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Baseball Winter Meetings In Indianapolis

Baseball Winter Meetings In Indianapolis

Indy-SkylineThe Baseball Winter Meetings are being held in Indianapolis beginning on Monday, December 7th thru Thursday, December 10th.  While MLB would not issue me a credential, I will be there and hopefully get lucky.   The only thing that credentials really do is get you inside the interview room when there are news conferences. I can still walk all over the hotel where everything is going on without a problem and report on all that’s going on. Usually, agents or GMs just stop in the hallways and talk to people and I will be right there.  I have one purpose at these meetings – I would like to get a feel of what is really happening with the Dodgers… and I will! 

Ken made a good point yesterday that maybe the Dodgers had a verbal agreement with Wolf and Hudson that they would not offer them arbitration.  That could be a possibility.  I’ll try and find out.  Besides, who should the Dodgers really try and get?   Halladay?  Lackey?  Martinez?  Wolf?  It would take a lot to get Lackey or Halladay and either one is a prospect for arm and/or injury issues.  I am almost of the opinion that we sign Padilla andor Wolf IFthe market is soft and they don’t get better deals elsewhere.  Then, try and get some pitchers line Noach Lowery, Eric Milton, Jeff Weaver, et al for insurance.

I’d sooner see the Dodgers get a power hitter for 2B than spend to get Halladay or Lackey.  I may be crazy, but I would not be afraid to go into the season with Kershaw our #1, Billingsley and Kuroda battling for #2 and Haeger as our #5.  Then, let Elbert, McDonald, Troncoso, Lindblom and other battle for the #4 spot.  Something good will come out of that bunch.  You have to bank on internal growth by your young players.  Shoot, I wouldn’t mind a platoon of Jamie Carroll and Blake DeWitt at 2B or maybe try Adrian Beltre at 2B – he’s an excellent athlete.  Think about it!  We’d have power at the position.

I am most concerned about locking up Kemp, Ethier, Kersahw and Billingsley long term.  Are the Dodgers willing to do that?  We have a plethora of pitching prospects who are a yera or so away – trading for a vet who could have arms issue is felony stupid – witness the Jason Schmidt Debacle.

At any rate, I’ll be at the meeting and I’ll be reporting what I see and hear – or maybe I’ll report half of what I see and none of what I hear…

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  1. Harold says:

    Good hunting Mark. “I will be there and hopefully get lucky.” Mark that sounds like Tiger talk. LOL.

    As other guys have mentioned, my passion for the Dodgers started in 1952 will never be aimed even momentarily at another team. I guess it is like a baptism that took, baptised by Vin and Duke.

    I am concerned this year at our direction, which we could figure out the past few years. This year, the whole plan is disguised in the divorce proceedings. I hope you can find out what the plan is, or maybe it is day by day like a nagging injury. I fully expect it is as simple as we have few dollars beyond signing our arbitration eligible players. A few to sign guys as we did last year who were left over, hoping to find a few nuggets again.

    I am more than OK with a starting staff being baptised in fire. That is, as you wrote about above – Clayton, Bills, Kuroda, (Lindblom, Haegar, Elbert). I think Troncoso will be in relief again. I am expecting Elbert to blossom this year as they turn him loose. I also think it is time to give Blake Dewitt a shot, or trade him where he might get a chance to play. Give him a chance to follow the bouncing ball rather than being it.

    In the back of my mind is the thought that maybe we are playing a waiting game longer than February or March. That is, conserving some bucks for the trade deadline and getting a chance to more closely observe our young pitchers for a few months. That would help us see who has progressed at the MLB level (Lindlom, Elbert, Haegar, McDonald). Also what the pecking order is in the minors – Withrow, Eovaldi, Miller, Martin, Gould, etc. We have arms coveted by other teams. We just need to know who are definite keepers and who might be used to acquire, hopefully, a young rotation guy if need be by then or 2B if need be. I do expect JP to be traded for an overpriced end of rotation guy. Not that I want him traded. I would like for him to get to play regularly somewhere.

    We may be in the position where we have to really continue the youth movement with an experienced bench to back them up. It’s the uncertainty of not knowing that bothers me.


  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    I agree with you about Halladay and Lackey. Also, in Halladay’s case, the cost in players and money would likely be greater than the benefit gained. Halladay would tie up resources that could better be spread around to add additional pieces, and if he did not perform up to expectations or got injured, he could turn out to be an albratross for years to come. Kevin Brown, Darren Dreifort, and Jason Schmidt all immediately come to mind. In the case of Lackey, besides the risk of injury (for which he has some history), there’s the probability that he’s going to command a contract in dollars and years that exceeds his actual worth. He’s been a very good pitcher, but an ACE he is NOT.

    As for another pitcher that we could get, the names you mention are all viable (and questionable) at the right price. And I’m sure there are other options as well. One or two of our younger pitchers could also step up, or perhaps there’s a sleeper out there none of us has thought, or even heard of. Maybe a starting version of Ronald Belisario.

    I’m not sure why you’re content with Haeger at #5. I’d prefer to see him lumped with the pitchers battling for a spot. Fact is, even Kuroda gives me pause, given that he will be 35, and ended last season with a bulging disk in his neck.

    At 2B, barring a favorable acquisition, I wouldn’t mind a platoon of DeWitt and Ivan DeJesus (if he’s fully recovered). I’d rather give DeJesus a shot than a 36 year old with Pierre-like power, sans the speed. Aside from HRs, Carroll produces a paucity of extra base hits. I wouldn’t even mind bringing back Belliard to platoon with DeWitt. Beltre at 2B seems a stretch. Even if he is athletically inclined, his unfamiliarity with the position could be an issue (unless you know something that I don’t). Moving Casey Blake in a deal and signing Beltre for 3B works for me. Whether or not it’s realistic is another matter.

    Also, in a variation of your previous suggestion about including Pierre in a deal to the Reds, I would welcome a deal that sent Pierre staight-up to the Reds for Bronson Arroyo and/or Aaron Harang. Expanding the deal to include Brandon Phillips could also work. In any case, in the event you should become a Reds fan, you would at least have a familiar face to root for (SMILE!!!).

    I look forward to your reports from the meetings.

  3. Ken says:

    Mark – Any truth that eliminates the speculation would be helpful. However, I believe that little will be revealed until next year.

    Sign Wolf and 4 bench players, and hire some better coaches to help improve the skills of the current players.

  4. Harold says:

    Check out this rumor Mark.

    There is one other rumor swirling around out there on the way to Indianapolis that might be worth mentioning. It only further points out that you never know what might happen at these meetings, is talk about a trade with the Detroit Tigers. The Dodgers getting Edwin Jackson and Miguel Cabrera for Juan Pierre, James Loney, Raphael Furcal and James McDonald. You might wonder why we would give up Furcal but apparently there is Dee Gordon who is ready to step in at short and it would mean a deal that would be a blockbuster bringing the Dodgers pitching and a power hitter that could play third or first base.


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