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It’s First And Ten

It’s First And Ten
Who Wants The Ball?  "I DO!"

Who Wants The Ball? "I DO!"

I’m talking baseball – not football.  The Dodgers have one win down and ten more to go to win the World Series.  You have to play them one at a time, but we need ten more wins in order to call this season a complete success. 

Again, conventional wisdom was wrong – we beat Carpenter and like I said, YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL STEP UP.  Randy Wolf kept us in the game for 4 innings, even though he struggled with his control, and then Jeff Weaver stepped up BIG TIME!  I didn’t even think he would be on the roster (shows what I know).  Rafael Furcal played like the Raffy of 2007 and Loney, Blake and Ethier all had a pair of hits.  Matt Kemp “Bisonized” Carpenter in the first inning, and that HR BLAST set the tone, even though he didn’t get another hit.   He was tentative on a couple of plays however. 

I really didn’t understand the Billiard switch.  I’d rather have a LH hitting Hudson against the RH Carpenter than RH Belliard, and even though it didn’t cost us the game, Belliard could not make some of the plays that Hudson would have (at least 2 plays) at 2B.  All I can think is that Hudson is hurting more than anyone knows.

Is Thome a wasted roster spot?  Was Kirk Gibson?  Even though Thome has not produced stellar results as a Dodger, you can throw this years’ record out the window and look at his career.  Something tells me that Jim Thome will win a game for us before this series is over.  This is a classic case of where figures lie!  YOU CANNOT MEASURE THE VALVE OF EXPERIENCE!

Sixteen (count ‘em 16) stranded baserunners should give us pause, but the Cards stranded 14, so maybe it’s just the “good pitching, good hitting” thing.  Russell Martin quietly had a good all-around game.

The stage is set tonight for the kid who has to be a man – Clayton Kershaw.  This is where legends are made!

P.S. I just found out my son’s football playoff schedule and cannot make the trip to St. Louis.  I guess I’ll be watching the Dodgers on TV.  I don’t miss any of his games (or practices for that matter).  Hopefully Vold can give us a full report as he will be there.

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14 Responses to “It’s First And Ten”

  1. DRomo says:

    First off, Props to you Mark for being there for your son. You are doing the right thing. However, who the heck schedules a football game during baseball playoffs? :)

    That pop up in the 1st I think was all Belliards fault. It was Kemps play but Belly was about to run into Kem p so Kemp backed off. That had Repko vs. Furcal written all over it! All in all we got out cheaply enough. I think Belliard gets 1 more shot for some ABs but O-dog will be back in the line up if he doesn’t do much again. Also maybe Joe sees it as no coincidence that when Belly and Blake came out of the lineup we sputtered to the finish! They are back and we played a good game.

    Tonights game is the BIGGEST of the series. Game 2 always is. There is no one I would rather have on the mound than Clayton Kershaw! Keep you cool kid and bring it home for us!

  2. Ken says:

    I noticed that Belly sometimes has a mouth full of food at home plate. Can he really chew seeds and hit at the same time?

    Hudson is not hurting more than I have speculated. See my previous posts on that subject.

    Dream Weaver Rocks!!!!

    Thome would be better off being a DH in AZ for the week, playing in real games with the other Dodger depth who are staying ready.

    Good hitting to all fields by most of the Dodgers last night. That will always be the key to success for the Dodgers!

    I was going to say that the game was well managed last night but than Boomer said on TV that the Dodgers were lucky to win a game in which they were over managed. Back to the Dark Side!! Mark your all sports bra add is too small! Can you move it up to the top of the page. You could replace the Torre ad with this more important ad. I believe that this idea would have a lot of support.

    Game 2 this afternnon. Another Cardinal pitcher that must be taken to all fields. GO/AO = 1.43.

  3. Ken says:

    Fair and Balanced Post

    I am concerned about Kershaw and Padilla. During each of their last games I had the impression that the home plate umpire was expanding the strike zone and they greatly benefited. However, in the playoffs the strike zone is traditionally squeezed in order to “make the game more exciting” for the fans. Hopefully both of these pitchers will be able to adjust to the “new” strike zone tonight and Saturday.

  4. Ty says:

    Thome has had only a hand full of AB’s for the Dodgers. I don’t know why some people are already writting him off. Let’s not rush to judgement after a handful of AB’s. We also have a pretty bad bench as far as pinch hitters go. W/O Thome, Loretta would be our main pinch hitter. Loretta hit .240 this year with no power. Pierre is a nice bat off the bench but he’s usually used earlier as a runner or to sacrifice. I like Mientkiewicz but he’s not even on the roster.

    The pop up in the first inning should’ve been caught but I blame Kemp more than I do Belliard. He was there and it didn’t look like he was running at full speed. That’s the CF’ers ball. Hudson would’ve made that play but Kemp should’ve realize that the starting 2B was not Orlando Hudson. Most average 2B’s would have a hard time with that ball. Belliard is hot with the bat and Hudson is not. We need offense more right now vs Carp and Wainwright and it’s not like Belliard is a butcher with the glove. He made a nice snag of that DP ball in the first inning that was huge!

  5. DRomo says:

    If Kershaw can throw his curve for strikes he will be fine. having an early hook to the pen is not over managing it is good playoff managing. You have to stop the bleeding ASAP especially in a short series!

    Secondly anyone named Boomer should be taken out side and …. well you know what I mean. Chris Berman (who has no business doing baseball & just isn’t funny anymore) , David Wells (who is probably drunk and has an axe to grind w/ Torre), or Esiason (Just because he shares the nickname).

    Early leads are the 2nd big key to the game for me. It helped last night.

  6. Miguel says:

    I was at the game last night. It was ELECTRIC! Kemp’s homer was a HUGE momentum shifter. That is the moment the Dodgers and their fans KNEW that we could beat Carpenter.

    Mark, I second Ken’s motion for a larger, more prominent, sports bra ad!

    Manny looked terrible at the plate and after he grounded into that DP to end the inning, immediately on the big screen was an anti-steroids ad blasted throughout the stadium. Manny got to watch the entire thing walking out to right field. Coincidence? The baseball Gods have spoken!

    That pop up that hit off Belliard’s glove was Kemp’s ball all the way! I saw it hang in the air for what seemed like an eternity! It was up there for a LONG time man. Belliard looked terrible at the plate and both he and Hudson had troubled histories against Carp. But Belly finally got to him in his last at bat against Carp and shot one to right. That to me was excellent as Carp had his way with Belly the first two at bats. Belly made the adjustment and finally got to Carp. That is professional hitting.

  7. Miguel says:

    I want to share something about how awesome Dodgers fans are. I was in the Top Deck which is behind homeplate as high as you can get. The section is like the bleachers since they are “cheap seats.” So you get a fairly rowdy bunch.

    There were probably about 15-20 Cards fans in the entire Top Deck. There was an extremely obnoxious one wearing an Edmonds jersey sitting in the first row. He was drunk and just asking to be picked on. Somehow his Cards hat made it over the ledge (was thrown over by a Dodgers fan) at one point (should have been the rest of him). A female Dodgers fan and her boyfriend felt bad for him and looked over the edge to see where the hat went. Once they isolated who had the hat the girl (Dodgers fan) took the elevator down to that level and went and retrieved the Cards fan’s hat for him.

    That was classy.

    There were was another stupid and drunk set of Cards fans the next section over. This time it was a VERY HOTT girl wearing a VERY tight Cards t shirt and talking about as much shit as a female can talk, while her boyfriend cringed in the seat next to her. By the 7th inning she was REALLY having it out with Dodgers fans. Her man went and grabbed an usher and pointed out the unruly Dodgers fans. As they walked down the aisle to her seat she took a drunk swing at someone and fell flat on her face in the row! HILARIOUS! The usher threw her out. But later came back for the unruly Dodgers fan too.

    There were a fair share of fights with Cards fans from the 7th inning on for sure. I saw quite a few on the many trips to the bathroom I made. But overall I think that, in one of the most unruly sections, Dodgers fans were pretty good to the Cards fans, especially the ones that were not completely obnoxious.

    And Kudos to the staff at Dodgers stadium. Spilling an $11 beer not 30 seconds after purchase while trying to put mustard on a Dodger Dog was a huge FAIL on my part. Thank God the staff watched it happen and a beer vendor across the way called me over for a free refill! Cheers! Go Dodgers!

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      Oh my goodness, Miguel, how entertaining was that?!!

      Hey, did you ever get out of the parking lot?

  8. Kay in L.A. says:

    That’s awesome, Mark, you will be there for your son. Lifetime memories. And how about Weaver coming out of “retirement” to help the team? *Grin*

    Bill, you are probably at Chavez Ravine by now or pretty close. The gates are open already, I think. You Lucky Dog!!!!

    What happened to Wolf, why couldn’t he settle down?

    Highlight was Broxton vs. Pujols, mano a mano, man to man. Loved it.

    Best moment when Charlie said, “Russell took one for the team”… in the butt. LOL.

    Oh yeah, Take THAT, Kevin Baxter!!! Dodgers are IN THE GROOVE!!!

  9. Kay in L.A. says:

    Haze, do whatever you must to keep your Sis away from the stadium. Thanks!!

  10. Illini Dodger says:

    Let’s hope the fans go bonkers every time Clayton whiffs a Cardinal!

  11. Mr.Mike says:

    Never say die! 8} Magic number 9 woohoo


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