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What the Difference Between the Dodgers and a Catfish?

What the Difference Between the Dodgers and a Catfish?

Answer:  One is a bottom-dwelling garbage-eater and the other is a fish!

There's Something Fishy Here!

There's Something Fishy Here!

Get used to it.  The Dodgers are now officially bottom-dwelling, garbage-eaters.  They love to eat up cheap, journeyman-like players who may not have much upside but are cheap, cheap, cheap.  Warm bodies to stock AAA… and maybe, if a Randy Wolf or Adrian Beltre is not signed by March, the Dodgers will try to get them on the cheap as well. 

From the Class of Baseball to Bottom-Dwelling Garbage Eaters. 

Thank your Frank McCourt!

It may come as a surprise to you, I am not all gloom and doom – I actually think the Dodgers will be better in 2010 than we were in 2009.  It’s beyond that which worries me.  I don’t think that even Jamie could screw up next year.  Frank is obviously not allowing the system to be re-stocked.  Draft picks are out.  International signings?  Forget-about-it!  However,   the Dodgers will be better next year for five (5) reasons:

  1. Manny is playing for a new contract.  To those who think he has lost it:  you have never been more wrong!
  2. Kemp, Ethier and Loney will be a year more mature and even better than last year.
  3. Russell Martin is playing for his career and his pride.  Watch for a big rebound.
  4. Our young pitching will take a big stride forward next year, led by Opening Day Starter Clayton Kershaw.  Broxton may master a change up, and the real Chad Billingsley will return.
  5. Experience will hold the day.

I am not saying “World Series,” but the Dodgers will be better and then, who knows what can happen. 

The only problem is that I feel like I have vomited in my mouth whenever I think of the name McCourt – talk about “acid reflux!”

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20 Responses to “What the Difference Between the Dodgers and a Catfish?”

  1. Badger says:

    I think you could be right. The questions for me are basically the same as they were at the end of the year – can these guys keep it up for 162 games and where will the starting pitching come from.

    Remember how this same group of guys started last year? I remember posting we were on pace for 130 wins, then hit a wall and played .500 the rest of the way. Can this group play .600 ball all year and take that into the play-offs? And, who is going to start 30+ games for this team? Kershaw? Probably, no guarantees. Bills? Yep. And then who?

    We got a shot at winning the West again – if the suck of the impending divorce fiasco doesn’t drag everyone down with it. The good news is, all these guys are playing for new contracts. The bad news is, all these guys are auditioning for other clubs.

  2. DRomo says:

    We will have a shot at the West again but only if SF doesn’t find a solid bat, SD doesn’t play like they can (That team is extremely talented and young), Colorado doesn’t play like they did last year. All of that and if we get pitching…it is early but it looks like we will try to get lucky on a flyer (i.e. Beddard, Wang, Sheets. Reclamation/ scrap heap guys.

    Mark & fellas, Do you get the feeling there is no budget yet for this team. We may be players in the F/A market but too much is contingent on the price of our arbitration cases. After that the amount we have to spend will be clear. BUT, who will be left? It is like Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve…good luck with that!

  3. lawdog says:

    The divorce changes everything Dromo. Before the Screaming Mimi filed, she and Franks could hire dozens of Freds to try and sell them as affable, well intentioned owners–not money grubbing sap suckers that would squeeze every nickel from the organization that they could while not killing ‘the cash cow.”

    Now all pretnesions are gone and a PR specialist is useless to these bastards. They are revealed to the world as a bottom feeding parking lot attendant and his wannabe slutty princess who have grown fabulously rich and shamelessly lazy while sucking the life’s blood out of what was once a proud organization, managing to stay one step ahead of their creditors and two steps away from the law while they wildly spend the money they have legally stolen from the fan base of the LA Dodgers.

    Mover is right. We’ll have one more decent year and after that it will be a slow plunge into obscurity as our elite group of young stars leave one by one in Free Agency and are replaced by over the hill, never-were geezers!

    It was a black day in Dodgerville when Slimey Selig, sometimes known as the “Bud” let these two scumbags enter through the front door to rape and pillage our franchise.

  4. lawdog says:

    Some fabulous photos at the link below. We had a falcon in the house for 3 days last July that looked just like the one in the photo slide show:

  5. Badger says:

    I was never convinced that Buttrick Sellout ever had the Dodgers, or baseball’s best interest in mind. Here is an owner of a small market team that is commish when the luxury tax joke was implemented and does he insist that this money be spent on players so his team and others like can actually compete? No, he just takes the money and puts it into the general fund.

    I swear I knew the McCheesey’s were not good for our team but couldn’t seem to convince anyone of it. There was something unctuous about them from the very beginning. And anything Buttrick ok’s has to come with a caveat.

    Romey, I don’t believe anyone really knows what the budget is. Business as usual was an obvious lie so how can anyone trust anything that comes out of the Dodger front office? It was evident from the moment the divorce was announced that business as usual was going to be impossible.

    Who knows what is next. We may end up trading them all for prospects and dropping payroll to Padre levels.

  6. Magic Johnson says:

    Well ladies, I think you all need to go and buy a lot of kleenex. Do you even take the time and reread your posts, collectively? What a sorry sounding hen house this has become.

  7. lawdog says:


    This “magic” fellow sounds like a “tea bagger” in the traditional sense of the meaning given the label before the republicans decided to usurp it and take the phrase to describe themselves.

  8. lawdog says:

    Or maybe it’s the screaming meanie herself–taking offense to our descriptions of her as a blood sucking harlot of the worst kind?

    Or maybe it’s just OD!

  9. Ken says:

    Mark – The Dodgers need Wolf back or an improved Padilla or 2010 is shot.

  10. Badger says:

    Magic Johnson?

    How original.

    And, do you have anything else – or do you just weasel around sports boards and spam?

  11. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I still feel we’ll be okay. I’m willing to reserve judgment until we see if we do anything during the winter meetings. That to me will be the indicator. I’m not ready to join Ken and lawdog in the put the gun in my mouth and fire club yet.

    I just hope that everything that you guys think will happen..won’t!

  12. lawdog says:

    I think you’ve already seen what our Dogs are going to do this winter, Shot. We signed…, what was his name? Miller something, wasn’t it? Yep! That’s it! We signed Justin Miller to a minor league contract. Seems the poor 32 year old pup has been suffering from a sore arm and lack of velocity on his fastball!

    I think we’re ready to go! With the acquisition of Miller I ask you, how can we lose? :shock:

  13. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m with Haeger, and will reserve judgment until it all plays out. The Winter Meetings are not only a place where deals get done, but it’s also where GM’s lay the groundwork for deals that will occur in the coming months, all the way through spring training, even into July. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be watching and hoping for something definitive. Who knows, maybe between now and the Spring, we’ll be shocked by a sudden sale of the Dodgers to a new owner willing to make the short and long term investments this team is currently lacking. I can dream, can’t I? And yes, I understand that I will probably wake up in a cold sweat, and realize that that’s what it was, a dream.

  14. lawdog says:

    DODGERS OWNER Frank McCourt stood on the USC sideline, the Trojans’ sports information director having no idea who gave him a pass. Just a hunch, but I don’t think he received any help from USC trustee JamieMcCourt.

    I CAUGHT UP with McCourt as he tried to beat the traffic and leave before anyone else. A Parking Lot Attendant knows what it’s like when everyone tries to leave at the same time.

    I asked him, “What do you think of the Justin Miller signing?”

    But all I got was his back as he walked away. First time I can recall sharing the same opinion. :shock:

  15. Ken says:

    If anybody thinks that the 2010 season is not shot if the Dodgers go with the current pitching staff they are felony stupid.

  16. Badger says:

    Magic Johnson thinks so.

    The current starting pitching staff is Bills, Kershaw and Kuroda – then it’s up for grabs. At least one of those three won’t get 32 starts, maybe two if their history is any indication.

    Moves will be made and we will have about 10 different pitchers start games for us next year. All our young guys, the ones that haven’t signed contracts yet, will need to have career years, and Manny needs to show up for 154 games for this team, as it is currently constructed, to have a chance to win the West. And, if by some chance that does happen, I don’t look for much in the post season.

    Now all of that changes if the McLostincourt’s sell the team. The quicker the gooder.

  17. Ken says:

    Here is my gooder plan

    1. Sign Milton, Weaver, Belliard and Eychart (Payroll = 90 mil)
    2. Sign Wolf to 2-Yrs $15 mil plus incentives, sell Stults to Japan
    3. Sign Padilla 1-Yr $ 5 mil plus incentives, Sell Repko to Japan

  18. Ken says:

    4. Sign 22 players to the empty AAA roster

  19. Ken says:

    Dodger contracts should no longer include no trade clauses, but should include real estate buyout insurance so that if a player is traded then they have the option of requiring that thier home be purchased at a price no lower than their acqusition price when the player and their family leaves.

    The Dodgers need to load up on players that can either perform or be traded next summer.

    Franks has a fiduciary responsibility to the marital estate to maintain the value of the community assets, including Beans’ quasi-community property interest, in the value of the Dodgers. Beans – please go to Family Law Court and ask the Judge to require Franks to maintain the value of the Dodgers (by putting a similar caliber team om the field as in 2009) until a ruling is made on the ownership and allocation of the Dodger team value.

  20. Ken says:

    One thing that I have not seen any discussion about is the possibility that the Dodgers have had budget constraints for years and that they intentionally saved costs in 2009 by promising, verbally or in their contract, to not offer either Wolf or Hudson arbitration after the 2009 season, thus allowing the players the possibility of a higher salary offer by all teams in 2010 and allowing the Dodgers to pay less to the player in 2009.

    You never know what cheapness has, is, or will occur wiht the Dodgers.


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