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In The Rear-View Mirror

In The Rear-View Mirror

I thought it might be fun to look back and see a few older posts, written by yours truly:

Posted on 16 March 2006:

Navarro will probably miss some time, opening the door for Russ Martin, who may never give the job back. 

Posted on 05 April 2006:

James Loney didn’t hit a grandslam in his first game.  Instead, he quietly walked in his first at bat and hit a sharp single in his second at bat.  His defensive skills are legendary and by all reports he’s the kind of kid you would be excited to have your daughter bring home.  He’s thankful for the opportnity to be in the Big Show and I have a feeling he won’t be giving up the 1B position without a fight.  Stay tuned, this could be history in the making.

Posted on 18 March 2008:

We all called it Dodgertown, but all one had to do was look at the lines, 200 to 300 feet long of people patiently waiting to get Tommy Lasorda’s autograph and you would realize that it was really Lasordaville.  When Tommy Lasorda ambled down the first base line and waddled toward the Dodger side of Holman Stadium, the applause and cheers for Tommy provided conclusive evidence that it was indeed Lasordaville!  It didn’t start out that way, but as Tommy became a Dodger icon he transcended the moniker.  As much as the people came to see the Dodgers, they came to see Tommy.  Tommy became the Dodgers, Dodgertown became Lasordaville and Tommy became the Grandfather of Baseball.  Sure, there were detractors “Tommy is a scumbag – he refused to sign my daughter’s baseball” or something to that effect, but fans often get tunnel vision when they are seeking an autograph and ignore every rule of decorum known to man.  Tommy’s not perfect – I don’t like the way he refuses to forgive Bill Russell, but Tommy is always Tommy and it is difficult to think of anyone who has done more for the Dodgers or all of baseball for that matter.  According to Frank McCourt, Dodgertown may live on in LA and/or Glendale, AZ (I picture a museum of “shrine-like” memorabilia, with lots of references to Tommy), but Lasordaville will always be in Vero Beach, Florida.  That can’t be moved!  Someday, sooner than any of us will like, Tommy will be walking with some of the other Boys of Summer and greeting everyone at the Big Dodgertown in the sky, with “let’s play ball.”  On the other hand, maybe Dodgertown in heaven will be called Lasordaville.  I, for one am glad that my son and I can tell countless stories about Lasordaville – there will never be another!

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15 Responses to “In The Rear-View Mirror”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    I think just about all that can be said, has been said. Only if Ned signs or makes a trade for a player or players — could more be said.

    I have seen this, the writers that are writing now on their picks for others to consider, for their fan-ah-see teams — some are not even offering a Dodger second baseman (on their list).

    The Caribbean World Series starts next Tuesday and will be on the MLB Network — 12 games will be shown.

    Tuesday, Feb. 2
    2:30: Puerto Rico vs. Dominican Republic
    7:30: Mexico vs. Venezuela
    Wednesday, Feb. 3
    3:30: Dominican Republic vs. Mexico
    7:30: Venezuela vs. Puerto Rico
    Thursday, Feb. 4
    3:30: Mexico vs. Puerto Rico
    7:30: Venezuela vs. Dominican Republic
    Friday, Feb. 5
    3:30: Dominican Republic vs. Puerto Rico
    7:30: Venezuela vs. Mexico
    Saturday, Feb. 6
    3:30: Mexico vs. Dominican Republic
    7:30: Puerto Rico vs. Venezuela
    Sunday, Feb. 7
    3:30: Puerto Rico vs. Mexico
    7:30: Dominican Republic vs. Venezuela

    The fans get real excited, action is great, the colors of uniforms – signs – flags – etc. make for a lot of fun.

  2. Rory says:

    Sorry Mark, but you already have the “over” on 95 wins for 500. You want to double the bet? You done lost 1,000 to me last year, you are a glutton for punishment.

    Are you serious Rory? You so realize that Gold Gloves are the most overrated award in baseball. Derek Jeter won like 3 of them for god’s sake. And most baseball people agree that Utley should have won the award. I’m not saying Posey and Bumgarner won’t be good or great but to expect them to make an allstar impact as rookies is premature.

    Yeah I am serious Andy. You said Odog only can catch pop ups and doesnt move laterally. I say that’s nonsense. I know the Gold Glove isn’t necessarily given to the best defender, I am just saying you are dead wrong about your statement on Hudson and they wouldn’t dare give that award to someone who is as bad as you say he is.

    And, I never said Bumgarner and Pose would be All Stars. You read way too much into my point. I said Bumgarner might be as good as Kershaw and it might happen very soon. Kershaw, in his first year, pitched 107 innings with a 4.26 ERA. I think Madison will do that and maybe much more if he lands the 5th starter spot.

    Hey Bill, I don’t think DeWitt is the answer at 2b. I don’t think Carroll is either. Belliard? He can hit, but I would rather see him backing up and pinch hitting. Frankly, I don’t know who is going to nail down that spot, but I do believe whoever it is will not play up to Hudson’s standard. ODog was an All Star Gold Glove second baseman – and we won’t either of those things happen with the group we currently have.

    Good posts on that other thread Brooklyn. It closed down rather quickly. I agree with much of what you said and hope that all the numbers you and Mark predict will actually materialize. In my mind, Manny is once again the keystone. If he tubes, the rest of this lineup could be affected. When he is on, the whole team does better. I don’t know about Kuroda either, his ability to pitch 200 innings is very suspect and he is making bank this year. Bills and Kershaw should do well, and hopefully both of them reach 200 innings – Kershaw for the first time. Padilla? Who knows. 5th starter? Got no idea who it is. Raffy? Big question mark. Kemp, Loney, Ethier and Martin should play well.

  3. lawdog says:

    I think a lot of you guys see things the way you want to see them and not the way they necessarily are, in fact. I will concede that I’m a pessimistic old fart who hasn’t seen a glass half full in most of my adult life, but none of you can realistically argue that our team is better now than it was last year. We have a staff of #3s and need two rooks to step up and be #2s from the get-go to be where we were before we went into the playoffs last year.

    If we get a bunch of young players to play way above the level they’ve played in past seasons, we might end up better than last year. But consider the IFS:

    Will DeWitt hit .284 and win a gold glove for his defense at 2nd? Does Palin have half a brain?

    Will Blake hit above .086 in September? Is a bear Catholic?

    Will Martin stop inching towards the Mendoza line and hit .285 with 20 home runs? Will pigs fly?

    Will Loney hit 25 hrs and hit .315? Will unemployment dip below 10% in the year 2010?

    Will Belliard or the other geezer we just signed be any more than dead weight by the end of the season?

    Will Billingsley have an era under 5.00 and pitch more than 180 innings?

    Will Kurveshaw win 20 games with an era under 3.00?

    (Okay, I’ll give you that one as more than a long shot–but only that one.)

    Will Kuroda even make it through the year without ending up with a career ending average?

    Can Manny hit .325 again with 35 home runs.

    No way that’s gonna happen. Very few of those options will likely occur and this team will SUCK as the year wears on and the geezers need reinforced Geritol to get their creaking bones working every day.

    And I haven’t even gotten to the likelihood any rookie pitcher but Haeger will be any good next season. Nor have I addressed the problems of a fading and overworked bull pen.

    As far as the player who won the arbitration award and then was not tendered the awarded contract, I’ve wracked my brain for the name of the player and the team involved. I remember the facts vividly because I didn’t think a team could do that if the arbitration was supposed to be “binding”. I remember the player involved was an aging slugger who had been good for years and hit 30 hrs in the season past but had an average down around .220 in the process. His OBP was probably under .285. The player won in arbitration and the team just released him. This was many years back and the only case I can recall. He was in his mid 30s and that was his last season. He hooked on with another club but had a terrible year. He was paid a mere fraction of what he’d been awarded.

    If I remember his name or the team who just said “No!” to the arbitration award, I’ll report back.

    I’d suggest, in the meantime, you really stop and think what changes Perfectly Cheap has actually made and what deals has he refused to pull the trigger on. If you’re honest with yourselves you won’t see the rosie future I’ve seen parroted by most posters since the Cheapskate’s divorce was made public. This turd does not have the team’s or our best interests in mind as he prepares to coast for a couple of years and just be good enough to sell tickets during the regular season, just like Carroll Rosenbloom’s widow did with the Rams after her gangster boyfriend whacked poor Carroll as he was swimming in Florida.

  4. Mark Timmons says:

    That was very eloquent, Lawdog. Excellent, actually!

    My response will not be so eloquent: “Simply wrong!”

  5. Mark Timmons says:


    OK, tell me what the Dodgers should have done this Winter and who they should have signed (not including Wolf and Hudson).

  6. Rory says:

    Well said ldog.

    I like the part about Palin. My favorite Palin quote – I’m sorry that the Lehman Brothers went bankrupt as I really loved their bagels.

    Who knows how good this team will be. Kemp should do well. Ethier should do well. Loney will do what he always does and hopefully Martin rebounds. Hopefully. I really doubt Manny is a 35 HR guy, but he could possibly hit 30 with 90+ ribbies if he stays healthy and the guys in front of him get on. He sure as heck won’t hit .325. I doubt he hits .300. I don’t see a 4th outfielder that is nearly as good as Pierre and our second base situation looks like dueling back-ups for the entire year. Blake? You all know how I feel about him. Hopefully he can stay on the field long enough to do exactly what he did last year and Belliard can do what he did in relief. Bills should get 200 innings again. Kershaw might get 200 innings, not sure about that one. Kuroda won’t. Padilla won’t and I don’t know who the number 5 is but I doubt he does either. That means our bullpen will be overworked, again, and though I do like that part of the team, I worry that it will get late early for those guys.

    Too many ifs for me to say 95 wins again. But, I will do the 500 gladly if I am wrong.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Buster Posey probably will turn out to be a very good player, perhaps even more than that. But did anyone notice that the Giants re-signed Bengie Molina? There’s a good chance that Posey will open the season at AAA, where he still has limited experience. Maybe he gets called up later in the season and makes an impact.

    By the way, in my post in the previous thread I inadvertently left out Ethier. It appeared to me that late in the season he began to take the right approach toward lefthanded pitchers (up the middle and to left) that he had when he first came up in 2006. I figure him for .280 – .300 with 30-35 HRs.

    And yes, the Dodgers have questions marks. And so do the Giants, Rockies, D-Backs and Padres. Isn’t that always the case?

    As regards Hudson, Mark is correct that he was good, but is no longer great. And likely he is on the decline. Furthermore, I believe that he was too aggressive at times going after popups, nearly on several occasions causing collisions with Kemp or Ethier. Perhaps with more experience and confidence both of those outfielders would have felt more comfortable this year calling Hudson off. But I’m not imagining this, because I was aware of it all season. And I was further confirmed in my observations when the same issue was addressed earlier this offseason on TrueBlue LA.

    My glass is still half full.

  8. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I don’t know what Lambo will do when he gets to the big leagues. But I do know that as mostly a 20 year old last year at AA he didn’t do any worse than Chase Utley as a 22 and 23 year old in A and AAA, respectively. Actually no better than DeWitt (23-24) last year, as he yo-yoed back and forth between ALB and LA.

    And although I won’t take the time looking for them, I know there are other such examples.

  9. Rory says:

    The jury is still out on Lambo. Though what he can do looks promising, nobody knows for sure what this kid will do. Every team in the league has had hitters tear up the low minors then disappear. We won’t see anything from him at the big league level for a few years.

    Posey isn’t considered to be ready for the Majors Brooklyn. He will of course open up in AAA, I knew that. But the Giants figure he will be ready for a call up later in the year, and should be able to step in full time next year. Bumgarner could win the 5th starter spot this year. He is really young, only 20 and the question is – is he ready for 180 innings? He very well could be. His ETA is actually 2011 but from what I am reading, he could stay up and be handed the ball every 5th day this year. You can actually google this information if you choose too, and stuff like this comes up:

    I know this is a Dodger site, and people really don’t want to hear about other teams, especially the hated gints, but a little research will tell you that they have put together a starting pitching staff that will rival anybody’s. I would take theirs over ours in heartbeat. They won 88 last year and they look better this year. If they hit, they will win 88 again this year.

    I guess defending Hudson around here is an impossibility. He is no longer a Dodger so, screw him. But I saw him play, the league saw him play, he made the All Star team, he won a Gold Glove, his 4th by the way, and he was liked by everybody on the team. He scored 74 runs for us, is an excellent baserunner and though he is not considered a base stealer, he could be if he wanted to be as in the last three years he was successful in 85% of his attempts. He had a tough September, and that is evidently what Dodger fans choose to remember. He is 32, and maybe it is true that he is on the decline. But, I still say that even in ‘decline’, Orlando Hudson is better than anyone we have ready to replace him. I say the team is weakened by his departure.

  10. Mark Timmons says:

    Hudson is a nice 2B… for $3 mil a year. Signing him was another “dope-fiend” move in a game that Ned is no longer playing. You have to decide where your money is best spent. With what we paid Wolf and Hudson, we could have almost paid an ACE. That would have made us much better!

    On the Giants staff:

    1. Timmy Boy is currently the best-of-the-best, but you have to wonder about his build and whether he can sustain it.

    2. Cain won’t put up anything near the numbers he did last year – watch and see. He’ll never pitch like that again. He is a 3.75 ERA guy, not a 2.89 ERA guy.

    3. Sanchez has some potential, but he’s a career 4.81 ERA guy no matter how you spin it. He’s a guy who can throw a perfect game and end up the season in the minors.

    4. Barry Zito has a 4.57 ERA in the NL, even after his “good season” at a 4.03 ERA. He’s the poster boy of bad contracts.

    5. Bumgarner? Maybe, maybe not. His stats suggest he could be very good.

    Obviously Lincecum is the best, but beyond that, we stack up very well, and if Bills returns to form, well, I like our chances. I am not sure I would trade our starting staff for theirs, and if if Lincecum wasn’t in the mix, it’s not even on the table.

  11. Rory says:

    Well I am sure this will come as no surprise to you, but fangraphs predictions are different than yours:

    Lincecum – 220 IP 2.65 ERA 17-6

    Cain – 213 IP 3.33 ERA 14-9

    Zito – 196 IP 4.1 ERA 12-11

    Sanchez – 183 IP 4.1 ERA 12-10

    Zito 196 IP 4.1 ERA 12-11

    They have nobody on the Dodgers with 200 innings and Kuroda at only 159. That’s very much how I see it too.

    BTW, they have Hudson at .288 with .360 OBP – 69 runs and 81 rbi’s. I think you probably already know what they think of the Dodger second basemen, but in case you don’t – they don’t even show up on the list.

  12. Mark Timmons says:

    I’ll tell you what. Before the season starts, I will give my projections and after the season, we can see how they stack up to Chone, James, Baseball Prospectus, Fangraphs and all the stat-based predictors. The do projections with an algorithm in a computer. Great idea, except that computers don’t play the game. You can program in anomalies and still be way off. Look through the Great Bill James Handbook or Baseball Prospectus. I have a bunch of copies of those. Why I am stupid enough to buy them, I don’t know, because they are right about as much as Meteorologists?

  13. Rory says:

    Like many, I keep waiting for Lincecum to blow a gasket. He looks like a high school kid trying to throw the ball through concrete every pitch.

    Yeah, I hear ya on the stat sites. Of course they can’t possibly be 100% accurate every year. But, they do come close. What can’t be predicted accurately is injury. If Lincecum Cain & Co. all get 30+ starts, I think those numbers above will be reached. They all are that good. But, will one or more go down? Maybe, but they are all young so I wouldn’t count on it. You just never know.

    I don’t need to wait to make my predictions. I don’t believe Kershaw will get 200+ but he will have more IP than he has to this date. I believe Bills will be back (I sure hope so anyway) and he will be the only Dodger pitcher with 200 innings. Kuroda will get exactly what fangraph says he will, and our pen will be overworked again, will look great for most of the year, and then fade come late August. I sure hope we keep the prospect arms fresh because they will be needed for the call up in September.

  14. Jaydavis says:

    You’re all smokin’ smothing Stop hating on Kuroda Kuroda’s the second best pitcher on the team I don’t see DeWitt winning a GG at 2nd but winning one at 3rd and Casey playin LEFT-OUT as for 2nd base the dodgers have options now

  15. Rory says:

    LEFT-OUT. I like that. Funny.

    As for Kuroda, I don’t hate him. But facts are facts. In two years he is 17-17 and pitched 300 innings. He made over $12 million last year and I think he is scheduled to make $13 million this year.

    I hope he finally earns his money.


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