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Do We Really Need This?

Do We Really Need This?

Tony Jackson of ESPN.LosAngeles and Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times are both reporting of the Dodgers interest in several players for the 4th outfield spot.  I suppose

A Freakin' Gazelle

 there are reasons to consider Gross, Anderson and maybe even Johnson, but Brian Giles?  He became irrelevant a couple of years ago.  The problem is that none are Center Fielders and unless thay are keeping Repko as #5, it makes no sense.  If they are keeping Repko, then I would pick Garrett Anderson.  He could be our main LH pinch hitter and spell Manny in LF against tough RH and Repko could spell Ethier in RF against tough lefties.  That makes the most sense.

I know this.  We are set with Timo Freaking Perez.  He’s a Freakin’ Gazelle.

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16 Responses to “Do We Really Need This?”

  1. ken says:

    The Dodgers need a left hand hitting backup SS. I will not name the only available free agent candidate because most people would lose their breakfast if I did. (Hint: Part of his name sounds like an Italian sauce)

    Lambo needs to train with the pitchers snd run 5 miles a day next off season.

    The only reason to sign an old geezer like Anderson is if you plan on trading Manny by July 31st. Free Paul.

    AW – Most teams have never rescinded contracts given to arbitration eligible players because even though that tactic is legal it stinks to high heaven and causes significant mistrust between the team and players. It should only be done when a player shows up to camp as out of shape as A. Jones did after he signed that generous contract with the Dodgers and then said F.. Y.. with his behavior.

  2. Rory says:

    That is the strongest looking woman I have ever seen Mark.

    “The only reason to sign an old geezer like Anderson is if you plan on trading Manny by July 31st. Free Paul.”

    hmmm. Interesting take ken. Though I figured Manny was a deadline trade candidate, I hadn’t considered his back-up being anybody other than Repko. But, if Paul is tearing it up at AAA, he is the most likely choice isn’t he. The heck with Anderson. Talk about a guy in decline, he will be 38 this year and is coming off a .268 avg. .303 OBP year. Let Repko back-up. And, do we really need more than 4 outfielders?

    I will be watching Paul very closely this year. It is his chance to show he can play.

  3. lawdog says:

    Mover asked me what moves the Dogs should have made this off season on the last thread.

    Off the top of my head, offered arbitration to Wolfman and O-rod to get those 4 extra picks in the first round and sandwich round before the second to shore up our weakened farm system. A system weakened by silly trades like giving away Santana to save a million dollars in salary. Then they should have really pursued an ace for the staff instead of standing pat. Signing Ben Sheets would have been good enough for me. He went for chump change–10 million to the cheap Oakland A’s for heavens sake. If we couldn’t afford a true stud with recent top stats, Ben Sheets was a good “gamble” that would have given us a true ace to go with Kurveshaw, Bills, Padilla and the kids. Notice I don’t mention Kuroda?

    Then I look for a real second baseman who is young. We don’t have one and there is no one waiting in the wings. Let DeWitt platoon with the overpaid geezer Blake at third. Since there are more right handed pitchers in the league than lefties, DeWitt would get most of the action during the season and Blake migth actually play well and not start geezing before September 1st.

    Just this much and I believe we’d be a stronger club this year through the so-called “maturation” of our kids who are now starting. Keep your eyes open for a real third baseman and an ace pitcher come the trading deadline if DeWitt and/or Sheets falters.

    But I don’t think they will. I think that team,, with a little fine tuning would compete in the playoffs. What we have now will stay close until September and then fade into obscurity–sniffing, but not making the playoffs.

    These moves would hav e cut back Perfectly Cheap’s jet setting and perhaps require the sale of his private jet and make him eat at Burgert King once in a while like normal folks do instead of some 5 star restaurant twice a day, 7 days a week–but so be it. He has an obligation to put a contending team on the field. Not just one that’s good enough to continue ticket sales while the team fades into mediocrity as he rapes the club, plundering all of it’s available cash for his personal pleasures and outrageous lifestyle.

    This is all off the top of my head. If I, or any other fan who’s been paying attention, took the time to really put a sophisticated plan together and it would probably make Perfectly Cheap look even worse.

  4. DRomo says:

    Garret Anderson is slow and injury prone. He could be a LH bat off the bench but isn’t that what Dougie Meintk… is? He could be a 4th OF but isn’t that what Repko , X Paul, and Timo Freakin’ Perez are?

    As for Reed Johnson, he is a great little 4th OF who is tough and speedy, and plays solid defense….. isn’t that the same description of Jason Repko?

    Brian Giles is a joke at this stage of his career. This steroid made, woman beating, king A Hole hit .190 something last season and is a clubhouse cancer. No thank you!

    Let’s focus on the positive. Wang is said to want to play in a big market on either coast. He is also said to be willing to accept a 1 year deal and not big $$$. We are on a coast and don’t have big $$, and love short term contracts!!! The BRILLIANT! something to remember is the Dodgers are playing in Taiwan this year and although Wang would not be ready in March, imagine the thrill and selling point it would be for Wang to be able to go home in a MLB uniform?

    Wang will be a Dodger. Bank on it! I also have some great beach front property in Arizona for you….


  5. Ty says:

    A 5th OF would be needed if GA is signed. GA would be the main lefty off the bench and would be a better option than Mientkiewicz (who I like). That means Mientkiewicz goes to the minors and Belliard is Loney’s main back up.

    I still don’t know what we do with the back up SS position unless we use 6 bench spots and 11 arms.


    C Ausmus
    2B/3B Carroll (waste of a spot with Belliard’s signing)
    2B/3B Belliard
    OF Anderson
    CF Repko/Paul
    SS Hu/Berroa/Green

  6. Evan says:

    Repko is out of options so they ether keep him or release him. aside from him getting hurt alot he would make an excelent option off the bench as a fourth outfielder. he has a cannon for an arm. Kevin kennedy said Repko pobably has the best outfield arm in the organization! He also can be a great option off the bench as a runner. He runs the bases excellent. I think he would make a better option as a fourth outfielder than a starter.
    You got my brain working I am going to have to do a post on this!!!!

  7. lawdog says:

    Would you trade that beach front property in Arizona for the bridge I’ve got for sale in Brooklyn Dromo?

    I like the idea of going after Wang A one year deal with an option for a second year and hope his aging, but competent, arm doesn’t fall off in July.

    How did our glorious franchise gert reduced to trying to squeeze just one more year out of washed up geezers?

    Isn’t Anderson a freakin’ gazelle? What does Malone have to say about him?

  8. Ty says:

    Ken Rosenthal reports that Reed Johnson is close to signing with the Dodgers

  9. lawdog says:

    The buzz around Dodgerland this weekend has the Dogs close to signing veteran Sandy Koufax to a 3 year 45 million dollar deal!

    Said Koufax: “Once a Dodger, always a Dodger and I always felt my career was cut short by at least three years due to that danged left elbow pain. The docs opened it up and said I wouldn’t be able to throw left handed anymore or the arm would probably fall off before I got out of spring training. But they didn’t say nuts about my pitching with my right arm! I figure I can get more people out pitching right handed at my age than the average squirrel the Dodgers have signed lately to pitch for them can get out pitching with their major upper appendage.”

    Ned said Fred was delighted but that Perfectly Cheap will have to sell his jet and eat lunch at Burger King for the duration of the deal to make it financially feasible to proceed and pay Koufax that kind of money.

    Perfectly Cheap could be heard screaming in the background that the Meamie was holding a gun to his head and that he’d never give up that kind of change for a pitcher again mumbling something about the great Schmidt robbery that he said occurred a few years back which he was still paying for after all these years…

  10. Rory says:

    I am not sure why all the talk about another outfielder. Repko can do anything these other hosers can do and he can field the position better than any of them.

    Who is Reed Johnson? Oh yeah, him. He has had a couple of good years. Perfect fit, mid 30′s journeyman for cheap. But still, how is he better than Repko?

  11. DRomo says:

    Reed Johnson is a nice OF but he is Jason Repkos clone. I like Repko alot! He will be an asset to someone else team if he doesn’t get a shot here.

    I just thought of this: Rosenthal is reporting info? Well throw it out the window. We need a CREDIBLE source. Last year Rosenthal had Lee traded to the Dodgers twice. Thanks Ken R. for getting our hope up. A-hole.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Rory, who is Reed Johnson? I watched him on TV the past two years with the Cubs in a number of games. He is first a gammmmmer. Comes to play. He has 7 years in the majors and has hit .294 or more 3 times.

    How is he different from Repko you ask (really, how is he better than . . .) the difference is: he can hit major league pitching. Moves in the outfield and, as I remember, a strong arm. I like him, if the Dodgers sign him.

    I believe he can play super, off the bench. 4 of his 7 season he has played a bunch. Injured some.

  13. Rory says:

    I know who he is. I was just ridiculating in a sardonic fashion.

    This is what concerns me about him:

    In June, Johnson went on the disabled list with lower back spasms, an issue that has hindered him for the past three seasons. He then suffered a fractured left foot July 30 and did not return until Sept. 21.

    Like I said earlier, he has had a couple of decent years. I hope he is healthy. And remember, L.A. is where middle aged bats come to die. Johnson hit .255 in a hitters park last year, so, I hope this isn’t another Loretta signing.

    I am fine with Repko as our fourth. He will only be in there for late innings and Manny’s days off.

  14. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I like Paul, not Repko.

    Both have speed, and both have powerful arms. Paul, I believe, has the better bat, and is lefthanded, on what will likely be a mostly right handed hitting bench.

    And Reed Johnson is not Jason Repko. Not even close.
    Repko is a lifetime .226 hitter in 426 MLB ABs, with .297 OBP. Johnson, in 2,581 MLB ABs is a .282 hitter with a .344 OBP. I can’t speak for Johnson’s defense or arm, but on a purely statistical basis, he is a far more capable hitter than Repko. I don’t have a clue as to his health, but hope that the Dodgers do. If healthy, at 33, Johnson would seem to be more than capable of handling the role of a 4th outfielder.

    My preference would have been to have Paul win the job, since I love his arm, and think that he can hit. But at this stage I’m willing to see what Johnson brings to the table before passing judgment.

    Following are the stats of Repko and Johnson from

  15. Mark Timmons says:

    If Kevin Kennedy says Repko has the best arm in the Dodgers Organization, it means he has never see Xavier Paul. If you see him throw, it’s not even close. That cat throws lasers!


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