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Sabermetricians Be Damned!

Sabermetricians Be Damned!

Dumb and dumberI don’t even know if I spelled it right and I don’t care!   Is it really a word anyway?  I just know that through 162 games, the stat geeks propound, expound, re-pound and mis-pound all their statistics about match-ups – Component ERA, Manufactured Runs, Leverage Index, Range Factor and all the plethora of other stats.   I swear that I know people whose whole life revolves around these statistics, and that they don’t even understand that people actually have to play the game, and that the stats don’t equate to who is the winner.

I am so happy that this is one time of the year when they just have to shut-up because since humans play this game, you never know what will happen.   I am just so relieved!   I don’t have to see all these detailed ad nauseum comparisons of the rotations of the Dodgers and Phillies and how their rotations match up.  It may actually be more logical to see how Phillie batters fared against Dodger pitchers, but if you payed attention to that, you would have never sent Mark Loretta us to bat in that 9th inning against Ryan Franklin, against whom he was 0-15.

Maybe the law of averages and the plethora of stats all come into play during the 162, but in the playoffs and World Series, it’s statistics be damned!  The Dodgers stumbled at the end of the season.  Stats showed it all too clearly – they will be killed in the playoffs, right?  Stats be damned!  As usual, conventional wisdom was wrong.  The Sporting News had 33 “experts” pick the playoff winners – only 6 or 7 picked the Dodgers.  This is that time of year when anything can happen – and usually does!  Experts?  Schmeckperts!

The Dodgers have a lot to prove,  They are motivated and most importantly, this team is more mature, deeper and just plain better than last year’s version.  Yeah, we don’t have a true ace, and people are always talking about the Cliff Lee aquisition as being the “best move” of the playoff teams, but since the trade he is 7-4 with a 3.39 ERA and has given up 80 hits in 79 innings.  Using the same damned statistical measure, Vicente Padilla was the best move with his 4-0 records and 3.20 ERA with 36 H in 39 IP.  Stats be damned!   We may not have the proverbial ace, but we have some really good pitchers, otherwise we would not have led all of baseball in team ERA (stats be damned). 

Thse guys just need to play and we need to enjoy the momenet.  You never know hat might happen.  These just might be Destiny’s Dodgers!

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16 Responses to “Sabermetricians Be Damned!”

  1. Pete says:

    Hey Dodger fans,

    Thought you’d be interested into how a pretty even-keeled philly blog is handicapping the series.

  2. DRomo says:

    The Dodgers have no chance! I love to hear it. As for me I am saving my trash talk. Larry Bowa was on XM yesterday and he says the same. He knows we are the underdogs, but none of that matters. We have to keep up with our hot bats. The pitching will have to match zeros.

    Sure they have Hammel and Lee, but if the Rockies bullpen doesn’t blow 2 saves in 2 days we are facing Colorado tomorrow. This team can be beat. We must outlast the Phills and we have the team to do just that!

    Think Blue!!

  3. SpokaneBob says:

    Are Hammel and Lee better than Carpenter and Wainright?

  4. Bill Russell says:

    Great Philly Blog posted by Pete. I agree with DRomo, I’m saving the trash talk for later. I have to admit, I felt the Phillies had the edge earlier but I’m beginning to believe. I don’t understand how we could look so bad the last few weeks of September and then take out the Cards so quickly. Hamels has been hittable as of late but Lee might be a Wainwright type game. Keep it close until we get to the pen. If we hit, we win. If we don’t hit then I hope it goes extra innings. That’s all for now. Keep the peace and GO BLUE.

  5. Kay in L.A. says:

    I am the real Bill Russell, haha.

    I am on another forum and the Phils fans are putting up a load of trash talk. The Dodgers fans are playing it cool because that is who we are.

    Mr. Mike, it’s been raining for over 24 hours in L.A. and hasn’t let up.

  6. Kay in L.A. says:

    After doing the latest check, I thought I knew the rotation from looking at the Dodgers’ homepage where they list 4 probable pitchers, but that is not the final word. Torre is still pondering his rotation.

    Torre held a 20-minute press conference in which there were a lot of things he wouldn’t say even besides who would start Game 1. He wouldn’t address what role Wolf would have (Wolf was in the bullpen Saturday night), whether All-Star Chad Billingsley would be dropped from the rotation to the bullpen or whether Jon Garland would be moved from the bullpen off the roster.

  7. Harold says:

    Statistics say what they mean in the regular season based on 150+ games for regulars. In the play offs things change as it is the beginning of a new season.

    Oct. 14, 1965: Sandy Koufax pitches a shutout with 10 strikeouts on two days’ rest as the Dodgers beat the Twins 2-0 and win the World Series 4-3. Only two pitchers have pitched a shutout and struck out at least 10 in the clinching game of a World Series. Koufax did it in 1965, 57 years to the day that Orval Overall did it for the 1908 Cubs (the last Cubs team to win a World Series) against the Tigers.

    Sandy pitched on two days rest. Must have been that 20″ mound that did it.


  8. Mr.Mike says:

    Well I certainly hopes the rain stops Kay because I don’t think I can take any further delay. Must of really cleared the air for you though. Its way past time for Dodger baseball.

  9. SpokaneBob says:


    Whats the forcast for tomarrow night?

  10. Kay in L.A. says:

    I’m so excited … just a little over 24 hours to go and it’s Game ON.

    Kershaw starts Game 1, it’s been confirmed.

    How’s everyone doing?

  11. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I was wrong… over on they say Clayton is starting Game One


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