The entire front office staff, minor league scouting coordinators, coaches and trainers make less combined than will Russell Martin. Let’s not get confused by these hirings. As important as they are, and they are important, this is like the “ballparks for kids plan” – it’s window dressing. This team needs players at the ML level and right now, there isn’t enough money to get them.

    The point about the land is a good one, and one Mark and I talked about on the phone the other day. There are between 275-300 acres in Chavez Ravine that the Dodgers own. When in original talks with the city of L.A. O’Malley asked “what about this piece of property over here” and L.A. officials said “it’s yours”. Take a look at that picture up there, that’s the view of the property looking north. Turn around and you have the city of Los Angeles right there. That property is worth tens of millions and McTight has some pretty cool plans for it. Throw in the cable deal in 2012 (if the planet surface doesn’t shift) and the Dodgers future is rookin’ good.

    But, back to the now. This season could go either way, and from what I have seen, and that includes what I have seen other teams do, last year and this off season, the Dodgers just aren’t players. We all know what is we needed to compete with the Phillies and we didn’t get it then, and we don’t have it now. In fact, we lost arguably or best pitcher and we lost a Gold Glove .280 top of the order hitter. Those kind of players don’t fall out of blimps. And now there is talk of moving our starting catcher for a starting pitcher – why? because we can’t afford both. Make no mistake, this team has a governor on it’s engine. We may be able to cruise at 60 all the way to the finish line. But, if I were forced to put money on it – I bet the Phils, the Mets and the Cardinals. And, none of them are going to beat the Yankees or the Red Sox.

  5. lawdog says:

    The Giants will beat us this year if they just add one big bopper to go with their pitching.

  6. Badger says:

    They can beat us now in a short series. Heck, with something on the line, in a short series, there are several NL teams that can beat us.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    Lawdog, Take your medication. I am not calling YOU nuts, so don’t prove my point!

    I don’t read all the filings, because you know as well as I do, it means nothing unless it meets the requisite threshold to be submitted as evidence. Unless a “foundation” is established, it is toilet paper!

    I memorized Ed Imwinkelried’s “Evidentiary Foundations” (which many consider The Bible on Evidence), and just because something is in a filing does not mean it is constituted as “evidence.”

    I would believe very little of what Jamie says. How lavish the lifestyle of the McCourts really is, remains to be seen, but when Frank McCourt moved to LA, he sold his mansion in Brookline to John Henry for $16,000,000.00.

    Frank McCourt (and maybe Jamie) is sitting on a Gold Mine – if he can survive this deal with Jamie, he could become one of the richest men in America.

    Things are not nearly as bad as you think. On August 1, 2010, let’s re-visit this and see who was right. I’m putting it in my Outlook as we speak…

  8. lawdog says:

    Of course, when McCourt moved to LA we were still in the middle of the real estate bubble. According to Jamie’s declaration, they bought lots of real estate–and highly leveraged it expecting to make huge profits just with the passage of time. Plus they invested huge sums in remodeling their properties which were already mortgaged to the hilt. The type of changes they made are not the type to increase the resale value more than the cost of the remodel itself. In fact, remodeling bazillion dollar real property only increases the value if you find a buyer with the same bizarre taste. Virtually all of those properties are now, without question, under water–worth far less than what is owed. That’s the main reason Perfectly is trying to stick the Meanie with them and scoot off with sole ownership of our Dogs. At the time the agreement was written, it looked like a decent deal for Meanie. And property was appreciating a lot faster than one could expect a highly leveraged baseball team that was paid for in large part with over valued parking lots in Boston. Who would have expected Perfectly would be able to play both sides against the middle with no one discovering he was actually broke until the divorce hit the rags?

    They gambled and lost. Unfortunately, they seem to think they have the right to take down our Dogs with them.

    The rules of evidence in family law cases is different than in criminal cases or ordinary civil cases. You can count on Jamie’s and Perfectly’s declarations going into evidence subject to cross examination. And the type of “facts” she recites about how much she and Perfectly were “paid” out of the Dodgers treasury, all of the investments they made and when, and the types of things they spent all their ill gotten gain on after they’d stolen it from the Dogs are not the kinds of things she would lie about. Why would she? If she did, she’d look like a loony tunes idiot on cross examination.

    Well, if you’re not going to look at the evidence I can’t expect you to change your mind. Keep in mind that you have made a decision without considering all the pertinent facts before you draw conclusions based on nothing more than your gut feelings.

    I can wait until August of 2010. We’ll know by then for sure. And it’s possible I’m wrong this time. It has happened before, although I hate to make an admission like that. :(

    Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure you are going to find yourself on the wrong side of this one come August, unless by then we also discover that pigs have learned to fly! ;)

  9. GoNzO says:

    McCourt is sitting on a goldmine. It is funny because about 10-15 yrs ago O’malley wanted to build a football stadium next to Dodger stadium and was denied. Now developing is the only way for McCourt to survive. A little unfair IMO.

    So if I understand correctly Ldawg, The McC’s took out all the equity that the Dodger brand had/has to use to fund their lifestyle?

    You reap what you sow and everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I agree with yours LD. It is going to get messy to the point where MLB will ask McC to sell sell sell.

  10. Erik says:

    So now that Beltre is with the Red Sux, which prospect do we give up for a near free Mike Lowell???

  11. Erik says:

    Thinking outside the box…. We think Blake can play second? If so… Put Martin at third full time, He can still call the pitches from third (not sure if thats legal), then put Ellis behind the plate to use his home to 2nd skills. Jamie Carroll is utility infielder.

  12. Ken says:

    $100 mil salary is ok if the Dodgers are going for the Wild Card spot and actually have Randy Johnson and Curt Schiling as their aces.

    The cost of developing the Ravine in the next 5-10 yars will include significant infrastructure costs for seperate utilities and ROADS, ROADS and more ROADS, and enough vulture funding to steal the equity from Franks. That property will not be developed by Frank unless he wins his divorce case, he develops a cable channel from which he obtains significant cash flows from day one, and these highly likely prerequisites allow him to develop the Ravine by himself.

    LD – Please read the recent Elkins case to see how civil procedure is now very important in California family law.

  13. mark says:


    Maybe you are privy to the Dodgers books. I am not, nor do I believe anything Jamie says. I’m sure there will be a full audit and I think you are assuming facts not in evidence. You cannot jump from A-Z.

    What you are saying makes no sense, because if what you say were even remotely connected to the truth, the financial institutions to whom the McCourts are “highly leveraged” would call the notes. You don’t get highly-leveraged without a bankers microscope stuck up your rear.

    MLB Baseball sees the Dodgers books and so do the banks. I give no credence to your account. Tell me how much the McCourts took out of the Dodgers and if they have been plundering them so badly, how is it that they have increased in value by $300 million in 5 years. How about the nearly $100 million worth of repair and improvements to Dodger Stadium and the building of Camelback Ranch. Plunderers don’t do that… What you say makes no sense…

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Gee Erik, we do not need a weak hitting with no power third baseman by putting Martin there.

    He might play some games there like he did in the past.

    Any talk of Martin being traded in the past, was not for his catching, but his lack of hitting. He best find it again.

  15. mark says:


    I totally agree with what you wrote:

    “That property will not be developed by Frank unless he wins his divorce case.”

    All I am saying is that we have to let this play out. Frank may or may not own the team by the end of the year.

    I have no opinion either way…

  16. Erik says:

    Agreed Rodger. I was just throwing out wild ideas. I like Martin and hope he finds a way to improve. His character and the way he handles the staff is great. All players have flaws but he has declined 2 years in a row, if it becomes 3 he might not get another shot. How much are we paying Blake this year? More than the 9mil Beltre got?

  17. Mark Timmons says:

    Casey Blake makes $6 mil in 2010 ($5.25 mil in 2011).

    Privately, I think the Dodgers do not think Martin will return to his former Silver Slugger Form. If overwhelmed, they could trade him. Toronto could be a destination. They would love to have a Canadian homeboy! It would have to be a 3-way deal,involving Martin and Sherrill and maybe Elbert (maybe part of a deal with Cincy for Harang).

    I really like Martin, but it is what it is.

    Casey Blake will give us what he usually gives – 20 HR/80 RBI/.265-.270 (or thereabouts). It’s not All-Star Caliber, but it ain’t chopped liver, either. He is a professional, and after his hamstring issues last year, I guarantee his off-season workouts are addressing that issue. Don’t worry about Casey – he’ll be there. Pencil him in for 140 games.

  18. Badger says:

    “Don’t worry about Casey”

    Too late. I started worrying last year and it continues.

    Yep, McScrewed is sitting on a gold mine. But there is a “do not enter” sign on the entrance. McJamie won’t let him have it all, and you can count on the California courts to make sure there is an equity split. That’s just the way it is in a community property state. We won’t know anything until June. So sit back and enjoy the show while the All Stars find other teams for which to play.

  19. Roger Dodger says:

    Erik and Mark — Russell Martin is indeed a concern for the Dodgers. Beyond that is the concern in the majors today — a lack of good catchers behind the plate – period. One of the most important positions on the team. Giving confidence to pitchers, calling a game (even with the signals coming from the bench), location of the pitches (target), concerns of pass balls and wild pitches, fielding the bunts and making the right plays, taking throws from fielders, blocking the plate when necessary, pop-ups, etc.

    Add to that, swinging the bat. Bunting when called for, moving the runner/s along, timely base hits, etc.

    If the Dodgers have to trade Martin for some pitching — I do not think the Dodgers think that May or Ellis are major league ready for all of the above and more that is required — like playing in L.A. — the media and fans, etc.

    This is all painful, really.

    With all of the ideas Mark unfolds about the future development around Dodger Stadium and funds coming in — Maybe they just will roll the dice for 2010 and hope for the best — and move into the future with the bigger moves in a couple of years.

    This group of players which started way back in “A” might be at the beginning of breaking up. We have all talked over the past year or so that a group this large coming along together — if they make it and become stars, they can get too expensive for a club. I think we might be at that position soon.

  20. lawdog says:

    Mover, you don’t want me to copy 100 pages of testimony under oath on this blog, and I sure as hell don’t have the time to go back and reread it–then cherry pick the most pertinent parts and still have 30 pages or so of summarized “facts” for you. It already took me the better part of a morning just to get through the one document.

    But one thing I can assure you isd that if you haven’t read these declarations, you don’t have a real as to what is going on.

    I ask you, don’t you think it’s rather funny (strange funny) that all the mahor deals McCourt makes are backloaded way off into the sunset long after the player has finished his deal, interest free? Goes right along with giving away top prospects in deals just to save a few million (that the McCourts could skim off the top). The last straw is refusing to offer Wolf and O-Rod arbitration which would have netted them 4 picks before the second round began in the draft and begun the process of shoring up our depleted farm system whihc is suffering from all the “give aways for cheaper geezers” and Manny, particularly when they didn’t have to be bound by the terms of the award had the players actually accepted the offer. That has been done before.

    So we sit and do nothing with a farm system in shambles and huge holes in the roster.

    This team makes way more than enough money to compete with the Red Sox and all other teams except maybe the Yankees. Instead, perfectly owes so much dead money you’d think he owned an NFL team and he’s about to owe a whole other farm to his soon to be ex.

    And you think this is all just “business as usual”? In order fro MLB to do something about this travesty, Selig would have to order an internal investigation of his buddy. That’s about as likely as George W. Bush ordering an war crimes investigation of Dick Cheney, even though Cheney has all but admitted that he ordered war crimes and the outing of a CIA agent for political revenge.

    “If you don’t read all of this stuff,
    You’re buying Perfectly’s bluff.

    Stop whistling in the dark,
    just read the stuff, Mark.

    To have all the information in play,
    read what Jamie does say. 

  21. lawdog says:

    Oops sorry. Need an edit button. It should be “But one thing I can assure you is that if you haven’t read these declarations (Jamie’s and Frank’s) then you haven’t a clue as to what is really going on with the Dodgers behind the scenes.”

    I really can’t emphasize this enough Mark. It’s a very opportunity that one gets a chance to review declarations under oath in this much detail about the raping of an organization, financially speaking. To refuse to read it and still make emotional statements about the team and owner status which conflict with the unread material, well, you know what I think about that kind of post…

    If I did something like your doing after you told me, in essence, what the declarations said and that I should use the link I had to go read them before ignorantly popping off on the subject again, you’d fry my ass.

  22. Badger says:

    I believe you ldog. But I don’t need to read all the legal script to know which way the wind blows in divorce proceedings. I had my ass handed to me, Johnny Carson got skinned pretty good, Speilberg, Harrison Ford, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Jordon, Keving Costner – the list is long and I don’t remember any of their wives being the bread winners. Here, check this out:

    Our boy Frankie No Nickels is mentioned. He is about to make the list.

    So yes, this is going to be ugly – actually, of course it already is and will get worse. If Frankie doesn’t seek a partner, it may take years to recover. I am still hoping he folds and heads back to the East Coast. But, if he is a fighter, he won’t quit. Rest assured he will look like a seasoned pit bull when he is done, scarred up and broken. And don’t expect Butt Sellout to step in and do squadush. He is the one who put the McWrong’s through in the first place.

    I’ll stand with Mark in the hopeful corner, but I bear a sabretache of skepticism at the ready. This is going to hurt. It already does.

  23. DRomo says:

    Sad news: Rory Markus died. I absolutley could not stand him as a basbeall broadcaster, but it is always sad to see someone pass.

    As for our boys, well Mark I have sipped from the Kool-Aid. I believe it is going to be OK. I also believe we will do something before we get to Glendale but it sure is getting late in the Winter! Pitchers and Catchers report in an amount of weeks!

    I have the thought that R. Martin’s Dodger days are numbered if he stays behind the plate. I think there isn’t much of an option other that staying with him though at this point. Keep the stats we all know he is not a premier cathcer in this league anymore.

    I am curious if our “frugal” owner isn’t doing us all a favor here by standing pat this offseason and not spending on a weak free agent class and having the ability to spend next season when guys like Lee & Jason Werth will hit the market.I don’t think it is the end of the world if we don’t sign free agents this year. We will be fine. We will be active in July. Just wait!

    Later fellas

  24. Jdavis says:

    First off, we’re not Anaheim Dodgers
    2nd off, don’t compare us to Anaheim Angles
    3rd off, minus the players we are paying not on the dodgers roster, we’re at 80mil.
    Dodgers payroll was higher 10 year ago, ten-ten-ten- ten, ten years
    ago, okay, ten years ago
    4th off, WBC was sold-out at Dodgers Stadium, where did all that cash go???

  25. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with Romo. Werth hates the Dodgers but Lee would be a welcomed addition. Why is everyone always misreading Ken’s posts? Just curious

  26. Bill Russell says:

    Why does the guy at MLBtraderumors think the Dodgers will resign Garland? Will he be the only pitcher left at bargin basement prices?

  27. Badger says:

    We are always misreading Ken’s posts? I was not aware of that.

    The cable deal will happen and I do agree that the land won’t be developed if Frankie loses in court. I also don’t see how he comes out a winner. How can he develope the Ravine on his own? And, roads are the least of his worries. The planning commission will allow roads to built and there are two freeways that border the property.

    That land is indeed a gold mine. Why it has just sat there all these years is mind boggling to me. I thought for sure a football stadium would be built right next to Dodger Stadium. The more time passes the less that is likely, but, I know Frankie has some ideas. And, I am sure there are money people all over L.A. that would love a piece of that action. The economy won’t stay in the tank forever, we will figure out a way ( and money will flow again. That IS the American way so, notta to worry. When it happens, all will be right in Dodgerland.

  28. Ken says:

    Would an outfield of Werth, Victorino and Guiterrez really have been such a bad thing, if that would have allowed the Dodgers to have the cash to acquire some Aces?

  29. Ken says:

    This is for Franks and Beans

    In a speech before the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman announced the formation of a new unit, dubbed the “Global High Wealth Industry Group” which will focus the IRS’s attention on the country’s wealthiest individuals and their business entities. The group’s scope will go beyond screening tax returns, but will “take a unified look at the entire web of business entities controlled by high-wealth individuals, which will enable us to better assess the risks such arrangements pose to tax compliance and the integrity of our tax system,” according to Shulman.
    The IRS has begun hiring agent specialists for this wealth squad, including auditors, specialists, international examiners and plans to have more staff, including economists, appraisal experts and technical advisors.

    Initially, the IRS will be looking for individuals with “tens of millions of dollars of assets or income” focusing on net worth or assets, as opposed to just income, exposes business owners, real estate developers and anyone with significant investment assets. As for the types of assets that may attract attention, they may include trusts, real estate investments, royalty and licensing agreements, revenue-based or equity-based arrangements, private foundations, privately held companies and partnerships and other passthrough entities which require looking at the entire, and often new spectrum, of transactions and entities. A single high-wealth individual may have actual or beneficial ownership of numerous related entities, sometimes alone and sometimes along with other family members or business associates.

  30. DRomo says:

    BRuss, Garland would not be a bad back of the rotation guy. I would take him back even on a multi year deal. The guy eats innings! He could be Randy Wolf easily. His price will come down and I think we will grab him.

    I do hope the development of the surrounding areas of Dodger Stadium go foward. Look at the big picture here. McCourt has purchased the controling interest of the LA Marathon and starting this year Dodger Stadium is the starting line for the marathon. There is also the dream of having the Stadium becoming an offseason destination. With all that land available for development why couldn’t that become a cash cow for the team. What would revitalize a blight-stricken part of LA could also spell DEEP pockets for the Dodgers. Granted it could take a few years to see money on the field but I can see investors wanting t be a part of something big! Hell, just look at what Staples Center did. It brought the Nokia Center and LA Live and that part of town is actually cool to be in now. Years ago that part of LA was run down. I believe because the Dodgers OWN the real estate surrounding Dodger Stadium that development + a cable deal could be the answer to our dreams of being the West Coast Yankees. It isn’t crazy!

  31. Blue Haze says:

    Big brother is alive, well and very hungry, I see. You are sending shivers up my spine Ken with that info, thanks for the warning.

    Who is Rory Markus, never heard of him, DRomo.

    Based on what has been happening here, in Giants Southland, I would take Garland in a second. He pitched well for us in his limited time and he definitely knows how to eat some innings. He is the type of pitcher can survive on nights he doesn’t have his best stuff, a rare skill in this day and age in the MLB.

  32. Roger Dodger says:

    So Randy Johnson is to announce his retirement. What a shame. I was counting on Ned signing him to a 1 year contract. He could pitch, what, 12 to 18 innings easily.

  33. Badger says:

    If that does happen Ken, it is a temporary money hunt. 60 Minutes had a piece about a whistle blower (Bradley Birkenfeld) who exposed the UBS illegal tax shelter accounts in Switzerland and HE is going to prison. His action is said to have uncovered a billion in revenue for the IRS as several people were rounded up (and just paid the fines) while the guy who exposed them gets locked up. Rich folks don’t like it when they have to pay for government’s spendings. This IRS thing won’t last long. It is the middle class who will always pay and that won’t change any time soon. All that you mention Ken will probably blow over before the Chavez Ravine development plans get implemented.

    I might feel differently about all of that if I were one who had illegal millions in Swiss banks, but, alas, it ain’t me they’re lookin’ for.

    I too would take Garland. Heck we had him, he did the job, and then we benched him just like we did Hudson. Those two, along with Randy Wolf on this team and we aren’t having these McBroke discussions. Of course, payroll would be up there with the Houston Astros – or maybe even as high as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. And we can’t have that now can we.

  34. DRomo says:

    Blue Haze,

    Rory Markus was the radio voice of the Angels & a local television reporter. He was only 54 yrs old and died of an apparent heart attack. I honestly could not stand him on the radio or hearing him do baseball but it is sad to see someone pass away so young.


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