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Nail Carpenter!

Nail Carpenter!

11324_carpenter_preparing_to_hammer_nail_into_woodSome people have said that you have to get Carpenter early or you don’t get him.  Not true – for the past three years, the league is hitting .305 against Carpenter after 61 pitches. The Dodgers need to be patient… and then NAIL Carpenter.  POUND him!  HAMMER him!  SAW him off!  SCREW him!  If that doesn’t work, then  try something else.

Question:  What do the Dodger Starters for the first three (3) Playoff Games all have in common?

Answer:  None of them (Wolf, Kershaw or Padilla) has ever started a playoff game.  Billingsley is slated for Game 4, unless he is used in relief which he will be.

It should be interesting!  Very interesting!

Todays’ Lineup:

  1. Furcal  SS
  2. Kemp  CF
  3. Ethier  RF
  4. Manny  LF
  5. Loney  1B
  6. Blake  3B
  7. Belliard  2B
  8. Martin  C
  9. Wolf  P
  • Orlando Hudson showed a lot of class when told he wouldn’t be starting.  This means two things:  (1) He is a class act; and (2) he won’t be back next year.
  • Blake DeWitt is in Arizona working out, so it’s a safe bet he won’t be on the roster.

So far, we KNOW these guys are on the roster:

  1. Martin
  2. Loney
  3. Hudson
  4. Belliard
  5. Furcal
  6. Blake
  7. Ramirez
  8. Kemp
  9. Ethier
  10. Pierre
  11. Wolf
  12. Kershaw
  13. Padilla
  14. Billingsley
  15. Garland
  16. Sherrill
  17. Broxton
  18. Ausmus
  19. Weaver
  20. Kuo
  21. Troncoso
  22. Bellisario

That leaves Mientkiewicz, Thome, Castro, Elbert, McDonald and Mota to fill three spots.  Pick ‘em!

No Predictions – I’m just rooting for the Dodgers!

No Credentials for the playoffs – now I’m trying to get TIX in St. Louis.

The final roster is due out this morning.

I am really starting to feel confident now.  The Sporting News had a panel of 33 experts pick the winners of the NLDS and only 7 picked the Dodgers.  Due to the fact that conventional wisdom is usually wrong, I pick the Dodgers to sweep!  Among the seven the experts who picked the Dodgers were Timmy John, Steve Lyons, Fred Lynn and Fay Vincent.

Let’s Roll!

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8 Responses to “Nail Carpenter!”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Final three spots

  2. Erik says:

    One of the 3 has to be Castro he is our only backup shortstop. Then I will guess Thome and McDonald. I would prefer mint over Thome but I think Joe likes the Left handed power off the bench.

  3. Blue Haze says:

    I don’t understand the knock on Thome, he seems to produce hits when he comes off the bench, even if he hasn’t hit in a week. LF Power is too tempting to Joe, Thome will be on the post season roster.

  4. Bill Russell says:

    Why can’t Belliard, O-Dog and Loretta be considered backup SS. Unless Raffy gets hurt, it’s a moot point. If Raffy get hurt, I don’t feel any better with Castro in the lineup. Castro is a waste of a spot in my opinion. Just my Opinion

  5. Mr.Mike says:

    Bill really now Loretta at SS? Castro is an excellent glove man who can play 3rd,2nd or SS can run,bunt and fits the mold of light hitting middle infielders that shine in the postseason. I see Juan needs to make you a believer. Show some love.:}

  6. Ken says:

    The Dodgers should start Padilla, Garland and Kershaw in the first series. Then Frank can boast to the world how he won a post season series with a starting pitcher staff that he pays only $504,000 for the year. haha.

    Mark – You have listed 11 pitchers (with 2 long relievers) which is enough for a short series that includes 2 days off. Eyechart is the Dodger’s hottest hitter – Add him. Also add Castro (who apparently can play outfield!)and Thome.

    Everyone who is not on the curent series roster should be sent to AZ to get ready for the next series. The incredible Dodger depth may be needed in case of injuries and future matchups.

    What I really want to know is how many players on the current playoff roster will not be with the dodgers next year, and how many of the veteran players left off the roster will be with the Dodgers next year.

  7. Ken says:

    Mark – Should we watch for your addition of a Pneumatic Nail Gun distributor link?

  8. SpokaneBob says:

    I am disapointed that Odog will not be starting. His defense can be a life saver and he is just the type of player that could come up big in the post season. I think he may still get in there because of Belliard’s groin problem.

    If we need more pitching than whats already on the roster we will be in serious trouble. Keep Castro, Thome and Mientkiewicz.


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