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The Sky Is Not Falling…

The Sky Is Not Falling…

This too shall pass!  It’s October – the Season starts TODAY!  Relax – it’s going to be OK!

MLB/TBS Analyst Buck Martinez

MLB/TBS Analyst Buck Martinez

Here’s the FULL Transcript of the TV Q & A with Buck Martinez (of TBS Hot Corner and MLB Postseason on TBS) – they used most of the questions I submitted to them, although they didn’t use your names, just the blogs’ names:

Are the Phillies better off going with a committee approach to the bullpen and simply playing matchups, or for the sake of team morale/stability/etc., must Charlie Manuel anoint a “closer?” Or should they take an Ozzie Guillen 2005 approach, and just throw the starters’ arms off? (The Good Phight)

Martinez: “I think they are better throwing by committee now, and they have included Brad Lidge in that committee. But the danger is if you anoint someone other than Lidge and he fails, then you have created an atmosphere of panic. I think Charlie has done the right thing by going with closer by committee, you can always say he has the hot hand and that’s what I’m doing. I still think that Lidge could come back at some point whether it’s the last week of the season or the playoffs and he could be that hot hand that they go to.”

What are your thoughts on the Detroit Tigers front three starters (Verlander, Jackson, Porcello) in a potential ALDS matchup with the Yankees? (Eye of The Tigers)

Martinez: “I think they are capable of beating anyone at anytime. The one thing that Verlander has and we saw him do it before is the ability to ratchet it up at the end. He is a tremendous competitor; he has been down this road before. He still has a tremendous delivery and keeps his velocity until late in the game. I think he’s capable of shutting down anybody including the Yankees. As far as Elliot Jackson he has had kind of a disappointing second half but not because of his pitching but he hasn’t had the run support that he would like. Obviously not the wins he would like and he has some postseason experience. The real wild card in this is Rick Porcello. He has been terrific and it’s really kind of interesting how the contrast of Porcello and Joba Chamberlain and how their respective teams have handled them differently. Chamberlain had a good start last time out but his second half has been rough while Porcello, Jim Leyland handled him very much the way he handled Verlander in 2006, shutting down for 16 days and every time they would get him extra rest they would. He’s got a great curveball, terrific sinker and gets more groundball outs than anybody, should have to go into Yankee Stadium. That being said I know we know how good the Yankees are but I think the front three of the Tigers are well suited to match up against the Yanks.”

What are the advantages or disadvantages of using a 3-man rotation in the playoffs versus a 4-man rotation? (Talking Chop)

Martinez: “Well it depends on if you have four! If you don’t have four good ones then you go to a three man, I think that’s the thing you need to consider. I think they are going to go with their hottest hand and if you don’t have the luxury of having those three off days in a five game series you’re probably going to have to go with four. I think that plays well into the Angels hands and Red Sox as well. Probably the Cardinals are best suited for three, they have a terrific three. And it really depends on your team and your makeup.”

Should a manager manage differently in the playoffs? If they got to the playoffs with one style, why do we see some managers change their style in the post-season? (Talking Chop)

Martinez: “That’s a great question. You can’t generally change the style of your play because you are restricted by your players. I think what managers do in a five game series is what they want to do to is score first, then win first. Then you have an upper hand. IN a five game series you have a tendency to be a little more aggressive with your pitching and your offense gambling. If you don’t have the sped to change your game, then you can’t manufacture runs. That plagued the cubs that last two years in the postseason. When you get up against the 1s, 2s and 3s in the postseason if you can’t score runs you can’t change your personality in the postseason.”

Is how a team finishes the regular season a good indication of how they will do in the playoffs? (Talking Chop)

Martinez: “I really think that teams play competitive baseball at the end of the season. Just looking at the Wild Cards, they have fared well because they have played well ate in the season. When you think about pitchers and you don’t want to be rusty with these bullpens. Most notably, the Red Sox bullpen they have a very powerful bullpen and that serves them wel…”

Is it fair to the balance between the leagues that the All-Star game controls home field advantage in the World Series? (Talking Chop)

Martinez: “No I don’t think so. The league with the best winning percentage in inter-league play would control home field. That way you would have the overall balance of the league in play. Obviously you have an unbalanced number of games that’s why you take the winning percentage. That way to me would determine the home field advantage. The winner of the all-star game dictate which set of rules you would use for interleague play. For instance if National league won the all-star game then the next year they play the National league rules.”

Should the Braves look internally for coaching candidates or look outside the organization? Who do you think would be a good fit? (No Guts No Glory)

Martinez: “It’s going to be a challenge for anyone to come in there after Bobby Cox. I think you have to go outside of the organization. Bring in a fresh mind, bring in someone that’s confident in their abilities, I don’t think going old guard, that would be too similar to Bobby Cox. I think you’d be better off trying to change that pattern, no one is going to have the success or tenure of Cox, its going to be a challenge.”

Who’s farther from a playoff appearance – Pirates, Nationals, Orioles, or Royals? (No Guts No Glory)

Martinez: “The Pirates are probably the furthest away because they continue to have good players, but they never keep them long enough to enjoy the fruits of their development. If you took a list of the players that have been shipped out of Pittsburgh, over the last couple of years, you’d have a potential all-star team, and certainly would have a contending ball club. But, I think they are furthest away because of their philosophy of continuing to trade away the players. Just look at Nyjer Morgan, Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Nate McClouth, Freddie Sanchez, Jack Wilson – you can go on, and on, and on. If they kept all of those guys together, we wouldn’t be talking about ‘how far away,’ it’s just a matter of ‘when’ they would be in the postseason.

Why is Joe Torre so well respected when for the last 9 years his team, often with the highest salary in MLB, has made the playoffs but did not win the World Series? (LA Dodger Talk)

Martinez: “I think Joe’s run in New York when he came in there and they won four World Championships, established his reputation. And if you think about it, that was before they made all of their big signings, and the commitment to those big contracts. I think Joe brought the team together; it was an interesting union of players and managers at the time where Joe, whom had not had a lot of success, came to New York, there were a core of players in place that just were unique. Dare I mention Bernie Williams, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte. That core, then complemented by Tino Martinez and Paul O’Neill and Scott Brosius set the benchmark for work ethic, dedication, and determination. I think Joe benefited from that, but also was responsible for some of that.”

Do you think the Dodgers will carry 12 pitchers and if so, who will they be? Who will they carry as subs after the starting 8 position players? (LA Dodger Talk)

Martinez: “I think the Dodgers will carry 12 pitchers because they don’t have dominant starters, they have had to use their bullpen all year long, and they are at the top of innings pitched out of the bullpen. And, the bullpen has faired very well, but you just have to wonder how much they have left going into October. As far as looking at the makeup of their team, I think Joe has a pretty good idea that you are going to have a [] on the bench. Jim Thome really is an interesting study because he really hasn’t had much success as a pinch hitter. There is the prospect that you might not carry him in the first two rounds, but if you get to the World Series, use him as a DH in that scenario, and obviously he has had time and success there. He has only hit .214 for the Dodgers, and he hasn’t done much, so he will be an interesting study as to who makes the team. You would think [Mark] Loretta, [Juan] Pierre, and of course [Brad] Ausmus in the backup role would be there, and they would have to carry an additional outfielder too. This is a team that is challenged because their starters haven’t had a lot of success pitching late into the games, and I would imaging that Randy Wolf is probably going to get the Opening [Postseason] Day nod with a lot of question marks behind him.”

How long do you think it will take before Andy LaRoche blows past Casey Blake in every offensive category? (LA Dodger Talk)

Martinez: “Obviously they are complaining that Andy isn’t there anymore, I mean when Andy was dispatched to Pittsburgh, he was scuffling and having problems offensively. I think that getting out of the limelight of Los Angeles – so many of those kids grew up together; Russell Martin, Matt Kemp and Andy LaRoche, that there was a lot of pressure on them and they all survived that in Los Angeles. Casey Blake came in to LA at a time where he was an established veteran. He is really the guy that turned around the professional approach of the Dodgers, and it is like comparing apples to oranges. Casey Blake’s career has been different; I don’t know is Adam LaRoche will be a better offensive player, once he gets established, but I think when they brought Casey Blake into LA that it was perfect timing. He was the one that began the turnaround, and changed the attitude in the clubhouse even before Manny Ramirez got there.”

Torre has held James Loney out against most Lefty starters, Loney is also our best defensive 1B option. Because defense is so important during the playoffs, did Torre do the team a disservice by not letting Loney see more left handed pitching? (LA Dodger Talk)

Martinez: “Well, I think the one thing that Joe Torre had on his mind first and foremost was winning. At the time he felt like he was going to put his best lineup on the field. This is a challenge managers have in the postseason: What is your best lineup? And what is your best team? Obviously, pitching and defense are so important in the postseason, the best team, in my estimation, would have James Loney at first base. Now, it is up to Joe Torre to look at the individual matchups and see how he holds his own. Against left-handers, he didn’t do bad, it was just a matter of whether or not they had the confidence to get him in there. But, he did more at-bats this year than he has had in the past, and I think that is important, but I expect him to play everyday in the postseason at first base.”

Buck, do players, management or commentators like yourself read blogs i.e. (LA Dodger Talk)

Martinez: “I don’t read blogs because I don’t have time, I don’t think managers have time either. I think you might get a few players reading blogs, but it is not that I don’t respect them, I just don’t have the time to sit there and go over blogs.”

Would you include Chad Billingsley in your playoff rotation? (LA Dodger Talk)

Martinez: “He has to be included in your playoff rotation. He has the ability to be a shutdown pitcher in the postseason, but he has battled hamstring problems in the second half, he has battled command problems; in his most recent start he walked five, but what they need to do is just figure out how they are going to sort out this rotation. As I said, Randy Wolf is probably the guy Joe [Torre] thinks has been the most consistent for them. You would likely get him off and running and give him that first start in the postseason. Question marks abound in their rotation. Which Hiroki Kuroda are you going to get? Can [Clayton] Kershaw come back after being on the shelf with a non-pitching shoulder injury, and who are you going to lean on: Padilla or Garland? Padilla has certainly been terrific, but is he going to revert back to what he was with the Texas Rangers, or be that second-half pitcher he was with the Dodgers. A lot of question marks for Joe Torre.”

Who had the greatest influence on you as a player? (RotoRob)

Martinez: “The greatest influence on me as a player was probably, Charlie Lau. Charlie Lau was our hitting coach in Kansas City, but he was also my catching instructor. He taught me how to call games, handle pitches and get through that. Certainly, if anybody knows my batting average they could question what he did for my hitting, ‘cause he didn’t do much, but as for calling a game he was terrific and really allowed me to play a long time in the majors because that was my strength.”

Who was your idol growing up? (RotoRob)

Martinez: “No question about it, number 24, Willie Mays. He was the best player I saw. He was exciting, he could do everything on the field; I still believe he was the best player to ever play the game. Growing up in Northern California, I remember my first game at Seal Stadium, 1958 in July, I saw the cardinals play the Giants in my first Major League game – Willie Mays has always been my idol, and favorite player.”

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your life? (RotoRob)

Martinez: “1976 after the playoffs I was shot in the eye in a hunting accident. That was after the Royals lost to the Yankees in the ALCS in the bottom of the 9th in game five. I was shot in a hunting accident and had a BB in my eye, and had surgery for a detached retina. There were a lot of doubts as to whether I would ever play again. That was probably the biggest challenge, I would go on an play another 10 years in the majors and it was something we got over, but certainly there was a lot of doubt there for quite a long time.”

Did you ever want to quit the game? What was the biggest regret of your playing career? (RotoRob)

Martinez: “I was told I should leave the game on three separate occasions [laughs]. I was actually let go three different times, but the biggest regret I have now is I wish I had my experience now, as a 20 year old, when I came on the scene in 1969. I came up to the Kansas City Royals in ’69 and I wish I knew what I know now then, because I would have approached everything a little bit differently but I don’t have any regrets at all. I was fortunate to play for 17 years, got to manage in the Major Leagues, got to put my son in the game in spring training, and I got a chance to represent my country, Team USA, in 2006 in the World Baseball classic, so I have been a pretty fortunate man.”

Do you think the Blue Jays will ever be competitive under the current AL East alignment? (RotoRob)

Martinez: “They can absolutely be competitive. It has nothing to do with anything but developing people in your farm system, getting the right people in place, and spending your dollars wisely. I think any excuse that suggests that you can’t compete with the Yankees and the Red Sox you don’t have to look any further than the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays. Yeah, it might take you a little magic, and once every three or four years, and you might not be able to do it as consistently as the Yankees and the Red Sox, but you have to get back to your roots. And the roots for the Blue Jays has always been farm development, instruction, fundamentals, speed and defense. They got away from that, and thought that they could hit their way – you can not out slug the Red Sox and the Yankees, you have to out pitch them and you have to out defend them. Of course they can compete in the American League East.”

Dodger Playoff  Notes:

  • I think Jon Garland pitched himself out of the rotation last night and maybe off the playoff roster.  I see Padilla as a better option out of the pen.  The starters will be Kuroda, Billingsley, Wolf and Kershaw.
  • Kim Thome could also be a casuality in the NL Series.  I think Doug Mienthiewicz would be a better option, if only for the fact you don’t have to pinch run for him.

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40 Responses to “The Sky Is Not Falling…”

  1. Badger says:

    “Obviously they are complaining that Andy isn’t there anymore,”

    hey, it was joke, so he got that one wrong. Nobody wants LaRoche still here because that would mean we never got Manny.

    Obviously this team needed a veteran presence and Blake brought it. He has been a good acquisition in that regard. And, this year he was cruising to one of his best years ever until the hamstring thing. We sure could use him in his mid season form right now.

    How do you NOT play James Loney at first? If Torre does a platoon at this position somebody should hit him the back of the head with a full bag of peanuts.

    Chad in the rotation? Well, yeah. Bills, Kuroda and Garland. I might go Kuroda, Garland, Bills if we start this thing on the road.

    12 pitchers for the reasons he mentioned make sense to me. This could be pitch by committee post season. All 12 might get their shot at some innings.

    As for Thome as a DH, the more I think about the more I agree with whoever in here said it – Ramirez as DH. Get Pierre out there in left and with the two of them in the game at the same time we have a much better lineup. Thome? Eh, he might so cold by then you could put him on a bruise.

  2. ken says:

    Mark – Good Job

    Thank you for passing alone my politically incorrect queston which was answered in a politically correct way (with a few implied messages).

    Updated ACE Meter through September

    Wolf 3.02
    Garland 3.10
    Kershaw 3.30

    Kuroda 3.55
    Billingsley 3.75
    Haeger 3.81
    Padilla 3.94

    Weaver 4.22

    Milton 4.75
    Stults 4.97

    Schmidt 5.68
    McDonald 8.17

  3. ken says:

    New Fireman Meter (With small sample sizes that produce meaningless scores)

    Kershaw 0.00
    Padilla 0.17
    Loretta 0.22
    Heager 0.79
    Sherrill 1.55
    Belisario 2.03
    Broxton 2.30

    McDonald 2.65
    Troncoso 2.67
    Kuo 2.77
    Mota 2.92

    Weaver 3.16

    Elbert 3.57

  4. Illini Dodger says:

    I BELIEVE…..

    I believe the Dodgers have the best record in the NL West.
    I believe the Dodgers have clinched a playoff berth.
    I believe the Dodgers have the best record in the National League.
    I believe the Dodgers will win the NLDS.
    I believe the Dodgers will win the NLCS.
    I believe the Dodgers will win the World Series.



  5. DRomo says:

    I believe Illini Dodger is crazy

    I believe if we don’t win Friday night we are screwed

    I believe we don’t deserve a champagne celebration if we clinch today (Thursday)

    I believe we may have the 3rd best record going into Wednesday.

    I believe I need a drink.


  6. Mark Timmons says:

    I believe that when the playoffs start, it’s a new season!

  7. DRomo says:

    I believe the Rockies are up 5-0 in their game and will soon be 2 games back and 3 to play against our boys in blue.

    I believe I would rather be the team who has a 5 game winning streak going into the 3 game showdown.

    I believe my head is going to explode!

  8. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I believe I wouldn’t mind too much if yours did Romo.

  9. lawdog says:

    I think Kuroda pitched himself out of contention last start. It will be Wolfie, Kurveshaw and (pray lightening strikes C Note and he manages to catch it in a bottle.. Might wind up Kuroda and C-Note at the same time and then go with the one with better command while warming up. The other will be ready to jump in as early as the 2nd inning if the starter puts 2 runners on with less than 2 outs.

  10. lawdog says:

    If you’re near Nevada–go take advantage of the mobs attention to stats and the unlikelihood that a team who has inferior stats would actually sweep the better team who’s been in first place almost all season. Put fifty bucks on the Rocks to sweep and the $500 you’ll receive from the mob will make it a little easier to see your beloved bums go down in flames–the worst choke job they’ve suffered since 1951. Even worse than 62 when they were 3 games ahead with 4 to play and then lost the playoff game to the hated Giants at the end.

  11. Kay in L.A. says:

    Per recent posts….

    Lawdog, I also see a possible division win for the Rockies. Even some St. John’s Wort would help these guys,if not some No-Doz.

    Ken, it’s a little late for Martin to learn how to play baseball but thanks for trying to teach him. Imo, he’s on the downside of his career, or… watch him get traded and be brilliant for another team.

    Romo, don’t get me started on Thome. I like Sam Adams, but opted for Miller High Life last night, couldn’t wait any longer.

  12. Mr.Mike says:

    Just close you eyes and click your heels, “theres no place like home, theres no place like home”…

  13. Kay in L.A. says:

    Where ARE my ruby slippers?:-)

    Nice job on the Q and A, Mark. I see a Loney question in there, not that I’m obsessed or anything…….

  14. Bill Russell says:

    Congratulations go out to the Rockies. They look like a team that’s fired up and playing for something. I don’t know who’s job it is to flip the switch in the Dodger clubhouse but someone needs to find the button. We can’t keep saying that the post season is going to spark the Dodgers when all we need to do is win one game against the weakest possible opponents over the last week to win the Division. Someone in here said we look like the Cubs of 2008 and I would agree that’s it’s begining to look pretty similar. Can Casey Blake be the missing link over the past few weeks? If he plays tomorrow and we start winning then he’s got a pocket full of magic dust. Let’s all pray that everyone on the team wakes up at the same time tomorrow, to begin what we all want to happen. I’m willing to walk off the cliff with the rest of you guys and say the end of the regular season doesn’t mean a thing. The Post Season is a new beginning.

  15. Illini Dodger says:

    When Gibson and Marshall were hurt in 1988, everyone said the Dodgers didn’t have a chance, because they had no offense. Costas called it “the worst ever.” How did the Dodgers do in 1988? I forget. ;]]


  16. Illini Dodger says:

    In 1981 we didn’t even have the best record in the NL West, but some rookie Mexican kid with a goofy delivery was pitching for us then. No way a rookie could pitch a team to a World Championship. No way the Dodgers could beat Reggie and the mighty Yankees after being crushed in previous years!!! DO YOU REMEMBER?


  17. ken says:

    Congrats to the Rockies and Cardinals for making this race a call for manhood. Will the Dodgers be a team of Men or Mice? Will they be a man or a fly? Will Torre play Vincent Price and in his attempt to transform the team put a man’s head on a fly’s body and be eaten by the spider? TBD!!

  18. Bill Russell says:

    So if I believe that’s all it will take? OK then. I’ll try but this feels a little like a fairy tail to me.

  19. Bill Russell says:

    I’m listening to an interview from Frank McCourt and he’s saying that the guys are just trying too hard right now, the one win will come. I suppose once they get into the playoffs they can relax and be themselfs again. Or is it a public relation statement saying please don’t forget to show up at the park for the last three games. We need your money.

  20. Illini Dodger says:

    Frank Lloyd Wright:

    The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.


  21. Illini Dodger says:

    George Orwell:

    Myths which are believed in tend to become true.


  22. GoNzO says:

    The Dodgers have pissed me off. Part of me wants the rockies to sweep and hopefully light a fire under their asses. 1 game was all that was needed against the worst teams in the NL. If we get eliminated early, we deserve it. Although I am a fan of the Dodgers I am a fan of the game and playing it the right way.

    I read somewhere that the M’s will not be able to afford King Felix. Martin and Bils for the King?

  23. Badger says:

    The first half of the season we were 51-30 the Rockies 42-39. That was around July 6th. Since then we are 42-36 and they are 49-30. Starting well is only half of it, and the most important half is how you finish.

    The Rockies are, and have been for a few months, playing better than the Dodgers.

    We only need 1. But, it would be nice to get some momentum going here.

  24. Blue Haze says:

    Amen Badger! Momentum is huge and right now the Dodgers just don’t have any of it. Rockies are on a roll and feeling it.
    The Dodgers will win one game and clinch, don’t fret. We will rock the rockies in game one and put them out of their misery, a good old fashion stoning can be a fun thing.

    “I wanna rock!” — (Dee Snider) Twisted Sister

  25. ken says:

    The Critic’s Song (Long Version)

    Every pitch you take
    And every swing you make
    Every bat you break
    Every mistake you make
    I’ll be critiquing you

    Every single day
    And every slogan you say
    Every game you play
    Every night and day
    I’ll be critiquing you

    Oh, can’t you see
    You belong to me
    How my poor heart aches
    With every blown save you make

    Every move Ned makes
    Every contract you break
    Every injury you fake
    Every offer you make
    I’ll be critiquing you

    Since you’ve lost, my day’s been empty without a trace
    I dream at night, I can only see the final scores
    I look around but it’s the season I can’t replace
    I feel so cold and I long for spring training
    I keep crying Dodgers, Dodgers please

    Oh, can’t you see
    You belong to me
    Now my poor heart aches
    Every game you don’t play

    Every swing you make
    Every bat you break
    Every bunt you fake
    Every throw you make
    I’ll be critiquing you

    Every move you make
    Every appearance you make
    I’ll be critiquing you
    I’ll be critiquing you

    Every base you take
    Every bat you break
    Every bunt you fake
    Every error you make
    (I’ll be critiquing you)

    Every single day
    Every word you say
    Every game you play
    Every night and day
    (I’ll be critiquing you)

    Every swing you make
    Every bat you break
    Every bunt you fake
    Every post you make
    (I’ll be critiquing you)

    Every single day
    Every word you say
    Every game you play
    Every night and day
    (I’ll be critiquing you)

  26. DRomo says:

    Ken, you are too much LOL Good Job!

    Haegar, Lighten up

    Kay, The beer is still chillin. I’m saving them come hell or high water.

    Brother Bill, I think there is something to the McCourts conspiracy. They wanted this to be exciting to sell more tix. Maybe the boys wanted to celebrate at home? All I know is I don’t want to end on a losing streak.

  27. Blue Haze says:

    So Martinez doesn’t have time to read blogs, nor does he think any managers read them, as well. Hmmmm, interest, STAY TUNED – DEVELOPING STORY -

    I am relieved to see Wolf getting the start Friday Night, he is a clutch performing veteran, he will do his job, but our damn offense…

    Okay, that is damn good Ken, nice POLICE cover, Sting would be proud, baby!

    “Yeahhhh, ba-by!!!” — Austin Powers

  28. Badger says:

    Celebrate at home sounds like a good plan to me. I’ll bet the organization looks forward to that.

    But, obviously it wasn’t really planned that way. You don’t deliberately lose 4 in row to last place clubs.

    The way I see it, it’s about 4 games past time to light this candle.

  29. Mr.Mike says:

    Its all good Ken, do you sing too? I was thinking that we have to get Zack out of Kansas but King Felix will do, gOnZo. Where would we be w/o Andres walkoffs? The 7th game of the World Series is scheduled for the 5th of November. Is Bud Selig a total freaking idiot?

  30. Bill Russell says:

    Ken Yankavic, your getting better. What would this video look like. Donny hitting one off the tee with Milton Bradley breaking his bat in the back ground and slamming a beer bottle into the stands, Torre sleeping in the Dugout and Andy bunting with bases drunk. Manny and Kemp watching one drop in between while Loney gets thrown out at the plate. The video would end with Gibson’s HR to a standing O with Lasorda puffing on a cigar.

  31. when the dodger was winning the most was small ball..then we started to hit home run…and now we just quite scoring. go back to small ball…i dont see anyone chocking up on the bat and just going for a base hit with runner in scoring postion., every one is swing for the fence..martin watches the first pitch down the middle ..backs out spits on his hands , swing at a bad pitch back out spits again..the hits in to a double play…seem like every game.. he is o and 2 every time..i dont think the hitting coach is doing a good job..he as them going deep in the count ..but that doesnt work for every one.

  32. Badger says:

    “he as them going deep in the count ..but that doesnt work for every one.”

    Good point horse. Sometimes you just have to go up there thinking dead red and drive that first pitch tubed fastball into the Virgo Cluster. If that is done occasionally, you won’t have so many 0-1 counts.

    Small ball on this team worked ok when Pierre was in the lineup. We don’t really have a small ball club. Furcal and Pierre back to back followed by Ethier and Manny could light up an inning but, without Juan in there, nobody on this team really runs. This team is what it is, a .500 club heading into post-season. We could catch fire and tear it up, or, we could play like we have for the last 2 months.

    I know we all want fire. Here’s hoping.

  33. Bill Russell says:

    I must admit that Buck Martinez is a smart fellow. I love the way he fielded the La Roche blowing bye Blake question in particular. Smart man.


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