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You Gotta’ Believe

You Gotta’ Believe

kirk-gibsonNo matter how bleak it looks, and being down 3-1 is bleak, especially after a loss was snatched from the jaws of victory, we have to hope for a miracle.  It’s a big blow, but the Dodgers have to recover and realize that victory is still attainable.  Therefore, I will be watching every pitch in game 5.  I am not convinced that Torre will start Padilla, but we will see.  The hook will be short.  I think Joe Torre should “shake it up a little.”  I would reward James Loney for his play, even if a lefty is on the mound and I would consider leading off with Martin.  Casey Blake is playing well in the field, but he has had no bat in the post-season.  Orlando Hudson needs to play!

Tonight, is for everything!  Anything CAN happen!  Go Dodgers!

Dodger Notes:

  • Andrew Lambo continues to destroy pitching in the AFL (.478) and hit his second grand slam in a week.
  • Lucas May is hitting .294 and Russ Mitchell has 3 HR, but Lambo is just out of his mind.
  • Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times says that Jon Broxton has entered an infamous fraternity.
  • Manny is a knucklehead, as evidenced by his leaving the bench in the 9th inning.  Something tells me he may not be a Dodger next year (not because of that).  I can see him getting traded to the AL with the Dodgers eating some $$$$. 

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  1. deadale says:

    there are millions of people all over the world who go crazy of this game..
    well. that inckudes me…
    i played once when i was in secondary and you just cant explain the joy and excitement..
    when get a strike, oh man!!!

  2. Ken says:

    I can live with Ned staying around for 3-4 years.
    I can live with Ng going to SD because that would be best for her & baseball.
    I can live with Jamie being fired.
    I can live with Torre being the Manager for 1 more year if he has a new bench coach.
    I can live with Donnie T-Ball going to Cleveland or wherever.
    I can live with the former Texas batting coach coming to LA.
    I can live with Greg Maddux being the pitching coach next year.
    I can live with Manny leaving forever.
    I can live with Pierre playing full-time in left field next year.
    I can live with the Dodgers not resigning Hudson, Castro, Loretta, Thome, Milton, Stults, Garland, Ohman, & Mota
    But can I live with out Mark’s Daily insight?

  3. Blue Haze says:

    Obviously, Broxton’s curse was stronger than my sister’s jinx.

    Funny how one of the top concerns for many of us at the beginning of the season was Broxton and his inability to close big games. Reminds me of the old FRAM oil filter commercial “you can pay me now or pay me later”. This off-season, the closer role needs to be addressed, Broxton is no more than a set-up guy.

  4. kensai says:

    I couldn’t respond in the other thread because it was closed, but I thought I would like to take some time to address the concerns of people.


    “Broston is and always has been a good old down home country boy who needs to pitch every other day in a semi or lower stress situation”

    False. You could even argue he thrives in close games.

    “He can not pitch on three or more days rest, he can not pitch three days in a row, and he can not pitch parts of two innings when either the inning is long or the day is cold.”

    Agreed, he has trouble on extended rest. Here’s that thing called evidence.

    Aren’t most relievers worse off given extended periods of time though? That’s not just Broxton, that’s everybody.

    Who pitches their closer three days in a row anyway? Do you follow baseball? Almost every single manager in the majors does not use relievers three days in a row. Long innings in cold weather is going to affect any pitcher. The only closer truly adept at going over one inning is Mariano Rivera, and if that is your standard for closers, get realistic.

  5. kensai says:


    “From what I just read, Broxton used the slider once in that inning, and did not throw any change ups. Why? Because he has no change up. Even I know how to approach Broxton – look for the 4 seamer down the middle. It WILL be there.”

    Why does he need a changeup? Closers frequently have only two pitches. The best closers frequently have only two pitches. Or in the case of a lot of them, one. Mariano Rivera has one pitch as well. Papelbon frequently only uses his fastball.

    Why? Because high-90s fastballs are hard to hit and you don’t want to get beat on your second best pitch. If Broxton threw him a slider and he hit a homer off it, I guarantee you would still be here whining about that.

    “I don’t want anyone else in there (though last night, in hindsight, I’ll take Bellisario against Rollins) I want my closer to throw something other than the same 4 seam tubed fastball.”

    Belisario throws more fastballs than Broxton does.

    He throws it 85% of the time and his slider is nowhere near as good. In fact, most of the time he simply relies on the mid-90s two seamer with arm side tail.

    “And this off season SOMEBODY better teach that kid an off speed pitch.”

    He does have one, and it’s absolutely vicious. It’s a low-90s slider with two plane bite. Ask any scout what they think of his slider. Go ahead. Do you know any? Ask one.

    He throws his slider almost 25% of the time, btw.

    Personally, I think he throws his slider too much. He throws 100 mph, so why mess around with soft crap. You all question his mental toughness and you want him to throw breaking balls? Give me a break.

  6. kensai says:


    “I get what you say about Broxton, but tell me you didn’t see that “FEAR in the headlites look” he had when Stairs came up to bat and thereafter.”

    Some people internalize emotions differently.

    Would you argue that Mariano Rivera is a coward because he doesn’t go around jumping and staring and breathing hard like Jonathan Papelbon? Would you argue that Ichiro is soft because he doesn’t show much emotion?

    Guys like Broxton and Billingsley do not react much regardless of circumstances. I can’t tell if they are losing confidence or not, because their expressions don’t change much. I’m not a face reader, maybe you guys are, I dunno.

    Broxton rarely smiles. Even when he saves series winning games, he doesn’t smile. He just yells once and that’s it. Billingsley didn’t crack an emotion after he won in the NLCS last year. It’s not his nature.

    I defend them because I was the same way as a player. I tried to remain even keeled and not let my emotions affect my play on the field. I didn’t go around yelling and screaming after every hit, and why should I? It’s one hit. I learned at an early age that relying on emotions creates mistakes and can make you look like a dick. So I cut that out of my game. Though I would challenge anybody to say I didn’t love the game or was intimidated by anybody or didn’t care. People handle shit differently.

  7. kensai says:

    Personally I was more worried about his command issues coming off a long inning. He only gets into trouble when he misses location.

    Low and behold…

  8. DRomo says:

    It may be the last time here this year but….

    I believe, I want to believe, just win 1. That is the mindset. If we get zeros from our pitching we can get a few against Cole (look how cute I am) Hamels.

    Listen Broxton is our closer. Love it or hate it, he is. We can talk about his failings in big moments another time. Funny how this year played out though, If I had told you we could give Broxton and Billngsley for a proven ace I am sure we all would have thought NO WAY. Now we can’t give them away.

    Interesting take on Manny, Mark. That would be a lot of cash to eat. Coming off the A Jones payoff that might be a tough sell. When “the bottom line” is considered Manny sure puts a lot of butts in seats. My take would be Manny is much more of a part time guy next year. Pierre HAS to get more ABs. Maybe we use some of the cleared up Schmidt money in combination with the revenue from leading the MLB in attendance to buy a true ace. John Lackey will be available?

    But first thing is first. Show some cajones, and beat the Phillies in Philly! Take it back to LA! We deserve that much at least!!

    • kensai says:

      “If I had told you we could give Broxton and Billngsley for a proven ace I am sure we all would have thought NO WAY. Now we can’t give them away”

      Yeah, you’re right, nobody would want Broxton or Billingsley if we put them on the block.

      What world is this?

  9. New guy says:

    Nice Kensai…Broxton got beat with his money pitch…thats it..
    I wished he would have used a few sliders that inning, but its over
    lets hope we get a win tonight and get to back to L.A..
    but the guy is far from a loser…this coming from a guy who sells water filters….

  10. lawdog says:

    Broxton needs to learn how to throw his damn slider if he’s not going to develop a change. His best second pitch would be the splitter. It’s the easiest change up you can throw. I don’t know why he hasn ‘t been taught to throw one. That was opne of Penny’s complaints when he left. He said no one had taught him how to throw a splitter/change. It’s pretty hard to believe and indicates gross incompetance on the part of Honneycutt.

    You can’t compare Bellisario’s fastball to Broxton’s. Bellisario’s fastball moves more than a perfect slider and comes in at 95-97. Broxton’s heater usually comes in straight as an arrow at 96-101. When he gets a little late movement on the pitch he usually strikes out the side and gives up nothing. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always get that late movement.

    Broxton doesn’t throw his slider except to show it out of the strike zone once in a while because he knows it hangs more often than not and he doesn’t want to get beat with a bad pitch when he can throw so hard. Bad strategy in big playoff games. Learn to throw the friggen’ slider for a strike with good snap on the black at the knees or learn to throw a splitter which just has to be thrown anywhere in the zone and he’ll get a strikeout if the batter is looking for his heater.

  11. lawdog says:

    Broxton throws 11 fastballs for every slider he spjns up to the middle of the plate with “hit me” written all over it.

  12. DRomo says:

    Easy new guy! It is not like its the first time Broxton failed in the clutch. We keep bringing up last Oct. against Matt Stairs but just a couple of weeks ago he let Pittsburgh get him. Broxton is a GOOD closer. He is not great. It is the same issue I have with a guy like Trevor Hoffman. Sure the guy has a million saves(give or take a few) but in the biggest moments of his carrer he fell short. Does that mean Broxton & Hoffman are LOSERS..No! But does it make them WINNERS? Uh, NO!

    Guys like Goose Gossage,Randy Myers, Mo Rivera, heck even Papelbon have closed tight games in pressure spots and gone multiple innings to do so. That is what we needed out of Broxton and he failed.

    I have said earlier that we need to accept him. He is all we have, he may succeed if given the chance again, who knows. If the situation presents itself again Torre has no choice but to run Broxton out there again. In a 1 run game, 9th inning, or 2 outs in the 8th. He is our guy, it is the right move, Broxton needs to do his job. It is not Torre’s fault if he fails. Much the same if Rollins had struck out Monday night, would C. Manuel had been blamed?

  13. DRomo says:

    One more thing:

    I know all the fingers are pointing at Manny right now for showering during the game Monday. The media loves this stuff; by the way so do sour grape fans! But would it be an issue if Broxton doesn’t cough up the lead? It is human nature to point fingers and attach blame when things don’t go your way.

    But, what do you expect from Manny? Is this a shock? Were you surprised when you heard about this? If you are then you have a “you” problem. Where have you been? Manny is what he is, we knew that. Yet in Feb. & March we wanted him back. Don’t make him the target when he was “Just being Manny”. Maybe that is the lesson we get from this season. For all the bad blood we directed at Scott Boras in the winter he was dead right. He said Manny had become the “Face of the Franchise” and the Dodgers allowed that to happen. We all ate it up. We bought the wigs; we (Dodger fans) bought Mannywood seats. We filled up the stadium to get 2 bobble heads. We celebrated his Grand Slam in the 6th inning against the power house that is the Cincinnati Reds as if compared to Kirk Gibson’s HR in 1988. (By the way, was anyone of Ethier’s walk off HRs deserving of a bobble head? Because they sure were more impressive.) The Dodgers made him the center piece of the marketing; remember he was the original “Mayor of Dodgertown” in the commercials. We welcomed him back after he embarrassed us, the city, and team. He turned every one of us who complained about Barry Bonds into hypocrites. And now we complain because he wasn’t on the bench for his team?

    If you didn’t bitch in April you shouldn’t bitch in October. We accepted him then & he hasn’t changed….we have!

    So maybe we move forward and celebrate the rest of this team. Maybe we spend the upcoming offseason focused on more than 1 player? Maybe we see what has stalled us in the past 2 post seasons…PITCHING!!!

    Or we can just take the easy way out as fans and talk about Manny.

  14. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I agree with you Romo… but the reason noone wouldve blamed Rollins is because statistics have proven it’s easier to get a hitter out than it is for a batter to get a hit. The best player fails 70% of the time. People forget that. As great as Albert Pujols is… he got out 65% of the time. Hitters should be held to a lesser standard, because there job is significantly harder than a pitchers job.

  15. DRomo says:

    The biggest issue I had the other night with Broxton is he didn’t attempt to get Stairs. If you go right at him, the WORST he could do is tie the game. If you put him on we get Ruiz who is freaking Reggie Jackson when he plays the Dodgers. It was either stupid or cowardice to throw 4 straight balls WAY out of the zone.

  16. A Shot of Haeger says:

    That being said… Broxton’s the guy for now and the foreseeable future. I don’t think he’s done enough to lose his job for next season. When Stairs hit that homerun last year… he never got the chance to redeem himself. I believe he will tonight. You just gotta believe. Why give up? Believing in your team and thinking positive surely can’t hurt.

    As far as Coletti goes, all you ask is for improvement. He struggled in the beginning, but he’s gotten better. That’s really all you can ask for. Keep improving and keep the team better. Trust me! Everything will be Hiroki Dokee in Dodgerland.

  17. Chris says:

    Everyone (not here, it seems) jumps on Manny for showering in the ninth. But really, who can blame Manny? In his mind (as in mind, and I am sure lots of you), the game was good as done. It should have been over. Broxton should not have walked a man, then beaned the next guy. Manny had confidence in Broxton, but we all got screwed on that one.

    Here’s to holding out hope for tonight.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Let’s try not to forget that Broxton is only 25. He’s been around so long, I think some of us forget that. He’s still learning, and I have little doubt that the secondary pitch question will be addressed.

    I noted in a previous post that Broxton’s slider has been lacking for the past couple of months. It doesn’t have the same bite that it had earlier in the year, tending to flatten out on most occasions. Consequently, he’s been throwing more fastballs that usual, and the hitters know it, and look for it. High 90′s to over a 100 or not, Broxton’s fastball is straight as an arrow, and cannot be the only pitch he relies on. Rollins said he was looking for the fastball, and no doubt he was. Just a few effective sliders, and he wouldn’t have had the same conviction, and perhaps the outcome would have been different, even if Broxton threw the same pitch.

    There is no doubt that Broxton has worked on the splitter. I recall seeing him numerous times use a splitter grip in his glove practically before every pitch. I was also convinced that he planned to work on that pitch during spring training, but was kept from doing so due to his inclusion in the WBC, where he was required to compete, with little chance to experiment. In fact, I recall reading that he spoke with J.J. Putz during the WBC about the latter’s splitter grip.

    If anything, I believe that his bad experiences are going to serve as motivaton to develop another secondary pitch besides the slider. Again, let’s try not to forget that he’s only 25, and that he has a great arm. Refinements are all that he needs, and I prefer to see him make those adjustments in a Dodger uniform rather than elsewhere.

    PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE. And forget about that “we haven’t won since 1988″ thing. Let the current core continue to grow together. There are better days ahead. Not only do I expect Broxton to continue growing, but the same can be said for Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Martin, Billingsley, Kersahw, Belisario (who also needs a secondary pitch), Troncoso, etc. Add another free agent piece or two (or via trade), and I believe the future is bright. Maybe I’m just hoping, but I also believe that deveopment takes time, and that most people are too impatient to wait for it to grow into full fruition.

    I like Mark’s idea concerning Manny. Based on the year he had, it’s not likely that he will opt out of his contract, since it guarantees him $25 million for next year (actually deferred over the next several years). Either the Dodgers could attempt to trade him to another team and eat part of his contract, or perhaps give him an incentive to opt out with a lump sum payment–deferred or not. I know that Matt Holliday is likely to be available this winter, and perhaps there are others.

  19. DRomo says:

    Nice take Brooklyn, I just have to wander how long do we give these guys the easy way out for being”young”. I know he is 25, so is Bills, so is Martin, so is Ethier. But they have been in the league for 3 even 4 years. It is time to shed the label of young it is most of these guys 3 time in postseason play. He made a mistake, I accept that. He failed, we all do! But I will no longer accept age or inexperience as an excuse. He is our closer. He got us here and we will live and die THIS SEASON with him.

    And Haeger, Colletti has gotten better, you are right. Look guys we are contenders now. We weren’t really before…not like this. We are close. Nobody wanted to hang Al Campanis when we struggled with the Reds in the 70s. It built and built then we won! We are on our way!

  20. Ken says:

    This is easy

    What Ken sai is wrong

    What Ken say is right

    Throw stats at us and spin the truth boy. We have all heard that game before. Go read “How to lie with Statistics” and then come back with your tail between your legs or your ego out of the clouds and then maybe there will be a two sided intelligent conversation. Knowing the soul of a man is more than Stats. Knowing how to blend the probailities of multiple situations into a wise coaching decision is more than looking at the average statistics for a season or a career. When you try to post so called “evidence” on this web site you had better determine first whether it is Material, Relevant, Probative, Competent, Direct, Circumstantial, and for what purposes amnd for how many positions it is allegedly supporting.

    I have cited many times on this blog for discussion purposes and for rebuttable presumptions (emphasis on rebuttable. Their stats prove nothing, they just support a knowledge based rebutable presumption but not a wisdom based appropriate conclusion.

    • kensai says:

      Exactly, you have nothing but ad hominem insults because you have nothing based in fact.


      • Ken says:

        One of the most widely misused terms on the Net is “ad hominem”. It is most often introduced into a discussion by certain delicate types, delicate of personality and mind, whenever their opponents resort to a bit of sarcasm. As soon as the suspicion of an insult appears, they summon the angels of ad hominem to smite down their foes, before ascending to argument heaven in a blaze of sanctimonious glory. They may not have much up top, but by God, they don’t need it when they’ve got ad hominem on their side. It’s the secret weapon that delivers them from any argument unscathed.

        In reality, ad hominem is unrelated to sarcasm or personal abuse. Argumentum ad hominem is the logical fallacy of attempting to undermine a speaker’s argument by attacking the speaker instead of addressing the argument. The mere presence of a personal attack does not indicate ad hominem: the attack must be used for the purpose of undermining the argument, or otherwise the logical fallacy isn’t there. It is not a logical fallacy to attack someone; the fallacy comes from assuming that a personal attack is also necessarily an attack on that person’s arguments.

        Therefore, if you can’t demonstrate that your opponent is trying to counter your argument by attacking you, you can’t demonstrate that he is resorting to ad hominem. If your opponent’s sarcasm is not an attempt to counter your argument, but merely an attempt to insult you (or amuse the bystanders), then it is not part of an ad hominem argument.

        Actual instances of argumentum ad hominem are relatively rare. Ironically, the fallacy is most often committed by those who accuse their opponents of ad hominem, since they try to dismiss the opposition not by engaging with their arguments, but by claiming that they resort to personal attacks. Those who are quick to squeal “ad hominem” are often guilty of several other logical fallacies, including one of the worst of all: the fallacious belief that introducing an impressive-sounding Latin term somehow gives one the decisive edge in an argument.

  21. Badger says:

    kensai – “Why does he need a changeup?”

    If you really don’t know the answer to that question I can’t help you. But, I can refer you to Broxton’s last game.

    BTW, a change-up can be a number of different pitches. In the old days it was called a “change of pace”. It was called that for a reason. Ask Jimmy Rollins about it.

    “Belisario throws more fastballs than Broxton does”

    Bellisario throws a two seamer. Do you know the difference between what a two seamer does and what a four seamer does? If not, I can refer you to some text that will help you out. And the only reason I said I wanted him in there was 20/20 hindsight. Bellisario wouldn’t be stupid enough to throw the same damn pitch over and over.

    “Personally, I think he throws his slider too much. He throws 100 mph, so why mess around with soft crap. You all question his mental toughness and you want him to throw breaking balls? Give me a break.”

    yeah, well maybe he was listening to you when he threw a 4 seam fastball 11 of 12 pitches and got hammered for a blown save and a loss on the last one he threw for the evening. Nice call kensai.

    Maria Rivera has one pitch? Where are you from? Mariano Rivera throws a four seamer, a two seamer and his out pitch is actually a cut fastball and he throws it 75% of the time.

    You buy them books, you send them to school….

    Broxton is young. Somebody out there will help him with a second pitch – maybe Gagne can teach him? Broxton learn Gagne’s change-up and he immediately becomes the best closer in the game.

    Manny. He has time to earn his money yet. But, his leash is extremely short – as in a few at bats. Anytime Manuel Aristides.

    Probative and circumstantial. Sounds like grandpa and his newborn grandson’s visit to the same doctor.

    • kensai says:

      “If you really don’t know the answer to that question I can’t help you. But, I can refer you to Broxton’s last game.”

      Your assertion is that every pitcher needs a changeup? That’s the most absurd thing i’ve ever heard, especially for a relief pitcher. History is littered with relief pitchers who commonly possessed only two pitches.

      “Bellisario throws a two seamer. Do you know the difference between what a two seamer does and what a four seamer does? If not, I can refer you to some text that will help you out. And the only reason I said I wanted him in there was 20/20 hindsight. Bellisario wouldn’t be stupid enough to throw the same damn pitch over and over.”

      Don’t treat me like an idiot. Please. I’m not the one overreacting like a moron.

      His two seamer sinks, but he throws it all the time is the point. Broxton’s four seamer is harder to hit, period. Look it up. Christ.

      “yeah, well maybe he was listening to you when he threw a 4 seam fastball 11 of 12 pitches and got hammered for a blown save and a loss on the last one he threw for the evening. Nice call kensai.”

      And if he threw his slider and he got beat on that pitch what would you be saying? The same thing because your negativity stems from the result and hindsight, not any type of meaningful analysis or insight. You react simply based on whether it worked or not, which is simplistic.

      If he threw all fastballs and it worked like it commonly does, you would not complain. Same if he threw all sliders.

      If he threw all fastballs and failed like he did, you complain. If he threw all sliders and failed, you would complain. If he mixed it up and failed, you would complain.

      “Maria Rivera has one pitch? Where are you from? Mariano Rivera throws a four seamer, a two seamer and his out pitch is actually a cut fastball and he throws it 75% of the time.”

      He throws his cut fastball 95% of the time. Watch a game.


  22. mark says:

    New guy,

    “this coming from a guy who sells water filters….”

    In know that was meant as a slam, but I’m not going to get into a battle of wits with a mental midget!

    You have no idea what you are saying.

    If you couldn’t see that Broxton was terrified of Stairs, then you are simply devoid of any reason and anything I say won’t sway you so what’s the use.

    And by the way, what’s wrong with “selling water filters?” It prevents the spread of disease, saves lives in third world countries, improves quality of life and facilitates manufacturing.

    Practically every product you use in your life is manufactured with some type of filtration and you want to slam someone for doing that? See that’s why you are devoid of reason (translation: it means that you have a lethal dose of no brains).

    I don’t hide what I do. What do you do that’s so great?

  23. Mr. Mike says:

    Mark, I thought you were the new guy[LOL}. Magic number is 7. W tonight and then come home to take care of business this weekend. Dodger Nation has awoken. We are all on the same team, just win baby!

  24. DRomo says:

    Mark, you are way out of line here. What the new guy does is just as important to our way of life too. Them burgers aren’t going to flip themselves, right? I am sure he makes his own bed too, without his mom having to holler at him in the basement! So give the new guy a little respect!

    As for Broxton I don’t want to say I called the blown save the other night but , I called the blown save the other night! I was on the phone with a good buddy and he said “Ruiz is gonna kill us in the 9th”, we should walk him. I told him “No way Stairs is on the bench and we will see if Broxton will exercise the demons!” And sure enough…up jumped the devil! You could see it on his face and when Joe went out to the mound he knew Broxton was shaken but what could he do at that point? It is not a put down here but it really reminded me of 1985 and Ozzie Smith & Jack Clark taking Neidenfuer deep. That crushing feeling came right back to me.

    We have to enjoy tonight for what it is. The guys will do what they can. Worst case, we see our boys for the last time this year. Enjoy that and reflect on a memorable year. Best case they win and we have life with nothing but home games left. The pressure is on the Phillies. I am gonna have a drink and enjoy the game…care to join me?

  25. mark says:


    I apprerciate your love of stats and while I am just a humble guy who “sells water filters” who was a college drop-out, Ken is a MBA, CPA, JD – he knows figures. I can barely add and subtract! ;)

    But, since you have a stat for so many things, tell me this:

    What is Jon Broxton’s save percentage in situations where things are really tight? I don’t mean, what is his save percentage when we are ahead in a series 2-0 and a loss just makes it 2-1. I mean what is it when we are facing elimination? Or, what is it when we are facing going down 3-1 in a series (we have stats on that)?

    What if he blows the game tonight?

    See, I do read people’s body language and facial expressions (even if it doesn’t look like they have any). I am fine with his lack of emotion. I used to love the way Walter Peyton (God rest his soul) just handed the ball to the ref when he scored, like “I’ve been here before and I’ll be here a lot more!”

    Jon Broxton gets tight in tight situations. To me, it’s not that he doesn’t have a second, third or tenth pitch. It’s that just gets tight (or scared). Maybe he’ll grow out of it. Maybe not.

    Jon Broxton is a very nice guy and not a loser as a human being, but he was the loser in the last game and in my opinion, he has blown more BIG games than he has saved. I MEAN BIG GAMES!

  26. LADODGERDAVE says:

    alright boys……..

    dromo said it best….we just gotta enjoy it for whatever its going to be!

    go blue!

  27. lawdog says:

    You are right about the battle of wits Mover. My momma told me if I was gonna get in a battle of wits to make sure I wasn’t attacking someone who was unarmed.

  28. DRomo says:

    I am officially on vacation. I came home & made a margarita for me & the wife. Ethier hit it out. No worries! I will enjoy the rest of the night come hell or highwater! You should too. Be well all.Talk to you soon

  29. GoNzO says:

    Hey NewGUy, in case you didn’t know already the water filter business is a multimillion dollar industry. Also, This happens to be Mark’s hobby. If he has the time to sell water filters and create this blog for shits and giggles, wouldn’t you think he may be doing alright selling “water filters”

    Regardless of what happens tonight it has been a pleasure riding this roller coaster. Hopefully you will continue to keep this site active. If we begin the offseason today, lets focus on pitching, pitching pitching. I never thought I’d say this but we could’ve used Dlowe this year.

  30. Mark Timmons says:


    Give me a call before the week is over.

    I have been so busy. We have two businesses – the internet business and our retail dealership in Indy, which we are selling, so that I can focus on the internet and wholesale side of the business and not have to work 16 hours a day.

    I could run either business in 8 hours a day, but both take me 16. I can’t complain, but it just takes a lot of time to get all the financials in order, etc, during this process.

  31. Mr. Mike says:

    Here we come again, mmm, catch us if you can, mmm, time to get a move on, mmmm, we’re all here with all of our might, Catch us if you can. To Live and Die with LA. And away we go!!! :}}}

  32. Badger says:

    $25,000,000 just doesn’t buy what it used to.

  33. Badger says:

    Anybody seen Casey Blake? He used to play 3rd base for the Dodgers. He has been missing for days now.

  34. Bill Russell says:

    Have a great winter boys and Kay. The fat lady is screaming in my ear. Mark see ya at Camelback.

  35. AAA says:

    What’s up with blake. Does he not know how to play anymore. Hudson should be playing second and belliard third. And all the walks? Over 20 in the series, that is giving up the game.

  36. Illini Dodger says:

    I’ve been pretty quiet and supportive the last couple of weeks, but with this further humiliation tonight, I keep silent no longer.

    Here’s what I really BELIEVE…

    I BELIEVE the McCourts gutted the team psychologically by announcing their split at exactly the wrong time.
    I BELIEVE Colletti doomed the team to failure by his inability to land Cliff Lee.
    I BELIEVE Joe Torre has been outmanaged all season. His Zen managerial philisophy is stupid.
    I BELIEVE the Dodger hitters have for the most part been unable to hit in the clutch.,
    I BELIEVE the Dodger starting pitchers have been absolutely miserable in the playoffs, especially against Philly.
    I BELIEVE the bullpen choked in this series.
    I BELIEVE I’ve done everything in my power to “help” this team succeed, only to get repeatedly kicked in the teeth.
    I BELIEVE Manny couldn’t get it done even after all his bragging lately.

    Finally, I BELIEVE the Phillies are the new hated enemy. Everything the Dodgers do from this point forward must be to neutralize the Phillies.

  37. Badger says:

    I believe Illini summed it up nicely.

    My only analysis of this series:

    horrible pitching

    terrible hitting

  38. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I believe this team made it to the NLCS for the second straight year.

    I believe this team is going to be competitive for the considerable future.

    I believe that we got beat by a better team.

    I believe if the above statement is true, I can live with the loss.

    I’m okay… I was sad for about thirty seconds… but then I realized something, the one thing I love about Dodger baseball more than anything….

    We get to do it all over again next April. Isn’t that just awesome?

    How many people can say you get another chance to try and do something every single year and you get to watch it unfold? Every year, I get to watch my favorite sports team of all time try to win the World Series. I can’t be that upset. Because I’m not a Dodger fan for the titles, even though I’d love to win one. I’m a Dodger fan for the journey, for the meeting all the great people who root for the same team as I do. I wouldn’t trade that experience for any World Title… even though I don’t see why i can’t have both.

    I’m really excited about the off-season. I’m really curious to see what our beloved Dodgers do in the offseason.

    Go Dodgers!!! I believe!!!

  39. jerry says:

    bottom line we never did get that big started all the other team got..are pitching just got warn out . and joe over used some.

  40. Badger says:

    kensai you pound your chest like you know what the f you are talking about and then you open your mouth, step in it and it just makes you look silly.

    “Don’t treat me like an idiot. Please. I’m not the one overreacting like a moron.”

    Yes, you are.

    “Your assertion is that every pitcher needs a changeup?”

    No. What I said was Broxton needs one. I stand by that. If he had a Gagne change up, or a Hoffman/Bell splitter to go along with that 99 mph fastball he would be unhittable. As you saw the other night throwing the same pitch the same velocity to hitters as good as the Phillies just doesn’t work.

    “Broxton’s four seamer is harder to hit, period. Look it up.”

    I just did. He threw it 11 out of 12 pitches and blew the biggest game of the year because somebody knew it was coming and hit it like a launched bazooka to the center field wall with no problem. Easy peasy.

    I don’t know about all those other things you claim I would complain about. I did notice you signed off as God. Listen, I know God, and you ain’t him. Maybe in your own mind god with a small g?

    You kind of got your panties in a bunch there god. You might want to reach up there under your dress and give them a pull.

  41. Voldomer says:

    Well, February can’t come quickly enough now. A dominating starting pitcher has to be at the top of Ned’s list. Maybe also a closer? Where and how can offense be added?

  42. Voldomer says:

    Well, February can’t come quickly enough now. A dominating starting pitcher has to be at the top of Ned’s list. Maybe also a closer? Where and how can offense be added?

  43. lawdog says:

    This doesn’t feel much different than all those years we’d battle the Reds for the Pennant and usually come up a game short and a day late–but there were years when we prevailed over the hated big red machine. Time to rest, reload and prepare to go to war again in April–with some new players in some key positions.

    Happy off season all! I’m exhausted and need a half dozen beers!

  44. Badger says:

    In the end, it was what some of us feared it would be – a lack of starting pitching, a tired bullpen, and hitters who just looked worn out. Got to hand it to the Phillies, they looked rested and ready to defend. They are a team built for the play-offs. The Dodgers are a team built for drawing 3.7 million during the regular season.

    BTW, Mark, you owe me 1,100 push-ups. 100 for the attendance bet, another 1,000 for the Dodgers not winning the World Series.

    We can start talking about what needs to be done any time, but being stuck with aging players like Ramirez and Blake will not help our situation. Yeah, Blake hit .280 with 17 HR and 79 RBI’s, not bad if you are a second baseman, but those numbers made him the 4th best 3rd baseman in the West and he was a non entity in the play-offs. We need more power from somewhere and I don’t know where we are going to get it. Ramirez is obviously no longer worth what we paid for him. It would appear he needs the drugs to do what he usta did. Loney, Kemp and Ethier are our core. I would keep Martin, but I don’t expect much out of him. Pitching? We need starters who can go deeper.

    It wouldn’t have made a bit of difference in the outcome, but Orlando Hudson deserved more time in the play-off spotlight. He earned it and Joe didn’t give it to him.

    And on and on and on………..


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