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The Dodgers’ Cupboard Is Bare

The Dodgers’ Cupboard Is Bare

… of hitters!  I mean, think about it – who do the Dodgers really have that is a major league hitting prospect who looks like  Gordon, maybe Lambo – that’s it.    Gordon has a crazy huge upside, and while I still like Lambo, this is his “make or break” year.  He has to start raking.  He regressed last year, but looked better in the AFL.   It’s wake up-time for him.

Prospect or Suspect?
Prospect or Suspect?

Can any of these players become a starter on the team?

  • Ivan DeJesus, Jr.?  Not enough pop to justify his lack of speed.  Forget him as a starter at 2B, and he’s certainly not a starting SS.  Utilityman is the best he will be.
  • Trayvon Robinson?  4th Outfielder, although he could possibly play LF, if we needed a leadoff hitter, but Gordon should fill that role in two years, so Robinson looks like a 4th outfielder to me.
  • Xavier Paul?  This guy could surprise – if there’s a sleeper here, it is the X-Man!
  • Lucas May?  He’s not that good as a Catcher and his bat is probably less than Martins.  That doesn’t bode well for him.
  • Kyle Russell?  He’ll need at least three more years.  He’s too far away to project anything, although he has crazy power.
  • Pedro Baez?  He’ll be on the mound before the season is over!  He can’t hit, but he has a cannon on his shoulder.
  • Scott Van Slyke?  He had a nice year, but let’s see him do it at a higher level, then I might say he’s a prospect, but right now, he’s not!
  • Brian Cavazos-Galvez?  Jonathan Garcia?  Steven Caseres?   Gorman Erickson?  Too early.  Way too early to even predict, but I lean towards NO!  Don’t get excited.
  • Jerry Sands?  Career AA Player!
  • Tony Delmonico?  Not as a Catcher, well he doesn’t look like a Catcher.  He has a bat that could be good.  Can he play 2B?
  • Austin Gallagher?  Ha!
  • Nick Buss?  Probably not!  No, NOT!
  • Preston Mattingly?  Please!
  • AJ Ellis?  Sub, probably a #3
  • Jamie Hoffman?  5th or 7th OF.

The cupboard is bare right about now, which is precisely why the Dodgers need to offer arbitration to Wolf and Hudson.  We should find out very soon.  They need to start drafting some hitters.  Fortunately, the Dodgers are stocked with good young arms, which I shall address in my next column.

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12 Responses to “The Dodgers’ Cupboard Is Bare”

  1. Ty says:

    I definitely agree with De Jesus. Why is he rated in our top 10? Maybe that says a lot about our farm system right now. He has a great eye but he has no pop and average speed.

  2. Badger says:

    I thought Paul was a can’t miss last year at ST. The guy was just crushing the ball.

    I don’t know about the rest of them. Nobody has dominated in the minors so they are still a group of question marks to me.

    Jerry Sands? Isn’t he a Vegas act?

  3. Badger says:

    According to some s-sperts Lambo may not be all that;

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    Most of the “experts” are now “projecting” Lambo to be a dud. I am not there. I still think he’ll be a 30 HR guy who hits .270. This year will be a big one for him. If he doesn’t put up better numbers, I could be persuaded…

    Gordon, in my opinion, is a star in waiting. He’s got some issues, but he’s a great athlete with awesome speed and he’s smart. I also think he will develop some decent power. If he does, he’s a candidate to break the record for doubles in a season (67),

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    MLB denied my application for the Winter Meetings, so I e-mailed the Dodgers that I’d volunteer to be Ned or Franks bodyguard while they are in Indy.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    I could have been Jamies’ driver, but that job was taken. I hear Tiger Woods wife has a mean driver…

  7. Badger says:

    Never never NEVER! cross a Nordic Goddess!!

    Yep….as soon as I heard about Tiger’s little adventure at 2:30 AM I thought – “he wasn’t going somewhere. He was trying to get away from somewhere.” It isn’t safe to piss off the mate in a house full of potential weapons. I’ll bet he didn’t figure on that club swinging Valkarie chasing him down and smashing the rear window of his Escalade. That rear window was smashed before he got out of his driveway, long before he hit the tree. He is lucky the coppers showed when they did because she had him all teed up ready to finish him off at that point.

    So, Mark, the deadline for arbitration offers is today at 11:59 EST. Shouldn’t we be hearing something soon?

  8. tdf says:

    Wow! what a surprise, Dodgers offer arb to NO ONE.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    The cupboard is bare and we don’t offer arbitration to anyone???? What is going on?

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Is Jamie in charge? I thought she was fired…… :smile:

  11. New guy says:

    Please god sell the team…the writing is on the wall
    we are officially the San Diego Padres with better talent
    but we are not signing anybody..this was my nightmare…

  12. Badger says:

    It is now officially time for everyone to realize what some of us have been trying to say for weeks now……..

    the McClowns have got to go.


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