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Some People Complain No Matter What

Some People Complain No Matter What

Here are a few facts:

  • I think most of us here are Dodgers Fans;
  • In fact, I think most here are “passionate” Dodger fans;

How am I doing, so far?  Here’s some more facts:

  • Lots of Dodger fans are complaining about how bad our ownership is;
  • Lots of fans want to replace Frank McCourt as Dodger owner because he is so bad.

So far, are you with me?  Here’s more:

  • The Dodgers history traces back 126 years to 1884;
  • Frank McCourt bought the Dodgers in 2004 for  $430 million;
  • By April of 2009 the team and its related assets, in which McCourt had invested heavily in improvements, had increased in value to $722 million according to Forbes magazine;
  • Unlike other owners, McCourt bought and still operates the Dodgers without any financial partners;
  • Frank McCourt has owned the Dodgers for 6 seasons.

Disagree with anything so far?  Are you ready for more?

  • In 120 years of Dodger History PRIOR to Frank McCourts’ ownership, the Dodgers made 20, COUNT ‘EM 20, playoff appearances;
  • In the 6 years Frank McCourt has owned the Dodgers, they have made 4 playoff appearances;
  • The Dodgers have NEVER made the playoffs in 3 consecutive years!  NEVER!
  • If the Dodgers make it to the playoffs in 2010, it will be the FIRST TIME in their 127 year history that they have accomplished that feat.
  • Before the Frank McCourt Era, the Dodgers averaged a playoff appearance every 6 years.  That’s 17% of the time,
  • Since McCourt bought the team, the Dodgers have been in the playoffs 4 out of 6 years!  For the mathematically challenged, that means the Dodgers went to the playoffs 67% of the time under Frank McCourt!

And Frank McCourt is a bad owner?  Dodger fans have never had it so good, and yet you are more ungrateful than my spoiled brat kids!


By Mid-Season, it is possible that Frank McCourt may have to take on partners or even sell the team to pay his divorce settlement. 

Be careful of what you wish for – you may get a new owner -  just like the last ones.  

How would you like playoffs 17% of the time, instead of 67% of the time (if the Dodgers make it in 2010 it will be 71% of the time)?

The Good Times weren’t always good….

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42 Responses to “Some People Complain No Matter What”

  1. Badger says:

    You have spoiled brat kids? You know, spoiled brat kids are the direct result of bad parenting. You might want to get some counseling before it’s too late.

    Speaking of counseling, the Dodgers owners sure could have used some. It is too late for them.

    You make good points mark. But, I still don’t like Frank McCourt. We were so close and what we needed, Sabathia or Lee, we could not get, but the better team, with stronger ownership, could. Frank is so leveraged, and is under such pressure, he has handcuffed the franchise. No need to go over and over the same tired details. He gave it his best shot and he came up short.

    Now beat it Frankie.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    … so if you “liked” him it might be different?

    I’ve got one spoiled-brat kid and we have been to counseling. I have the checks to prove it (thousands of dollars). In retrospect, I should have prevented any contact with his “enabling grandmother” but that’s another story.

  3. KingMayan says:

    Hahahaha it wasn’t McCheap it was all those kids came up and that we are one of the weakest divisions of all time…

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    “One of the weakest divisions of all time?”

    Where did you get that?

    The NL West was the only division in baseball with three teams over .500 last season.

    The Dodgers made it to the NL Championship game in 2009.

    The Dodgers made it to the NL Championship game in 2008.

    The Rockies and D-Backs made it to the Championship Series in 2007.

    The only thing “WEAK” is your post.

    It’s weak on facts!

    You really shouldn’t post unless you have something ACCURATE to say.

  5. Badger says:

    If I liked him it would be because he was a self made guy who brought a plethora of his own money and a plan to the table, hired an experienced GM and stuck with him, purchased and implemented a cable deal that brought the Dodgers to every fan’s living room, all while allowing a Yankee like payroll. Instead he has fallen way short of that. There were potential buyers out there that were stronger than McCorpuscle. He had already been rejected on offers for at least three other professional franchises. That should have been a red flag for Butt Sellout, but, the Milwaukee man had other plans brewing.

    You know, Frankie No Nickels did take over a pretty good team, a team with a winning record when he got there. It isn’t like he took over the Rams and rebuilt from the ground up. And since his arrival, the Dodgers haven’t exactly been ripping it up. In his 6 years the Dodgers have won 90+ twice, mid 80′s a few times and one year as low 71. Like the Mayan honcho just mentioned, the West hasn’t exactly been a powerhouse the last few years.

    These last two years were when we needed to close the deal. We had Manny handed to us, and the kids McCourt inherited matured. We started strong but what the team needed to beat the reigning NL Champion was the player the reigning NL Champion themselves got. McCourt could not compete and the result was predictable.

    I don’t like McCourt because he is not good for the Dodgers. Now, he may get out of this with a few of his feathers still intact, but he wasn’t all that powerful before Jamie decided to take half his kingdom and three quarters of his testicles. I just don’t see how he comes out of this stronger – and neither do most Dodger fans.

    You know how I see it. We have to come out of the gate on fire or next year will be over quickly. We have to be players at the deadline, and even if we are, whatever move we make will send more of our young talent off somewhere for a rental who will likely not be retained the following year.

    This situation is not good Mark. Color it any way you decide to, but all you are doing is putting make-up on the boar hog.

    Sorry about your son. I didn’t mean to make jokes about a tough situation. My bad.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    You know, Frankie No Nickels did take over a pretty good team, a team with a winning record when he got there…

    What are you talking about?

    Prior to Frank McCourt buying the team, the Dodgers had not been in the playoffs for seven, count ‘em 7 Years!

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    Since then they have been there 4 out of 6 years, no matter how you spin it!

  8. Joey Ramone says:

    “Beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh, oh!”

  9. train says:

    i was willing to give MCCourt every chance before making judgements. The one huge issue i didn’t much like, was trading away a couple of our prospects in lieu of cash, and this again is a guess. As to how he ran the team, I’d give him a solid “B” through this last season. He was in a learning mode, and to give credit where credit is due, from what i observed , he did learn from mistakes. But i just see this divorce as the ol straw that will break the camels back (pardon the pun). It wouldn’t hurt my feelings about the situation,if Frank keeps the Dodgers, and has to take in a partner. fact is, i don’t see him keeping it any other way. Could we have done worse, you bet, See Robert Murdoch.

  10. Badger says:

    “What are you talking about?”

    I know you are a busy guy Mark, but a quick google search of MLB standings will show you what I am talking about.

    Let me help you out with this:

    The Dodgers averaged 88 wins a year in the three years prior to McCornfused taking over. That ain’t bad. What you are not seeing is that fact that the NL West was considerably stronger before Frankie No Nickels took over. Arizona and San Francisco were excellent teams back then. The last few years and now? Not so much are they.

    Yep, the Dogs have been to the play-offs 4 out of 6 years. They even beat better teams to get to the NLCS the last two years. But they came up short, getting their asses handed to them twice by the Phillies. And, look where they are now.

    And more importantly look where they are headed.

  11. GoNzO says:

    Mark, did you take into account when there were only two divisions in basbeall. Have we forgotten that the Dodgers finished a close second to teams like the Astros and Braves amongst others before Butt Selig rearranged the divisions? Who is to say if there was a wild card back in the day the Dodgers could have pulled a Florida.

    And as to your point that McDork’s time hear has made the Dodgers more fruitful, while I think he has done very little right, I think he has gotten more things wrong. He bought a franchise that had/has a good product with minimal investment from his part.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, your figures above on Dodger teams in the post season — are a bit of dumping in apples with oranges.

    For most of the 126 years, there were only 2 teams in the post season — one from the American League and one from the National League. Only a league tie and play-off games would there be a change to make or not make the World Series.

    When teams were added and then a post-season of rounds occurred — that opened as many as 4 teams from a league were enter. Not just 1. So, apples and oranges. That brings down the Dodger winning pennants.

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    Home Plate Box $47.00 / $42.00
    Dugout Field Box $37.00 / $32.00
    Baseline Field Box $32.00 / $28.00
    Preium Infield Box $32.00 / $28.00
    Infield Box $30.00 / $26.00
    Baseline Reserved $22.00 / $20.00
    Berm Seating $12.00 / $10.00

    Yes sir, read the cost of Spring Training games. About $50 for a Home plate box when you add in Ticketmaster and those extra charges. OR, sit on your butt on the grass berm behind Manny for $12 plus the extra charges . . .

    And which dates are the guys going to the Far East and be out of the country?

  14. Mark Timmons says:

    Frank McCourt has made a lot of mistakes (it started with who he married), but the only people who don’t make mistakes are people who don’t do anything.

    From Tony Jackson on EspnLosAngeles:

    When Frank McCourt took ownership of the once-proud franchise in 2004, a point at which the Dodgers had gone seven seasons without reaching the playoffs and 16 years without winning so much as a postseason game, one of his stated goals was to restore the Dodgers’ “brand.” For the most part, that seems to have been accomplished. The Dodgers have reached the playoffs four times in the past six seasons, and they have advanced to the National League Championship Series in each of the past two.

    It is what it is, no matter what the reason.

  15. chucky says:

    Lets face it, the McCheaps are running the Dodgers as a business. As fans we want the best players in EVERY position but that does not make business sense. For all the McCheaps have done (and I have not felt that every move was right) it seems that they have done a decent job. We have a payroll around $100mm but we are faced with teams that have payrolls 50% higher. Projections are that the Phillies’ payroll will be $150mm with Boston’s and NY even higher. The man must keep the team financially sound or we will have to start dumping payroll and have a terrible team. Do you believe that Wolf would be worth $10mm or Hudson worth $8mm? That is what they would get in arbriation. We got DeWitt for cheap and Carroll for a few mm. The divorce is unfortunate and he should have fixed that but I understand.

    As hard as it is to say the McCheaps (or the “Parking lot attentant”) is doing a good job and how much of that is due to Ned I do not know but lets give them a break and hope that the divorce thing works out. The MRS. McCheap needs to think about the team and city and work things out (as I am giving the MR McCheap a break by saying he believes in the team and wants the best for the team).


  16. Ken says:

    Mark – The Banks are his financial partners and in my opinion they are currently very pissed off. You are quoting stats that are a reflection of the past, but which are not always an indication of the future. We are not spoiled brats, we just hate the obvious lack of truth eminating from the ravine. Frank is not a bad owner, he is just an overleveraged owner who can no longer afford to fund the accustomed life style of his mistress – The Dodgers.

    Do you really think the following can not happen?

    Frank had better find a financial partner otherwise he will have to receive Beans’ member units in exchange for a note, not a sale, receive carryover basis, no step up, and then immediately sell Beans’ member units for a huge short term capital gain, and presumably violate several of his and the Dodger loan covenants. Wow!! Will that hurt or what. If she is not deemed an owner, but merely a beneficial owner in the value of the Dodgers then she will demand immediately payment of her share of the value and Franks will have to issue new member units, thus severely diluting his ownership percentage, presumably in violation of the Dodger debt convenants, thus putting him and the Dodgers in default, or sell a large portion of his member units, incurring a very large long term capital gain, incurring a very large tax bill, here comes the government tax lien, thus rendering Frank temporarily insolvent and in violation of his and the Dodger loan covenants, resulting in three banks getting together and forcing the Dodgers into receivership or bankruptcy.

    Just an opinion which Mark so graciously allows us to exercise.

  17. Miguel says:

    The problem I have with the McCourts is that they really are not “baseball” people. They are “business and investment and real estate” people. The other sad this is our f-ing commissioner and the fact that he is manipulating our league to the fullest extent. That’s what pushed Mr. O’Malley away from the game. Read this…..

    I agree that the McCourts have done a good job bringing the Dodgers brand back to prominence and that they have done well at attracting more fans to the stadium despite much adversity. But I also feel that they have dragged the Dodgers name through the mudd with their off the field antics, PR and the crap that they get quoted on by every major media outlet. They need to stay out of the limelight and make sure that they are confident about the people that they hire to run the team.

    And I don’t care what you all say, is my guilty pleasure this off season! :-) There I said it and I feel alot better now.

  18. GoNzO says:

    Nice article Miguel. Why does Bud have it in for the Dodgers? Did O’malley kick his ass when they were little or did he steal a girl from him? Can’t wait until he is gone, but the question is will he hand pick his replacement?

    Somebody mentioned before that O’malley bailed a year or two early, man is that an understatement.

  19. Ty says:

    I think it’s incredibly short sighted of Mark to come up with this. The Dodgers have been fine on the field since the McCourt’s came to town but take a look at the recent developments. Frank McCourt has been mortgaging the future in order to win now and to save some money while doing it. We gave away our best prospect and the best catching prospect in the minors in Carlos Santana in order for McCourt to avoid paying Casey Blake. We’re in the bottom tier of teams in terms of paying draft picks and international signings. We don’t offer Wolf and Hudson arby because McCourt is either deathly afraid of slightly overpaying for one year of two solid players or afraid of having to pay more draft picks. I’m sure McCourt wants to win but he doesn’t care much about the future and wants to do everything to win now and to not spend much money in doing so.

    I wonder if Mark will still feel this way about McCourt when Carlos Santana is one of the best cathers in the majors and when our farm system grows bare.

  20. LADODGERDAVE says:


    i would rather make it to the playoffs 17% of the time and have a world series caliber team then make it to the playoffs 67% of the time and always losing in the NLCS…….

  21. Mark Timmons says:


    Why not both?

    See, I just don’t share the gloom and misery.


    If Carlos Santana becomes one of the best catchers in the majors, I will change my tune. However, he is currently just a prospect. BA has him at #11, however go back 10 years and look how man #11 prospects are not in baseball anymore. Logan White was on-board with the trade – that tells me something…

    Look, like Chucky says, the Dodgers are being run like a business. They have a budget that they cannot exceed. The Dodgers gave up Santana because they had used up their budget. Why is that so hard to understand? I don’t like it either, but it’s a fact.

    You guys are championing Mark Cuban, uh how many Championships has he won in the NBA?


    Anything can happen in court, including Frank being declared the sole owner. I won’t speculate on the outcome. He may have to sell the team, or take on a partner, or develop the Ravine. Everything hinges on the Court decision.

    I am not smart enough to predict what will happen in Court, but I might predict it during the trial. I am one of the few people who predicted the OJ Simpson acquittal long before Johnnie Cochran said “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit!”

    Note, I didn’t say OJ wasn’t guilty (he’s a scumbag), I just said he would be acquitted.

  22. Mark Timmons says:


    If you think I’m short-sighted, then you don’t realize how far ahead I think. I am already on record as saying I don’t worry about this year, I worry about 2011 and beyond. How does that make me short-sighted? It’s just that I run companies too, and I understand what Frank is dealing with. I have started business on a shoe-string and had no business making it, but I did.

    From John Sickels:

    “Trades and graduations have thinned the system out, but overall I think Logan White and his staff do a fine job and the potential for a quick recharge seems good to me.”

    From BA:

    “It’s a tribute to the work of assistant general manager for scouting Logan White and assistant GM for player development DeJon Watson that the Dodgers were able to win consecutive division crowns for the first time since 1977-78. The downside to graduating and trading so many prospects is that it has left Los Angeles thin in the upper levels of its farm system.

    In order to avoid picking up the salaries of their midseason trade acquisitions the last two years, the Dodgers were willing to sacrifice more in the way of talent. They traded catcher Carlos Santana and righthander Jonathan Meloan to the Indians for Blake; third baseman Andy LaRoche and righty Bryan Morris to the Pirates in the three-way deal for Ramirez; and third baseman Josh Bell and righty Steven Johnson to the Orioles for Sherrill.

    Fortunately for the Dodgers, they don’t need a lot of help from their farm system right now because they have a core group of big leaguers who are just entering their primes. The Dodgers have never made three consecutive playoff appearances, much less won three straight division titles, but they are poised to contend for a third straight NL West championship and make another run at their first World Series appearance since 1988.

    However, they’re starting to replenish the lower levels of the system with athletic position players and live-armed pitchers from recent drafts, led by shortstop Dee Gordon, righthanders Chris Withrow and Ethan Martin, and lefty Aaron Miller. Los Angeles rarely exceeds the bonus recommendations from the commissioner’s office—its total of $8.5 million spent on bonuses in 2008-09 ranks last in MLB—yet has a knack for finding talent in the later rounds. The two best position players in the system, Gordon and outfielder Andrew Lambo, were fourth-round picks. Two of the better power arms, righthanders Allen Webster and Nathan Eovaldi, were 18th- and 11th-round choices in 2008.

  23. Mark Timmons says:

    The Dodgers may be onto something. Logan White is finding gems lower in the draft and these are generally guys who are no the prima-donna stars who have had to earn whatever they get and may already have a great work ethic. Maybe their success is better than taking the #1 picks who want mega bux and then turn out to be wankers!

  24. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark — Months and months ago, you were belly-aching about the Dodgers possibly giving on a number 17th (or whatever the number was then) draft choice. You went on and on about not giving up that choice. That player would be . . . really something some day . . .

    I and others kept saying, it was ONLY A DRAFT CHOICE, not a major league player. Go for the present — give up the draft choice.

    Now ———- you 1) have changed your mind, or, 2) finally believe us, because you said above:

    “If Carlos Santana becomes one of the best catchers in the majors, I will change my tune. However, he is currently just a prospect. BA has him at #11, however go back 10 years and look how man #11 prospects are not in baseball anymore.”

    You are welcome . . .

  25. Mark Timmons says:


    You are right. I changed my mind.

    And I reserve the right to change it again…


  26. Mark Timmons says:

    All I can say is that not all baceball people are high on Santana. Angel Pena was a pretty good prospect in A and AA.

    He was quite a hitter – he could eat up everyone over a plate!

  27. lawdog says:

    The problem with Perfectly is that he is NOT running the Dogs like a business. He has plundered it like it was a crooked hedge fund on the stock market, over-leveraging his investment while draining the team of as much cash as he could legally steal to continue to pay for his “royally” lavish life style. Perfectly and Meanie just saw the Dodgers as one great big fat hog they cut cut in the ass–and that’s exactly what they are doing. Georgia Rosenbloom and her gangster boyfriend did the same to the Rams after drowning Carroll. Just invest enough in the team to keep it close to competitive, but never good enough to win the Superbowl while draining as much in the way of liquid assets at the samer time.

    I’m really surprised you don’t see that Mark. They basically stole the team from Fox to begin with giving Rupert inadequate security for the financed portion of the purchase and Rupert ended ujp stock with the parking lot in exchange for the team. The McCourts are scumbgs right from the getgo.

    And by the way, OJ may also been a scumbag–but he was framed by that racist detective from LAPD–Furman. They took a blood sample from OJ and went and sprinkled the blood at the murder scene and at his home. Problem was when the blood used to establish his DNA at the scenes was tested it had the preservative the LA Jail used to preserve blood samples mixed in and the vial of blood at the police locker was short over a cc. The coroner intentionally screwed up the autopsy so the time of death couldn’t be established, routine competent police work could have nailed down the time of death to within an hour or less. If the coroner had done it’s normal competent work, which it did without complications 100s of times a year, it probably would have proved OJ was on his way to Chicago on the plane and probably already arrived when the victims died. That’s why it was intentionally screwed up.

    The biggest kicker that Johnny Cochran even missed–in one of the original police reports written by a rookie who wasn’t “in on it” the cop commented on how two dishes of ice cream were out in the open air at the time the bodies of OJs wife and her boyfriend were discovered at 2 am the next morning. The ice cream wasn’t melted, it had only started to do so. If they had been killed before OJ’s plane took off the ice cream would have been out in the warm LA night for over 5 hours and would have been goo, not unmelted ice cream.

    There’s more, but that’s enough for a baseball blog on a cold winter’s night.

  28. lawdog says:

    Oops. That’s stuck not “stock” when it comes to Rupert left holding over valued securities to secure his “loan” to these unscrupulous bastards.

  29. Roger Dodger says:

    We have become CSI:Sports here. I like that.

    What was in Sammy’s system for the past 15 years or so??? We all know what was in that bat he used when it exploded.

    The first time I heard that the McCourts have the houses and fancy life style there in the LA area — I knew they must be using Dodgers profits to purchase/build them. And then they probably took some of it off their taxes as professional expenses. AND staring as Horaito is Lawdog.

  30. Mark Timmons says:


    You have made the accusation, but now supply the evidence about the McCourts. You may suspect that they have taken too much money from the team, but you will have to prove that, and I suspect that the banks have access to that info as well. If they felt their loans were injeapordy because of it, there would be some drama.

    At this juncture, I would have to say you have insufficient evidence to support your accusations. In fact, Frank is calling his attorney (whom he has on “speed dial’) as we speak, to sue your butt for defanation.


  31. Mark Timmons says:

    Oh, and on OJ – I don’t know about all that stuff – I just felt they didn’t prove him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” which as you know is the threshold in a criminal case.

    Now, you have an easier burden proof – all you have to do is prove your case by a preponderance of the evidence.

    You may call your first witness…

  32. Roger Dodger says:

    Folks, this is NOT a court of law. This is a place for public opinion.

    But for your sake Lawdog, Mark’s other name is Harry the Hammer. You know the verses, like, If I had a hammer, I’d hammer all those who do not agree with me.

    Public opinion, McGuire is guilt, Sammy is guilty, Capone was guilty, Attila the Hun was a menace, so did Mr. Wilson think Dennis was too. Hitler was guilty, Rove is guilty, Manson was guilty, and the Giants are guilty.

    Meanwhile — how many $50 box seats have to purchased for Dodger home Spring Training games? They are guilty for charging that much. Heck, it is only practice watching minor league guys getting in some work. The other guys will be in the Far East eating rice.

  33. Mark Timmons says:

    If I had a Hammer (and I do)

    I’d Hammer in the Morning

    I’d Hammer in the Evening

    All over this Blog

    I’d Hammer on Roger

    I’d Hammer on Lawdog

    I’d Hammer on Badger

    All Their Heads

    I’d Hammer in Dodgers

    I’d Hammer in Frankie

    I’d Hammer out Jamie

    Anyway that I could…


  34. Ken says:


    If OJ ws innocent why did he stop taking his arthritis medicine a week before he was to put the infamous glove on his hand in court, so that his fingers would swell back up to twice their nondrug reduced size?

  35. Joey Ramone says:

    Who says cannibalism isn’t fun!

  36. Blue Haze says:

    I think it would be a very appropriate time to wish everyone a


    May all of you have a good and safe time over this final week and weekend of the holiday season. 2010 will be a year of challenges, defeats and victories in all avenues of life. Nothing is ever perfect (except my opinion :) ) so relax and enjoy. We still have it better than most people in the world. Take your energies (both negative and positive) and go and help someone today.

    Be the difference in someone’s life, it will change your perspective (even possibly you may even feel better about the McLeveragedtomyeyeballs).


  37. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, do you need to take a pill or something?

    In this one file — you have posted 10 times under your name, and some of them very long. Some caps and bold print. How is your BP?

    You are the host. Let the folks have fun.

  38. Roger Dodger says:

    I have to admit, a number of the players teams are signing and trading for —- I have never heard of.

    But I am sure if the Dodgers traded a guy like Lambo — many other fans would say, “who is that guy?”

    I no long check into a (baseball) sports program expecting Dodger news of a signing or trade. In fact, I do so back in early Dec.

    Our team is on vacation until the owners can pay the rent that is due to the fans.

  39. Badger says:

    “Our team is on vacation until the owners can pay the rent that is due to the fans.”

    It’s a working vacation, but your point is well made. It looks clear so far that we will tread water until Spring. No one knows for sure, but the Dodgers aren’t even being talked about this off season. Jamey Carroll and a group of coaches, that’s about it. Not that these moves weren’t necessary, they were, but considering the ownership problems, these moves aren’t really noteworthy.

  40. Mark Timmons says:

    115/80 BP

    That’s it! I need some pills…


  41. Miguel says:

    Yeah, what lawdog said!


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