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The Dodgers Don’t Need a Major Overhaul, But Change Is Mandatory

The Dodgers Don’t Need a Major Overhaul, But Change Is Mandatory

Beltre2The Dodgers have improved over 2008.   They won more games, but they still couldn’t get past the Phillies, and the Phillies will still be good next year.  I suspect that Raul Ibanez had his career year and will slip back to reality next year and the Phillies will have some holes to fill, just like the Dodgers.  Like the Dodgers, the Phillies have a former ace who needs to come back and I believe both will.  It would not surprise me to see either one win a Cy Young Award in the future, even as easly as next year.  I fully expect Hamels and Billingsley to both win 16-18 games next year.  Both pitchers have too much talent.

Manny will return as Manny, because he’s playingfor Manny,  and the Dodgers should benefit from his quest for a new contract, in what will certainly be his last year as a Dodger.  Look for Manny to hit .320+ with 35 HR and 130 RBI.  I look for more growth by Kemp and Ethier as both become perennialAll-Stars.   Russ Martin?  He’ll be back with a vengeance!  Count on it!    I do see two areas in which the Dodgers need to improve:  They need more power from 3B and 1B and they will get it from James Loney at 1B, who I believe will hit around 25 dingers.  He has shown he is capable.  3B is another issue.  Casey Blake had a better year than I expected, but he’s still a journeyman at best.   We need a big HR bat at 3B and will will get robbed if we try and trade or one.  Here’s what we do:  Sign Adrian Beltre!  Sign Adrian Beltre.   He loves LA and is a cinch to hit 30 for the Dodgers.  Yeah, I know you don’t believe me, but he will!    If you want to look at stats, then I’ll use the year he hit 48 HR as a stat!  He’s young enough that we can sign him to a 5 year deal.   That means we need to dump Blake, and we can do that in a deal for Roy Halliday. I purpose that we trade Jon Broxton, Casey Blake, James McDonald, Ethan Martin,  and Chris Withrow to Toronto for Roy Halliday (pay a lot, get a lot).  I am not a Blake hater, but we need to get younger and better at 3B!

We need to offer Wolf and Hudson arbitration – neither will accept and we will get 4 picks for the deal.    To keep payroll down, make the 2B competition open for Hu, DeJesus, and DeWitt – one will win the job, probably DeWitt.   If you look at even numbered years, you will see that Raffy does better in them.  Look for a big year in 2010 for Raffyas he keeps SS warm for Dee Gordon.  With the signings and trades I am advocating, the Dodger’s payroll for 2010 should be less than $120 million. 

My lineup:

  1. Raffy  SS
  2. Martin  C
  3. Kemp  CF
  4. Manny  LFBeltre3
  5. Ethier  RF
  6. Beltre  3B
  7. Loney  1B
  8. DeWitt 2B


  1. Halliday
  2. Billingsley
  3. Kershaw
  4. Kuroda
  5. Haeger

Lindblom and Sherrill and Belisario and Troncoso are Quad-Closers.  Elbert


Pierre, Ellis, Hu,Doug M. (I can’t spell Mientkiewicz), X.Paul

Dodger Notes:

  • Dodger minor league shortstop Dee Gordon and outfielder Brian Cavazos-Galvez were named Topps/Minor League Players of the Year for their respective leagues. The Dodgers joined the Rays and Yankees as the only franchises withmultiple winners among the 16 domestic Minor Leagues.  Gordon won the honors in the Single-A Midwest League, batting .301 with a league-leading 73 steals and 12 triples for the Great Lakes Loons.  Gordon also earned the Branch Rickey Award as the Dodgers’ Minor League Player of the Year, Midwest League Prospect of the Year, and league co-Most Valuable Player.  He was also selected to Baseball America’s Mid-Season Minor League All-Star team for all levels of play and to the league’s mid-season and postseason All-Star teams. The 21-year-old ranked among the leaders for all full-season minor league players in steals (second), in triples (tied for eighth), in hits (11th), and in runs (15th) in his second year in professional baseball after being selected in the fourth round of the 2008 First-Year Player Draft.  Cavazos-Galvezclaimed the award for the Rookie-advanced Pioneer League, batting .322 with a league-leading 18 homers for the Ogden Raptors.  Cavazos-Galvez, 22, won the league’s Most Valuable Player Award and was named to the league All-Star team after being selected in the 12thround of the 2009 First-Year Player Draft out of the University of New Mexico. He also led the circuit with97 hits, 50 extra base hits, 59 runs, and 29 doubles, and also ranked second in the league with 63 RBI. Brian’s father, Balvino Galvez, played eight seasons in the Dodger organization, pitching in 10 games for the Dodgers in 1986, his lone Major League experience.
  • Ronnie Belliard, Orlando Hudson and Doug Mientkiewicz and pitchers Randy Wolf, Jon Garland and Eric Milton all filed for Free Agency.  I think Mientkiewicz is the only one likely to come back.
  • DSix front-office employees who were hired by former Dodgers vice president Charles Steinberg were fired. They were public relations officers Mark Rogoff and Drew Merle, vice president of creative services Tom Catlin, graphics manager Courtney Cowsill, fan services and hospitality director Jahaan Blake and supervisor of the Ambassadors program Alyssa Shuman.
  • Don Mattingly allegedly turned down an opportunity to interview to manage for the Nationals.    Who wouldn’t?
  • Six front-office employees who were hired by former Dodgers vice president Charles Steinberg were fired. They were public relations officers Mark Rogoff and Drew Merle, vice president of creative services Tom Catlin, graphics manager Courtney Cowsill, fan services and hospitality director Jahaan Blake and supervisor of the Ambassadors program Alyssa Shuman.

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43 Responses to “The Dodgers Don’t Need a Major Overhaul, But Change Is Mandatory”

  1. Albert says:


    Beltre hit 8hrs in 111 games last year and in LA he wont hit 30. This isnt 5 years ago.

    The Dodgers need legit #1 and #2 pitchers. I know Bills and Shaw have potential but thats all it is at the moment.

    Thank God Kemp finally showed it this past year.

    Loney will NEVER hit 25+ hrs because he plays in LA and his swing is that of a line drive. All of his Hr’s barely clear the fence. His 90+ RBI’s are because he can hit hard lasers down the right field line and in the gaps.

    Martin….he’s gone. He has declined severely over the last 3 years and this next year wont be any different.

    Also with this stupid divorce I dont think the Dodgers will be spending ANY money this off season. NedCo will do what he did last year and say things like, “Sabbathia wants to be a Dodger” and throw low pretend offers at players just so we cant say he didnt try. Then he will sign left over players in Feb for 1 year deals hoping they have a great year.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I might be deemed nuts, but I wouldn’t trade Broxton straight-up for Halladay. Despite his problems in the playoffs, Broxton is for the most part a lights out closer in need of a refinement or two, such as adding another offspeed pitch to complement his fastball and slider. Even without the third pitch Broxton is generally lights out, but goes through periods when his slider flattens out, and he doesn’t trust it. But let’s not forget, Broxton is only 25. He’s likely to get better.

    Halladay would no doubt be a huge addition to the Dodgers, but with or without him, we will not win without a dominant closer, just like the Phillies were unable to get by the Yankees with Cliff Lee, but without an effective bullpen/closer. I haven’t seen Ethan Martin or Chris Withrow, but that said, I would include them with McDonald and Blake for Halladay.

    Lindblom, Belisario, Troncoso and Sherrill as Quad Closers? NO WAY!!!! Lindblom is no doubt a good prospect, but like all prospects, he is by definition a bit suspect. There is nothing to indicate that he could jump in as a rookie and take on closing with a contender. Belisario, like Broxton, needs another pitch, and while he’s good, Broxton he is not. Troncoso seems best suited for the role he is currently in. I like him, but do not believe that he fits the closer role. As for Sherrill, I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him. I’ve never liked his stuff (even when he was putting up zeros). He might be able to close for the Baltimore Orioles, but on the Dodgers I see him as nothing more than a situational lefty. In fact, since he still retains his closer reputation from Baltimore, he might actually be most valuable as trade bait. I’ll take my chances with Kuo and Elbert as my southpaws in the bullpen.

    Signing Beltre to replace Blake is intriguing, despite the lousy year that Beltre had in 2009 (from what I understand, due largely to injuries). A healthy Beltre is a huge step up defensively from Blake, and no doubt would be a threat to hit 25-35 HRs. And like you, I believe that he would benefit immensely by returning to the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium. Given the lousy year he had in 2009, he would probably not command a hugely lucrative or overly lengthy contract. And if not used in a deal for Halladay, Blake would likely not be too hard to move. Perhaps Minnesota, where he almost signed last year, or Cleveland, or wherever.

    You obviously wrote this before it became official that Manny was returning. But whatever the case, you were correct. Manny is coming back, and I do believe that he could have a comeback type season in his 2010 walk year, although there is no guarantee.

    Like you, I also believe that Furcal could have a big year. But not because it’s an even year, but because players sometimes take a couple of years to fully recover from the type of surgery that Furcal had in 2008. I also believe that we will see a much stronger Loney, the result of further maturity and the motivation to work hard over the winter getting stronger, if only to rid him of the criticism that he doesn’t hit for power.

    I can’t spell his name either, but I would also like to see “M” on our bench. The bench will probably look different, a pitcher or two should be added (not necessarily any ACES), and 2B needs to be resolved, either via an acquisition or in-house.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Regarding Russell Martin. I believe he could return to being the player we used to love, even better. However, in order to do so, he will have to stop trying to pull everything out of the park. If he swings easier and goes with pitches to all fields, he will hit, and hit with significant power. We’ll have to wait and see.

  4. jerry says:

    this divorce will be a pain in the you know were..but as rodney king said ..cant we all get along.,

  5. Ty says:

    What would TOR do with Casey Blake??? Toronto is a team that is looking for cheap young player. Blake is neither. Why would they even want him in a deal? That doesn’t make much sense.

  6. FHR says:

    Mark, I frequently think you’re wrong and honestly, I guffaw at 90% of the proposals you make, but I just had a thought. Can’t Blake play 1B? Didn’t he a bit in Cleveland? I don’t think Loney has 25 HR potential, like you do (again, I disagree with you a majority of the time), but I wonder if signing Beltre to play 3B and swinging Blake across the diamond to 1B would be a viable option. Something to ponder. Unless I’m wrong about Blake playing 1B, which is entirely possible, as I’m going by memory here.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    For those of you who disagree with me that James Loney will hit 25+ HR: You need to know that you are also disagreeing with Mr. Logan White who also holds that same belief! Not that he’s always right and not that I’m always right….

    On moving Blake to 1B – Not enough Power!

    On Loney – look at his body next Spring – I think you’ll see about 15 more pounds of muscle!

  8. Badger says:

    I agree that Beltre would be an upgrade over Blake, but, by how much? Is that ridiculous contract Beltre signed done yet?

    I don’t trade Loney unless it’s for Gonzalez. I agree with Brooklyn’s take on Broxton and I sure as heck don’t do the trade Mark suggests above. I would like Halladay, but do it with 3 prospects or don’t do it.

    Lindblom might be closer than people think. He showed it at AAA, and the Bigs is the next step.

    I think all of us might want to take a very close look at what we have in our system right now and start building a roster from it. Payroll won’t be going up, but this organization can manage a $90M payroll without losing money. Martin, Ethier, Loney, Kemp, Bills, Kershaw, Broxton are all due raises, Manny is back, Blake is here for two more years, Furcal is at short and DeWitt will likely move into the lineup and there folks is your preliminary 2010 Los Angeles Dodgers. Pick up your bench players where you can and approach Spring Training as a try-out for the kids. Who knows, maybe Lindblom and Lambo are on the team next year. If this divorce gets ugly, who am I kidding, WHEN this divorce gets ugly and stretches out into next season, we may end up trading guys like Ethier, who are due the big raises, getting some quality prospects back into the system and just mark time until the fallout of McJamie bomb clears.

    I hope it doesn’t happen, but 2010 could be a disastrous year for this organization. Letting the McCourts get their hands on the Dodgers was a huge mistake.

  9. Badger says:

    One more thing…. how does giving up Tony Abreu for 6 starts from Garland look now?

  10. Badger says:

    Keep the posters up FHR. Loney will be 26 next year and that is the year power hitters typically start hitting their collective stride. It is commonly accepted that baseball players peak and have their best years between the ages of 26-32. Loney has been a 90 rbi guy already and plays excellent defense. His career OPS is .800 and I believe it can easily get to .900 and stay there over the next 5 years.

    Loney is not a problem on this team. And there would be plenty of teams who would love to take him off our hands if he became available.

  11. FHR says:

    Mark, I hope I’m wrong about Loney. I love the guy; I have a collage of him and Russell hanging in my room that was a gift for my 20th birthday. I want him to be the answer. I also think highly of Logan White. I just don’t see it happening. It was just an idea I had about Casey at 1B though, primarily to fit with your “sign Beltre” scheme while realizing that Toronto would likely take Loney (cheaper, younger) over Blake. The reason I disagree with you so frequently though is because you rarely have any basis for your claims. What makes you think Loney will come all hulked out nexr year? Whatever you choose to believe, though, is fine since its your blog. I just don’t see it. Hope you’re right, though.

    Oh and Garland for Abreu NEVER looked good. :)

  12. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I absolutely agree with Mark about Loney. We’ve seen glimpses of his power potential in the past. Anyone remember September 2007 when he hit 9 bombs, and I believe, drove in 32 runs? Loney is two years younger than Ethier, and is, I believe, Ethier two years ago. With added strength and maturity, and improved technique that comes with experience, balls that now die at the warning track will be going over the fence, and drives towards the gaps will shoot through to the wall instead of hanging up for the outfielders. Could be that his average also goes up with the increase in power.

    Badger’s remark about losing Abreu for 6 starts by Garland hits the nail on the head. Add to that the deal for Blake last year, where $2 million would have kept Santana, and you have two more pieces that potentially could have been used to acquire a player like Halladay, or even Lee during this past season. The depth in the Dodgers farm system is getting woefully thin, and needs to be addressed with a greater commitment to international scouting and the signings that come with it. As things stand now, even if the Dodgers were to go into the tank and end up with high draft picks, they probably wouldn’t be willing to draft and sign the expensive, elite prospects.

    And here’s another reason that I wouldn’t include Broxton in a deal for Halladay. I don’t know all of the pitchers who will be available as free agents, but I do know that John Lackey will be one of them. He may not be Roy Halladay, but he’s still good, and won’t cost us anything but money, and maybe a draft pick that won’t bear fruit for several years (and the money saved on the draft pick could be shifted to signing an international equivalent).

    Finally, I have no doubt that Blake could play 1B. But why would we want him there to replace Loney? Even if he provided a slight increase in power (and I don’t believe he would in 2010), his presence at that position would be a huge defensive downgrade. Loney is not only vastly superior defensively on any account, but he’s also lefthanded and possesses a rifle arm (remember, he was considered a potential first round pick as a pitcher when the Dodgers drafted him in 2002). Some of us probably take Loney’s defense for granted. Put Blake in his place at 1B, and you’ll understand how important that defense is. The first baseman is the anchor of the infield, and makes everyone else better simply by raising their confidence on throws to first. I live in NY, and believe me when I tell you that the Mets defense suffered greatly after the departures of Keith Hernandez and John Olerud, both superior lefthanded first basemen.

    Finally, one more note about Halladay. I believe 2010 is the final year of his contract with Toronto, which means that any deal for him is a one-year rental unless the deal is contingent on a relatively long term extension of his contract, which as we all know, would not be cheap.

  13. Badger says:

    Good analysis Brooklyn.

    Something else to consider regarding Halladay – he will be 33 next year and has over 2000 innings on his arm. Just something to think about.

    It is my opinion that Lackey will be demanding a contract the Dodgers are currently in no position to offer.

    I really believe the Dodgers are being forced to hit the pause button. Until this mcJamie stink bomb clears the air, I just don’t see expensive moves happening. And we all know that even with an off year, in the middle of a public embarrassment that is the Dodger ownership, the Dodgers can draw near near 3M by accident. That will cover what we have now, but does not bode well for adding large contracts like Lackey would be demanding.

    Look around the Dodger organization right now. What you see is what you are going to get, with maybe a Mintcaveitch/Ausmus type player added for periphery support.

  14. Harold says:

    James Loney reminds me of Mark Grace who had a career high of 17 HR’s. Loney’s stats are already better than Grace’s at this age, by quite a bit. I can’t see how he doesn’t make a great option at 1B for the next few years.

    So, IMO, 1B and 3B will not change this year. Casey is not tradeable and can’t sit. The changes will be at SP and 2B as I see it. I would love to see another homegrown player fill that position but it is the one spot we have some flexibility. Offer O-Dog arbitration and get two draft picks. Belliard is not an option as an every day player. Two players I think Ned might be looking at are Placido Polanco and Dan Uggla. Polanco is still very productive and a very good defender. He is a FA and would be signed for a reasonable amount on a shorter contract. Uggla would have to be acquired by trade I believe. He is a good power hitter, around 30 yrs old, walks a lot, not the greatest defender and his average is lower than I like. However, if power is what we want, he has it.

    Other than that, any changes will be at SP. JP will be back as we can’t pay him to play somewhere else as we are with Andruw. If we want Sherrill as our closer, or quad closer, check out his stats against RH hitters. That isn’t too pretty. He is, again IMO, a good situational lefty and not a bad guy to have around in that role.


  15. DRomo says:

    Sign Beltre? He loves LA? Adrian had a no trade list that included LA. Adrain also had many horrible years in LA where he was shopped and no one wanted him. We tried replacing him with the likes of Robin Ventura, Ron Coomer, and Tyler Houston until he had 1 good year and left. Granted he is a solid defensive 3B but he is a risk if we sign him for big money. It would not be a long shot to see him put up Casey Blake numbers for twice the cost.

    If we are going to spend on a new 3B I prefer Chone Figgins and trade Raffy & Blake. Raffy can bring us something of value in return and I think he no longer is a threat in the leadoff role. Blake will be expendable and will bring us prospects possibly just on the strength of that beard. Figgins is a damn good 3B and a great leadoff hitter with speed (what Raffy used to be). I guarantee whoever hits behind him will have a great year because of all the fastballs he will see.

    BUT: Pitching is the #1 priority this offseason. Followed by more pitching!! We could always improve other positions but if it compromises our ability to add pitching then we are weaker for it. Lets not repeat the sins of the 2008 offseason. We adressed everything except pitching, and that wiped us out in Oct.

    Peace guys and lady!

  16. DRomo says:

    one more thing Loney is going no where. I agree the power will come. He will hit 20+ this year. The guy is not flashy but is clutch when it counts. He will only be moved in a blockbuster!

  17. Badger says:

    I prefer Figgins too. Good luck with that.

    I don’t believe anyone really wants Blake. Not with what he makes and certainly not for any prospects that would be helpful any time soon. Beltre had a horrible year but he only played 111 games, so, he was obviously hurt. The years before that, he hit mid 20′s HR, and he would certainly do that in L.A. if he played every game. He is 6 years younger than Blake and is a better defender. I would take him, but, again, what happens with Blake. We signed him for 3 years. He won’t get better as he gets older. He pretty much vanished at the end of this year. I think he is ours unless we pay for him leaving. And, I don’t see the Dodgers swallowing any contracts with what is going on.

    You know I can’t help but look back on that contract issue when Beltre left. Some, including one in particular around there, thought DePodesta screwed that one up. He did not. He made a very good offer and thank goodness Seattle bettered it. Beltre has not come close to earning what he was paid – $15 mil a year. But who knows, maybe at age 30, coming back to L.A. could revitalize his career. As long as he is willing to take a serious cut in pay, I would take him over Blake. If he wants more than 6 mil a year forget it.

  18. Mr.Dodger says:

    I believe we really need sp,But I am afraid to see Ned pull of a trade because of what we have seen in the past, Manny was a gift from boston. I would trade sherril and martin before they lose more trade value, offer arbitration to wolf, Idk about hudson since we dont know if he will accept because if he does we are stuck with a 2b @ 10mil. Lackey is looking for a Burnett type a deal and Dodgers dont sign pitchers to that amount of years and well the money is not available. so my projected line up.

    1. Raffy
    2. Ethier
    3. Manny
    4. Kemp
    5. Loney
    6. Lucas May \ AJ. Ellis \ Martin if he is not traded
    7. Hu \ Dewitt \ Gordon
    8. Casey Blake

    1. Chad Billingsley
    2. Clayton Kershaw
    3. Hiroki Kuroda
    4. Vicente Padilla
    5. Haeger \ McDonald \ Elbert

  19. mark says:


    I base what I say on the following:

    1. What I see (not only on TV or at games, but in the lockerroom and on the field and in spring training);

    2. Inside information by sources to whom I do not even want to refer;

    3. Stats; and

    4. Thinking outside the box.

    Brooklyn and others,

    I took a lot of heat saying that we would not win with Broxton as our closer and I still believe that. Sure enough, Broxton’s implosion played a large role in our loss to the Phillies. Same as last year. We will be saying the same for years to come. I say, Sell High! We will never get more for him than right now.


    I say Loney will be bigger and stronger next year based upon knowledge that he’s hitting the weight room harder than in the past. He’s hit 15 HR in a season. As a guy matures and gets stronger, it’s not unlikely that he will hit more (witness Andre Ethier who added 14 this year). If James adds 10, he’s at 25.

    I disagree that Loney is like Grace. Gracie was a pure line-drive hitter. Loney hits a number of high fly balls, which if he were stronger, would be gone. The Dodgers know this and so does he. Watch and see…

    Oh, and Martin is far from finished. Remember where you heard it! AJ Ellis and Lucas May? Wow! What is that based upon? I question if Ellis can hit his weight. He’s good defensively, but not Martin’s equal. Martin on a decline for years/ He had a .385 OB% in 2008. He had caught more innings than any catcher in baseball the last 4 years (by a mile). He had a bad year (by his standards) last year, but there’s not many catchers I’d trade him for.

  20. Mark Timmons says:

    1. Beltre’s no trade clause to LA meant nothing. I won’t cite names, but people close to the situation know that Adrian wants to play in LA next year – now it could be for the other team, but he wants to come back; and

    2. It was all on DePodesta and his failure to communicate – You don’t believe everything you read in the paper do you, Badger?

  21. Mark Timmons says:

    Toronto would take Blake if we sweetened the deal to include all the prospects I mentioned. That’s the deal…

    It will take 4 or 5 prospects to get Halliday. Look what the Phils paid for Lee.

    Lackey is a nice pitcher, but he’s no ace.

  22. FHR says:

    Don’t get me wrong, people, I don’t WANT to see Loney traded and Blake at 1B, I was just trying to play with a different idea. I like our infield as is, though I’ve considered signing Figgins to play 2B. I need to see more from DeWitt before I’m convinced he’s our 2B.

  23. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    As things currently stand, I also doubt that the Dodgers would commit any serious cash to anyone for an extended period.

    What I don’t know is exactly when the Dodgers will be able to significantly increase their revenues with the establishment of a regional network as is the case with the Yankees (YES), the Mets (SNY) and the Red Sox (NESN). It’s my understanding that when McCourt acquired the Dodgers, he did so at about half their worth. In exchange for that discount he agreed to remain tied to FOX for a specific number of years. To the best of my knowledge the Dodgers will be free to leave FOX within the next 2-3 years, and will no longer be required to televise their games on FSPrime. If that’s the case, then McJamie or no McJamie, the Dodgers should be rolling in the dough. It could even be that the prospect of a regional network will be attractive enough for a potential new owner to offer the McJamie’s a deal that they can’t refuse. Perhaps Manny’s deferred contracts, and the stretch-out of payments to Andruw Jones were done in the anticipation of enhanced future revenues.

    Whatever the case, does anyone have any idea exactly when the Dodgers will be free of FOX?

  24. Mark Timmons says:

    Figgins would be nice…

    Brooklyn – 2012, I think

  25. Badger says:

    Well I don’t have “inside information” so all I have to go by is what has been reported in the papers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this 5 year discussion on what DePodesta did or did not do – as was reported by just about everybody at the time:

    “DePodesta said the Dodgers’ six-year offer to Beltre and agent Scott Boras included an option for a seventh season.

    When asked if the Dodgers were given a final say in the matter, DePodesta said: “Not in so many words. They didn’t come back and say, ‘If you can do this, he’s coming back.’ ”

    “Scott did have a sense of urgency, we did try to step up to that. That really wasn’t the forum. But then again, I’m not blaming Scott for that, either. Everything he did in this process was above board. There’s no villain here,” he said. “At the end of the day, Seattle stepped up and made a great offer. We had multiple meetings, face-to-face meetings.”

    Now Mark says this is all a lie because of the sources he has, sources he cannot name, say differently. All I can say at this point in time is, thank the baseball gods Seattle outbid us.

    and inside guy, it’s Halladay, not Halliday. (insert smiley face here)

    I think the deal with local Fox goes until 2012. I could be wrong about that but that is what I remember.

  26. Mark Timmons says:

    I don’t want you to think I am saying I have some special pipeline of info, but I talk to a lot of people in the game and many make comments in passing that they know I have no interest in really reporting, but I may later say that “I have information…” That’s all.

  27. Ken says:

    Very nice debate Mark and Badger. More props to Badger than ususal fron this blogger.

  28. DRomo says:

    Dont be suprised if Beltre ends up in Anaheim! I have my sources too!Remember he came up around those ex-Dodgers. Here in LA there is NO ONE left from his days on the club. Mark my words!!

  29. Harold says:

    When I say James Loney is a Mark Grace type of player, IMO, I am not talking power numbers. In his first years he hit more HR’s than Mark did his first years. Mark topped out at 17. James will top that this year, but he won’t be a Fielder, Pujols, Howard, Texiera in the power department.

    To me he is Mark Grace like in that he is a left handed hitter, hits a lot of doubles, is quite a good clutch hitter (IMO),a very good fielder, relaxed and a good team mate. This year James had more walks than K’s. Mark did that every year, sometimes 2 walks to every K. Hopefully James will continue in that direction. Like Mark he is not flashy but is a very valuable player. Mark played most of his team’s games, playing 145 at age 37. James has started that trend. There is a place for Mark Grace on my team anyday. There is also a place for James. And yes, Mark, I have no doubt James’ power numbers will continue to grow. On that we are of one accord. I like James (Mark Grace) Loney as a Dodger.

    Folks seem to recoil when one compares James to Mark as if Mark was not a very good player. 2445 hits isn’t too shabby as is a lifetime .303 BA.


  30. Mark Timmons says:

    Yeah, Mark Garce with more power.


    That’s the info I have. Beltre wants to come back to LA but I fear he may end up with the enemy. We would have to move Blake in order to do it. If McCourt wants to shut the fans up, he would do my deal for HALLADAY (SP?) and Beltre.

    How many times did Mike Schmidt hit 20 HR before age 30? 8! The same with Beltre. Adrian has 250 HR at age 30 and you people who belittle that kind of skill have never played the game. Adrian Beltre had a bad year last year (injuries), but he will command a 5 year/$50+ deal! He’s a Gold Glover and he will prosper in the Ravine.

    If he goes to the Angels, the Dodgers will regret it.

    Go to a game. Look at the Hispanic people in attendence. Adrian Beltre will be the Darling of the team.

  31. Badger says:

    McCourt’s hands are tied at the moment. Frankie is focused on one deal right now. Contract offers will be flying around this winter but how can he put his fingerprints on anything but the file down at the courthouse?

    McCourt. Anybody see the irony in that name?

    Me and Mark have been going round and round about Beltre since that deal went down. Neither of us are about to budge on it. Beltre gave us one really good year, his contract year, then bolted. He could have spent his entire career with the Dodgers but took a different route. If the Angels get him and his .325 career OBP then that’s ok by me. I don’t see him coming to L.A. because we gave Blake 3 years and $17 million. He was paid $5 mil this year so do the math on that one. Who in their right mind is going to pick up that contract? He is ours, so, we work around him.

    I can see the Loney Grace comparison. We should be so lucky to have Loney do what Grace did.

  32. Ken says:

    Those two pictures on the prior post caused me to think of that old tv show The Ghost and Mrs. Miller. Man that boy is white.

    Now that Manny is coming back, Pierre should renegotiate his salary to $5 mil for 4 years and then he may be able to be traded and he could then start for someone like the Nationals along with Stults.

    I agree with Badger that the Dodgers will more likely than not have a young bench and 1-2 young/low salary players (including pitchers) starting next year.

    I agree with Mark regarding offering Wolf and Hudson arbitration.
    However, if Wolf says no then Padilla is the likely biggest off season signing of the Dodgers. The aggregate McCourt personal expenses will be significantly higher ($5-10 Mil) than last year and will be high until the divorce is over in 2012. During this period of time Frank’s distributions will be significantly higher, thus reducing Dodger payroll, in order to pay alimony to the “out spouse”, for the benefit of both her and the boy friend. After that the distributions will be even higher until her value in the Dodgers is bought out. The Dodger future is nil until the McCourts are gone. No agent of the Dodger young stars will allow them to sign a long term contract until the divorce is over and the new owner arrives. The equity market is getting better but if Frank thinks that the debt market will improve enough for him to be able to buy out Jamie he is delusional in my opinion.

    In my opinion anything other than the following is felony stupid. Fire Bob, Hire Donnie T-Ball as the bench coach which will serve as his test to see if he is truely capable of managing the Dodgers in 2011.

  33. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “I took a lot of heat saying that we would not win with Broxton as our closer and I still believe that. Sure enough, Broxton’s implosion played a large role in our loss to the Phillies. Same as last year. We will be saying the same for years to come. I say, Sell High! We will never get more for him than right now.”


    Mark, didn’t A-Rod also have a playoff problem? Until this year, that is. Broxton is not a finished product, but if he remains healthy, he will be. Again, he’s only 25 (26 in 2010).

    Maybe Lindblom will surprise us all. Actually it wouldn’t be a total surprise, since most of us accept that he is a good prospect. However, with some exceptions, it’s a lot to expect a rookie to step up as the closer of a contender in their rookie year. And if it happens, it’s gravy, not something that should be counted on. Wouldn’t it be better to have Lindblom replace Guillermo Mota, thereby adding depth to a bullpen that already has Troncoso, Belisario, Sherrill, Kuo, and perhaps a healthy Wade (anyone know his current status?), and Elbert. That leaves one too many relievers for an 11-man staff, but not everyone has to be on the opening day roster, and a trade or two could also change things.

    Mark, if memory serves me correct, you mentioned earlier that Lackey would be expensive to sign, and that he was no Halladay. You’re correct in both instances. But it would be insane to acquire Halladay for loads of talent on a one year rental, and clearly he would be more expensive than Lackey if signed long term.

    As bad as Broxton was against the Phillies the last two years, the same cannot be said of his performances against the Cubs and Cardinals in the NLDS. Jimmy Rollins said he was looking for a fastball over the plate, got it, and the rest is history. If Broxton had not lost confidence in his slider, and had been throwing it effectively, Rollins could not have been as certain that he would get that pitch. In fact, if Broxton had been throwing an effective slider, Rollins may never have gotten to the plate. Point is, Broxton’s failure was the result of his inability to go to anything other than his fastball at that time. Greater consistency with his secondary pitches is all that’s keeping Broxton from moving up to the next level. He’s young enough that we can reasonably expect that he will make the necessary adjustments to get to that level. Our eyes see the same pitcher, but not in the same way.

    Finally, I don’t know if the Dodgers will be in the market for Lackey or Halladay, but I would much rather have Lackey + Broxton than Halladay w/o Broxton. And as I see it, Lindblom could add much needed depth to the Dodger bullpen. Hopefully the offense will also be more consistent. Part of the reason that the Dodger bullpen gets over-worked is the closeness of games. Larger leads means that the bullpen gets taxed a lot less throughout the year.

  34. Bill Russell says:

    Beltre? Isn’t he hurt every year? Why in the world would we want Beltre back? I don’t have the time for this one. Mark will never get over his Man Crush. I’ll wait for the next subject. Peace.

  35. Mark Timmons says:

    Yeah, Beltre is hurt every year. That’s whay he had 250+ HR before he was 30. That’s right!

  36. Mark Timmons says:


    Good points, but Broxton is No A-Rod! ;)

    OK, the rest of you:

    If Frank is forced to pay Jamie $417,000.00 a month, it might save the Dodgers money!

  37. Badger says:

    I don’t believe it’s about the alimony Mark. She gets paid as an ex or exec – take your pick.

    It is going to come down to who owns the Dodgers – him or them.

  38. Bill Russell says:

    Did Beltre start playing when he was 16?

  39. Brooklyn Dodger says:


    Surely you know I wasn’t comparing Broxton to A-Rod. The point was simply that a couple of poor playoff performances are not a measure of a players overall worth, and certainly not predictive of future performances.

    I believe the $417K Mark is referring to is the amount Jamie is seeking from Frank if she is not employed, thereby saving the Dodgers anything she would have collected as an employee. And really, I don’t care. In the end we need new committed ownership.

  40. Voldomer says:

    Mark, I had been wondering about Beltre coming back too. My solution for Blake, though, was to move him to 2B. It certainly is not ideal, and he’d be a big defensive dropoff from the O-Dog, but surely his range would be better than Jeff Kent’s was his last few years.

  41. Badger says:

    “The Dodgers have paid $8.5 million in signing bonuses for draft picks over the last two years — the lowest figure among all major league teams, according to Baseball America.

    The Dodgers, so proud of their heritage in Asia and Latin America, today are a non-factor in bidding for top amateur players abroad. In 2008, according to Baseball America, major league clubs combined to sign 115 such players for bonuses of more than $100,000. The Dodgers did not sign one.

    “They’re definitely not the pioneering team they were.”,0,5095602.story

    Yes Brooklyn, that is what Mark is talking about. But, as I said, it isn’t going to be about the alimony. She wanted to get paid as CEO, $2 million (it was denied) or she wants to get paid alimony. Either way, the woman is getting a sh!tload of money every month. But the issue is who owns the Dodgers. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. The money to improve this team is going to be tied up in divorce litigations for months. The Dodgers are screwed as long as these two are in the drivers seat.

    Big, big mistake letting these people get their greasy hands on the Dodgers.

  42. Blue Haze says:

    That would be “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”, Miller – Mueller – Muir, what’s the difference? (Well, Muir is the correct one, I guess that is the difference).


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