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Some People Just Love Misery

Some People Just Love Misery

CarrollYeah, Arte Moreno looks really swell – He signed Lackey and Figgins and Matsui, right?  What?  not Lackey and Figgins?  Well, Matsui is a friggin’ gazelle, I tell you!  Moreno is a genius!  Yeah, that’s the ticket! 

You guys kill me with your incessant sobbing!

Come next season, you goofballs are going to look back and say “I must enjoy imagining how bad things were so I could just make myself miserable.”  What a way to live.  NOT!  We must have a $38 million dollar payroll – we are selling off our players right?   WRONG!  Use your heads.  This year we will have to pay our arbitration-eligible players a lot more money and then sign them to EVEN BIGGER contracts in a year or so.  Dope-fiend moves right now will eliminate that possibility. 

This team is going to win.  Now, I am not betting they go to the Series (but I always root for them to do so), but you never know – Remember, big contracts to free agent pitchers seldom work out.   The Dodgers aren’t going to make any more dope-fiend-Jason-Schmidt-Andruw-Jones-Juan-Pierre-Moves. 

I like Jamey Carroll – he is another Indiana Boy  from Don Mattingley’s hometown of Evansville.   His .351 career OB% says what he is about.  I believe we will see a platoon of DeWitt and Carroll at 2B.  Jamey had a .376 OB% against Lefties last year, which is who he will probably face the most.  I would expect to see him maintain that OB% level in Dodger Stadium.  He is a great “Clubhouse guy,” and while not a fast base-runner, he is a very good base-runner.  His defense is solid, if not spectacular, and at, Eric Stephen makes a case that Andre Ethiers’ reluctance to charge balls harder may be the result of Orlando Hudson trying to play RF (those are my words not his).  That’s a valid argument.  I would expect to see him and DeWitt fill the #8 hole.   I was not a fan of DeWitt in the beginning, but I believe he is a “Ballplayer” and he just might get us 15-20 HR.

I know that no one is excited to have Luis Ayala, but you have to sign several guys like this every year for the AAA roster, and sometimes you catch “lightening in a bottle.”  Probably not in this case…

On Randy Wolf – some say that he would have not accepted arbitration from the Dodgers with an offer like he got from the Brewers.  HELLO!  The Brewers didn’t make that offer until AFTER he was not offered arbitration.  Randy Wolf would have accepted arbitration – ABSOLUTELY!  Why?  Because he knew that he could get $12+ million in arbitration.  He did not have that $30 mil offer from the Brewers on the table at the time arbitration was to be offered.  He really did not know what his market would be.  He really wanted to stay in SoCal and that was also a factor.  

Just because he was offered arbitration and accepted, would not limit his signing.  So, to say that he would not have accepted is just plain crazy.  He most likely WOULD HAVE accepted.  Why would he NOT keep all his options open?  Ditto with Hudson.  The market did not beat a path to his door last season and they are not doing it again this off-season.  You are delusional if you don’t think he would have accepted arbitration, while still seeking a better deal.  Nobody was willing to pay him much last year and history is repeating itself!  Do any of you really think players who had been “froze out” in last years market would have turned down $12 – 13 mil and $8-9 mil respectively?  THINK PEOPLE!  THINK!

There is uncertainty with the Dodgers situation, especially since the Ownership Issue won’t be resolved until June… at the earliest, but there is no “fire sale” here and the sky is not falling!  The Dodgers have financial constraints, but they will still be around $100 mil in payroll and that’s hardly the San Diego Padres!


According to multiple sources, the Dodgers are chasing Aaron Harang (a player I targeted a while back).  His stats won’t impress you, but he wants to win and was not happy in Cincy.  I don’t predict he’ll be an ace, but he could very well deliver 200+ innings at a 3.75 ERA (or lower) in Dodger Stadium.  Forget the past 3 years stats – this is a case where you have to have “Vision.”  He’ll probably cost the Dodgers McDonald or Elbert, and someone like Repko or Paul.

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  1. Badger says:

    “Use your heads.”

    Open your eyes.

    “Because he knew that he could get $12+ million in arbitration.”

    That is B.S. mover. You don’t know that. Somebody on the “inside” leaked that to you so you would spread that around. Randy Wolf is no where NEAR a $12 million pitcher! Andy Pettitte got less than that and he is a solid, consistent pitcher and has been his whole career. Wolf had one good year, the rest of his recent career numbers were spotty at best. Wolf hadn’t pitched 200 innings since 2003 (200 exactly). I could have won that arb contest and you have to know Ng would have kicked his ass. We could have offered $9 million, nearly doubling his salary and if he would have asked $12 we would have won.

    And frankly I think he would have refused arbitration. That is the smart move. And look what happened. He and his agent knew what was out there for him. You say “He really wanted to stay in SoCal and that was also a factor.” I say that is nonsense. He wanted what they all do, a multi-year contract, and he got it!

    You like Jamey because he is an Indiana boy. Well, there you go. He is Loretta revisited. At best he is a bench player that can’t run worth a lick and has a .700 OPS. Perfect Collecti pick-up. I am surprised the Giants didn’t get him first. Ayala’s ERA is rapidly approaching 6. Another nice pick-up. Your naivete on these issues is surprising me Mark. I know you and you are smarter than this. Are you doing this deliberately just to stir it up in here?

    The Phillies are getting stronger. The Mets, Cubs and Cards will be back, and the teams in the West don’t have their heads up their asses about what is going on in L.A.. You can bet they will be tooling up and making a run at it.

    Speaking of betting, if you are into it, now might be a good time to put a hunsky down on the Rockies.

  2. DRomo says:

    I don’t hate the Christmas Carroll, I just think it is our new Loretta. That is fine. Ned targeted this guy 2 years ago and now he got him.

    As for Wolf, Mark I think you are just wrong here. The Dodgers should have offered arbitration to him. The worst thing that could have happened is he would have accepted it. Then if the Dodgers feel it is too much money they trade him. It s EXACTLY what the Braves did with Rafael Soriano last week. They were sure he would not accept and then he did. So they sent him off for low level prospect the equivilant of 2 draft picks.

    I totally agree about Arte Moreno, I think he is hack and and an attention whore. I also agree that there is no reason to panic here.


  3. Ty says:

    Wow, I just don’t know what to say.

    I like ya Mark. I enjoy reading this blog but you look at things through Dodgers blue colored glasses.

    Wolf was the second best pitcher in the free agent class. There would’ve been a big market for him regardless of whether or not he was offered arby. I highly doubt he would’ve accepted arby and taken a FOURTH one year deal after a career year. He’s in his 30′s and he was looking to cash in on a career year so why would he take a FOURTH one year deal??? Tell me why he would do that knowing that he was the second best FA pitcher.

    Think Mark! THINK! Don’t change your mind on this issue just because you heard one “insider” tell you something about it. You have so many other outlets calling the Dodgers cheap due to this issue. I guess one insiders opinion outweighs everyone elses.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    Some in here are singin the Dodger song just like all the other brain washed McCourt people. It’s easy to follow along with the McCourt way of things or open your eyes and see that we are becoming the West Coast Royals. Like I’ve said before, I thought LA was a large market. Maybe Frank needs to go back to Moneyball 101 and become the Oakland Dodgers. The Lakers don’t seem to have these issues. I wonder if Jerry Buss needs a challenge this year, He could buy the Dodgers and run the team the way it should be run. If signing Ayala and The Christmas Carroll Excites some, then the McCourts is your cup of tea. And when the team finishes 3rd in the west this year, speaking positive won’t get the most out of the young core of talent we are wasting. FOLLOW YOUR LEADER…………

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    Hey folks, Mark just doesn’t want to be a bitch machine. And simply use this Dodger site to dump on the org. (in the hopes he would be called to be the G.M. and save the team).

    His goal is to give fans a place to talk, discuss, challenge — Dodger talk, not politics and other stuff.

    Mark’s key role is to push us to agree or dis-agree — thus, pushing buttons on certain fans.

    He is a positive thinker. Wanting positive thoughts and the future is always seen as around the corner — a winner.

    But the road block now is ownership. So Mark, if you sell enough water products — heck, buy the team.

  6. Ty says:

    Harang would be nice but I really hope we don’t give them a bunch of prospects so that we don’t have to pay his salary. Just pay the damn salary and give them a mediocre prospect!!!

  7. Badger says:

    I think Mark does this stuff just to push our buttons. He has been very good at that over the years.

    Buss as owner would be good. The thing that just frosts my toasties is the fact that there is no cap in baseball so getting creative and managing contracts etc. isn’t as critical. All we need is the right ownership, and then of course the right GM, and all should be right in Dodger world. I say “should” of course cuz there are no guarantees, but, come on, this is The Los Angeles Dodgers we are talking about. They draw 3.5 mil every year. No cable deal? What kind of idiocy is that? It’s L. freakin’ A. for crying out loud. Get someone in the owners box that appreciates what that means! A richie rich parking lot owner with marginal depth in his pockets and his gold digging middle aged crisis wife sweep into L.A. with nothing in their plans but real estate leverage ideas and not a clue how to run a baseball team.

    Enough! Get somebody with a clue and $900 million and let’s tee this whole thing up all over again.

  8. Mark Timmons says:


    You make a great point – Wolf was the second best starting pitcher available. He could get at least $12 mil. He got screwed out of a $29 mil deal last year due to the economy. Why would he slam that door? Why not leave both doors open? It makes no sense to just say “I am going the free agency route only” when he likes SoCal and could make at least $12 mil in arbitration, and I do not think Kim Ng could beat him if he asked for $12 or $13 mil, unless she was at $10 mil and the Dodgers did not want to give him a $10 mil a year deal.

    I mean, before last season everyone said how injury-prone he was, now he’s the “Cat’s-meow?” He has one very good season and he’s a different animal? I think Milwaukee will be very sorry on this deal.

    Of course, the Dodgers thought he’d accept arbitration, but a lot of other baseball people think the same. The National Media likes SHOCK VALUE and they know that bashing the Dodgers ownership is the popular thing to do.

    It’s easy to follow the crowd. I am alone against all of you, so I will just evoke an Abraham Lincoln quote:

    “If I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how – the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what’s said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference.”

    Time will tell, but remember this: Conventional Wisdom is generally wrong. Many of you were saying similar things last year around this time and I SAID THE DODGERS WOULD WIN 92-95 GAMES. Crazy! That’s what you called me…

    Crazy like a fox!

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    Aaron Harang: I think he could be to the Dodgers next season what Joel Pinero was to the Cards in 2009.

  10. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    Ah Mark, you aren’t the sole voice crying in the wilderness. You have one extreme view of what is happening and some other hold an extreme view of what is happening. Many of us actually aren’t euphoric or suicidal, we are just seeing the events and applying reason. The Dodgers are in a holding pattern, at best, until things play out between my mom and Frank. Also, based on the economy as well, management really can’t spend wildly (ahem congress) with so much uncertainty. With that and other things not recited here, the Dodgers look to be a team that will be decent but will most certainly not win more ballgames than they did last year. Mark, I like your positive and at times illogical zeal, so don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t really heard anything from you (much) except platitudes, so give us some concrete predictions: How many games better are they going to be this year? The rest of that gibberish is wasting time, what is your call, numerically?

    Other than good job, attempting to keep the inmates in here in straight jackets (some I fear can still harm themselves in any event).

    Peace oh greater prophet, we wait your tangible prediction(s). Yeah I already got your read that Manny will be better, let’s talk numbers now.

    If I knew how to make smiley faces, I would sprinkle a few in my post to let you know this is all fun, so get “your smiley on”.

  11. Mark Timmons says:

    The Dodgers will win 92-96 Games.

    Book it!

  12. Badger says:

    He already said his prediction is 100 wins. I say “ok then, 500 push-ups for 100 wins”

    all in favor say “aye”!

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

    Abe Lincoln huh? Now how am I supposed to come back and say you are full of beans when you use Honest Abe. Low blow man.

    Lovechild is right. We are in a holding pattern until the McIncourt’s work out their differences. Fortunately we have several pretty good ballplayers that can’t leave. They are stuck here and are collectively working for that future “contract”, here or elsewhere, doesn’t really matter to them, so as fans all we can do is hold our breath and see how the dust settles.

    In the mean time – how ’bout those Phillies!? Roy Halladay! Wish we could do something like that.

  13. Ken says:

    Mark your arguments have now reconvinced me that I was right and that the Dodgers should have offered arbitration to Wolf. Especially since the Dodgers are the Kings of cheap they would know that they had the ultimate Cheap out. When the arbitration board makes an award the player receives a one-year, NON-guaranteed contract. If the player is cut within 16 days before the season begins, he is entitled only to 30 days’ termination pay. If the player is cut during spring training but after the 16th day before the season begins, he is entitled only to 45 days’ termination pay.

    The McCheaps could have offered Wolf arbitration and told him that they might cut him in spring training if he accepts. Then there is no way that that he would have accepted because most of the other teams would have had their starting pitching rotations set and the demand for his services would have been very low resulting in a very low contract offer as compared to what he received from the Brewers when he was cut in March.

    Why do you believe that there is absolutely no collusion in MLB? Do you really think that no agents are as smart as Borass and none of them have their fingers on the pulse of the industry?

    And now the dodgers are trying to make a trade for a pitcher, half as good as Wolf, that makes the dreaded $12-13 mil per year. WOW!!!

    Of Course the Dodger payroll will be at $100 mil. It will get there if they only do the following – sign Ausmus, Eyechart, Weaver and Padilla and the arbitration awards are issued.

    Of course the sky is not falling the land is rising from the harang being piled so high.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    Mitch Jones is now a Brave. Good Luck Mr Jones.

  15. Bill Russell says:

    Of course the sky is not falling the land is rising from the harang being piled so high.

    Classic line.

  16. jdavis says:

    We need a PROVEN ACE period!!! oh wait, and a lead-off hitter, but maybe Kemp can fill that role, if Raffy doesn’t get butt hurt. The guy dodgers are talking about trading for, is not a ACE, he’s not going to win three games for us in the World Series. Is’t not so bad, this all we need, but we don’t have the money nor the power to control the fate of the dodgers.
    We don’t have what it takes to when the big show, postseason yes, world series i think not, maybe you are happy with that I’m not and you say a good product on the field—yeah, Thats fine, but I want to win the World Series!
    Just-in,Jamey Carrol contract is deferred over 4 years–on the flip-side I hear Frank was approved for another loan for $250mil–we’re going shopping.

  17. lawdog says:

    Ken hit it! He nailed it completely!!! :shock:

    The real reason the Dogs didn’t offer arbitration is that they didn’t want to pay the signing bonuses of 5 draft picks in the first and sandwich rounds. They were no more locked into having to keep Wolf or O-rod than that team years ago when an aging slugger who hit around the Mendoza line the year before unexpectedly hit a home run in arbitration and was granted a deal that was more than the team was willing to pay.

    It’s just common sense when you look at it. All of McCourt’s other investments were tanking. He’s trying to stick his wife with all the garbage. Without pulling tens of millions of dollars out of the cash cow Dodgers, he and his misses can’t continue to live as if they really were rich. In the court papers filed by Jamie she talks about how they had to hunker down and not answer the door in Boston to avvoid getting served lawsuits and avoid creditors. These scumbags are not going to do anything but milk the team for all it’s worth.

    You have to be blind not to see the “writing on the wall” here. Even if Perfectly manages to win title to the team, he can’t pay Meanie’s support and half the value of the team without driving the dogs down to less than $50 million pay roll unless he’s willing to drive himself in a “clunker”, live in a studio apartment, andeat Beans and Franks at home 5 nights a week.

    It ain’t happenin’ folks. The divorce will ruin the Dogs. Mark my words. We must get Selig to force these bastards to sell the team. That’s the only way out of this. I don’t have another 20 years to wait for the team to rise from the ashes anymore. I want another world title before I “shuffle off this mortal coil”…. :mad:

  18. lawdog says:

    It’s already been 21 years since 1988. How much longer are we going to put up with being levereged by a sycophant at the expense of winning?

  19. Eric Stephen says:


    I’m open to the possibility of Hudson accepting arbitration (even though I do think he didn’t want to come back to play for Torre) but on Wolf I don’t think it was such a good choice.

    My only question is what do you mean by Wolf accepting arbitration and “keeping his options open?” Once he accepts arbitration, he would no longer be a free agent. The only team he could have then signed a multi-year deal with was the Dodgers.

    There was certainly a chance he could have accepted arbitration and won something like $12 million for one year. But he is coming off two solid healthy seasons, and I agree with Ty that he was the second best picher (behind Lackey) on the FA market. If there was ever a time for Wolf to get a multi-year deal, this was it, his last best chance. That’s why I believe he would have declined arbitration.

    And the kicker is that, even if he would have accepted, having Wolf back for one season wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. Arbitration contracts are one-year and non-guaranteed (until the season starts), so it would have still been possible for the Dodgers to trade an arb-eligible Wolf if they absolutely couldn’t afford him (think Soriano with the Braves).

  20. lawdog says:

    Didn’t you guys read Ken’s post? He confirmed something I suspected yesterday. Namely that a team doesn’t have to accept the arbitrator’s award and can refuse to enter into the awarded contract if they do so in a timely fashion a few days after it comes down making the player a “back door” free agent.

    That means we had nothing to lose except the first round picks and the sandwich picks by not offering arbitration to those two players. This idea that they would be too expensive is just hogwash. We had an option out if we didn’t want their services. Perfectly is nothing but an obsequious sycophant. Don’t buy into his bullshit! :shock:

  21. jdavis says:

    Take all the trades Ned Colletti has made since the trade deadline, add them up w/ the player’s Ned going to trade for a starter and we could have had a ace last season.

  22. lawdog says:

    I’ve seen the pattern we’re seeing with the Dogs’ off season moves before. The St. Looie Rams made the same type of salary dump moves and elevating scrubs into the starting lineup we’re seeing now with our Dodgers. You can see all the good it did for the Rams (who now are 6-39 over the last 2 and 3/4 seasons…)

    Welcome to banal mediocrity.

  23. jdavis says:

    I’m starting to miss paul depodesta. pendejo would sign players like Werth, jason garbowski, Saenz who are this guy’s and then go out sign Kent, lowe. j.d he signed some good players the best the market had to offer. and traded to make a trade for Randy johnson but it back fired.

  24. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    Is anyone really surprised by Ned’s moves, he came from the Giants, remember. He has been fed on this philosophy of buying on the cheap, taking guys at the end of the line and see if something good happens. While the Giants employed this strategy (last 10 to 15 years) they have won a few division titles and actually went to one WS (and lost, SWEET), but they really haven’t been a real powerhouse team. The vets helped him win some games but in short series at the end of the season, the geezers are spent and can’t really produce the wins (cheaper wins in the season, tougher wins in the playoffs).

    So, Ned really isn’t doing anything he hasn’t been doing for many years, he just has moved his act south. How soon we all forget! Ned is carrying out the designed plans of this organization otherwise we would have seen Lee or Halladay or someone else last season. We didn’t do a thing, probably costing us a WS appearance, maybe even a ring.

    So no the sky isn’t falling, the stars aren’t out of orbit, it is same old, same old.

  25. Badger says:

    “Is anyone really surprised by Ned’s moves, he came from the Giants, remember. He has been fed on this philosophy of buying on the cheap”

    that is exactly why I said I was surprised the Giants didn’t get Carroll first and that we went from moneyball to Giants ball. So, no, I am not surprised. The McJamie era has been all over the map on how they wanted to do this “baseball team” thing and have in my estimatation been confused and overwhelmed by the process from the beginning.

    This team and their fans, again in my opinion, should not have to suffer the indignancies of ownership like the McCourts. Bud Selig has his fingerprints all over this mistake and I swear I think, Selig being a midwest owner of a small market ball club, he knew exactly what he was doing when he let these weasels in the Dodger hen house.

    The people of L.A. should be demanding recourse.

  26. DRomo says:

    Hell yes, we got Dougie Meinkieviccxzkjawyz back & Angel Berroa too! Wow now I can rock the #13 Berroa jersey I bought in 08 again! If you guys don’t see the master plan coming together I don’t know what your problem is. 2010 is shaping up to be awesome!!

    Mark you still haven’t addressed why the Dodgers didn’t offer arbitration to Wolf and trade him if he accepted it. Just like the Braves did with R. Soriano. That would have made too much sense. I still believe that the brain trust (Ned, Ng, etc.) misread the market. I think they could have gotten something resembling two draft picks in return.

    I think it was a mistake, I don’t think it is evidence that we are toast or that Ned is a bad GM either.

  27. Badger says:

    Fred was trained by Sabean. That’s what he knows. That is what McConfused wanted. Well, after he wanted a Billy Beane trained moneyball guy that is what he wanted.

    What’s next?

    How about Cuban and Cashman?

  28. lawdog says:

    An excellent point made today on

    Is Frank hiding assets?

    Jamie’s lawyers seem to think so, according to this KTLA report.
    [Jamie's attorney Dennis] Wasser also said the issue of spousal support — set for hearing on March 29 — is not close to being resolved. He said he expects the evidence to show that Frank has spent money on other things than his family and the team.

    “We’re going to explore where the money went,” Wasser said.

    Well, the first part of that is sort of ridiculous. Many people have this notion that when a team signs a player, the owner takes his horse-drawn carriage down to the general store and withdraws an bag of silver doubloons on deposit with which he pays the player. It doesn’t quite work like that. So to say that Frank hasn’t been spending money on the team is, well, to be expected. During the period Jamie held herself out as an owner, I’d like to ask, how many times did she spend personal money on the team? From the sound of things, it was the other way around.

    Wasser’s point is a valid one, though. Remember a few weeks ago when Frank claimed that, at one point, his personal liquidity fell below $167,000? That can’t be completely true. Or, at least, I don’t want it to be true. I don’t want the owner of a professional sports franchise with a value approaching a billion dollars to be that cash poor.

    Think about this. Let’s call Frank McCourt’s assets, assuming a post-nup win, $1 billion–$1,000,000,000. He claims to have been down to $167,000 in cash recently. I’m no mathemagician, but watch this:

    $1,000,000,000 in assets, $167,000 in cash.

    If your assets were worth one million dollars and you were as cash-poor as McCourt says he was, you would have one hundred sixty-seven dollars.

    Does that make sense to you? Surely you see why I don’t want to believe this. Such dismal liquidity would make misusing Dodgers assets a little more attractive, wouldn’t it?

    I’m inclined to believe Jamie’s lawyers here. I cannot imagine Frank was in that bad shape. The key question then, will be: where is the money? If he started shuttling cash around in anticipation of a judicial inquiry into his balance sheet, you can bet there will be a whole lot of folks who smell blood in the water. And the line will form behind Dennis Wasser.

    Any sixth grader can tell you that if you cheat on a test, you’re better off not getting a 98%. And if you hide cash, you’d better leave a plausible amount behind.

  29. Mark Timmons says:


    I guess I didn’t explain that very good. I was referring to the period between when a player is offered arbitration and has to accept or decline. It’s not a long window, but Wolf would have had an opportunity to weigh his options to decide if he would accept or reject.

    I was told that the Dodgers weighed every possible outcome and felt there was a “fair” chance Wolf would accept.

    Bear with me: If Wolf was offered arbitration, I doubt that Milwaukee would have offered what they did. Who knows what that would have been, but maybe it would have been 3 years at $21 million. They may have felt that losing picks made him less attractive or maybe they wouldn’t have offered him arbitration at all.

    You don’t know and I don’t know. Absent an offer from Milwaukee, other teams were not lining up at Wolf’s door. Look at the disparity between the value of the contract to Lackey and to Wolf.

    So, your thinking is flawed in that you assume he would have said $12 million is not as good as $30 million, when in reality that $30 mil deal may not have been offered at all. Maybe Milwaukee would have passed on Wolf. Absent a real offer in that interim period, he probably would have accepted.

    Now can you see the logic?

    Ken & Romo,

    It’s rare to trade a player who accepts arbitration as you lose a lot of leverage. It has been done, but it’s not likely and to cut a player who accepts arbitration would be like slapping the MLB Players Association in the face. You would have a hard time getting another free agent to take an offer (Player collusion).

  30. Jdavis says:

    I love dodger fans

  31. DRomo says:

    The point here Mark is that the Dodgers misread the market. To think Wolf was going to demand $12+ or whatever the number was. Wasn’t there discussion between Ned and Wolfs agent? There is a window to work out an extension, wouldn’t a phone call had cleared this up? GMs and agents khave a pretty good idea what is out there before they offer/ accept deals. They are too smart not to. I just think it was a mistake. As for the Players Union angle I don’t think it would have cause even a blip in this case. But we can agree to disagree.

    I do think this offseason is shaping up like last years offseason. We will be late players here. But I do love that we are addressing depth. That is Neds M.O. If you haven’t noticed we usually have character guys and sold vets on the bench. Say what you will about the guy he has done more with his small budget than most could. 3 out of 4 years we have been in the playoffs. It isn’t exactly winning a ring but we have to give the guy his props. Sure he is no DePodesta but then again who is?

    If anyone hears what # Ayala is going to wear let me know I am going to get the custom jersey to wear to Luis Ayala Bobblehead night! Can’t wait individual ticket sales start March 6th!!

  32. tdf says:

    I guess im ok with the Dodgers not doing much this off season, the free agent market wasnt that good anyway. Why sign a player just to say you signed someone. I know that the Dodgers need pitching,and the owner whoever it might be is hurting for $$$. Here is my question for you guys, How long do we have to wait for this team to start signing some good players to help the young guys? Like i said i would be ok with this year, but How long do we wait? one year two three how many?
    great day everyone

  33. Eric Stephen says:


    Thanks for the explanation. I appreciate your logic.

    I still think Wolf should have been offered arbitration, but I agree he likely wouldn’t have received $30m from Milwaukee. I think eventually his price would have risen due to demand, but perhaps not to the $30m that he ended up getting.

  34. jdavis says:

    me likesdoug mientkiewicz, angel barroa.

  35. Roger Dodger says:

    DRomo, just how many baseball jersey’s do you have?

    Sounds like you collect them like baseball cards.

    I purchased a Beltre (he left), a Gagne (he left), a Kent (we turned on him and he retired), and now I picked up an Ethier . . .

    oh, I have had a Robinson jersey for seven years now, but he died back in 1972.

  36. Roger Dodger says:

    Noticed a larger article on

    So maybe now 84 wins in 2010

    12/17/09 4:35 PM EST

    LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers on Thursday announced the signing of nine players to Minor League contracts with invites to Major League Spring Training, including the return of utility men Doug Mientkiewicz and Angel Berroa.

    Also signed were pitchers Justin Miller, Francisco Felix, Juan Perez, Josh Towers and Luis Ayala, first baseman John Lindsey and outfielder Prentice Redman.

    Mientkiewicz made the Opening Day roster in 2009, but missed most of the season after requiring major shoulder surgery and played in only 20 games. He went 6-for-18 and has a solid shot at making the club as a pinch-hitter.

    Berroa played in 84 games for the Dodgers in 2008, when he was acquired from Kansas City to fill in for injured shortstop Rafael Furcal. He has a decent shot at making the club as Furcal’s veteran backup. He played for both New York clubs in 2009.

  37. lawdog says:

    If the Dodgers’ offered Wolf and O-Rod arbitration and they accepted, the could have refused to enter into the contract as late as the spring and the player would be screwed. Like Ken said, all they had to do was mention to Wolf and O-Rod that they might cut them in early spring when the market would not exist for their talents and there would be no way they would accept arbitration. We come away with 4 extra picks before the second round.

    “Perfectly” is trying to blow smoke up everyone’s skirt. The mere fact that other so called baseball experts at the winter meetings bought into his horse shit doesn’t change the facts of the situation. There are lots of so called experts that don’t know shit from shinola when you get down to the nitty gritty.

  38. Roger Dodger says:

    Lawdog, I saw somewhere over the past month, that maybe the Dodgers did not want the 4 draft picks. It would cost them money to sign those players. And money is tight. Just ask Mrs. McCourt. She can hardly run her personal operation on $450,000 a month.

  39. DRomo says:

    I doubt the signing of the first rounders was a serious problem, I really think it was just a misread of the market. That happens sometimes.

    Roger, I have an affection for the obscure Dodgers. My sarcasm might not always be clear here. ButI did like the Dave Anderson, RJ Reynolds,Pat Zachary, Matt Young, German Rivera, etc.

    The actual jersey collection is quite small. I have learned that buying a players jersey is a kiss of death, they will be traded or leave soon. So it is best to stick with the classics (Tommy, Big D, Jackie, Koufax, Dave Sax, etc):)

  40. Kay in L.A. says:

    Nice revised format, Mark. Now I can see all the blog entries I missed at once… can’t keep up. However, I can tell you all that Elin Nordegren, the soon to be former Mrs. Tiger, has hired the same law firm that represents one Frank McCourt.

    Jamie’s Lovechild, haha, I say you are Ken.

    Dodgers look dismal to me. I am not going to be optimistic. Wow, we got us a geezer, Carroll. I guess it fits with the geezer manager.

    The teams that want to be contenders are snapping up the aces.

  41. lawdog says:

    You guys just aren’t paying attention! Dang it, if Perfectly could “release” the players who accepted arbitration as late as the spring and not be bound by the terms of the award, how in the hell could it have hurt the Dogs to offer arbitration to the two players? Not only do we get two first round picks if we do, we also get two sandwich picks between round #1 and round #2. Perfectly just signed off on a scenario that would have breathed new life into the total farm system and given us new prospects to deal for veteran all stars.

    Can’t you’all see this? I can’t believe what I’m seeing here! This is a n o brainer. Needs no degree in rocket science to see the truth about what’s actually up h3ere.

  42. Harold says:

    Not all Angel fans are thrilled with Moreno who let Texeria, Figgins, Lackey, K Rod go and signed Gary Matthews.


  43. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    Thanks a hell of a lot Kay. That guy ain’t in my league, LOL! Despite your insult, I will not call you the B word, at least this one time.

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      What I said was in a friendly spirit. Your post reveals you to be something of a “B-word,” though.

  44. Mark Timmons says:

    1. The Dodgers would liked to have had one more year of Wolf;
    2. The Dodgers feel that by next season, they will have 3 or 4 more really good young starters coming up;
    3. The Dodgers did not want to pay more than $7 to 8 million for 1 year to Wolf;
    4. There may have been only a 20% chance Wolf would have accepted arbitration, but that was a chance they did not want to take.

  45. Mark Timmons says:

    5. The Dodgers did not want to sign Wolf to a 2 or 3 year deal.

    And Lawdog, an attorney may cut a player who won arbitration, but no one ele does. Have you ever heard of it being done?

    There’s a reason – I would call it bargining in bad faith!

  46. Badger says:

    “You guys just aren’t paying attention!”

    I am.

    “The Dodgers did not want to pay more than $7 to 8 million for 1 year to Wolf”

    That’s a fact. They cannot afford to add that much for one player, even if that one player is the best pitcher they had last year. Doesn’t that say something? So let him go! But you MUST get something in return. The Dodgers screwed this one up.

  47. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I can’t see all the fuss regarding the signings of Ayala and company to minor league contracts. EVERY TEAM does this EVERY YEAR. Rarely do such players make the opening day roster. And when they do, they often don’t last long. Many will simply help fill out the rosters of our AAA and AA teams, and many, if not most, will be released. Fact is, they’re bodies to throw into games while the regulars slowly work their way into more playing time as spring training progresses.

    I’m not from Indiana, but I also have no problem with the acquisition of Jamey Carroll. He is definitely a replacement for Loretta, and can probably serve a useful role filling in on occasion at 2B and 3B, and could turn out to be an effective pinch hitter. He doesn’t need to have speed or power, just the ability to get on base. And I’m not so sure he will serve as DeWitt’s platoon partner. If DeWitt demonstrates that he can handle himself, he may well become the everyday second baseman, against all kinds of pitching. If he can’t do that, the Dodgers may be in the market for a second baseman at the trading deadline in July.

    The trade of Pierre and the addition of two pitchers via the Rule 5 draft, indicate to me that the Dodgers are stocking up on young pitchers, in the hope that enough quantity will yield some quality. Some of these players could conceivably be used to fill out deals with other teams.

    If there is a deal for Harang (or someone similar), and it doesn’t cost us much in prospects (e.g., Stults), then that would be a move in the right direction. No doubt in such a deal the Dodgers would attempt to minimize what they had to pay, but again, the other team (e.g., the Reds) would be just as eager to save as much as they could on what they consider to be a bad contract. The Dodgers did it with Pierre, and the Reds could do it with Harang.

    By the way, the comments on TBLA regarding Hudson’s over aggressiveness on fly balls struck a cord with me. It’s something I observed numerous times during the season, when it appeared to me at times that both Ethier and Kemp were reluctant to charge in hard on fly balls anywhere near Hudson, causing the ball to drop in some cases, and near collisions in others.

    I for one would rather let the entire offseason play out before coming to any conclusions. The last thing I want is a GM eager to make deals to satisfy the fan base, and worse yet, one in a hurry to do so. There’s truth in the phrase, “haste makes waste”.

  48. Mark Timmons says:

    I can tell you for a fact that the Dodgers felt they HAD to sign Manny last year. It wasn’t because they wanted to.

    The kids were the key last year and it will be more of the same next year.

  49. lawdog says:

    Mover–the fact that teams haven’t refused to honor the arbitration award–except for the case I ,mentioned before Ken nailed it down, is irrelevant. Teams have that power. The fact they haven’t used the power only indicates that most owners want to keep players they’ve offered arbitration.

    Show me where Ken was wrong and I’ll apologize for taking this stand.

  50. lawdog says:

    Otherwise, Perfectly is a scumbag!

  51. Badger says:

    I have no problem with a Gold Glove 2b charging out after fly balls. That is his job. It is the outfielders job to call him off, and that is not difficult to do. Now if Hudson doesn’t listen, or has a hearing problem, the players need to work that out somehow. The second baseman needs to know that when the outfielder is calling “BALL!” he needs to get the hell out of the way. That whole thing sounds lame to me. As a coach I could deal with it. Put Ethier in a football uniform at practice and see if Hudson listens to him then. He’ll get the message.

    The only place I have read that not offering arbitration was a reasonable move by the Dodgers is right here. It is generally accepted everywhere else that not getting compensated for losing Type A free agents is dumb. There is a reason it was set up the way it was.

    Are the Dodgers young players still “kids”? These are the guys that have been on two NCLS teams. Kershaw is the only one that maybe can still be called a kid, and he had better finally get to 200 innings next year. Both he and Bills need to start 33 and pitch 6+ in every one of them.

    I agree that every team every year signs a plethora of pitching in hopes that somewhere in the mix good pitching emerges. We saw the same thing at Spring Training last year. Schmidt, Milton, Estes, Miller, Stultz, Leach, Vargas, Threats, Mazone – who am I missing? And how many of those actually helped out? It will be the same next year.

    Yeah Carroll should be another Loretta. Can’t have enough of them – right? That would be comforting sign if he was added as a bench player. He wasn’t.

    If Harang could give us what he had in ’05 through ’07 he would be exactly what we need. But his numbers have fallen off each of the last two years. Why?

    I will say the same thing now that I have been saying the last few years – the Dodgers need to get players that are on their way up, not their way down. A good GM, with permission from a powerful owner, could get that done. We have neither the GM nor the owner.


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