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Dateline – October 4, 2010

Dateline – October 4, 2010

dodgersLos Angeles, CA- Going into the 2010 season, who knew that Clayton Kershaw would have his breakout season in 2010?  The unassuming, mild-mannered Texas kid is a solid condidate for the Cy Young Award with his 21-8 record and 3.09 ERA.  Chad Billingsley figures to get a few votes along with Jon Broxton.  Billingsley with his 18-12 record and 3.34 ERA rebounded nicely from an up and down 2009.  His 234 Innings Pitched led the Dodgers.   Jon Broxton was lights-out all season after mastering the change-up, and had 57 saves to go with his 1.97 ERA.   Clayton Kershaw was the leader of a Dodgers staff which had 4 starters with 10 or more wins:  Kershaw with 21, Billingsley with 18, Kuroda with 15 and Haeger with 12.  Scott Elbert finished with 9 wins. 

As a side note, James McDonald, Josh Lindblom, Hong-chih Kuo and Ronnald Belisario joined Jon Broxton as the only bullpen history with an ERA below 2.00.

… and then I woke up!

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8 Responses to “Dateline – October 4, 2010”

  1. Roger Dodger says:

    Yesterday, Mark, you printed that your crystal ball sees DeWitt hitting 19 HRs.

    Now, he has just above 400 total ABs in the major leagues. Hit 9 HRs one year. and a total of 11 in his very short career.

    Is that wishful thinking? Is that to try and push him? 19 major league HRs is a bunch.

    If he does, then maybe he needs to be voted: most improved player in the N.L.

    Or, sleeper of the year. Or, MVP. Or, a sure first ballot into the Hall in 20 some years from now. Or, comeback player of the year

    19 major leagues HRs is a bunch.

    Or is he the new Roger Maris?

  2. Ken says:


    An LLC is usually the best entity for a company with a lot of real estate. The sale of an LLC member unit allows for the increase in tax basis of both the member ownership interest and the inside assets. That is not true of either a C-Corp or an S-Corp. Some professionals are of the opinion that if a professional advices a client to place real estate inside a corporation that professional has committed malpractice.

    Mark – And I guesss the 2010 bullpen won at least 20 games and blew zero save attempts while the 5 relievers usually pitched 3-4 days in a row and the starters always went 7 innings.

  3. Badger says:

    Thanks Ken. How many billable hours was that?

    I knew Kershaw had it in him. But, I was’t expecting those numbers until he was around 26. Congrats to him on his Cy Young award. And, congrats to Matt Kemp for his National League MVP Award. And to Broxton for the Closer of the Year Award. And Ethier, Raffy, and Kemp for Silver Slugger Award, Joe Torre for Manager of the Year – and to Mark Timmons of L.A. Dodgertalk goes the Blog of the Year Award for predicting these events.

    Congratulations to all!

    And the Oddity of the Year Award will go to the entire Dodger team for stepping up and having team career years in the midst of such front office turmoil.

    OK back to work. We have guests coming for tofu scramble and garlic rosemary grilled potatoes, fakin’ bacon and fresh squeezed o.j.. Life is good here in the Sedona.

  4. Badger says:

    Allrighty then. We are done.

    But, I understand you cook books too? We can talk about that later.

    I just heard a rumor that the Dodgers have made some internal hires that are actually good gnuz.

    oops, Mark just posted it. So, there you are.

  5. steevo17 says:

    I like the optimism Mark. One minor adjustment, in my opinion is needed…

    Kershaw and Billingsley should be reversed as far their 2010 stats. I really think Bills is ready for a breakout season. He’s at the age which is most likely, as opposed to Kershaw. Plus he has to be intent on redeeming himself over his lack of production and consequent demotion last season. I look for Bills to return to his rightful spot at the top of the Dodger rotation.

    Kershaw will continue to grow and while I would not be surprised at 18+ wins, I don’t expect it for two very big reasons: #1 – I think the front office will restrict his innings again this year, and most likely the next 2 years, to 150-175 IP. This makes sense because of his tender age. He should not be extended at any cost in my opinion. #2 – I don’t think he’s ready for a breakout year anyways. The production we received this season was a great gift, but he still very young and inexperienced. To place such lofty expectations on a 22 year old is unrealistic.

    Although…Fernando was only 21 in 1982 and went 19-12 with a 2.87 ERA, while pitching 285 innings (WOW!) in 37 starts. I can’t see Kershaw recreating that type of season, but it could happen.

    Keep up the great posts everybody, this is the best Dodger fan site anywhere. Happy Holidays to everyone.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    This is the “hot stove” time of the year. And Mark sees the hot stats for next year — and they are always glowing. Nothing wrong in that.

    I see Ethier hitting .300 or more next year. Mark does not because he still cannot get over Andre developing faster and better than Martin. Oh, the struggles within one’s soul.

    So Mark talks Ethier down and Martin up. That is okay, because this is “hot stove” time.

  7. Jdavis says:

    Ethier is not a .300 hitter, even if he bats 3rd in the lineup.


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