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The Opposite of Love Is Not Hate

The Opposite of Love Is Not Hate
  • I think that Frank and Jamie McCourt need to learn that hate is not the opposite of love, because right about now they are loving to hate each other.   When you get to
    His Game IS Over...

    His Game IS Over...

    apathy,  then you are at the opposite of love.  Look, I don’t know who did what to whom… and I don’t care.  Move along.  Get on with your lives and quit acting like idiots.  It’s all very boring to most of us.

  • Old friend Jonathan Figueora died at age 26 of lupus, according to Diamond Leung.  You just never know…
  • Diamond Leung also reports that Eric Gagne wants to come back – maybe with the Dodgers and that he’d be open to a minor league deal.  Well, I’d sign him to that and it  sounds nice, but Game Over’s game is over!  Too bad!
  • I don’t put much stock in the George Sherrill for Edwin Jackson rumor, although the Dodgers would do that in a second.  I can’t see the Tigers doing it straight up.  I’d trade James McDonald AND Sherrill for Jackson in a heartbeat!
  • Ditto on the AJ Ellis for Alberto Callaspo.  Why would KC do that?  I doubt that AJ Ellis can hit .150 in the majors, and even I can run faster than him.
  • Scout Mitch Webster left the Dodgers to become scouting director for the KC Royals. 
  • Randy Wolf wants to come back to LA.  He’s just not sure that LA wants him.
  • The Dodgers have to offer arbitration to Hudson and Wolf or they are felony stupid!
  • The Dodgers next ace is already on the roster, and the answer is… Kershaw or Billingsley
  • In the AFL, Russ Mitchell is OPS’ing  1.034 and Lucas May is at 1.008.  Andrew Lambo is solid, but not spectacular, as is Trayvon RobinsonEric Krebs, Travis Schlichting and Javy Guerra have been solid – I’ll have a report on the entire season after it is over.  Russ Mitchell can be a utilityman (Matt Stairs?) in a year or two…. maybe.  Can anyone tell me why Justin Sellers is on the team?  Why?
  • True Blue LA’s Phil Gurnee has a nice interview with De Jon Watson and mentions Ivan DeJesus, Jr., Josh Lindblom, Andrew Lambo, Ethan Martin, Aaron Miller, Chuck Tiffany, Tony Delmonico, Kyle Russell, Austin Gallagher and others.  I enjoy those kinds of interviews and put a lot of stock in them.  Sometimes you have to read between the lines, but I hate reading reports that say “he projects to be a blah, blah, blah.”    You might as well say, “it’s a W.A.G!”
  • Do you think the Dodger’s Owners divorce and all the rest of the stuff will affect free agents?  If you do, you underestimate how good this team really is and how other playes want to join the Dodgers, because they are winners.   They want to be part of a winning team.   The sky is not falling.
  • I do not look for a lot of Free Agent signings early anyway.  The trade maket has a glut of players and there will be a lot of trades in my opinion.  I could see guys like Hudson and Wolf lasting until March.  Then again, who knows?
  • As a kid, Mark Cuban was a Dodger fan.  I’m just saying…


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8 Responses to “The Opposite of Love Is Not Hate”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I would also trade McDonald and Sherrill for Jackson.

    A.J. Ellis for Callaspo is a different story. I admit to have never seen Callaspo (except briefly when he was with Arizona), but from what I’ve read, he’s a mediocre second baseman with poor range. Ellis on the other hand, despite what you say, has had two solid back to back years. Hit .321 with a .436 OBP in 2008 and .314 with a .438 OBP in 2009. He threw out 43% of baserunners in 2008, and 29% in 2009. Seems like he might be a more than capable backup. And unless I could flip Callaspo in another deal, he doesn’t seem to be the second baseman we need, at least not defensively.

    I’ll take Mark Cuban or any other deep pocketed owner with a passion to win.

  2. Badger says:

    Moneyball. Jedball. That’s how it will be done until further notice.

    Jackson is arbitration eligible for the next two years. He made $2.2 mil this year, so, he would be one of the most affordable pitchers the Tigers have. Why would they trade him? And if they did, does anyone really believe the Dodgers are in a position to make them the best offer for him? Teams will line up to get to an arb eligible 26 year old pitcher coming off his best year.

    Sherrill had a one year contract. What happens with him?

    I think I agree with Mark about Ellis for Callaspo. Why would K.C. do that? A .300 hitter for a minor leaguer?

    I could easily see a salary dump of Pierre and Lambo backing up in lf. Sure he should be playing everyday, but, Pierre costs $10 million and we are still paying drujones $3.2M. DeWitt at 2b, arbitration to Hudson and Wolf (Sherrill?) they will leave and the Dogs will be compensated. We can probably afford raises to Kemp, Ethier, Martin and Loney so hopefully they all stay. If not, trading Ethier would get the Dodgers 3 good prospects. (take a look at the Dodgers one year contracts)

    Who knows how this team will get salary down to around $75 million but Jed has his work cut out for him. With Manny back (and in shape) and our young corps still around, we have an opportunity to at least be competitive in the NL West. Frand ‘n Fred have to try to figure out a way to get 3 million people to show up next year.

    Oh this is a difficult time and an impossible situation to try to figure out. All we can do as fans is sit and watch as other teams make their moves and we read about the Frankenjamie Freak Show.

  3. Mark Timmons says:

    Frankenjamie Freak Show
    I like that. That is what it is now called.

  4. Ken says:

    1. Thank you Dr. Phil.
    2. Very very sad.
    3. Who cares.
    4. Amen Brother!
    5. Amen Brother!
    6. ???
    7. Arbitration
    8. $$$$$$$$
    9. Agreed.
    10. Lambo is too streaky.
    11. Cool!
    12. Chicken Big? Is the Sky rising?
    13. A glut of average players.
    14. Not going to happen.

  5. Mark Timmons says:


    I liked that name so much I just bought the website.

    Maybe you and Badger and Lawdog could throw up all the McCourt junk on it.

    I’ll have my IT guy put up a blog and give you guys author rights if you want.

  6. Badger says:

    And the above, brought to you by the Fear, Payne, Cheatem & Kenlaw LLP Corporation is exactly why teams of lawyers are game planning as we type. Every detail in that outline will be subject to argument. There is near a billion dollars of assets to divide up here and it will take a whole season of document prepartion and presentations to even approach a resolution.

    Get your briefs ready to be laundered Frankie, you are headin’ for the cleaners.

    Tell me ldog and Ken, how many billable hours would anticipate for this case?

    It is my humble opinion that MLB needs to step in here and force a sale.

  7. Badger says:

    Quiet in here.

    Some interesting takes on the Dodger low road:,0,7382482.story?page=1


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