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Go Horse!

Go Horse!

peyton-manning-oneOh the weather outside is cold,

But the Colts just never get old,

As the Jaguars already know,

14-0, 14-0, 14-0!

Go Horse!

I’m an Indiana Boy! What’s wrong with that?  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, are the Colts a new Baseball team in the A.L. Central?

    This is L.A. Dodger baseball talk. Football is for sissies. Some tackle makes a play — and he has to jump up and down and say, “See me, see me, I made that play.” That would never happen in baseball.

  2. Ken says:

    Football is for sissies. Try to play a sport where the hooker wears no padding and is always forward and gets propped up by a loosehead and a tighthead who get locked in.

    Kay please do not insult me be comparing me to Blue Haze’s most recent alterego. Check the writing style.

    Wolf should have been offered arbitration.

    The payroll is at $91-92 mil and the Dodgers still need to sign at least 10 players for AAA and 3 for MLB.

  3. Badger says:

    I like the Colts. And I am thrilled Indiana has them. Indiana is a great state and deserves a great pro football team. Especially since their basketball teams have fallen off the planet.

    “Wolf should have been offered arbitration.” No s#!* Hudson too.

    Where is Haze? I kind of miss his surly ‘tude.

    The Dodgers, under these dire circumstances, can still afford a $100 million payroll. Just imagine what this team could be with an owner that was financially solvent.

  4. Badger says:

    BTW, I forgot to report this:

    I wrote to Plaschke and Simers about Wolf getting between $12-15M in arbitration and the reply was this:


    I thought you guys might want to know that.

  5. Roger Dodger says:

    So, JON WEISMAN, reminds us that the Dodgers will be paying almost $16 million for players not even in the organization any longer. Problems and situations they got rid of. Interesting.

    Say, how much is a Dodger Dog going to cost in 2010?

  6. Jdavis says:

    MInus payrol for players not on the team,dodgers payrol is around $80 million. Only if we had deep pockets.

  7. Badger says:


    Some of those numbers are estimates, so, the $92.791 million is a guestimate. It will get to $100 million quickly.

    With that in mind, and you want to eat Dodger Dogs, you might want to consider the all-you-can-eat pavillion ticket.

  8. Mark Timmons says:


    Of course Plaschke and Slimers are going to say that. I can always predict what they will say. If they can bash McCourt, they will.

    Try some other writers, like Hernandez or Gurnick, who unlike Plaschke and Slimers, report the facts and are not designated “Dodger Bashers.”

  9. Badger says:

    designated “Dodger Bashers”?

    Do you really believe that?

    McCourt bashing is another thing. I applaud that. But Dodger bashing?

    Simers is a contrarian writer, I’ll give you that. But most of it is tongue in cheek. Howerver, there is no reason to believe they would lie to someone who writes in with a question.

    But, I will write and ask those other guys.

  10. Harold says:

    Easy to be an Indy fan when the Colts are 14-0. Easy to be a Dodger fan when we are on a roll. What about the other times, like now??
    How does whining help make anything better? Never seems to help me even feel better to vent. Makes me feel better when I remember and look forward to our young Dodgers and new crop coming through. Therein lies our future success.

    Shaun Garrison wrote about the trials and tribulations of our team, the long waiting for Dodger fans and concluded as written below. I expect many of us could have and should have written that. Maybe Shaun Garrison is an alias for Mark Timmons.

    “This is what it takes to be a Dodger fan. It takes a piece of you each time you see the Dodgers fail. No matter what it takes, being a Dodger fans means you stand by your team win or lose. No matter how many bad decisions are made, you have to remember all those things that made you fall in love with the Dodgers in the first place. It’s times like these that make you want to hate yourself as you drag yourself through another dreadful winter second guessing every move the Dodgers make. It’s times like these that make you wonder why you let yourself get so emotionally involved. It’s time like these you get reminded what it takes to be a Dodger fan. Will you still be bleeding blue if the Dodgers do not sign the players you want? Or what if they don’t ever win another World Series? I know I will bleed blue as long as I am alive, through the ups and downs and through thick and thin. I let myself fall in love with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and it’s going to take a lot more than a poor owner, a lack of a world series, and some players that don’t really fit my ideal roster to change that.

    The one thing I know is I will bleed blue all winter long. I will start counting down the days to Opening Day 2010 come January 1. I will stand by my team no matter what the long season may bring. I will enjoy every minute of every game because I know what it takes to be a Dodger fan.”

    Posted by Shaun Garrison on 12/03/2009



  11. Badger says:

    And who is saying they are no longer Dodger fans because of the incompetent ownership?

    Look, we as citizens of the United States are obligated to stand up and be heard when we see that our leaders are incompetent. Right? Because we voice objection does not mean we are not patriots.

    What is the difference here?

    As fans, we all have an obligation to speak up and be heard! As paying fans we must become involved – it is the fan who changes things.

    I refuse to be silenced. It is the voice of the fan that will get this thing turned around. Acquiesce if you choose, it isn’t in my nature.

  12. DRomo says:

    Amen Badger, We have the right to complain and Boo or not go to games.

    I see today the Dodgers are kicking the tires on Felipe Lopez. I like that guy. He can hit and is solid in the field. A real scrappy player. For those of you worried about the signing of Jamie Christmas Carroll, he is just our new Loretta. Don’t worry he wont be a cornerstone of the club.

    A side note: Ned does have a pattern of going after guys that have two first names (i.e. Jeff Kent, Casey Blake, Russell Martin, etc.) So we should not be suprised when he replaces Mark Loretta with Jamey Carroll. It also explains why we won’t be trading George Sherrill… at least not until Joe Torre is gone.

  13. Badger says:

    Felipe Lopez? Well, yeah. I like him too. What’s not to like?

    But why get Carroll if we are going after Lopez?

    Maybe DeWitt is going in a trade for another arm?

  14. Ken says:

    “I know that many of us who are fortunate enough to work for the Dodgers spend a lot of time thinking about how lucky we are to work for an organization of this stature….”

    More Harang from the Dodgers at Inside the Dodgers. Sometimes we have to read weirdos like “Plaschke and Slimers” just to get some balance.

    Go Badger!!

  15. Harold says:

    Who is talking about acquiescence(sp)? No one is saying don’t question or suggest. However, whining is never pretty as are disparaging personal remarks about ownership, management, players. Who is saying anyone should be silenced? I expect the fans spoke loudly when Ned acquiesced and signed Manny. That is, management was afraid not to do something big because of the fans. Who said anything about denying Dodger fans rights? If anything my right to speak is not a right as I live several thousand miles from LA and most likely will never get back to Dodger Stadium again. I probably should be muted with no voice as I don’t pay or buy Dodger Dogs.

    The comments by Shaun Garrison were from a larger article to which I should have posted a link.

    He has gone through or is going through what we are, asking the same questions. His comments regarding what it takes to be a Dodger fan are as a conclusion to most every concern we have expressed, or at least many of them. I liked his summary of what it takes to be a Dodger fan.


  16. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    “And who is saying they are no longer Dodger fans because of the incompetent ownership?

    Look, we as citizens of the United States are obligated to stand up and be heard when we see that our leaders are incompetent. Right? Because we voice objection does not mean we are not patriots.” RIGHT ON BADGER, it is our right to voice our opinion, no better time than now.


  17. Badger says:

    How come the Phillies can sign Roy Halladay and we can’t? How come the Yankees can sign a good California boy like C.C. and we can’t? How come we don’t get Vlad when he is in his prime? How come we can’t pick up Cliff Lee when we need him to beat the team he actually went to? How come… the list goes on and on.

    We signed Manny all right. But I’ll bet Frankie didn’t really want to. He was free the first half year, he hit the snot out of the ball, and Dodger fans went ape over him. McLostincourt had to re-sign him or face the music. But, that was all we got, and when Manny went down, so did enthusiasm for him. That is why I am betting that if Manny comes out of the gate hot, he is gone at the deadline but half his contract stays with the Dodgers. And so it goes.

    I am not about to ask questions like that Shaun guy did – “Will you still be bleeding blue if the Dodgers do not sign the players you want?” Hell yes I will be. And bleeding hurts. People often scream when they bleed.

    And, the way I look at it, that is what this place is for.

  18. Badger says:

    And this is not aimed at you Harold. I happen to agree with most everything you say. That just got on the only nerve I got left.

  19. DRomo says:

    Badger, the reason we add Carroll is as a supersub. NOT A STARTER!! Just like Mark Loretta was. Why don’t people get that? Last year people said the same thing when we signed Loretta, “He’s old and he will platoon with DeWitt” It didn’t happen. We need a bench guys. And that is what Carroll is. He will do exactly what Loretta did.

    Now, we are still in the mix for Belliard and Lopez. My guess is if we miss on Lopez we sign Belly and HE will be a platoon canidate with DeWitt.

    I think come spring we will have a team to be excited about. I believe!

  20. Ken says:

    John Ely may turn out to be a 5 starter candidate in 2010 along with the other members of the motley crew, so I guess the 5th starter position is now sol-ved. Looking for a #4 starter, #2 catcher, an additional corner infielder sub who can also pinch hit (anyone need an Eyechart), time for Hu to be freed, and the traveling pitching coach.

    McLostInCourt – LOL!!!!

  21. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I’m with Badger on this… I’m not a complainer, I can go with the flow and whatever happens, happens…. I bleed Dodger Blue…. but after I bleed, I get a friends and family IV, and that helps me put everything in perspective… others feel the need to question, when they don’t like the way things are run or when the Dodgers do or don’t do something they disagree with…. that doesn’t make them any less of a Dodger fan, that just makes me more fun to be around… haha!!!

    There are many battles and fights each one of us will have in our lifetime… some more important to us than others…. For some people, this battle is really important to them, for others, me included, there are more important battles to fight, that have a direct affect on my life or my beliefs. It doesn’t mean I, or anyone else, love the Dodgers any more or less than anyone.

    I’m just happy they’re here… for now that’s good enough, and winning championships…that’s just the frosting on the cake.

  22. Ken says:

    Faith, Hope & Love

    To have all three of these directed toward the Dodgers is pure religion and will not do that. I will have a significant amount of Love and Hope for the Dodgers but Faith should be limited to Family, significant friends and the God that you choose to worship, if any. However, there will never be any Faith from me toward a mere team that I will never venerate.

    Last year I had hope that the Dodgers would reach the World Series. For 2010 I have hope that the Dodgers will reach the Wild Card. I have hope that the McCourts will do what is in the best interest of their maturing children and that the Dodgers will be sold within 2 years. I love the game of baseball and love the Dodger team but do not love some of their actions, either on the field, in the dugout, or in the boardroom.

    Happy Holidays to the Dodgers, their fans and the bloggers on this site that are sane.

  23. tdf says:

    Great post Badger, I agree with you on the CC, Halladay, Cliff Lee comments. I feel your pain. Why cant we get some of those players. This team is so close,this team is ready with all the young guys getting bette. All they need is pitching help. When the Phillies players started to play well, Howard,Utley,Rollins,ect. they got the help they needed to get to the next level. Why cant we?

  24. Harold says:

    Ken – I don’t have faith in the Dodgers. I don’t have a belief re: the Dodgers. I have emotions. I have a passion for baseball and for the Dodgers. I started following them in 1952. They broke my heart when they moved west but by then I was smitten, by Vin and Duke.It’s like I was a chicken and got imprinted by the Dodgers. I have an undying loyalty, one obviously that is never going to change. It will strengthen if anything as I soon reach three score and ten years. My loyalty never wavered even when we got the Expos in Canada and later the Blue Jays. I still love that Rick Monday homer.

    I realize the situation we are in. All posters on here do. Some get more upset by events than others. My take is that we are in a holding pattern for a couple of years. The ownership issue is indeed serious and could take that long to be totally resolved. That is, to know how well off we are financially and will be going forward under the same ownership. Secondly, we are in a straight jacket with $17M or so in deferred payments and $40M or so tied up with four aging players – Raffy, Casey, Manny and Kuroda. Most of that clears the books by the end of 2011. In 2012 we should have young veterans of our own, bright eyed kids and money.

    Do I like our situation? NO!! Would I like Halladay, Lee, Josh Johnson – YES!! We knew that couldn’t happen some time ago. It is frustrating that the Mariners, Orioles, Red Sox, Phillies, Yankees are strengthening and we can’t add an impact player. We are at the stage that we have a core of good young players and need to add to it from outside while some other youngsters mature to add to the mix. I really don’t like adding fringe players continually and hoping a couple with do unexpected things. But, that’s the way it is. In the meantime each Dodger fan has to deal with it in his or her own way. It would be easy to say, “Who gives a damn?” But, then we wouldn’t be Dodger fans.


  25. Jamie's Lovechild says:

    Mark, since we this topic was entitled “Horse”, can I expect to see a Tiger topic entitled “Whores”? Just curious.

  26. Roger Dodger says:

    The above bothers me as well. What I have added over the past several days and want to repeat it is this –

    If the situation does not change in the next six months to a year — I KNOW that some of our newer stars (Ethier, Kemp, etc.) will leave the Dodgers as soon as they can for the FA market or want to be traded away.

    It would hurt to see Kemp playing centerfield with the Angels or Cubs, or Phillies or Braves — to see Ethier in right field for the Red Sox or Yankees — to see Loney at first in some other uniform . . .

    Who is coming to the resquew? Where will the bleeding stop?

  27. Mark Timmons says:

    I don’t understand why Tigers’ wife is leaving him. I mean, no one is perfect and anyone could make a mistake and sleep with a few hundred women. I mean, what does she expect? It was just one mistake (make a few hundred times).*

    * We know about 10-20, so it is an exponential equation.

  28. Harold says:

    Roger – good point. That is a real concern. Ownership has to be seen as making a commitment to winning to hold players. I always wondered why we didn’t try to tie up some of our younger players a year or two ago. I guess the argument is that it wasn’t known how they would develop and it would be a risk. It seemed to me that signing old guys long term with hefty contracts is a greater risk that we have witnessed for the past 20 years. Andre Ethier will be the first to test the market and perhaps set a pattern in place. Hopefully there will at least be some light at the end of the tunnel by the end of 2010. I am concerned it may be 2011 as explained above.


  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Like I said earlier, I have no problem with the signing of Jamey Carroll, who I believe will be a reliable player off the bench. I do not think that he will end up in some sort of platoon at 2B, although he could see some playing time there, and at 3B also. He’s been a solid player for lot of years, and is, I believe at little younger than Loretta was last year. As for Loretta, I liked that signing as well. Prior to last season he had hit .314, .335, .280, ..285, .287, and .280 respectively, in the 6 years prior to 2009. Obviously, things didn’t turn out as expected.

    And the numerous minor league contracts handed out were business as usual this time of year.

    If Belliard is signed, that would point to a platoon at 2B. The signing of Felipe Lopez would be a sign that it will be deja vu all over again for DeWitt, or he would see time filling in at 2B and 3B, or he could become trade bait.

    There was a time when I had reservations about Colletti. That’s not so much the case anymore. I have confidence in Colletti, as well as Logan White and DeJon Watson. All of them, however, will continue to have their hands tied as long as the McCourts (either one or both of them) owns the team. To me, the best personnel move the Dodgers could make would be to rid themselves of the penurious McCourts. Only then will we really know how competent, or incompetent, the above cited threesome actually are.

    It appears that not offering arbitration to Wolf and Hudson was financially motivated, either to save money in arbitration or to avoid getting costly draft picks. In both cases, arbitration likely would have been offered if we had an owner willing to spend on building a championship caliber team. It fits the McCourt profile, in which young, promising players like Carlos Santana and Tony Abreu were included in deals to avoid paying Blake and Garland.

    I have confidence that we can be competitive, and possibly even achieve a championship in the year ahead, if only because I believe our young players will continue to grow into their potential. My confidence would receive a huge boost if the team was sold to a deep pocketed owner bent on bringing us a winner.

  30. Badger says:

    You guys brought your A game today. Good discussion.

    I would like to believe Carroll was signed as a utility player. But, I also agree with Brooklyn’s take on it. With DeWitt as the starting second baseman, I got a feeling we are going to see a lot of Carroll there. In fact, Carroll in all likelihood is better at this stage. I don’t see a platoon. If DeWitt is ready to start, he should be in there everyday. If he isn’t, then send him to AAA – like we did Loney. If he tears it up, he is brought back. If he doesn’t, then maybe it’s time to consider sending him someplace he can play and get another bag of those PTBNL doughnuts.

    If we were to land Lopez, which I am betting against, then he is the starter and Carroll becomes Loretta and DeWitt is used in trade for an arm. Loretta was a .285 hitter until he came to the Dodgers. I don’t know why, but L.A. seems to be where a lot of bats come to die. I don’t see Carroll improving on his .270 career avg.. I’ll pencil him in right now at .260, with no more than 300 ab’s and put 100 push-ups on it.

    I too share the fear that unless we get McShortpockets out of the owners suite, our young stars will indeed end up in Philadelphia, New York or Boston and who could blame them. All of these guys are playing for the big pay day and they don’t care where it comes from.

    “penurious McCourts” – good one.

    I like Frankie “No-Nickels” McImpecunious myself.

  31. Roger Dodger says:

    right now, the Dodgers are #28 in the June 2010 draft order. Washington is #1.

    If Hudson & Wolf were on the list, and taken by another team, and the Dodgers had several extra picks above #28 — that could have meant some $3,000,000 to $6,000,000 to $8,000,000 per player the Dodgers might have selected.

    Right now, McCourt could not afford that (from what I gather).

    As to our core of players leaving if things do not change for the better in ownership and club funds — their agents WILL TELL THEM to test the market. Especially if: Ethier thinks that a team like the Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs, Atlanta, etc. needs a right or left fielder — and would pay them big bucks with several years lock-up — they will walk.

    Kemp the same, Kershaw the same. They will all want to play for an org. on the continual rise and they feel wanted.

    Also, there is always the chance that a high draft choice will not sign and stay school — thus the pick goes un-signed.

  32. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Frankie “No-Nickels” McImpecunious is a better one.

    I just read a piece in the Sporting News naming untouchable prospects. While Dee Gordon was on the list as the Dodgers’ untouchable, the two players headlined were the Pirates’ Pedro Alvarez, and our once very own Carlos Santana. Santana was the Eastern League MVP in 2009. The article goes on to say that “…the trade [for Blake] could prove to be a steal for Cleveland. ‘He’s been everything our pro scouts said he would be and then some’ says …the Indians’ director of player development. ‘He’s beyond talented.’” In reference to the trade that sent Victor Martinez to Boston, the article said that “…once Santana gains enough experience behind the plate {remember, he was converted from 3B], Indians fans will ask, ‘Victor who?’”

    Not only would our parsimonious pr_ _k owner (sorry for the vulgarity) not have been willing to pay Halladay’s salary, but any chance we may have had to get him was decreased by the willingness of the Dodgers to part with promising young players like Santana and Abreu in order to save a few bucks. And even without that scenario, wouldn’t it have been nice to have Santana waiting in the wings behind Russell Martin, and Abreu possibly being our solution at 2B. We lost both talent and trade chips, all for a few measly million dollars; less, in fact, than the minor market Pirates gave Pedro Alvarez as a signing bonus ($6 million).

  33. Badger says:

    Well put Brooklyn. The good teams just don’t give away blue chips for players like Blake when they really don’t have to. Just another reason I don’t trust FranknFred. And I am still stinging from Casey’s 2 for 19 and 1 RBI NLCS stats. And the douchebag in me is still pissed that he cost me 100 push-ups.

    Now, if the Dodgers had won the Championship, and The Foundation was voted World Series MVP, it would have been a great move. But it would appear that for some time now, nearly all the Dodger moves have been made from a poor financial footing.

    You got it right Roger. With the direction this team is heading, how many of our young players will we be able to afford?

    Jamey Carroll, that’s a Sabean move. Carroll, salary dumps and deferred money. We are looking more and more like the Giants, only maybe worse.

    Jon Link:

  34. Roger Dodger says:

    Not just afford, Badger. I don’t think they will want to say around. They will want to play in a winning org. and for a winning attitude by the owner/s, staff, and other players.

    Heck, players talk. And our younger guys have been talking together from A Ball, to AA Ball, to AAA Ball, and now in the majors.

  35. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Not only might we not be able to afford (i.e., be unwilling to pay) our young players, but it’s possible we could ultimately lose Logan White, given that he could become disenchanted with whatever measly budget he’s given to sign draftees and international prospects, and with ownership’s willingness to ship away his best prospects for the baseball equivalent of chump change. He might also prefer to work for an ownership that actually appreciates his input, and is willing to pay him top dollar for it.

  36. Roger Dodger says:

    Hey Brooklyn, I hear you. And loosing White and others in the system due to ownership’s problem — can take years to come back strong. Some of the minor league coaching folks could leave for better offers, etc.

    All of this because MLB/owners let the McCourts purchase the Dodgers to see if they could keep their marriage together. And it did not work.

    MLB/owners need to “force” the McCourts out and find new $$$$$$$$$$$$ with another or others.

    I have $1,500 to become a minor partner. Anyone else willing to step up to the plate and put up some more money to be a minor partner (owner)?????

  37. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    What follows is from the article on the Dodger website concerning Jamey Carroll.

    “The Indiana native has hit .284 in his career against left-handers while batting .348 (32-for-92) as a pinch-hitter. Since getting called up to the big leagues in 2002, his average as a pinch-hitter is the best in baseball over that time (minimum 100 plate appearances).”

    As I’ve noted before, I think he’s a nice pick-up, but certainly not a major difference maker.

    Maybe some of the other major owners are glad to have the impecunious McCourts running the show in LA. Less competition for them. Really, MLB should be embarrassed to have allowed such a highly leveraged sale. Whatever guidelines they had were not stringent enough. Whatever the case, maybe the court decision on ownership that is expected to be handed down at beginning of June will serve as a trigger for the sale of the team. If the team is determined to be co-owned by both McCourts, then perhaps running the team becomes next to impossible, with the only solution being a sale that divides the proceeds. In that case the net proceeds would likely be substantial enough to support both of their lifestyles. And if it’s Frankie that wins, he might want to clean-up with a nice profit on his investment.

    Whatever the case, we need a new owner. The sooner the better.

  38. Jim D. says:

    Old Colt fan from Baltimore days here, Mark. Followed the Colts to Indy, where I worked on race cars out at the Speedway for the 500, in the 70′s & 80′s. It felt like the Colts moved home, I was in Indy so much.
    If onlt the Dodgers could get baseball’s version of Bill Polian for GM, and a winner like Peyton as the star of the team.
    GO Colts – GO Dodgers

  39. Mark Timmons says:


    I live about 4 miles from the Speedway. 1 Mile from Indianapolis Raceway Park (now O’Reilly Raceway Park).

    I was a die-hard Miami Dolphin fan until the Jimmie Johnson Era and when Dan Marino retired, I became a Colts fan. That was before they were good.

    What the Colts have accomplished this decade has never been accomplished in any sport. Their run in the 2000′s is nothing short of incredible.


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