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What’s On The Horizon?

What’s On The Horizon?
The Top 10 - In No Particular Order

The Top 10 - In No Particular Order





I have no clue where this “Debacle in the Ravine will take us, but I’d say Jamie does not have the upper hand.   No, I’m not going to speculate on who we will sign and who we won’t or who we should trade.  Today, I just want to do some “farming.”  Let’s take a look at the Dodgers top prospects.

I have to chuckle every time I see a “TOP TEN PROSPECT LIST.”  Let’s get real.  Who really knows?   Is a he a #1 or a #7?  It’s mostly BS.   Then I see someone come out with a TOP 30 or a TOP 50!  PLEASE!  GET A LIFE!   What you write are just guesses.  Pick ten and let it go.  Stats and all the analysis in the world can’t take the place of a good set of eyes.  I have ten  Dodger prospects who really impress me and if it were eleven, it would be my “Top Eleven”  list.  This year it’s ten.  Count ‘em 10!  Feel free to disagree and tell me who should or shouldn’t be included.

Ranking these players is a crap-shoot at best as most of the players are at different stages of development.  Does TOP 10 mean “Top Right Now” or  “Highest Ceiling?”  What way do you look at it?  I mean, why rank them in order when you are ALWAYS going to be wrong somehow?

TOP TEN PROSPECTS  – In No Particular Order”

Aaron Miller LHP – He has a 93-94 MPH fastball, with an 83 MPH Slider which could be his best pitch.  He struggled in AA, but he is highly thought of by the Dodger Braintrust.  He’s on the fast track and could possibly get a “cup of coffee” next year, depending upon his progress.  He is young and bound to get better, much better (what does it mean when someone says he has a “project-able body?”)  I see him in the Dodgers’ rotation in 2011.  If I “project” that, will it happen?

Andrew Lambo LH/LF -  More power than Andre Ethier.  Some feel he regressed this year, but there are a variety of factors at play.  Blake DeWitt struggled at A and AA before being successful in the majors the very next year.  This is a 6′ 3″ 21 year-old kid who is “adjusting” and has a lot of maturing to do.   I think he’s our LF of the future, but I don’t know if he can make it by the time Manny moves on.  We will find out more next year.  He’ll probably start at AA again, where he hit .256 with 11 HR , 39 doubles and 61 RBI.   He had a .311 OB% and OPS’d only .717, but he struck out only 1 out of 5 times and that pretty good for a free-swinger with a BIG SWING.  Watch this guy.  I think he’s a potential 35-40 HR guy! 

UPDATE:  Lambo is hitting .404 in the AFL with 2 HR and 11 RBI

Garrett Gould -RHPIt’s not often I include a guy from a Rookie League, but this guy tops out at 94 MPH, with a knee-buckling curve-ball and has a very high ceiling.  He’s raw, but talented, and I would say he could make the majors in late 2011.  He could also be a total bust, but his stuff is too good to ignore

Charlie Haeger  - RHP – I believe he can be a solid #5, with his knuckler.  He is a solid prospect.  What more is there to say?   He’s the best knuckleball prospect since Tim Wakefield.  He could be a real inning-eater for the Dodgers.  He will be 27 and could easily throw 200+ innings.  Don’t forget that he pitched in a real hitters league last year and went 11-6 with a 3.55 ERA and had 4 complete games!  He’s been around and I would not be afraid to have him start 2010 as our #5. 

Dee GordonThis kid will be our starting SS in 2 years.  Yeah, hes raw, but he’s the closest thing to a “sure All-Star” that we have.  Think “Jimmy Rollins with more speed.”  He has the “Star Swagger” and he moves with so much ease. 

Josh Lindblom - RHP – Is he a closer or #3?  The Dodgers will have to decide.  I think he would be an exceptional closer, but I also think he’s a nice #3 or #4.  I guess it depends upon what happens with J-Brox.  Decide!  He can make the team in 2010 as a reliever.  If they decide to make him a starter, he’s another year away. 

Nathan EovaldiRHPNate has a 92-93 MPH natural sinking fastball that makes him a possible #2 stater.  He’s very young, very raw and very talented.  I can’t get a read yet on his mental makeup.  That’s what will make all the difference, but his talent warrants a TOP 10.

Ethan MartinRHP - Great arm – great hitter.  Will he continue pitching?  This kid has a live arm and can make the majors as a pitcher or a 3B.  He’s a TOP 10 either way.  I say that “tongue-in-cheek” as he is already down the pitching road, but I still think he could make it as a 3B!

Scott Elbert - LHP - Scott needs to regain the  2-4 MPH he lost on his fastball (after surgery) or he will just be a journeyman.  I rate him a TOP 10 because I think if the Dodgers keep him in the pen, he’ll throw 95-96 and be an excellent late-inning reliever.   However, he HAS to re-gain that lost MPH or he’s toast!

Ivan DeJesus, Jr. RH/2B - A broken leg cost him all the 2009 season.  I don’t think he has the range to be a SS, but he’s big enough to develop the power to be a 2B – a very good one.   He would have plus range, good speed and hopefully be a 15-20 HR player in a year or two.   He’s 5’11″ and should be 190-200 lbs. when mature.  He could compete for a job at 2B in 2010, but Hu and DeWitt are ahead of him. 

We have a lot of other good young players in the minors, and I will name but a few:  Chin-lung Hu ( I see him as a utilityman), Chris Withrow (I’ll catch flack on this one, but he can go either way-I am not a fan, but he can still “show me” – if I were to have a TOP 11, he would be on it), Kyle Russell (pure raw power, but I remain unconvinced – he has a shot however), James Atkins (he has isssues, but looks fragile),  Tony Delmonico and Austin Gallagher  (who knows?),  Trayvon Robinson (interesting), Lucas May and AJ Ellis (backups, both) and Javy Gurerra (maybe).  I have omitted the players at Rookie Ball for the reason that you never know.  Jerry Sands?  Forget about him!

Here’s a sleeper – Nick Buss (LH-CF).

P.S.  Technically, Haeger and Elbert may not be rookies (I didn’t look it up), but they are for my purposes.  Of course, James McDonald is no longer a rookie either.


  • It has occurred to me that the reason Joe Torre benched Orlando Hudson in the playoffs is so that he would would be angry and refuse arbitration from the Dodgers (that would enable us to get our draft pick back). 
  • Randy Wolf HAS to be offered arbitration
  • Garland?  Who knows?  We have a #5 in Haeger!
  • Travis Schlichting is being groomed as a starter in the AFL – he logged 4 innings on 10/29/09
  • Russ Mitchell is absolutely tearing up the AFL – this guy will be a career minor leaguer or a “Matt Stairs-type player.”  Watch!
  • This McCourt stuff reeks!  I have supported Frank McCourt in the past, but now I just wish that him and Jamie would both just go away.

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19 Responses to “What’s On The Horizon?”

  1. lawdog says:

    We won’t pick up Garland’s option. As part of the deal his old team already agreed to pay his”walking money”. Do you think he’s worth $10 million? Maybe we could negotiatge a ndew deal for him at more like $6 million–but I like Charlie Haeger and Vincente Padilla personally. Hopefully we resign Wolfman–he had ace stuff last year, and if C-Note gets hnis head straight, he and Kurveshaw both have the potential to be “aces” if they “mature” this off season as we expect.

    Kurveshaw needs to work on his change up and cutter or slider–whatever that gimpy 83 mph pitch is that he throws with a lot of “hang” right now. Broxton needs to perfect the splitter and forget his hanging slider. C-Bills just needs to screw his head on straight. If all these things come to pass, we’ll do fine with Haeger as our #5.

    I liked your list Mover.

    • Ken says:

      Great Post and great review of post.

      After reading about the highly leveraged financial postion of the McCourts and their excessive lifestyle I say MLB should treat them like the NFL treated Russ Limbaugh. I predict that they will receive an IRS audit notice prior to the first day of spring training.

  2. Mr. Mike says:

    It certainly is refreshing to actually talk On the field stuff. Turn Ethan into a 3rd baseman. We haven’t really had a 3rd baseman since Ron Cey, unless you want to count ABs one season, no offense Mark, but I have had a Wilson Ron Cey model glove[ well used ] that dates back to 1974 in the Pearl Harbor softball league[we won]. Anyway like I always say, its better to grow your own. In Logan I trust. P.S. In what Batman sequel does Ron Cey get to play the role of the “Penguin?”, come on this is Hollywood

  3. Ken says:

    Congress should add to the anti-trust exemption that the baseball post-season must end before the start of November, or before Halloween, or the change from daylight savings time.

    The Dodgers had better invest in their minor league system since they probably can no longer afford free agents.

    I will give Torre the benefit of the doubt and presume that he benched Hudson on orders from above.

    Mark – Do you know if Travis has ever started as a professional at any level prior to this year?

  4. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Some guy posted on a message board I read, that the Dodgers and Indians agreed to the Cliff Lee deal, but it fell through after the McCourts wouldn’t pay his salary and insisted the Indians pick it up.. Have you guys read or heard anything about that?

    Also, I believe Carlos Santana will be an average to below average major leaguer. I don’t care how he’s doing in the minors. He’ll be a Paul Bako type once he gets to the show.

  5. Mark Timmons says:


    Travis Schlichting only has 147 total professional innings of pitching, as he was converted to pitching in 2006. He played 1B and 3B before that. He started 3 games in AZ this year, but it was more about controlling his back rehab than starting. I think the 4 innings he pitched in the AFL may be his longest stint.


    That would not surprise me if the deal fell through because of that. On Santana – Paul Bako never hit like Santana and he played in the same league. Bako was good defensively. I don’t know how good of a catcher Santana will be, but I think the kid will be a very good hitter.

    I don’t put everything into stats, but in 2008, Santana hit 21 HR with 117 RBI, with a .999 OPS at Class A and then hit 23 HR with 97 RBI while OPSing .943 at Class AA. That kind of hitting tells me he’s probably a hitter.

  6. Ken says:

    Mark – Thank you! Any rumors about other relievers trying to become starters, i.e. Troncoso, either in winter ball or this coming spring training?

    Go Heager! If Ned signs Milton to a guaranteed contract then we will all know the bleak future of the Dodgers.

    Just think Buy v. Build when wondering about the Dodger management philisophy and about who will be the players on future Dodger teams.

  7. lawdog says:

    Franks problem is that when they divided the property so he could keep the team, she got the real estate in return. Since then, real estate has gone into the shitter and the value of the tram keeps going up. Naturally Jamie wants the team. It’s worth twice as much as what she got in the agreement. If she gets it you can count on Georgia Rosenbloom and the LA Rams all over again. She’ll probably require the players to come sit in her office when they are not on the field so she can dress them with little fru-fru dresses and make them walk around with broomsticks up their butts.

  8. Ty says:

    I agree. Top 30 or Top 50 is crazy but a Top 10-20 is very useful. There isn’t much difference from a third ranked prospect and an eight ranked prospect but there’s a difference between a third ranked prospect and a 18th ranked one. There are always exceptions but ranking prospects to a certain degree can be pretty accurate.

  9. Blue Haze says:

    ST. Louis Dodgers just doesn’t sound right.

  10. Badger says:

    ldawg, wouldn’t it make better sense to both of them to just sell the team? Neither can buy the other out without the real estate money and that isn’t going to happen – they can’t sell it and they likely would have difficulty getting that much money out of a refi. What a mess.

    Plaschke is right about these people.,0,4256482.column?page=1

    I wasn’t sold on them as owners and many of you will remember I told you their ownership had some bad juju about it from the very beginning.

    They need to go away, the sooner the gooder.

  11. lawdog says:

    Actually, if Frank can enforce the provisions of the agreement, which I hear had all the “T”s crossed and “I”s dotted, he could wind up with the team and Jamie end up with everything else. If they were both represented by independent counsel, odds are the court will Jamie it down Jamie’s throat, so to speak. If the court feels she entered into the agreement without adequate counsel or because of undue influence (unlikely if she had independent counsel which is the first thing Frank’s lawyer would make sure she had if he’s competent) then the team could be split or sold.

    In the case of the latter, I imagine the league would put pressure on the McCourt’s to sell the team. If they don’t, dual ownership will destroy the Dodgers.

    • Ken says:

      In re Marriage of Bonds. 24 Cal. 4th 1, 5 P. 3d 815 (2000)

      Sun had advanced knowledge of the meaning and intent of the prenuptial agreement. Barry Bonds prior to the agreement suggested that Sun retain independent counsel for the matter, which she refused. The California Supreme Court found that Sun had signed the agreement voluntarily even though she had no independent counsel. Held for Barry.

  12. DRomo says:

    The good news is that worst case scenario the Dodgers get sold and the expensive players get sold off, the core of this team is young and very affordable even with the raises they may get. I just hope this gets straightened out sooner than later…as doubtful as that may seem!

  13. lawdog says:

    I can’t see this being “resolved quickly”. Even if the court ruled quickly in Frank’s favor, with this much money at stake you know it’s going up on appeal. And Jamie is going to act like a horses ass through the whole thing.

  14. lawdog says:

    This likely going to be a “fight to the death of their collected fortune” and the Dodgers are caught in the middle of the fight like they were between two vices pressing as hard as possible against each other. The team will likely end “blown up”.

  15. GoNzO says:

    Mark I sent you an email with the info you wanted. Did you receive it?


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