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Why Does Moreno Get A Free Pass?

Why Does Moreno Get A Free Pass?

Moreno-MccourtI am sick of talking about the divorce proceedings, so you won’t find much about it here – you know where to look.  However, I do want to address the Free Pass Baseball Fans are giving Arte Moreno while castigating Frank McCourt.   The Angels lost two of their most important free agents – Figgins and Lackey – both of whom they wanted back.  Vlad is likely to walk and the Angels payroll is reported to need to stay around $100,000,000 and yet Moreno is hailed as a genius and McCourt is a miserly idiot. 

Here’s the long and short of it – From day one some people have had a bad opinion about Frank, and anything done by him was proof that he was a horrible owner.  It is sort of like doing your taxes by filling in the bottom line first.  By all accounts, the Dodgers payroll will be $100 million this year.  So will the Angels.   We have youngsters who I believe will step up even more than last year.  Contrary to what you think, the Dodgers prospects are as bright as the Angels. .. probably brighter!  Are the Dodgers cash strapped?  Yes!  Are other teams?  Absolutely!

Frank McCourt isn’t the second coming, but he’s not what many of you make him out to be.  However, due to their opinion of McCourt, some pile on due to the divorce.  Manny Ramirez was not the key to the Dodgers last year.  It was the youngsters.   The Dodgers were forced into signing Manny by their fans last year.  It was $25 mil wasted!  If we would have saved that $25 mil, we might be sitting on Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay right about now.  It is what it is – we have Manny and we don’t have Lee or Halladay, but we have more young power arms than any team in baseball.  We have Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, James Loneyand Russ Martin – 4 young players who figure to get a lot better (yeah, I think Martin WILL bounce back – he’s too good).  How that plays out remains to be seen, but I think you will be surprised.  I also think that Blake DeWitt will surprise us.   I also believe Clayton and Chad will pitch like Aces. 

We won 94 games last year in the regular season after many fans said the Dodgers would be a sub-.500 team without Manny!  Then you say “Yeah, they won’t 94 games BUT….”  No buts!  The Dodgers won 94 games and I expect at least the same next year.  Watch and learn!  Remember on thing:  Frank McCourt knows that he has to put a good product on the field or he will lose more money than he could ever save by not paying players.  He is painfully aware of that – so is Dennis Mannion and the rest of the operations people.  If you think the Dodgers will try and put a crappy product on the field, you are sadly mistaken.  I understand why the Dodgers didn’t sign Wolf or Hudson and why they didn’t offer them arbitration.  It wasn’t the bonuses they had to pay to draft picks – it was because they were afraid the players would accept arbitration.  You may think otherwise, and you are free to do that, but I am one who thinks there was a good chance one or both players would have accepted.  Why?  It’s about the money!  I formed that opinion by talking to a lot of people close to the team, and it’s just my opinion.

You will see the Dodgers sign some players, but if you all hadn’t cried for Manny last year, we’d have our Ace!  Crying is not becoming to Dodger fans!   It’s downright nauseating to me.


I researched Forbes rankings of the MLB teams and these are their numbers.






Operating Income


Operating Income


$399 mil

-$19.1 mil

$241 mil

-$5.5 mil


$482 mil

$13.4 mil

$368 mil

-$2.6 mil


$632 mil

$27.5 mil

$431 mil

$11.5 mil


$694 mil

$20.0 mil

$500 mil

$15.2 mil


$722 mil

$16.5 mil

$509 mil

$10.3 mil

You can see that the Dodgers were operating with almost $20 mil negative operating income.  Frank McCourt paid more than $200 million MORE for the Dodgers than Moreno paid for the Angels, and yet the Dodgers are arguably better than the Angels under Franks watch.  Moreno has more than doubled the valve of the Angels, while McCourt has not quite doubled the value of the Dodgers.  It is easier to double a business the lower the initial income.  Their operating incomes are both near 3%, but McCourt has put tens of millions more into the stadium and spring training facilities than Moreno.

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  1. Mike Harmon says:

    I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  2. Ty says:

    You shouldn’t compare Moreno and McCourt. The Angels pure crap when Moreno got them. Now they are one of the best organizations in baseball. They’ve passed the Dodgers in terms of how to run a baseball business. Anaheim has lost some players but I think Moreno and the Angels have done enough to not get criticized over this. Has McCourt? No!

  3. Mark Timmons says:

    “Now they are one of the best organizations in baseball. They’ve passed the Dodgers in terms of how to run a baseball business.”

    That’s an opinion, not a fact! I agree that the Angels have risen from the ashes, but I don’t agree that they have a better organization than the Dodgers.

    • Ty says:

      I don’t see Moreno and his wife divorcing and playing it out through the media and having that hand cuff the ball club. I don’t see the Angels losing out on draft picks because of cheapness. At least the Angels are in on free agents like Bay, Lackey and Matsui. They may not have wanted to go all in on some of those guys. We’re too busy having interest in Alfredo Amezaga and Kameron Loe.

      I absolutely hate the Angels. They are the most hated franchise for me yet I appreciate what they’ve done the past few years. It pains me to say it but they’re a better organization than the Dodgers especially right now with the pathetic and embarrassing McCourt divorce

  4. DRomo says:

    Thank you for bringing this up Mark, I have been screaming this for years. It is a thorn in my side.

    “You shouldn’t compare Moreno and McCourt. The Angels pure crap when Moreno got them. Now they are one of the best organizations in baseball”

    Ty I think you should check your facts here. Moreno bought the Angels after they had just won the world series. He bought a team with a farm system that had been rebuilt and a stadium that had already been refurbished by Edison International. Disney (Michael Eisner) was presented the World Series trophy. What Moreno has done is let the star players walk. You name them: G. Anderson, T. Glaus, Washburn, Figgins, Erstad, K-Rod, Lackey… That is what Moreno has done, all the while winning as many rings as Frank McCourt. In fact the Angels have been to the ALCS only twice under Morenos reign…the same as the Dodgers under McCourt! When the McCourts bought the Dodgers the franchise had been torn apart by FOX.

    Moreno has absolutley gotten a free pass. The Angels have the best of both worlds here they are not in the spot light like the Dodgers and they play in a 4 team division where most years 2 teams are terrible. Of course they have been to the playoffs more in the last 8 yrs. but then they get whacked.

    McCourt is NO SAINT absolutely not, but Moreno is really no better. “He lowered beer cost” you hear that a lot but ticket costs are up way up. McCourt aside from all the BS that is going on now has had to pay for the sins of the Fox regime (clusterFOX, someone said) while Moreno has been living off the shine of the Disney regime in Anaheim. It is just hilarious that most fans just believe what the paper says always

    Someone needs to ask what the hell has Arte done? I’ll tell you what it is. He has made it a company tagline for reporters/analysts (Rex Hudler/ Gubiza/Mota) to say “What Arte Moreno has done here is so wonderful…” “Arte Moreno created this…” It is all BS. Nobody asks him the tough questions. You know why? Because they are the Anaheim Angels thats why! They don’t matter. Nobody asks the Clippers tough questions either.

  5. Badger says:

    Ty is right. I would take Moreno over McCoursechange any day.

    “From day one some people have had a bad opinion about Frank, and anything done by him was proof that he was a horrible owner.”

    You mean like the guy who wrote this:

    “Get used to it. The Dodgers are now officially bottom-dwelling, garbage-eaters. They love to eat up cheap, journeyman-like players who may not have much upside but are cheap, cheap, cheap. Warm bodies to stock AAA… and maybe, if a Randy Wolf or Adrian Beltre is not signed by March, the Dodgers will try to get them on the cheap as well.

    From the Class of Baseball to Bottom-Dwelling Garbage Eaters.”

    I guess maybe you are right.

    “Because they are the Anaheim Angels thats why! They don’t matter.”

    Not to Dodger fans, that’s for sure. But, there are some people who actually like that organization. They were 5th in Major Leagues in attendance last year.

    Hey, here’s some interesting news. I recently moved to a different country and didn’t even know it. I wonder if I should apply for a passport?

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Badger, I think that is the same map for the voting of the Bush election — and how the states went. I think the middle was call GodLand or the Land of Jesus or something, the blue was Hell.

    Folks — wins last year. Believe me, there will be several changes on head to head competition. The big one is the match-up between the Rockies vs. the Dodgers from last years totals.

    Dodgers vs Rockies = 14-4
    vs Arizona 11-7
    vs Atl 3-4
    vs Chicago 5-3
    vs Cinn 5-1
    vs Florida 3-3
    vs Houston 3-4
    vs Milwaukee 3-3
    vs NY Mets 5-1
    vs Philadelphia 4-3
    vs Pittsburgh 4-3
    vs San Diego 10-8
    vs Giants 11-7
    vs St. Louis 2-5
    vs Washington 3-2
    vs American League 9-9

    Do not look for that repeat in 2010.

    The Rockies have Tracy up front; better see that as 10-8 Dodgers at best.
    That would be 4 less games; at least.
    Arizona will have Webb back and better total pitching, see that as 9-9.
    That would be 2 games less.
    The Giants will not be more than 11 wins against them, might loose 1 more here/there.
    The place to pick up is that 9-9 against the A.L. last year. Best, 11-7; so two wins up.
    I see the Red getting at least 2 or 3 of the games, not 1.

    So that would be about 7 more losses than last year. Maybe good for third place in the N.L. West.

  7. Jamie's Lovechild says:


    Little did I know when I would proclaim the best posting opening statement was made by you (just the other day) that a challenger would arise and knock you off the top spot. In a matter of days, Mr. Sunshine (aka. badger), swooped in to snatch the title. Behold—

    “Scrooge? Because I read up on stuff and tell it like I see it you think I am a Scrooge? Here, your daily reading. Bring us something interesting later will you please:

    I am a realist. Those who know me, and that doesn’t include you lovechild, know that actually I am a sweet guy. I have been around a while and am saddened at how this country has become so tabloid driven. We are sinking fast and part of the reason is too many people are too easily influenced by trashy spin. This country needs to get back to funding education. The dumbing down of America has worked.”

    Let’s review the points you make:

    First Point , Is that really the reason you think I called you Scrooge? Maybe a reread would help you. Reading stuff and telling it like it is, well, you insult your own intelligence (I hope)

    Second point, Realist, no pessimist. I cite your own posts as evidence.

    Third Point, Saddened by tabloid driven culture. Then why do you follow the trashy and sad story of two people divorcing. Oh yeah, I know, it is because you just love the Dodgers so much. I again cite your own posts as evidence.

    Fourth Point, you have made it loud in clear in all your postings, yeah you are a narcisist. I cite your own posts as evidence.

    Now lay off and quit working so hard to be a douchebag, maybe it just comes out of you naturally, if so, go against your nature and be a decent human-being, there are other people on this planet, Badger.

  8. Roger Dodger says:

    On the Mike and Mike Show this morning, Greeney was pushing to represent the FANS of baseball on the Commissioner’s new special panel or board to look at the game of baseball. And Mike Golic was giving him fits.

    They talked about the DH, and make it the same for both leagues, either in or out. I mentioned that yesterday. If OUT, that would drop a bunch of aging, limping players out of baseball.

    Greeney said he would mentioned (if on the panel) for the first round of the post season to be 7 games; and no break for days off (or travel) in any of the series.

    I think the game before travel should be a day game, so they could leave that evening — arrive in the other city, then back to the night game the next day, etc.

  9. DRomo says:

    Can someone please tell me what Arte Moreno has done? Badger? Ty? Anyone? And don’t say resurrect the Angels because they had already won before he was there.

    • Ty says:

      I think the franchise’s worth has gone up 250% since the arrival of Moreno. I kinda think 250% is a lot.

      My favorite thing about him is that I can bring outside food into his stadium. Makes going to an Angels game bearable (I live in the area).

      Once again, I hate the Angels but any Dodgers fan who thinks Moreno isn’t a better owner than McCourt or if the Angels are not a better run franchise than the Dodgers right now is looking through blue colored glasses. The Dodgers have history over the Angels but little else.

  10. Roger Dodger says:

    Hey folks, Mark sells “be nice to one another pills” — hence, no name calling.

    J.L. — believe me, Badger is a nice guy. I have personally know him for years now: online, on the phone, via e-mail, and in person. Looking at him or others in a different way is one thing, but trying to have them agree with you on everything . . . take one of Mark’s pills.

    What is next for Ned??

  11. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    All I did was address some stupid nonsense, I just posted some information and was attacked for some unknown and obviously bizarre reason. I was the one that suggested a chill pill, I have been the one of reason. So you think what you want, Roger, but reading this guys posts is very revealing, I know others see it besides me.

    I can play nice, but it better be a level playground.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    I have not been been around for like two or three months, as I said yesterday –

    I Hear you. But just do not read his posts. Or, let it go.

    Mark and Badger yell at one another once and a while, but they are still friends. In fact, Mark can re-post a picture of the three of us, together, at Spring Training back in March (post it again Mark).

    Believe me, Badger is a deep thinker. He gets the real dirt out. He might see dirt the rest of us do not see, or even think it is dirt, but he does see stuff.

    Flash, Mrs. Woods believes that Tiger cannot change, and she is leaving him.

  13. JDavis says:

    Take a trip to socal and go to the game, dodgers and Angels don’t forget to rent a car so can pay for parking, food , drinks and maybe just chill by the car and tailgagate. I hate the angels:(

  14. GoNzO says:

    The thing that enables Moreno to get a free pass is that he actuallualy OWNS the franchise. He doesn’t have the creditors breathing down his neck either. Another point would be that he is a private person and does not like to call attention to himself. Other than that what he has done with the Angels is only above average. He really hasn’t taken them to an elite level. producton wise I think it is a wash between foth franchises.

    As for the “big time” FA’s he has let leave; G. Anderson, T. Glaus, Washburn, Figgins, Erstad, K-Rod, Lackey. Most all of these players are on the downside of their careers and with the exception of K-rod and possibly Lackey. But still, these players haven’t lit the world on fire after they left. Business wise I would let them leave too as long as I have a suitable replacement, which the Angels seem to do.

  15. Badger says:

    I have been informed by a source that I trust that maybe I have been a little hard on the bastard child of Fuller and Jamie. My apologies to any I offended, especially those who have the misfortune of living in that foreign country. I mean no offense, so I guess I overreacted to the Scrooge thing. Sorry.

    I don’t follow the tabloids lovechild, but I am fully aware of them and the influence they have on America, especially those in that foreign country. As for Tiger, I don’t care. His problems are of a personal nature, I don’t follow golf and he has nothing to do with the Dodgers.

    As for Moreno or McCourt – I still say Moreno. Moreno is a Vietnam veteran, a self made billionaire and has actually made the Angels interesting and relevant. I like him. McCourt? Don’t like him.

  16. Ken says:

    Me thnks that the Ghost Writer is back in town

  17. Badger says:


    From THE GLOBE (kidding)

    Today, Commissioner Gordon decided that the trial on the validity of the McCourt post-nup will begin on May 24, reports the Times’ Bill Shaikin. The Times’ Dylan Hernandez also had it on Twitter. Jon Weisman has an interesting link at Dodger Thoughts, as well. The decision is something of a compromise, as Frank was seeking a February start while Jamie wanted to wait until fall. So today’s something of a win for Frank, and I think the decision was perfectly reasonable.

    Jamie definitely deserves time to build her case, which won’t be an easy one. That said, she’s got five months–that should be plenty. What’s more, today’s proceedings likely put the court (and Frank’s legal team) on notice of the type of information Jamie needs to make her case. This, combined with a hard deadline, means that she’ll have some judicial remedies should Frank’s lawyers drag their feet on document production.

    So what’s it mean on the field? Well, it’s tempting to suggest that Frank may have outright ownership of the team (and certainty going forward) by the time of year when adding a piece or two might be appropriate. But even if Frank wins on the post-nup, does that change the availability of funds for this season? Remember, it’s only been a week since honcho Dennis Mannion said that whatever impact the divorce had on club finances wouldn’t hit player payroll until 2011. As we’ve discussed, the Dodgers’ financial problems aren’t limited to the divorce. Cash isn’t flowing, possibly due to ugly debt service.

    What I hope is that whatever happens will be done before the season is over. Whether that’s Frank solidifying control or some alternative, it’s in the club’s best interest not to hit next offseason with uncertainty. Because if you can’t extend Kemp this winter, next year might be the last chance. And you’ll have those Kershaw and Billingsley folks to deal with, too.

    Bottom line today: A minor win for Frank, and a potentially significant win for the franchise. May 24: save the date.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    OK, I have $2,500 to purchase into the Dodgers at this time.

    How much will that buy?

    And then, can I tell Frank what to do, how to do it, and how high to jump?

    But then my offer is only good till tomorrow noon, central time zone.

  19. Bill Russell says:

    There is alot more going on in here then at Dodger Stadium these days. One of the best moves in my opinion for the Angels was bringing Tori Hunter to Disneyland a few years back. I remember wondering why Ned didn’t try to get a real player like Tori. Most said he was too old at the time of the signing and not worth the risk but I’d take 25 players just like him any day.

    Valdy was another great signing at the time but now he’s past his prime and not worth resigning. Keeping Mikey on board to run the show is more then we’ve had around since Tommy left. I liked my man Bill Russell on the field but not in the dugout. I appreciate the fact that McCourt brought in Torre to manage instead of staying status Quo with Grandy doing very Little.

    The Angels seem to do alot right but refuse to get into money battles over high profile players. You can’t fault that. The rally monkey is lame but it gets their fans going and they have a pretty good farm system from what I always hear. If the Dodgers were run like the Angels I won’t complain as much. I will die a Dodger fan but going through the McCourt mess is very difficult for me. I feel we are wasting the current talent we have. I feel we have a good young core of talent that with a little help could of taken us all the way. We may still do good but it would take everyone playing over there heads to bring us a title. If we could have added some starting pitching this winter instead of sitting on our ass doing nothing, we could have had the team we all desired. I also realize that you can’t bring in players if you don’t know who owns the team. That’s what is driving me crazy. I have supported the McCourts for the most part, more then most posters in here but I believe power went to their heads. I don’t know who’s fault it is and don’t really care. I just hope we only have to suffer through one bad year of this mess and can get it straighten out by next season while we still have good young talent on hand to use as the base of a Championship team.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Bill, nice thoughts on the Dodgers. I do not see all of the L.A. local news on the Dodger family and the McCourts — but what I have seen (and remember little) is the money they have spent or committed to be spend on themselves and their lifestyle.

    As to our young great players, as I said yesterday, I believe they will WANT to leave via FA when they can, or hope for a trade (like the Pirates do) ASAP because of the Dodger ownership and lack to building what is necessary to win.

  21. JDavis says:

    If we sign Jamey Carroll would he take time away from Dewitt? I hope not

  22. Badger says:

    We needed Lee as the final piece of the puzzle last year to beat the team that ended up getting him.

    Having said that, I think nobody beats the Yankees.

    Good post Bill. I agree with most of it. I never believed in the McCourts because of how it was they financed the team, then moneyball, then Giants ball – they seemed confused from the beginning.

    “I will die a Dodger fan but going through the McCourt mess is very difficult for me.” Amen to that.

    I happen to like the Rally Monkey. Yeah, it was corny, but, it lit the place up.

  23. DRomo says:


    “As for Moreno or McCourt – I still say Moreno. Moreno is a Vietnam veteran, a self made billionaire and has actually made the Angels interesting and relevant. I like him. McCourt? Don’t like him.”

    The Angels were relevant before he came. He bought them right aftyer a World Series Title!

    I dont like McCourt either but geez I can’t stand kissing Artes ass any longer in SoCal!

    I hate the Angels with a passion, and the fan base of bandwagon yuppies that wouldn’t know the score if you asked them during the game! Unbelievable.

  24. Badger says:

    “The Angels were relevant before he came. He bought them right aftyer a World Series Title!”

    That’s true. And a valid point. That year the Angels were 16th in MLB in attendance. They have been in the top 5 ever since Arte took over.

    Hey, I am no Angel fan, though I did grow up in Orange County and lived a couple of miles from the park. I just couldn’t get into the American League. Die hard Dodger fan, since 1959.

    And that is why I would take Arte over Frank. That really isn’t saying as much as you might think. Heck, I would take the lovechild over Frank. Have I ever told you I don’t like McCourts much?

  25. Mark Timmons says:

    See the update in my post above.

    Now, put some spin on that!

  26. lawdog says:

    Regarding arbitration and Wolf/O-rod–if it was all about money for those guys, at least Wolfe would have turned it down. What’s 12 million for one year when there’s a club waiting in the wings ready to thrown $30 million at you when you’re in your early 30s with a rebuilt arm? If you’re only interested in the jack, you opt for the $30 million. That’s just a no-brainer no matter what baseball people might be saying at the meetings in Indy. O-rod is a different story. With his injured wrist and advancing age, he might have opted for a one year deal at maximum bucks–but I doubt it. His wrist held up fine most of the season last year. He probably will command a two year deal from someone. Two years with a buyout and option for a third. Lot’s more jack than one year’s arbitration award.

    In any event, I don’t think a club has to actually keep the player and pay the arbitration amount if they’d rather release the player later. I recall a case that surprised everyone years ago involving an aging slugger who hit close to Mendoza with close to 30 hrs as he approached his late 30s.

    The club didn’t like the arbitration figure and released the player–who then signed a minor league deal with someone else later on in the winter. Unless the rule has been changed since, that would have been an option for Perfectly if he didn’t like the arbitration figure with both the guys. We still end up with 5 picks in the first and sandwich rounds.

    Sounds to me like Perfectly either didn’t think this one through or else he’s trying to blow smoke up everyone’s skirt. Probably both the former and the latter. :shock:

  27. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, maybe Frank has put some of his or the team’s money in the wrong places.

    Yes, improve the seating, etc. But that does not improve the play on the field.

    Boston and the Cubs play in terrible sitting and stadiums with terrible rest room facilities — but their fans come to games, buy jerseys, and so forth.

    Franks dream of the Dodgers parkway or what even to downtown is interesting, but nothing to do with putting players on the field.

    I want a real 2nd baseman. I want two more starters. I want a deeper pen. I want a better bench. I want . . . more than what Frank and Ned have on the field.

  28. lawdog says:

    Badger is right on Tiger. Anyone whose actually tried to play the game of golf at a competent level knows it’s not a game which requires great overpowering strength, particularly if that strength requires one to ride the “‘roid rage roller coaster”. You must keep a level head and finesse more shots than you’ll ever need to overpower. The Doc they are targeting is legit and Tiger had a legit injury that would respond to steroids.

    I think most of the media is just jumping on the “Kill Tiger” bandwagon.

  29. Ken says:

    Mark – Does Forbes discuss their respective annual debt loads? I suspect that the Operating Income or EBIT “Earnings Before Interest & Taxes” is not an accurate indicator of the “Net Equity Cash Flow” due to the respective levels of Principal and Interest payments that each team annually pays. (So who is spinning now?) My concern is that the Dodger’s Principal and Interest payments will exceed their 2010 “Operating Income” even if there was no DIVORCE and, therefore as I have said before 2009 was the year and, now the Dodgers will be a 85 win team for the next 2 years.

  30. Badger says:

    “See the update in my post above.

    Now, put some spin on that!”

    Well I can see we got Mark to do more homework. That’s always a good thing.

    Interesting take on the arb issue ldog. I was always under the impression that the player could choose to bolt if they wanted to. Just, by the stated deadline don’t accept the offer – right? Or do I have that wrong? If I do, then at least an argument could be presented to not make an offer. Still, we could use both of those players next year and whatever they earn from someone else (in Wolf’s case it’s $10 million a year for 3 years and with us it would have been $10 million for one year) it would be worth it to have them still with the team, and then land Lee or Lackey and tee it up. None of that is happening because of how broke the McCourts are. And that ain’t spin, that is fact.

    And….. what Ken said.

    My feeling is, the Dodgers should be the West Coast Yankees and they are not because of the ownership. Moreno knows money better because he wasn’t born with it, he had to earn it. If he had the Dodgers I bet there would be 50,000 at every game and buying a Cliff Lee or C.C. Sabathia (a California boy) when necessary wouldn’t be a problem. I don’t KNOW that, but I believe that.

  31. DRomo says:

    We agree on this Badger. THE DODGERS SHOULD BE THE WEST COAST YANKEES. There is no excuse for what they are today, considering the world wide scouting and farm clubs they had in the past. Then you add it is in the 2nd largest market in the US. Money should not be an issue. This whole thing blew up in the fans face when O’Malley sold to FOX! McCourt hasn’t help much but it wasn’t all his fault.

  32. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    Like I said before, McCourt can’t be that dumb, who among us has had an MLB team “given” to them? He is the luckiest bastard in the world or he has done or is doing something right. Personally, a heavily leveraged company (or country for that matter) is not a good thing. So maybe, just maybe McCourt realizes he can’t spend his way deeper and deeper into debt (if only our congress would learn that). I don’t know that particulars of what he has coming off and onto his books, but he may be trying to catch up a bit, move cautiously at a very “iffy” time in the economy, not to mention having a huge divorce pending (at least that what I read in the National Enquirer this morning while I was picking up The Globe and my other favorite tabloids) with a plan to be ready to be a serious player following this season. Anyone ever considered that? Reminds me of an old Fram Oil Filter commercial “you can pay me now or you can pay me later”, old Frank might just be staring down one of those options. So it really isn’t as simple as many of you want to pretend it is, hey, it ain’t a Monopoly game this is real life, with real money and real lives and careers at stake. So don’t be so flippant with all your solutions, if it were that simple the Dodgers would hire simpletons to make the decisions.

    So peace and yes, Badger, I accept your apology (hey did you hear the one about Tiger getting caught by the ballwash machine with 3 hookers…)

  33. Roger Dodger says:

    Jamie LC – No way will any of us put the Spin on Tiger and the ballwashing machine.

    Except this — when Tiger finished washing his ball, in the machine, it does not come out clean.

  34. Roger Dodger says:

    just saw this from yesterday:

    Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports says there’s no guarantee the Dodgers will spend the money they saved in the Juan Pierre deal.

  35. Badger says:

    ~ (at least that what I read in the National Enquirer this morning while I was picking up The Globe and my other favorite tabloids) ~

    ok, you got me with that one.

    About the rest of your post, I agree it’s real life and real money. And as I watch and ESPN, and check the wires, I see nothing involving Dodgers. Not even rumors. It is quiet on the Dodger front, except of course for the dumping going on. Along with a court date in late May, what it all suggests to me is that Frankie and Jamie are locked in battle and the Dodgers are in locked in limbo. As soon as I read about the divorce I just knew, some of it from experience, that “business as usual” was an impossibility. Of course I don’t KNOW how this will shake down, none of us do, but so far, I am not surprised by anything. The real tell to me was the way arbitration was handled. Red flag. Huge, waving red flag. We are not getting better, we are just marking time.

    I don’t believe, no matter what happens in the divorce, that the McCourts are the right owners for the Dodgers.

  36. Ken says:

    Franks and Arte are not in the “pari passu”.

    Regarding Wolf I partially agree with Mark. If the Dodgers offered him arbitration he would not have received the same deal as the one that he actually received from the Brewers. Maybe he would have been offered 3 years at $26 mil. What is the discount for draft picks? At his age I think that deal is better than 1 year at $12-13 mil because of his history of injuries and the resulting possibility of never pitching again after the 1 year contract expired. But it is a toss up, not a certainty, that he would have accepted arbitration with the Dodgers. If the Dodgers are too poor to sign Wolf at Kuroda’s salary for one year then they are broke.

  37. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    Badger, we agree, I really would like to see a different ownership group as well. A wealthy owner that is cash poor doesn’t do much for me in the long run. Look the guy has always gotten something for nothing, apparently in all of his dealings, he is a leverage king. That stuff just catches up with you when the economy downturns, so it has caught up with him, expedited by his wife doing the wild thing with her Dodger Staffer, NICE! He is in trouble and worse yet, the Dodgers are in limbo for the foreseeable future. However, McCourt still hasn’t done to badly for himself (I wonder what kind of Dodger Staffer tail he has secured for himself. Let me check my N.I.)

    The Wild Jamie’s Lovechild, signing off.

  38. lawdog says:

    The other shoe has finally fallen! The Dodgers invest $4 million in a 36 year old geezer to play second base!

    Read it and weep! (from the LA Times):

    The long-anticipated righty-hitting second baseman to caddy, complement or smother Blake DeWitt has arrived in Dodgertropolis, in the person of Jamey Carroll. Ken Gurnick of is reporting that it’s a two-year deal, which Buster Olney of and Ken Rosenthal of believe to be totaling under $4 million, plus incentives.

    Carroll, who will be 36 in February, brings a .351 career on-base percentage, including .355 in 358 plate appearances in 2009. Against lefties, Carroll’s OBP was .367. Carroll brings no power or speed, however, meaning that DeWitt should get his fair share of at-bats. Carroll will serve as the Dodgers’ utility man in 2010.

    Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. has more, including some positive thoughts about Carroll’s defense. And for those who worry about the Dodgers clubhouse after Juan Pierre’s departure, let it be known that Carroll won the Cleveland Indians’ Frank Gibbons/Steve Olin Good Guy Award in 2009, according to, “for the leadership he provided in the Tribe clubhouse and his approachability and accessibility with the media, in good times and bad.”

  39. Ken says:

    The Dodgers finally hire a Jamie who is a good guy. A slow no power old guy who is going to start at least 30 games next year as he platoons with Dewitt and rests Blake and plays 3rd when Blake plays first and rests Ethier when needed. This is a good signing because of the versatility. I bet he has a heavily incentivised contract. Maybe he did not hear how the Dodgers treat players with incentivized contracts.

  40. Badger says:

    Ken, my understanding is that arbitration is a one year offer. I think Wolf knows with the year he had, he could get a better offer – who knows, maybe his agent already went fishing in Wisconsin, and he likely would have turned down the Dodgers. Who wouldn’t have, considering the situation? You know Hudson was so “outta here” that he likely wouldn’t have even answered his phone. I am still of the belief an offer, and subsequent compensation, was the best thing for the Dodger future. Not the best thing for Frankie’s wallet, but the best thing for the Dodgers.

    Jamie Carroll. We get a guy named Jamie. How ironical.

    lovechild, you just named the reasons why I never liked nor trusted this guy McCourt. A Boston rich kid whose efforts to buy the Red Sox were rejected by his own city, gets the nod for the Dodgers and after borrowing the money to get the team, and being forced into signing a “no cable” deal with ClusterFox, a debtor, his first move is to sign a moneyball G.M.. I saw that as a sign this guy was doing this on the cheap. Another red flag for me was Budderhead Sellout being behind his approval. I don’t trust that greaseball either. Guess I am just a cynic.

    Maybe I do need one of Mark’s pills. It’s not easy being a douchebag.

  41. Bill Russell says:

    Ayala and Jamie Christmas Carroll should be enough to make a strong run to repeat next year. I feel better knowing that we finally made some noise this winter. I think everyone knows what I’m asking for this Christmas. Not the rockband/star game but new owners would be tops on my Christmas wish. Farty Moreno is starting to look better and better Romey.

  42. DRomo says:

    Christmas Carroll I love it! Who needs O-Dog! Luis Ayala! Hell ya.

    So Farty signed Godzilla, big deal! What has he done lately? ………Wait…really?…MVP? ….Wow!

  43. Badger says:

    Luis Ayala? Has anyone checked his stats for the last two years? Not good.

    I just googled Jamie Carroll and the first hit was “Jamie Carroll Health and Beauty”. The second hit was “Jamie Who?”

    Oh, it’s Jamey. Well, no wonder.

    .273 career hitter with no speed and no power. Sounds like just what we need.


  44. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    I have to admit, I didn’t think too much of MOneyBall tactics, as well, however not the criteria for a chill pill, you were right. However if I were still a season ticket holder, I would need a chill pill! AS I have said before the DODGERS ARE STANDING PAT there will be no big FA signings PERIOD. All signings are going to be “end of career” and reclamation projects.

    I am changing my prediction for next year, dodgers lose 15 games more (not the 10 games I predicted previously) this season than last. As that happens, Dodgers will draw 250k to 500K less fans to Dodger Stadium this season over last. Since I don’t stat scour the stats like some, maybe Badger or Mark could predict how many less Dodger Dogs will be sold and how many fewer beers will be bought this season at the stadium.

    I see some bad things in 2010 for the Dodgers, however something else, non-baseball will occur in 2010, for that, I can hardly wait (i’ll keep it to myself, but it will be obvious to all when it happens, I’ll get back to you on that later).


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