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The Dog Ate My Homework!

The Dog Ate My Homework!

Dog-CatHalladay An Angel? 

If you believe the rumor-mongers, then you will believe that the Angels are the front-runners for Roy Halladay, as they are willing to include Joe Saunders or Jared Weaver in the deal and the Dodgers are unwilling to include Chad Billingsley or Clayton Kershaw in the deal. 

That may be so, but the Dodgers have a number of power arms that they could trade, especially at the A or AA Level (Withrow, Eovaldi, Martin, Miller, Adkins, et al.  Take the Rumor Mill with a grain of salt.  I believe Colletti is dead-on when he says that “I don’t believe we can subtract from [starting pitching] in order to improve it.”

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29 Responses to “The Dog Ate My Homework!”

  1. Badger says:

    Yeah, I was on the MLB Rumors site this morning reading all of that. Many of the posters say the same thing I have been saying – lack of capital recuses the Dodgers from signing anyone, especially an aging pitcher, to a long term contract and most folks don’t want to give the Jays what they are asking for. Somebody out there will get Halladay, the Angels are certainly players, as are the Mets, the Yankees, the Red Sox – all those stable franchises with owners that aren’t in debt and hacking each other up in divorce court.

    Not only that, I think the Dodgers just don’t believe in signing mid 30′s pitchers to expensive contracts anyomore. It just hasn’t worked for them as none of them seem to be worth it. We are better off kicking the tires on Bedard or Sheets, re-signing Wolf and see what is happening at the deadline.

    At this point I just hang on to what we got. Things will become clearer in and after the winter meetings and as we get news from the divorce proceedings. I am betting against any major moves any time soon.

    And for what it is worth, I don’t include Bills for Halladay. Halladay’s numbers just have to start spinning down eventually – he will be 33 next year and he has over 2,000 innings on that arm. Billingsley will just continue to get better for the next 5 years and won’t cost an impecunious owner $15M+ anytime soon.

  2. Ty says:

    Let’s exclude Miller and Adkins from that list. One has been a total mess after an injury and the other was a draft day reach who barely hits 90 on the gun. They’d be lucky to throw a pitch in the majors.

  3. DRomo says:

    I believe going public with a staement “We won’t include Billingsley” is just posturing. We will include Billingsley if it gets us Halladay! We have a team that is on the cusp of winning and winning it now. Billingsley has wilted on the big stage more than once and I believ has lost the confidence of Torre and Ned. He is semi – young and his value is high. I say use it and get a real ace here.

    We keep hoping for miracles with Billingsley but the guy is not getting it. I think he needs a fresh start somewhere else. I think he could use a veteran catcher who calls a better game than Martin, someone who will guide him more. Nothing against Martin, he is one of my favorites but from what I have seen is “young” pitching thrives with a veteran backstop. Think about it, Bengie Molina guided Lincecum, Cain, Lackey (in Anaheim), 2003 FLA Pudge Rodriguez caught young Beckett, Penny, Willis, Pavano, even AJ Burnett. Varitek broke in all the outstanding young pitchers in Boston. Go back to Yeager catching Valenzuela Dave Stewart, and Bob Welch or Scioscia catching Hershiser, Belcher,Martinez, etc. For some reason it seldom works with young pitching and young catching. The point is if we keep Bills maybe Martin is in a package for Halladay. I have said before Molina would be a nice fit in LA while Ellis takes the #2 spot and is ready to be the future everyday catcher.Sign Molina to a 2 year deal. The guy can still call a game and throw out runners. Isn’t it worth think about?

  4. Badger says:

    So, you still think we will take on a $15,750,000 contract at this point in time.

    I would hope you are right, but I suspect you are not.

    And Martin is a Gold Glove All Star catcher. How do you improve on that? Molina? Eh, I’ll keep Martin. He is 10 years younger, had a better CS% and a similar CERA. I look for Russell to have a bounce back year.

    Billingsley started 32 games for us with a 4.0 ERA, will only be 26 and is $15,000,000 cheaper than Halladay. I keep him too.

  5. Ken says:

    Subtract from what? The Dodgers only have 3 starting pitchers, 2 of which had bothersome injuries in 2009. Of course they can not trade a starting pitcher for a starting pitcher. 50% probablility that Wolf receives a multi-year deal somwehere and is gone. Garland is tooooooo expensive for the LA Divorcees. Padilla is in the drivers seat for a contract.

    Only one trade can be accomplished with this roster/budget and retain the starting players to compete for a division championship. Trade for Johnson or Jackson and sign Padilla. There are still toooo many bad contracts on this team, Kuroda, Pierre, Schmidt, Jones, & Nomar.

    With 33 plyers on the 40-man roster that implies that the Dodgers will sign 7 free agents. Maybe some of those players will come from the Minors like possibly Lindblom. The Dodgers sigining 3 pitchers and 4 position player free agents is my prediction.

    Congrats to MVP Mauer who caught a mere 109 games. Torre are you listening??????

  6. DRomo says:

    Martin is a gold glove catcher? No, he WAS a gold glove catcher in a year were he was great and others had a down year. Now (although I love the guy) he is maybe the 4th best in the National League. He used to be a Silver Slugger winner too, but again NOT any more. I am not saying he is terrible or that Molina is better all around I am saying Molina calls a better game and is just as good defensivley even if he is 10 years older.

    I like a veteran catcher with young pitchers. I liked the way a veteran used to groom a backup to take the #1 spot like Yeager and Scioscia back in the day. That is all it was just my opinion. I also think Martin is not the same guy he was partly from over use and partly because of diminising skills.

  7. DRomo says:

    Also Ken is right. If we traded Bills it wouldn’t be a subtraction from our rotation. Bills is a question mark and wasn’t even in the rotation down the stretch or the playoffs. Trade the stiff and go with :

    Wolf/Padilla who ever signs first
    Charlie Knuckles or J Mac

    That ain’t half bad.

  8. GoNzO says:

    With the Tigers wanting to slash payroll I would be interested in Granderson. He’s had a pretty nice career and is a high character guy. Manny (we pay his deferred)salary, Elbert and Withrow for Grandy.

  9. Badger says:

    The stiff?

    Man you are tough.

    I wonder what 32 starts and 196 innings of 4.0 on the free market is worth?

    Oh wait, that is what Garland did and he cost us one of our best hitting prospects and his contract was $6 million. Now, with those numbers he will cost more than what we are willing to pay.

    I think what Ken was saying was trading a starter for a starter is not an addition. Bills’ best years are in front of him.

    Can Granderson pitch? We already have 4 outfielders.

  10. DRomo says:

    Bills best years may well be ahead of him. I also think he is yet to reach his potential, but does he need a change to achieve that potential? I think so.

    Most believe we were an ace away from the World Series that window is closing we should go for it now. That is my point. Not many teams get to the NLCS 2 years in a row much less 3 years in row and that is what we are trying for. Bills will be in the same position coming off two years where he dissapointed in the second half. Nothing has changed except he is a year older and has more people who doubt his toughness.

    Abreu was expendable sure he is a AAA stud hitter but at his age and guys like DeJesus and Gordon we could afford to deal him.

  11. BleedinBlue19 says:

    Its just my opinion, but I sure hope that B. Molina is not even on the Dodger radar. I can’t stand watching the guy catch. Couldn’t stand him while he was on the Angels either. I dont even know how the guy won a gold glove. He refuses (or can’t) block a ball in the dirt. He does have a cannon for an arm and can handle the stick a bit. BUT, he better hit it out of the infield or he is a for sure out since my 90 yr old grandmother moves faster than he does. I would take Martin’s bad years over Molina’s any day. If the game is on the line and the pitch needs to be in the dirt, I want Martin back there, not B. Molina. Again just my opinion.

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Keep Bills, forget Halladay. Santana was hurt in 2009. The Mets may be regretting that contract in the coming years.

    Halladay is going to command BIIIIIIIIIIG BUCKS. If anything goes wrong, some of you will begin to understand what it means to put all your eggs in one basket. Has anyone forgotten Kevin Brown and Darren Dreifort? Lucrative long term deals for pitchers are risky business. Better to keep Billingsley and his potential (which I believe is about to be realized) than spend money that could be used productively elsewhere.

    Curtis Granderson???????????? What’s in your Kool-Aid? By the way, I believe that Manny gets $10 million this year, which is in addition to the money that’s deferred into the future.

    Wolf/Padilla who ever signs first
    Charlie Knuckles or J Mac

    That ain’t half bad.”

    That ain’t half good either (well, maybe HALF).

    “There are still toooo many bad contracts on this team, Kuroda, Pierre, Schmidt, Jones, & Nomar.”

    Schmidt is over with. He’s not owed one single dollar by the Dodgers. Are we still paying Nomar?

  13. Ken says:

    I think that the Dodgers rolled the dice to make 2009 their best attempt to win the WS and it is downhill from there. Too many young players traded, too many old players, and too much deferred salaries. Many significant budget busting free agent signings or minor league emasculating trades would have to be accomplished this off season for the Dodgers to win the WS in 2010.

    Good Bye Juan Castro. Can the Dodgers afford anyone more expensive then Hu to replace Castro? We will see.

  14. Badger says:

    Brooklyn is right – again.

    And I agree with Ken that the Dodgers built it to win in ’09. It didn’t work out for a number of reasons and now we have problems in Splitsville. I don’t necessarily believe it’s all downhill but I certainly understand why he is saying that.

    Martin is not our problem. He should, and likely will, do better next year but having a good defensive catcher with a .352 OBP works for me. What we need is another 2b just like the one we blew off and a front line starter. We do that and we are right back in it.

    What we have available now is not bad. As long as we keep our arb eligible players, we might have a shot. I think the rotation will be opened up in ST and there are more than a few guys who could win a spot. My philosophy is similar every year, get a lead early and wait to see what up at the deadline. We did it last year, but failed to close it when we didn’t land Lee. Of course, losing Manny for 50 games mid-season didn’t exactly help the mo, and Bills, Kuroda and Kershaw faded but, that could be remedied in ’010.

    First step – get everyone signed. Can they do it? Who knows, but that will tell me all I need to know. If we don’t sign that group, the towell is being thrown.

  15. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Thanks for the compliment.

    I also could understand why some people might think it’s downhill going forward, but I simply don’t see it. Taking it player by player, this is what I see:

    Martin – if he get’s his head screwed on straight, returns to a more controlled approach at the plate (hit the ball everywhere, and let the power take care of itself), Martin will be just fine. .280 – .300 with 15 – 20 HRs, and a high OBP would make me ecstatic.

    Loney – He will be 26, and like Ethier, I believe we will begin to see a significant rise in his power numbers.

    Second Base – we need to replace Hudson. We could roll the dice, in which case it could be a combination of DeJesus and DeWitt. Or we can sign a free agent second baseman (Felipe Lopez, etc.), or acquire one in a trade (Brandon Phillips, etc.). In any case, I believe the position will be well-manned come spring training.

    Furcal – He’s not getting any younger, but will only be 32 during the season. It’s not unusual for players to take 18 – 24 months to recover from surgical procedures. Furcal was better in the second half, and will probably work hard this winter to bring himself back to being the Raffy we had before all the injuries.

    Blake – A serviceable third baseman with some pop. I’d like to see him get more rest, with perhaps DeWitt getting more opportunities against righthanded pitching. And while Blake is OK defensively, DeWitt is an upgrade in that area. I don’t think the Dodgers are going to sign Beltre, but I wouldn’t mind if they did.

    Manny – If Manny becomes Manny again, that’s a huge upgrade in leftfield. Although I’m not a big fan of Pierre (to say the least), he’s not a bad option to come off the bench and give Manny some time off now and again. He’s also becoming more and more attractive to other teams as he enters the final two years of his contract ($10 million in 2010, and $8.5 million in 2011).

    Kemp – I believe the sky’s the limit for this young man (sounds like Lasorda), and that whereas 2010 was a semi-breakout year, he could conceivably put up monster numbers in 2011.

    Ethier – It seemed to me that Ethier began to handle lefthanders better toward the end of the season. When he first came up to the Dodgers he actually hit better against lefthanders. I think he’s become a bit too pull conscious against lefthanders, but is beginning to understand that he can hit for power without pulling. I look for Ethier to at least repeat his 2010 numbers, and exceed them if he begins to figure out lefthanders again.

    Billingsley and Kershaw should only get better. And as I’ve mentioned before, I believe that Billingsley’s poor second half was directly related to his broken leg the previous offseason.

    Kuroda – I’m not sure about him. Hopefully he will return to being a solid, dependable middle of the rotation starter. But he is coming off a bulging disk in his neck, and will be 35 in the final year of his contract.

    The rest of the rotation is questionable, but that would be the same if Billingsley was exchanged for Halladay. There is still time to sign a free agent or two, make a deal or two (NOT Halladay), and it could be that a McDonald, Elbert, Haeger, etc. may step up. The rotation is currently short, but I don’t see that being a huge problem going ahead. I believe our current starting shortage will be addressed w/o the need to acquire Halladay.

    Some people don’t trust Broxton, and I understand that. However, that’s simply not my view, as I seem him as a dominating closer going forward. He will be only 26 next year, and needs only a few refinements to gain consistency and step up to the next level.

    Troncoso and Belisario (who I also think can get better with a few refinements) are reliable setup guys for the 7th and 8th inning. Same for Kuo, although I think he’s limited by the need to use him sparingly due to his surgical history. I’m not a Sherrill fan, but he did well in spite of my opinion, and I believe he could be effective as a situational lefty.

    That leaves Lindblom, Leach, Elbert, McDonald, Wade (if he’s healthy), and anyone else I might be forgetting to choose from to fill out what I believe to be a very deep bullpen.

    Finally, if the offense can hit for more power and put up more runs that last year, that will take a lot of pressure off the pitching staff. If so, the starters will likely work deeper into games, and there will be less pressure placed on the bullpen, which would then have a lighter load. A lot also depends on the ability of Kershaw and Billingsley to work deeper into games. A strong offense just makes that more attainable.

  16. GoNzO says:

    Nothing is in my KoolAid. If you think Manny will be the Manny of old you should probably check what YOUR drinking. The guy will be near 40 and for what he makes he will barely outproduce Casey Blake.

    If I’m starting a team right ow and have to choose between Granderson and Manny I’ll choose Granderson no questions asked. Once he leaves Detroit he’s going to take off mark my word.

  17. Badger says:

    I think I too would rather have Granderson. I would rather have Jason Bay too. Neither are going to happen because we have Manny. Now, they did do some kind of restructure and his contract is stretched out, so, if we are willing to pay him the $20 million, or most of it anyway, we might be able to dump him on an AL team. I doubt that happens but it could if the accepting team takes on half of his salary and gives us a bag of beans too.

    I see it basically the same as Brooklyn. As I have said before, sign the arb eligible guys quickly. We have a couple of arms in the minors that could serve as starters and quite possibly go deep into games if you don’t ask them to shut people out for 6 innings. A 4th and 5th starter with ERA’s in the mid to high 4′s could be found within our own organization. I posted two the other day and there could me more to be found. Why we don’t offer Wolf another contract is troubling to me. He won’t ask that much and if we can’t afford him, who can we afford?

    The key to early season success is for Bills, Kuroda and Kershaw to win. And the key to the key is to have our offense remain in tact and come out smoking like they did last year. Losing Hudson will be problematic. Replacing him could be difficult. He was extremely valuable to our early season success and what Torre and the Dodgers did to him was just stupid.

    What will the Dodgers do with Kemp, Ethier, Loney and Martin. In case you haven’t read it, here is the Dodger team report from today:

  18. Mark Timmons says:

    1. Molina – The fact that he’s a Type A Free Agent tells you all you need to know why the Dodgers won’t sign him.

    2. We complain about our pitching, but Martin had the best CERA in baseball. What more does he have to do?

    3. Billingsley is not as good as Halladay, but we couldn’t win it without him. We would not have enough quality starters without him. I cannot see how you can possibly think otherwise!

    4. One bad half season and Bills is toast? Throw that baby out with the bathwater. Using that reasoning, most successful pitchers (including Cliff Lee) were toast at age 25!

    5. I TOTALLY disagree that 2009 was our best chance. Our young players will be a year better and that will make a HUGE Difference.

    6. I don’t like Manny, but I’ll bet he has a better year next year than Jason Bay, and he’s 38, not 40!

    7. Ty: Adkins? Roll the Dice. Miller? You have never sen him pitch have you? Well, I know the answer, or you won’t have written what you just did.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Granderson might be a good player, but Manny is already being paid ($5 million this year), and the Dodgers have more need for pitching than they do an outfielder. Manny also has a full no trade clause, so he would likely be difficult to move, especially since Boras would probably seek additional compensation before allowing him to approve a trade.

    As Badger pointed out, Jason Bay would also be preferable over Manny. So, in fact, would Matt Holliday. It’s not happening. And by the way, Manny will be 38 in 2010. It’s not unusual for players that age to put up good numbers. Manny could be a bust in 2010, and he might also benefit from the time he has now to further get used to life without roids. It looked to me at the end of the season that he was pressing, and swinging at pitches off the plate that he usually takes. I kept hearing that pitchers were beating him inside, but that’s not what I saw. I saw him swinging at pitches inside and off the plate, pitches that he generally takes. He was also trying to pull too many pitches, which again, isn’t his normal hitting style.

    In summary, I’m not convinced that he’s hopeless for 2010. Given a winter to work out, heal any injuries that he may have had, and open the season in spring training on time, I believe it’s conceivable that he could have a very good year. And he should be motivated, given that he will be in his walk year, and would probably like a chance at another contract. Then again, he may be a total flop, and we’ll be looking for new outfielder next year (actually, we’ll be looking even if he has a great year). Who knows, maybe Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford (both eligible for free agency next year if they don’t re-sign) will be interested in coming to LA.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    By the way, if there is a player on Detroit that I would target, it would be Edwin Jackson, who the Tigers are reportedly also trying to move.

  21. Ken says:

    How is the pitching going to be as good as last year? To have a better chance the pitching will have to be better than last year.

  22. Badger says:

    “I don’t like Manny, but I’ll bet he has a better year next year than Jason Bay”

    I think I feel a bet coming on. 200? Just don’t include BA in the numbers.

    I too believe Manny can have a good year and have said as much. He is playing for his last contract and it will be a DH contract someplace far far away. Maybe as far away as Anaheim.

    “I TOTALLY disagree that 2009 was our best chance. Our young players will be a year better and that will make a HUGE Difference.”

    They aren’t signed yet. I may be on board with you depending on what happens between now and ST.

    Edwin Jackson might work, but I ask again, why would Detroit sell him? He just isn’t that expensive for them. Maybe for some reason they think his one good year was a Beltre year, I suppose that’s possible. But if that’s the case, we don’t want him.

    “To have a better chance the pitching will have to be better than last year.”

    Actually we were first in all of MLB in pitching stats, but I know what you are getting at. We have to FINISH better than last year.

    I still see no reason to believe we will sign an ace between now and ST. I still say we will mark time and hopefully be players at the deadline. There are more than a few people who want to see how the divorce plays out before making any predictions.

  23. lawdog says:

    Manny will probably roid up while he’s in the DR and make sure it’s effects are qwell masked by the latest technology before returning in the spring. Ane I predict he’ll hit .385 with 55 hrs! ;)

  24. Ken says:

    Wake me when the Dodgers publish to whom they have offered arbitration!

  25. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    It’s my understanding that Edwin Jackson is available because the Tigers are attempting to pare as much payroll as possible. He made $2.2 million in 2009, and with a little over 3 years service is now arbitration eligible. Given the year he had in 2009, he’s probably in line for a hefty raise, and the Tigers are probably looking to replace him with talented, but cheaper players.

    When I heard the Sherrill for Jackson rumors earlier this offseason, I couldn’t understand why the Tigers would want to do that deal. And I’m guessing that I was right. However, throw in McDonald and Elbert (or their equivalents), and perhaps the Tigers would be interested, or at least near interested. Actually, I’m not sure they would want Sherrill, since I think he may also be arbitration eligible (unless the Tigers thought they could turn him around in another deal).

    Of course, I haven’t seen Jackson pitch since he left the Dodgers, but he’s put up good numbers since leaving, and his stats indicate that his control is much improved. Maybe my opinion would change after I saw him pitch a few times, but right now he sounds like someone I would like to see in our rotation. Is it doable? I haven’t a clue.

    By the way, in reading my previous two posts, I like others, long for an edit/preview button. It would make me feel less stupid.

  26. Mark Timmons says:

    If I put in an edit button, it will make you all look smarter and thus, make me look more stupid. NO WAY! ;)

    Actually, We will update the software by Spring and hope to add that.

  27. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Of course, it’s inevitable that even with an edit/preview I will still make errors, and then REALLY look stupid.

  28. Badger says:

    “With fans concerned despite repeated assurances of “business as usual,” the Dodgers plan to make what Grossman called ‘very positive announcements . . . in the near future.’ ”,0,5129011.story

    We shall see about that. I read at this morning that the hearing for the postnup is December 15th. Not sure how positive announcements regarding player signings can be made before that date, but, we can hope.

    I haven’t read any seriouis rumors anywhere involving Dodgers.


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