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Lesson Learned?

Lesson Learned?

Never send Honeycutt to the mound without taking out the pitcher.  I felt it coming both times – Kershaw was breezing and midway

Deer in the headlights look?

Deer in the headlights look?

 through the fifth inning, he lost it.  Flat out lost it!  I mean, even Ray Charles could see it!  He went from being very good to just downright awful.  To me, it looked like something or someone got into his head and all he was hearing was “You can’t throw strikes.  You can’t throw strikes.  You can’t throw strikes.”  Clayton’s Evil Twin simply took over.  When Honeycutt went to the mound, I told my wife and son that Kershaw was shot.  “Stick a fork in him DONE!”  I love Clayton Kershaw and think he’s “all that,” but this is the NLCS and you can’t play around.   He had to come out.  PERIOD!  

The same with Sherrill – after the two walks, I said “He needs to come out.” These situations with Kershaw and Sherrill are classic examples of why you can throw out the book for the playoffs.  Forget statistics.  The stats say that the Phillie’s Left Handers don’t hit lefties!  Yeah, right.  Kershaw and Sherrill both know different, and as usual walks come back to kill you. 

Look, as much as anyone, Joe Torre should know there is no tomorrow in the playoffs.  Maybe he didn’t want to hurt Kershaw’s or Sherrill’s psyche.  Maybe he wanted them to have high confidence.  Well, that didn’t work!  Their confidence is shot (temporarily anyway) and we lost the game.  There is a high probability that when you give up two (count ‘em two) two-run homers) you will lose the game.  Joe Torre was out-managed last night.  Charlie Manual went with a closer who had a 7.25 ERA during the season blew 11 saves.  In the playoffs, you have to make moves fast, furious and frequently!  This is a new season – we are only down one game, but we can’t afford to lose another at home.  After the game Kershaw said: “I needed to make adjustments, but I just couldn’t make them fast enough.”  That happens when you are 21 years-old.  Grow from it and forget it.  We need you to step up big in your next start (assuming you will have a NEXT start).

  • Kemp, Loney, Ethier and Martin had 10 hits!  Wow!
  • These guys need to realize that we are in a very unique position, especially due to the fact that McCourt’s divorce proceedings have the ability to destroy the team next year.  I’m not saying that WILL happen, just saying that it CAN!
  • Casey Blake looked sorta lost…
  • It’s just one game.  I think we will bounce back – don’t slit your wrists, but JT has to move quicker.

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37 Responses to “Lesson Learned?”

  1. GoNzO says:

    Torre gambed and lost. It happens. I only hope he has a quicker hook next time around. The key to game 2 is thaat Padilla must own the plate and not be afraid to pitch inside.

  2. Ken says:

    Mark – Perfect commentary!!!!!!

    Never give up, Never give up, Never never never give up! Sir WC

  3. Bill Russell says:

    WC Fields once said. “Is that your nose or is it a tomato”.

    It sounds like we are all on the same page in here today and from the comments last night. Torre got out managed and Kershaw and Sherrill had a case of nerves and wasn’t ready for primetime.
    As Mark mentioned, Casey Blake didn’t show up last night. One at bat I remember the pitcher was trying to walk him however Casey wasn’t haven’t any part of it and was swinging like an old rusty gate at balls up above his eyes.

    A picture in today paper showed the McCourts sitting a few rows apart by the Dodgers Dugout. That can’t be to comfortable for the players, coaches and stadium workers. Can’t one sit in a skybox at least?

    At least we showed last night we can score enough runs to win. That’s the only positive sign I can take from last nights game.
    Hey lets all get on the same side of the rope today and pull together. It wouldn’t hurt.
    This may be our last chance for awhile.

  4. chucky says:

    When Kershaw got the raw deal on two pitches to Howard (a non-called swing and an obvious 3rd strike on a beautiful inside curve) even the mostly lost TBS narrators said that could blow his nerve AND IT DID. He is still a kid and will learn from this but we are down one game. Yes if you pull Sherril quickly he wouldn’t have given the game away but he has been lights out why would you think that this veteran would blow up. Bad luck on all accounts.

    I almost killed myself last night but I know today is another day.

    Joke on the radio today:
    In discusing the current divorce situation of the McCourts and the legal question of who really owns the dodgers the answer the sports commentator gave was (pause for effect):

    The Phillies

    Go Dodgers, we WILL get them today.

  5. SteveM says:

    Chucky hit the nail right on the head. Kershaw was never right after he walked Howard (he actually had him stuck out – thanks Randy Marsh you crappy ump) and got a little frustrated. My biggest question is why didn’t vic-Torre go out there with a hook after Kershaw walked Hamels (on 4 pitches!) or Rollins? Kershaw never should have faced Utley or Howard under those conditions.

    Gotta say I liked the offense last night and am very optimistic still about the rest of the series.

    Game 1 does not a 7-game series make.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    On a brighter note, Andrew Lambo was 3-5 in the AFL last night with a double and a grand slam!

  7. jerry says:

    the last few game of the season ..i notice that sherril, seem to be over work..yes he got out of most ..but he started to lose control.sherril seem to be use every night..and that is not good..seem joe has a pattern and does the same all the time can read him like a book.

  8. Blue Haze says:

    Never fear, the Dodgers will even the series today. A few guys need to nut it up today. The Foundation needs to step it up at the plate and give us some RBI hits.

    Scorched Earth Policy begins today, GO DODGERS!!!

  9. Kay in L.A. says:

    First, the good news. Mr. Mike, our guy was stellar. I also called it, said, “James, make something happen.” And he did.

    LADODGERDAVE, good to see you back.

    Now, the bad news. I agree with you guys, WTF with Joe leaving Kershaw in when he was throwing nothing but wild pitches and walks. Look at the poor guy sweating in the pic. Not only bad for the team but damaging to the pitcher’s confidence. As for Sherrill, don’t know what happened, maybe nerves as my buddy Bill (not his real name:) says.

    The heart of our game last night: Loney, Ethier, Kemp, Belliard, Martin. Load the middle of the lineup with these guys, they are smokin’ and ready to go. Let ‘em rip and run. Not bad on the field either.

    The next manager should come from within Dodgers ranks, get this team back on track the DODGER way. We ALWAYS had strong pitching. This ain’t funny.

    Ken, you’re right, they knew about the McCourts before we did.

  10. Kay in L.A. says:

    Onward and upward. I’m ready for a win.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Ken, are you the same guy the talks in the Dodger Dugout shout box and ran the fantasy league for Robert? Just wondering.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Lets get ready to even this thing up. I’m excited and ready to go.
    Let’s go Dodger Dogs
    Let’s go Dodgers
    Let’s go Casey Blake
    Let’s go Padilla
    Let’s go………………………………

  13. Bill Russell says:

    Last thought of the day, If Kershaw is so fragile that one/two bad strike calls throws off his game then he’s got a uphill fight if he wants to be our ACE.

  14. GoNzO says:

    The kid is 21. He will learn from this. The + from this is that we had and created the opportunities to win this game. manny left too many on base and I have a feeling that if o-dog was in the line up he’d surprise people. Dodgers in 6.

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      manny left too many on base and I have a feeling that if o-dog was in the line up he’d surprise people


  15. jerry says:

    let keep looking a pitches down the middle and swing at pitches out of the strike zone..we need a new hiting coach..just because don could hit the ball ..that dont mean he is a good coach.

  16. Ken says:

    Unfortunately Pedro is the perfect type of pitcher to go against the Dodgers.

    Please hire the Texas batting coach.

    Please sign Padilla to a multi-year contract between innings, before Bowa quits.

    Signing Garland v. Wolf depends on whether Wolf is actually hurt.

  17. Mr.Mike says:

    WARNING ! Extreme jubilation may spontaniously occur. :}

  18. Kay in L.A. says:

    Is that what you call a squeaker? Wow.

    I could appreciate the cool pitching duel if my Dodgers got on the scoreboard sooner.

    Sock it Thome.

  19. GoNzO says:

    Better lucky than good. It’s an omen. Remember last year that Raffy had that error against the Phils and they took off? I believe that it is our turn this year.

    It will be cold and wet in Philly and our pitchers better learn to pitch tight and inside and Low cause that park was made for the LLWS. Expect the scoring to increase these next few games.

  20. Bill Russell says:

    Good one Kay, We should print “Sock it Thome” T-Shirts. He will be a big part of this thing if we can advance to the WS.
    God we can only hope Manny listens to Boras over the winter and decides to go for one last 3 yr contract somewhere. After next year, his salary will drop to 3 million per year.
    Either continues to come up big with some good at bats.

    Kuroda on Sunday. Fight on.

  21. Blue Haze says:

    Blue Haze Observations & Thoughts:

    -Don’t doubt Blue Haze when he gives you lock games.

    -Utley made HO his bitch.

    -Anyone else relieved to see Andre coming up with the bases loaded instead of Manny?

    -Manny is looking bad. Even with his HR last night, he still didn’t look to intimidating.

    -Did anyone else see HolidayNutShot all over again, when Utley slung it over towards first base? Opened the proverbial floodgates.

    -Broxton looking menacing.

    -Why are we pitching to Ryan Howard? Hello, he is hitting an HR in every game that we decide to pitch to him. Are we really going to let this guy beat us? Come on Joe, wake up!!!

    -Trojans stomp Catholics tomorrow.

    -We could be 2-0 right now (we could also be 0-2)

  22. Ken says:

    Has Frank learned his lesson yet on california community property law and transmutations?

  23. GoNzO says:

    -We could be 2-0 right now (we could also be 0-2)

    Thank you Mr. B. Haze-Berra!

  24. Blue Haze says:

    80% of a good post is half mental, Gonzo.

    -One more thing, I never understood the Thome-haters in here, but Thome once again delivers. The dude is clutch, definitely not a softie.

    -Is Manny becoming our new Mr. Softie? Nah, not yet, but he sure isn’t Manny being Manny anymore with inside fastballs.

    -Give Manny his script back! We want him back ManRamming!!!

    -Torre still makes me shake my head, at times.

    -I still want to see more of Orlando Hudson (he was our frickin’ All-Star 2B for pete’s sake)

    -Men of Troy eat BBQ’d Irishmen for lunch


  25. Bill Russell says:

    With Kuroda pitching game 3 instead of Wolf it appears Torre is conceding game third against Lee to win game 4 or Wolf is ailing again. I can’t figure out why else he would push a left hander back in the rotation against the Phillies. Yes, Wolf had a bad start last time out and is pitching in his first playoff games of his life and yes Kuroda was our best pitcher in the playoffs last year. Remember Kuroda hasn’t pitched in real live games for awhile but must have shown signs to the coaching staff that he’s ready. There must be some logic on why Wolf pitches the opener the first round and is pushed back to game 4 the second round. I was also wondering the same thing about Cliff Lee. He starts the first round and is pushed back to 3 in the second round. He could still pitch again in the series if it goes 7 unlike Wolf. Does Lee pitch better at home vs the road?

    It’s tragic that our young kids are developing so well and ownership is falling apart. One really good starter in the off season along with resigning Padilla would have given us a run again next year. I’m assuming Belliard will return at 2nd base and the bench will need to be constructed again. But this is something that Ned (if he returns) could even handle. I wonder if the White Sox are worried about the McCourt situation now that they have invested in a spring training facility along with the Dodgers? Stay Tuned…

  26. A Shot of Haeger says:


    I don’t understand the Wolf decision… I think he’s probably ailing.

    As far as Cliff Lee, that’s easy… he pitched Game 4 of the Rockies series… Game Three puts him on regular rest. I’m positive if the Phillies would’ve swept….Lee would have started Game One.

    I know the McCourt’s situation has the potential to be a cluster f@#k… but there’s a difference between their situation and the San Diego situation. Frank and Jamie are both an integral part of the Dodgers organization, while the Padres owner and not his wife were the only one involved in the day to day operations…. I’m going to assume that the majority of the McCourts assets are tied up in the team. If they mess this divorce up, they’ll both suffer immensely and financially.

    Then again, with both being involved in the could get ugly. All we can do is hope that the damage to the Blue is minimal.

  27. A Shot of Haeger says:

    We’re going to handle Lee like we handled Carpenter.

    Still thinking positive…still living a great life.

    Go Dodgers!!!

  28. Ken says:

    A Shot

    Since there have already been misunderstandings of California family law in the news by one of the parties you can bet that this is going to be very messy. It has the potential to be much worse than what happenned in SD especially if this is a situation where Jamie acutally files for legal seperation and demands a split of the assets. I assume that she did because Frank is making statements that conflict with California law. It does not matter in California who owns the team. Even what looks like seperate property can become partially community property. What is seperate property can stay seperate property but the value of the property can become partially community property. When Frank fully understsand this then he will regret ever moving to California.

    Frank has the authority to fire Jamie and that can lead to a typical wrongful termination lawsuit and a change of this mess form a seperation to a divorce. Oh what an off season the Dodgers may have.

    The Dodgers have already started cutting the budget. Ohman’s option was not picked up.

  29. jerry says:

    kuroda if he hadnt pitched for a while usually take one game to get back to his good why would he start a game in the playoffs.put him in the pen for a inning or so..then if we go to the world series..then started hime..

  30. lawdog says:

    Kurt Vonnegut wrote in one of his books–I think it was “Cat’s Cradle”–but it’s been so long since I read it I could be a mile off. Vonnegut said that whenever two people are about to exchange a large huge sum of money, the clever and competent lawyer arranging the deal can seize that moment make that instant in time his own. The result? He can sneak over half the money for himself and still receive the blubbering thanks of his client. What an accurate insight Vonnegut had into character of lawyers (presently company on the blog excepted of course. The only thing lawyers with this level of competence find a more natural, inherent God-given ability for is throwing one’s mother under the bus for a quarter, and maybe one’s grandmother under a truck for a lousy Canadian nickel.

    I than the McChords are most certainly headed for one of the most vicious of all dissolutions of a business relationships of all tinme

    And Bob–I had all the soft breaking stuff–accept a change up. I could never throw it where I wanted to more than half the time. I had a sneaky fast fastball like Sutton, Hershizer or Valenzuala. Certainly nothing close to Mover’s 97 mph cheese–but the pitch had a good little late hope that induced lots of pop ups and grounders to short. The curve was my pride and joy, and I could throw it for a wstrike or just off the plate a t will. I also could throw the screwball and could take a little off it and it was my change up. I could also throw that”football” spiral slider–but it was a bit of a problem. It broke too much and usually ended up off the plate and could bust guys in the wrist or knees depending how much sinking movement.

    A coach told me the slider I was throwing was more a slurve–faster than a normal curve but with more lateral break and less of a drop. I threw 60% junk and 40% heat. I never remember getting beat with the junk unless it was a slider that moved too much toward the center of the plate. Every once in a mile a “hit me” fastball at about 88-89 mph with go right down broadway and fail to hop. That pitch, more often than not, was deposited way back in the seats.

    I could play the infield positions, the outfied and even catch. But when it came to football with my speed they wanted me to play end or cq. I developed a reputation for great speed, great moves, always able to get seperation–but had “iron hands”. I was more effective at cb because I was able to keep the game in front of me and deek the wr–think ing he’d beat me by a couple of steps and then accelerate in front of the receiver and intercept the pass. I remember begging the coach to make me a nickel back, but back in the middle sixties they hadn’t heard of such things. If I could have simply covered the opponents best receiver and not had to run up and try and stop a 220 pound full back with a couple of big pulling guards coming around my end with murder in their eyes leading the way in front of him I might have been able to make it work. But alas, I was only 5’7 and 155 pounds until I entered college. Not only did I have iron hands for catching the football, but got knocked flat on my can, even having guys almost twice my size stepping on my face/helmet while they escorted their fullback down my sideline. If I could just get free for a moment in the open field, no one could catch me. Anybody chasing me was going to get deeked into falling down and catching an armful of smoke. It just came naturally to me.

  31. A Shot of Haeger says:


    I’m afraid you might be right…. ugh! All we can do is hope for the best.

    I can proudly say that after numerous attempts as a young man… I have absolutely, unequivocably, zero baseball talent whatsoever. The highlight of my little league career was fouling off three pitches in the championship game as a member of the Pirates against the Angels…. the only three times I swung the entire season…of course I took strike three.

    I sucked…just plain sucked… and I knew at an early age that the majority of my baseball would be enjoyed from the stands, not the field.

    And I have enjoyed it… Go Dodgers!!!

  32. Bill Russell says:

    Shot, it sounds like Paul Depodesta’s upbringing. You still have a shot at being GM or assistant GM.
    Never give up…


  33. Ken says:


    He might also being talking about investment bankers, many of whom are also attorneys.

  34. Kay in L.A. says:

    -Why are we pitching to Ryan Howard? Hello, he is hitting an HR in every game that we decide to pitch to him. Are we really going to let this guy beat us? Come on Joe, wake up!!!

    I ask the same the same question, do not understand pitching to Howard.

    One really good starter in the off season along with resigning Padilla would have given us a run again next year.

    Props to Ned and to Padilla’s agent, Adam Katz, for his acquisition. In fact, Ned seems to be the only member of ownership and management that truly cares about building an outstanding, championship team.

    Cliff Lee is scary but our offense can rise to the occasion. Yes they can!!!

    Shot of Haeger for GM…yeah!!!

  35. Mr.Mike says:

    Kay, have you seen the commercial on TBS or FOX promoting the playoffs? There is a young James Loney in it.

  36. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I’ll gladly be GM. My first act would be to step down and name Kim Ng general manager and Logan White assistant general manager. Then I’d sit back and collect my millions while the Dodgers win multiple consecutive World Series titles.


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