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Indianapolis Winter Meetings – Day 3

Indianapolis Winter Meetings – Day 3
  • There’s not a lot of movement, so far – Just the D-Backs trade with the Tigers and Yankees.   I find it curious that the D-Backs gave awayWinter Meetings Logo “Mad-Max” so easily.
  • Jamie and Frank have allegedly agreed on her monthly stipend so the hearing is cancelled the 15th!
  • Ned is kicking the tires of Pinero and other starters, but he’s not going to be the first to sign someone – and I agree!
  • I have did a 180 on the arbitration to Hudson and Wolf – no way the Dodgers  should have offered it.  All the fans say YES they should have, and all the baseball people say NO WAY!
  • I am supposed to interview Logan White and De Jon Watson together today.  I have a camera crew ready and will hopefully have it for you tomorrow.  Stay tuned

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8 Responses to “Indianapolis Winter Meetings – Day 3”

  1. Ty says:

    I could see why they didn’t offer Hudson arbitration but is Wolf on a 10 million one year contract bad? We have two gaping holes in our rotation and we aren’t actively looking to fill them. Having Wolf would be great right now. I doubt he would’ve accepted arbritration because he’s coming off his best year and he’s already had a few one year deals. He’s looking for a big pay day and he’s close to getting one now. Basically, if Wolf said no to arby then we get draft pick(s). If Wolf said yes then we get a solid pitcher for one year when our rotation is our biggest weakness.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    It’s likely Wolf would ask for something North of $12 million.. and get it, but last year was his most effective year. If he could duplicate it sure, but it’s doubtful he will.

    I think the Dodgers would have given him 6-8 million. They have gotten bit by long contracts to mid-30′s players.

    Here’s the deal too- if the Dodgers offered him arbitration, the Brewers may not have offered him a contract.

    There’s a lot to this.

  3. marty says:

    The only baseball people who think the Dodgers should not have offered arb to Hudson and Wolf are the Dodgers people towing the company line. From comments leaking to the media, most baseball people see this as proof that the Dodgers are cash poor. Neither Wolf nor Hudson would have accepted arb, Wolf because he wants a multi-year contract and Hudson because he was jacked around in Sept/Oct. It is interesting that only 2 players have accepted arb of all the players offered. MLB players think they can get a better deal as free agents.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    Well Mark sometimes baseball people are just wrong and with the Hudson / Wolf situation (They Are). There is no two ways about it, The McCheaps don’t want to spend money this year, so we can’t build the farm with a few first round picks because of it. No way does either player sign with the Dodgers so it should have been a no brainer. Instead of 3 years 31 mil with the Brewers, The Brewers may have lowered their bid to 3 years 28 mil and lost the first round pick. Hudson wants to play for the Mets or the Giants or someone that will put him in the starting lineup. Something tells me that Joe was just a puppetmaster with Hudson last year. Joe helped the McDonalds/McCheaps pay the mortgage in Malibu on the two ocean fronts last year with Hudsons incentives. We have 3 starters coming back next year and a hole at 2nd. I would at least take a flyer on Bedard if I was Neddie. If he works off he could be very good. Who else will they find on the scrap heap? Hampton? That will sell tickets. This year attendance will fall, Mark my word Mark.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Out not off above

  6. JDavis says:

    Thank you for the updates and that goes to dodgerdugout and truebluela too

  7. tdf says:

    Hey Mark, i read somewhere that the Tigers are in on Juan Pierre but are trying to get another team involved to get the Dodgers a starting pitcher in return. Any info on that?

  8. Badger says:

    What marty and Bill said.

    I think a lot of teams would be interested in Pierre. But we would have to pay to get his salary down to around 5-6 mil, which is more in line with what he is worth as he ages another year. I don’t believe we win the West without him last year, and he still can disrupt a pitcher, and a game, with his speed. But speed is just not worth what it usta was.

    Well I was wrong about the Tigers parting with Jackson, but most of us were right about him not coming here. Yankees get another All Star. The rich get richer. That’s the way it is in the good ol’ US of A.

    Unless of course you are rich and in the middle of a nasty divorce, in which case you are screwed.


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