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NLDS Roster

NLDS Roster

Joe Torre Has Spoken:2009_NLDS


Pitchers (11)

Ronald Belisario, RHP                        

Chad Billingsley,RHP                          

Jonathan Broxton, RHP                       

Jon Garland, RHP                               

Clayton Kershaw, LHP                       

Hong-Chih Kuo, LHP                         

Vicente Padilla. RHP                          

George Sherrill, LHP                           

Ramon Troncoso, RHP

Jeff Weaver, RHP

Randy Wolf, LHP

Infielders (8):

Ronnie Belliard

Casey Blake

Juan Castro

Rafael Furcal  (S)

Orlando Hudson (S)

James Loney  (L)

Mark Loretta

Jim Thome  (L)

Outfielders (4):

Andre Ethier (L)

Matt Kemp

Juan Pierre (L)

Manny Ramirez

Catchers (2):

Brad Ausmus

Russell Martin

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28 Responses to “NLDS Roster”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Eye Chart and Micky D are left off. Wow. Castro and Weaver are in. I’m surprised

  2. Hey Mark,
    You and your fellow Dodger fans might be interested in checking out these infographics the St. Louis Post-Dispatch created for both the Cardinals and Dodgers batters, charting their hits and where they connect with the ball the most.

    Fyi: Pujol’s hot zone is ridiculous.

    St. Louis:



  3. Mark Timmons says:

    That is very cool, Will. Thanks!

  4. Mr.Mike says:

    Mark, a of couple questions. Can we replace an injured player during a series? Will Vinny travel during the play-offs?. Eleven more to go. 8}

  5. Illini Dodger says:

    All the pundits have already given the win tonight to Carpenter and the Cardinals. I smell upset…………..

  6. Kay in L.A. says:

    I am so excited. Win it for Vinnie, guys!!!

    What a Twins-Tigers game yesterday. Phils won today… Boooo…

    Bill, I understand your feelings re the Wankers, but I think it will be up to our Dogs to teach them some humility.


  7. Kay in L.A. says:

    Torre’s Game 1 lineup: Furcal, Kemp, Ethier, Ramirez, Loney, Blake, Belliard, Martin and Wolf.

    LET’S GO!!

  8. Ken says:

    MLB Top 50 prospect list is out – NO Dodgers. Santana #21 CLE

    Fair and Balanced News!!

    Go current Dodgers!!

  9. SteveM says:

    Found this on Yahoo Sports (from Accuscore). Thought the comment about Hudson/Belliard and Torre’s managing was interesting.

    I’ve seen many people discounting the Dodgers and already penciling in the Cardinals into the World Series. Doing so does a disservice to the rest of the National League. The Dodgers have home-field as a result of the league’s best record, and have the best run differential (plus-169, or 79 more than St. Louis). The love for the Cardinals stems from their two Cy Young caliber starters in Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter, and the best hitter in the game Albert Pujols.

    St. Louis Cardinals 56% 53% 55% 55% 49% 53%
    Los Angeles Dodgers 44% 47% 45% 45% 51% 47%

    The simulations are based on the following pitching match-ups:

    Game 1: Carpenter vs. Wolf
    Game 2: Wainwright vs. Kershaw
    Game 3: Piniero vs. Padilla
    Game 4: Lohse vs. Billingsley
    Game 5: Carpenter vs. Wolf

    The projections for this series actually Back up the general belief that the Cardinals are the big favorites, but there are a few extenuating circumstances. L.A. was dealt a huge blow when it was learned that Hiroki Kuroda would not be available (possibly for the entire playoffs) to pitch Game 3. His presence compared to Padilla in St. Louis actually would have swung Game 3 11 percent, with the Dodgers winning 56 percent of the time.

    What stands out the most in the projections is the advantage provided by Carpenter and Wainwright on the road (1, 2, and 5). Carpenter gives the Cardinals a 6 percent edge in both Games 1 and 5 against Wolf. Wainwright provides a big edge against Kershaw in Game 2, but Kershaw does have the talent to match zeros with him on the scoreboard. I see that second outing as the pivotal game. Chad Billingsley has had his share of problems late in the season, but he should provide the Dodgers an edge over either Lohse or Smoltz for the Cardinals. The use of Vicente Padilla in the third contest is questionable, and magnifies the loss of Kuroda even further.

    Another issue to pay attention to is the management, or mis-management, of the bullpen and lineups. It has already been announced that Ronnie Belliard will start at 2B for the Dodgers in Game 1. While Belliard has been hot at the plate over the past few weeks, his underlying stats indicate he is an inferior hitter as well as fielder to Orlando Hudson. Joe Torre is not maximizing his talent by playing Belliard.

    The Cardinals will have to deal with questions in the rotation and bullpen. Either Lohse or Smoltz will likely start Game 4. Both players will be available out of the bullpen in Los Angeles. Their presence as relievers could be beneficial because closer Ryan Franklin has struggled after benefiting from good luck in the first half. The other middle relievers are unproven and the veteran Smoltz could be key.

  10. Mr.Mike says:

    Just in case this game goes long we will start on TNT.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Go Dodgers and lets see if Castro becomes the series MVP. I’m counting on it Mr Mike. Just kidding

    Let’s get ready to rumble…………………

  12. Ken says:

    Playing 2nd base for the Dodgers some slow guy with an extra 20-30 lbs.

  13. Ken says:

    Playing 2nd base for the Dodgers some quick guy with an extra 20-30 lbs.

  14. Erik says:

    I did not know Carpenter had never lost to the Dodgers.. I guess he is due…

  15. Mr.Mike says:

    Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen!KEMP

  16. Mr.Mike says:

    Oooooh, who guessed Matt?,” caching!” we have a winner. Is their anything more beautiful than Dodger Blue? 8}

  17. Bill Russell says:

    I hope Belliard hits because there have already been two plays O-Dogie makes at 2nd.

  18. Mr.Mike says:

    Dear Joe, your starting pitcher is on a pace for 275 pitches. Who’s the long man?

  19. Mr.Mike says:

    New Rules! They have invented an invisibility cloak but they can’t get regular TV, HDTV and radio sounds in sync. Vinnie on the radio is more than a half a minute ahead of HD. New Rule; We have time standards, its time for a sound standard.

  20. Bill Russell says:

    Mr Mike called it, middle infielder for MVP, only it’s Raffy

  21. Vigilante says:

    Everyone who is happy that Thome made the play-off roster, please stand up and cheer?

    Wait a minute, I have to turn up the amplifiers on my computer,,,,

    Okay, I’m ready!

  22. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I’m happy Thome made the roster for the post season. How can you whine and complain after we beat the Cardinals. If he cost us the game maybe you can make that assessment….but he’s there and he’s going to contribute.

  23. Vigilante says:

    Every spot on the roster is a priceless asset. Thome is a St. Louis asset in a Dodger uniform. You can never have enough of a margin against the cards. This superannuated has been is nothing other than a walking talking double-play. He should be on the disabled list.

  24. DRomo says:

    Great win last night. Game 1 is important always! If Kershaw can match zeros with Wainwright we can put a stranglehold on this thing.

    As for Thome on the roster, he contributed last night just by being on deck! Martin was pitched to differently when Thome was coming up. You could just see how careful they were being with Martin to try and get out of the inning. After he worked out the walk Pierre came up to drop the sac bunt. That was a big difference to me.

  25. Bill Russell says:

    Romo, Kay could just hug you. Great win last night. I feel the same way about Castro as Vigilante feels about Thome but truely who cares if we win. Joe must have his coaches and GM helping put the roster together. If Ned goes out and gets Thome to give us a shot in the World Series (if we get there) then Joe can’t rub Neds face in the decision by not bringing him to the dance. It’s more then baseball, it’s politics like most of you like to discuss on another site. Castro will never get off the bench unless Furcal gets hurt and if that happens we can put another player on the roster, so I don’t get that move. Weaver already showed me why he’s on the roster and not McDonald. So what the hell do I know, other then I’m heading out to the game in a few hours. Peace

    Go Blue

  26. Illini Dodger says:



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