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Is Logan White Losing His Touch?

Is Logan White Losing His Touch?

As we get ready to turn the calendar and approach another Spring Training it is being asked in certain circles – how good is the Los Angeles Dodger minor league system? And, as that question is answered, and frankly we won’t know for a while, the question on many Dodger blog sites is being asked – why don’t the Dodgers have more prospects in the top 100?
At the beginning of this year, the Dodgers had one player in the top 50, Scott Elbert, and we all have seen him at the big league level. We did have another, Carlos Santana, (ESPN’s Keith Law has him at 13) but we know what happened there. If you look at the top 50 from a late summer analysis at

Top 50 Prospects
1 Jason Heyward ATL OF
2 Madison Bumgarner SF LHP
3 Mike Stanton FLA OF
4 Justin Smoak TEX 1B
5 Buster Posey SF C
6 Neftali Feliz TEX RHP
7 Chris Tillman BAL RHP
8 Brian Matusz BAL LHP
9 Jarrod Parker ARI RHP
10 Tim Beckham TB SS
11 Alcides Escobar MIL SS
12 Jesus Montero NYY C
13 Matt LaPorta CLE 1B
14 Wade Davis TB RHP
15 Freddie Freeman ATL 1B
16 Jake Arrieta BAL RHP
17 Jeremy Hellickson TB RHP
18 Yonder Alonso CIN 1B
19 Brett Wallace OAK 3B
20 Michael Taylor PHI OF
21 Carlos Santana CLE C
22 Desmond Jennings TB OF
23 Austin Jackson NYY OF
24 Domonic Brown PHI OF
25 Logan Morrison FLA 1B
26 Kyle Drabek PHI RHP
27 Jason Castro HOU C
28 Pedro Alvarez PIT 3B
29 Mike Moustakas KC SS/3B
30 Eric Hosmer KC 1B
31 Josh Vitters CHI 3B
32 Lars Anderson BOS 1B
33 Tim Alderson PIT RHP
34 Ben Revere MIN OF
35 Christian Friedrich COL LHP
36 Aaron Hicks MIN OF
37 Casey Kelly BOS RHP/SS
38 Martin Perez TEX LHP
39 Jason Knapp CLE RHP
40 Matt Dominguez FLA 3B
41 Michael Bowden BOS RHP
42 Peter Bourjos LAA OF
43 Julio Borbon TEX OF
44 Mat Latos SD RHP
45 Jhoulys Chacin COL RHP
46 Jennry Mejia NYM RHP
47 Derek Norris WAS C
48 Jaff Decker SD OF
49 Matt Moore TB LHP
50 Angel Villalona SF


SB Nation also has their list, as just about all other blogs.  The Dodgers have nobody listed. Our best prospects, as Mark pointed out recently, are at best B+ and B rated prospects. We do have young pitchers in the system, namely Withrow, Miller, Martin and Lindblom that have excellent promise, but only Lindblom looks close to Major League ready. There is not an A prospect on the list and our most promising young players are two years away at best. We seem to have gone from Organization of the Year in 2006 to Organization Non Grata in 2010.
So I ask the question of you – has Logan White lost his touch? Or could it be something deeper, more systemic – like lack of leadership from the top?


About Rory

I have been a Dodger fan since 1959 when my grandpa took me to my first game at the Coliseum. I even went to a World Series game that year, sat in front of Joe DiMaggio and behind Nat King Cole. As a young boy in Canoga Park I can remember falling asleep every night, with the window open and crickets in background, listening to Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett on my turquoise Admiral radio. To this day whenever I hear Vinnie's voice I am taken back to that time. I was a decent enough player in high school, a shortstop, to be offered a try out with the Dodgers. It was a hot late Spring day in Fullerton and I played very well. I was pulled aside by a scout who informed me the Dodgers wanted me as a second baseman. Problem was, I had already committed to the Marine Corps. I survived my tour in Vietnam and came back to start my adult civilian life with no idea what I was destined to do. I have changed careers many times over the years and I often wonder how my life would have been different had I taken that second base job back in 1966. I love baseball and played it in the MABL in Northern California until I was 56 years old. I am now 61 and my playing days are sadly over. But, I will be a Dodger fan forever. I bleed blue, and I will support my team until my time here is done.

25 Responses to “Is Logan White Losing His Touch?”

  1. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    From the photo, he hasn’t lost his touch with Tommy!

    Hard to keep the machine pumping out prospects when the owners stop oiling the machine. My mom’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, stripped out the talent and didn’t do much to reload.

    “Damn you Frank and give me back my bike!”

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Is Logan losing his touch or losing his players to help finance the trades from the last few years?

    I saw that the Dodgers were mentioned in the Joel Pineiro sweepstakes and then also said to not be able to afford him after obtaining Jamie Christmas Carrol. At least we got a mention and we weren’t completely shutout.

    Hey thanks Haze for the New Year Wishes from the last post. I just gave a guy standing at the Freeway Exit $5.00 because of your post. I’m sure it will soon turn to wine but at least he’ll enjoy it. Your post Haze also brings up another thought. Are you also posting under Jamies LoveChild? Is that you or an impostor? Will the real Haze please step forward.

    Mark, take the little pink pill that turns the frown upside down. You know- the modern day prozac. It will get ya through the Holidays.

    Lastly, Mark are you and Roger going to S. T. this year and when will you be there. I believe it’s my turn to buy the beer. Peace

  3. lawdog says:

    Mark, my job is easy. Go read the declaration of the screaming Meanie about their past business dealings and the way they were constantly over-levereged so that often they had to duck process servers art their front door in Boston; the incredible amounts of money they took out for their dual roles and the life style it supported. Buying two Malibu mansions next to each other, a;ll kinds of real estate, eating at ther finest restaurants 28 times a week, the parties for friends and children, flying all over hell just to watch the sunrise, or sunset. All the money she says she needs for support. Perfectly’s testimony that he was down to his last $175,000.00 recently. Read the whole thing carefully. Badger supplied the link when the papers were first known to be filed and posted it here. That declaration is exhibit one. Then Perfectly’s declaration where he says he is broke is exhibit 2.

    Meanie’s declaration also details how they got the Dogs by sticking Rupert with the parking lots which they put up as security and he ended up with as payment for a large part of the purchase price.

    The McCourts’ stole the Dodgers, in large part, from Rupert to begin with and then proceeded to pull so much off the top that they had to trade away the best prospects here and there rather than part with a few million–which is nothing in a business the size of a major league team, Refuswed to pull the trigger on any r4eal big FA except Manny who fell into his lap and then he had to make a good faith effort to keep him or the fans would have walked away and his cash cow would have died.

    And lastly, refusing to take 4 first round picks which would have replenished the farm system and given him chips to trade for star rentals in August if nothing else. That’s the most damning evidence since he could have offered arbitration and walked away from the award if they happened to accept and win. Instead, we have no second baseman and no #1 #2 or #3 pitcher.

    That should be sufficient for me to rest my case.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    I see Badger is now an author. Congratulations Mr. Copeland

  5. Bill Russell says:

    If I’m on the jury, my vote is for the Dog.

  6. lawdog says:

    And Ken, I didn’t know about the arthritis in OJs fingers–but it really isn’t that relevant. If you were being framed for a murder you didn’t commit, wouldn’t you do whatever you could to derail circumstantial evidence you expected to be presented against you if you could do so legally? Besides, everybody in my legal community was shocked when they tried to have him put on the glove which might have just not fit due to the blood on it and shrinkage with the liquid. He probably was just as surprised they would try to make him put it on instead of just introducing it. And they prosecution could have had a glove planted by Furmer who arranged to have OJ’s blood taken to the scenes and sprinkled around to get his DNA there. He didn’t count on the defense also screening for the preservative which came from the county jail’s vials where the blood was drawn from OJ or the fact that it would be noticed that blood was missing from OJs vial.

    The LAPD blowing the autopsy was incredible. Had to have been done on purpose so they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint the time of death within 24 hours. They do autopsies like that by the 100s every month and never blow them like that.

    But the ice cream, which everybody seemed to miss, was the kicker. The rookie’s report was read into evidence at the prelim. He said that at 2 am he found two cups of unmelted ice cream in the open summer night air in LA next to the bodies and it was unmelted. For OJ to be guilty he had to kill them, clean up at home and take a limo to the airport to catch a plane that took off before 9 pm. Absolutely impossible. I took some ice cream from the same parlor, same type same amount and set the thermostat to the same temperature as the LA night that night. In 30 minutes it was soup.

  7. Ty says:

    Logan has made some questionable picks in the past (Preston Mattingly???) but I’d like to give him the benefit of the doubt right now. He is the reason why guys like Kemp, Kershaw, Billingsley, Broxton, Martin and Loney are here. We also haven’t really had high picks in the first round lately

  8. Badger says:

    Seems to me there was enough evidence in the civil case to convict the creep. Never heard the ice cream story.

    Thank you Mr. Russell.

    And to address the question about White – ion’tno. Sure seems to me that if our scouting department was all that, we would have at least one pick a year to bring up and make the team better. Remember when the Dodgers had all those back to back to back to back to back ROY’s? I do. They did it twice. Lately? Not so much. Look at those names posted above – not a Dodger in the group.

    Yes ldog, I agree with you that walking away from two picks was a mistake. But, it was calculated move by a man with his jewels in a vice. I guess it really isn’t McNuetered’s fault his world is coming apart – stuff happens. Heck, it happened to me. I’ll bet there are few here that it happened to as well. I didn’t lose millions, but I did lose half of everything. Everything then could possibly be worth a million now. As has been mentioned many times, most recently above by ldog, the McSlippery’s borrowed their way into the Dodgers and struck a deal with the evil Fox that included no cable for about 8 years. Put the cuffs on as well as mortgage the future and hope the bottom doesn’t fall out. It did.

    And back the point, the Dodgers can’t afford to ante up at this point. We aren’t in the game this winter. Now $100M sounds like a lot, and it is, to teams like Minnesota and Oakland, but it shouldn’t be for the Los Angeles Dodgers. But that is the ceiling, and that ceiling evidently includes no money in the budget for extra picks. With what we have heard about our tailing off of international scouting and recruiting – what could possibly be next?

    White to the Angels?

    Stay tuned.

  9. lawdog says:

    I was watching the OJ prelim on television when the police report concerning the ice cream was read into the record as well as shown on the TV screen. His idiot attorney at the prelim must have been napping while this was produced and somehow Johnny Cochran didn’t notice it when he went through the mountains of discovery before trial. If he had, the case would have been over with a motion to dismiss. Maybe he intentionally missed it to collect his whole fee for the trial. Who knows? But I saw it and so did the friends who were watching the prelim that day with me. It was presented around 11:30 and I’d taken an early lunch just to watch it on the tv at my favorite watering hole and restaurant that day.

    I’m not making any of this stuff up.

    I’ve got a feeling that OJ pissed off his cocaine dealer big time, some how. What better way to get even than to frame him for murder by killing the only thing he loved in the world, his ditzy wife. making him spend all his fortune on a defense lawyer, have him get convicted anyway and then have the state of California execute him in disgrace for a murder he didn’t commit. A simple whack job wouldn’t be painful enough.

    I had some clients at one time that were probably in a position to know things like this from the inside. They all said OJ was framed and that Furmer was a dirty cop who could frame or hit people for the mob for money with impunity because of his position. I don’t know if that’s true, but the way the trial came down made me think it was probably so. The same clients told me that Kennedy was whacked by the mob because he double crossed them after they delivered Illinois for him through Chicago in the 1960 election. Now that’s from several sources, not just one, and all independently, each from the other. Rarely did I have several clients who did not know each other personally tell me identical lies about other people in different places at different times. But I suppose it is possible, although very unlikely. Anything is possible. The sun might rotate around the earth for all we know. Depends on your perspective.

    Take it for what’s it’s worth, I can’t verify any of it because I wasn’t there. But the evidence produced in OJ’s trial makes a frame job seem like the only reasonable possibility. It proves his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt, not just that the prosecution failed to prove his guilt beyond that standard.

  10. lawdog says:

    And OJs lawyers at the civil trial didn’t bring up hardly a thing in his defense. He’d blown his wad on the defense of the murder charges and the civil attorneys just went through the motions. He couldn’t pay them to actually work on the case.

    Enough on OJ. Sorry for belaboring the points. I just get pissed because people are so quick to believe hew was guilty and never paid any attention to the facts presented at trial and some not presented at trial but were presented at the Prelim. If someone with the information I had just from paying attention to the prelim testimony had represented him at the civil trial, or even been on the team, he would have won that trial as well. But he had boobs representing him that did a cursory review of the mountains of paper before going to trial.

    Gross incompetence and malpractice!

  11. Jdavis says:

    I thought Logan White explained this to you at winter meetings?

  12. You are one of the few who actually believe OJ is innocent ldog. I just wonder why nobody, including OJ himself, went after the real killer. Oh well, he is locked up and nothing brings the murdered back. It’s not like this is the first time cops and lawyers have bungled an investigation.

    Yes the Dodgers did hit some bullseyes with the names mentioned, but so has every other franchise in the game. How have we done in the first round since McIncourt took over? Along with Kershaw – other first round picks since 2004 – Avery Morris, Preston Mattingly, James Adkins, Luke Hochevar, Justin Orenduff, Blake DeWitt and Scott Elbert. Those guys can all step up now please.

  13. mark says:

    J Davis,

    I didn’t write this. This is Badger’s soapbox!

  14. jball says:

    Thought I’d share something with my fellow Dodgers fan parents – check out the “Gibby’s Homer” app in the Apple store for the iPhone. A friend just sent me the link – it’s awesome for the young kids!

  15. mark says:

    Jon Weisman nailed it:

    I wish I’d wrote that. There were only two things that kept that from being my post:

    1. Not enough brains; and
    2. Not a good enough writer.

    Other than that, I’m as good as Weisman!

  16. Your problem, as well as mine for that matter, is that neither of us are Weis enough.

    I need not go past this statement:

    2) Rather then sell the team, McCourt will take on a minority partner to improve his cash flow.

    There you go. Problem solved. A money partner. Wish we would have thought of that.

    Oh wait. WE DID THINK OF THAT!

    Weisman must be reading our stuff.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    Read Jon’s list of 30 some items. #33 . . .

    33) Fans will start to pay attention to the ticking clock that is the end of the 2012 season, when Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier and Billingsley are scheduled to become eligible for free agency.

    We have been talking about this off and on the past several months. Unless they, or some of them are given and sign a long term deal, prior —- they will all file for free agency.

    If I were them, and the Dodger ownership and ways do not change much between now and then —– go to an organization that will.

    Most of us here are life time Dodger fans — most are not McCourt fans. We stay Dodger fans because of the tradition and connection. But when OUR ownership continues like he has for the past year or so, it gets tiring.

    With the attendance and sales at Dodger games — they should be able to re-load this team every season. Right now the Dodgers are pitching poor.

  18. OK, I read the rest of it. And, frankly I don’t see the profundity that you do Mark.

    6) The Dodgers will sign a veteran with an unexciting name to take the No. 4 spot in the 2010 starting rotation, completing their offseason in much the same manner they would have even if the McCourts weren’t divorcing.

    I don’t see that happening. Where is the money going to come from? Or is it another talent give-away for a rental?

    20) Kershaw, Kemp or Andre Ethier will suffer a setback, while Martin, James Loney or Rafael Furcal will experience a rebirth.

    Maybe. But we could all make guesses like this. Here’s one from me:

    Kershaw will again not get 200 innings, neither will Kuroda, only Bills gets 200 for this staff, Blake will have pedestrian numbers, Martin will get his career averages back and contend for a Gold Glove, Furcal has a better year, but not a great one, 2b will be a hole, Loney will increase his power numbers and Ethier and Kemp will have monster years as they prepare for the huge east coast contract they will get in short order. The Giants, the Dbacks, and the Rockies will all contend.

    7) Observers will decry the state of Dodger starting pitching entering the season, even though it will probably match up well with every team in the National League West except San Francisco.

    I doubt it. Certainly not if he is right about Kershaw.

    31) The Dodgers will have enough talent to stay competitive, but not enough to make them prohibitive favorites.

    For a while, yes.

    32) The Dodgers will continue to be good enough to keep all but the most reactionary fans hooked, yet weak enough to keep all but the most tolerant fans unsatisfied.

    If the Dodgers stumble out of the block, fans will no longer come at a 3.7 mil pace. If they are out of it early, or become sellers at the deadline, they won’t draw 3 million.

    33) Fans will start to pay attention to the ticking clock that is the end of the 2012 season, when Martin, Loney, Kemp, Ethier and Billingsley are scheduled to become eligible for free agency.

    Uh, yep. In fact, some of us are already hearing that clock there Wise-man.

  19. Blue Haze is Jamie's Lovechild says:

    Way to go Bill Russell, it feels good doesn’t it. I bought a homeless guy a meal at Taco Bell today. My buddy and I invited him inside to eat with us. Hey, he smelled and had some issues but he had the biggest smile on his face, until he had tears in his eyes as we said our good-byes. That’s what it is all about.

    Let’s do some real good for others, I expect to hear from the rest of you. Tell us what you do for someone less fortunate than yourself, I think we could all use an infusion of loving our fellow man, just to keep our perspective and attitude right in here and in life.

    Bill, you made my day, God bless you. It doesn’t really matter what the guy did with the $5 you gave him, it is the thought and the attitude that counts.

    Tomorrow, I will be looking for another opportunity to help someone and will report back to you all.

    Happy New Year, LADODGER Talkers, let’s end 2009 right and make 2010 better, for everyone.

    Way to go Badger, nice blog. Mark, we probably have some worthy writers that may want to take a crack at the Godzilla Seat in the future.

    PEACE ALL!!!

  20. Mark Timmons says:

    OK, who are you and what did you do with Blue Haze?

    Just Kidding. ;)

    It’s a good thing to help people and I won’t get into it, but while I don’t give them money, I will take them into a restaraunt and buy them a meal, or give them my coat, or offer to meet them again at a designated time (no one has ever made it). Many are vets – that’s a common thread and it’s a damn shame…

  21. Anonymous says:

    I give any beggar on the street at least a couple of bucks if I can reach him through the traffic. If I don’t have two bucks, I’ll give the beggar a fiver. Once it was really cold outside–I mean under 20 degrees and there was this fairly well dressed, young, well nourished black man begging in the mall parking lot. I reached in my pocket and all I had was a twenty. I could have thought that he looked like he didn’t really need the money–he wasn’t in rags and had a fairly new duffle bag and decent, warm clothes, and I don’t have the usual 2 bucks I keep in the car for bums.

    I started to put it back in my pocket, but thought, what the hell. He’s asking for money and I have some here. Who am I to judge what he needs? My stomach is full and I have a warm home.

    So I rolled up the twenty and gave it to him through the passenger window. He took it and thanked me. I said:”God bless you,” (like I usually do), and I moved up as the traffic went forward towards the right turn onto the main street.

    He came running up to the passenger door and banged on the window. I rolled it down and he handed the bill back and said “You gave me a twenty, man!”

    I said “Yes I know I did, (handing it back to him again), God bless you!”

    He started to cry and said: “Oh, man, thank you! You just got me off the street tonight and into a warm room!”

    I can’t begin to tell you guys how that felt. It’s a feeling every human being should feel. There’s no other way to have it happen to you than by giving to beggars who you happen to run into as you drive through life.

  22. Blue Haze is Jamie's Lovechild says:

    That’s great Mark, so tomorrow evening you will be able to tell us about someone you help out tomorrow, that will be a fun time for you. Enjoy and keep up the good work.

    I know you can poke fun at me like I am a bad guy, and it actually makes me laugh when I am viewed that way, when actually I am quite generous and follow thru on what I say. As you have noticed I have a tendency to stand up and not to back down to insults, cheapshots and general nastiness in others. My tact has always been to point out absurdity with even deeper absurdity. However, I am changing my tone in posts, because electronic conversations definitely lose something in the translation and seem to cause grief and anxiety. So nastiness is out, zingers, one-liners, sarcasm are in (in a loving and kind way).

    So again, let’s not focus on that stuff, let’s focus on the other posts that I have made in the last few days. There is plenty of time to pick on me, but for now – Do a nice-ee to someone else. Who knows the one that gets the biggest joy may just be you.

    Love and Go Giants South

  23. GoNzO says:

    Well, I have been on the recieving end of Marks generosity. I was recently hired to take over the softball program at the school I teach. This high school is in an area where the means of making money is working in agriculture i.e picking lettuce, cabbage, asparugus amongst other products. Anyhow this softball program has not been to successful maybe totaling 15 wins in 7 years (out of a 20 game schedule per year). My school hasn’t really spent a lot of money on the softball program, so I hit the streets trying to get sponsors.

    I tried hitting up the local businesses for a $300.00 dollar donation and only two of the 10 that I went to became a sponsor.
    I emailed Mark to see if he would be interested in a donation. When he told me he’d get back to me, I thought that was it, but then received an email to call him. And when I did Mark told me he would not be donating 300 bucks but that he would be more than willing to donate 2 reverse osmosis systems to raffle or sell.

    Thanks once again Mark for your generosity and with your donation, you helped my program get $1,300 worth of equipment that will help us become competitive.

  24. lawdog says:

    That anonymous person was me (lawdog) up there with the $20 bill. I don’t know what happened. Apparasntly 49 million Americans are now going hungry due to the economy. Here’s a charity where you can give a little or give a lot if you want:

    “I’m sure we’re going to run out of food today, before we serve all the people that are in line.”

    That’s Mary-Sharon Howland, director of a food bank near New Orleans.1 But the same problem is plaguing food banks and soup kitchens across America. This winter, a record 49 million Americans are going hungry because of the economy.2
    Our country needs change that gets to the root of the problem, but we also need to help people survive the immediate crisis.

    Here’s a way to help: Feeding America is the nation’s leading network of food banks—including one near you, Food Lifeline. For every $1 you donate, Feeding America can help provide 7 meals to men, women, and children facing hunger in our country.

    Please contribute to Feeding America as generously as you can. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year:

    As progressives, we share a core belief that we’re all in this together. We’ll continue to fight for lasting change—and help each other weather this economic downturn.
    Thanks for all you do, and happy New Year!

    –Justin, Adam, Amy, Anna, Annie, Carrie, Christopher, Daniel, Danielle, Eli, Emily, Gail, Ian, Ilya, Ilyse, Joan, Jodeen, Kat, Keauna, Laura, Lenore, Marika, Matt, Matthew, Melanie, Michael, Nita, Noah, Peter, Scott, Stephen, Steven, Susannah, Tim, and Wes

    1. “Kenner Food Bank may have to turn away needy,” WWLTV Eyewitness News (Louisiana), December 23, 2009

    2. “Hunger in U.S. at a 14-Year High,” The New York Times, November 16, 2009


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