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Hiroki OK?

Hiroki OK?

Braves Dodgers BaseballThat remains the question.  Will we see the Kuroda of last month or the Kuroda of last year.  I would guess that Chad Billingsley is the long man today.  Jim Thome goes back to Philly where he had some of his best years and would like nothing better than to stick it to them.  It will be an interesting game, especially since rain has been assured by local weathermen (who lie more than GM’s). 

For all the accolades heaped upon Cliff Lee, his ERA with the Phils was 3.34 this year.  To put it in perspective, Wolf, Kershaw and Padilla all had lower ERA’s.  Fear Nothing!

Dodger News:

  • Kim Ng is interviewing for the Padres Job, but some say Jed Hoyer is the favorite.  Jeff Morrad dissed Paul DePodesta and didn’t even interview him.  I have always said he’s a good Assistant GM.  It would seem to me that if either Hoyer or Ng gets the position, DePodesta would likely be retained, as Ng and DePo have ties as do Hoyer and Depo (through Theo Epstien).
  • Andrew Lambo is absolutely tearing up the AFL.  I mean destroying it.  He’s hitting over .500 an mashing the ball.
  • I have refrained from speculation about what will happen with the McCourt’s divorce proceedings as it is futile to review what could happen.  There are too many variable and too much money on the table to speculate.  It generally is bad, but the fact that they have 4 adult children could temper the battle.  Everything is on the table, from coaches status, to Colletti’s and Ng’s status to whether we sign players.  It’s a mess and I frankly am weary of it.

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22 Responses to “Hiroki OK?”

  1. DRomo says:

    I am worried about Kuroda today, and like Mark I hope bills is ready to go if we need him early. I think the long layoff could spell danger for Kuroda, remember his first outing after his injury he looked wild and bad. Joe should have a quick hook today.

    The brightside is Hiro is a tough cookie. He loves to battle and is mentally strong enough to will his way through a tough lineup. We need rns and runs early to take the thuggish Philly crowd out of it. If we can get to Lee the way we did Carpenter it will be a series changer!

    Is it game time yet?

    Think Blue!

  2. A Shot of Haeger says:


    I’m a little disappointed in you…. You had a perfect opportunity for a hilarious title to today’s post.

    Is Hiroki Dokee For Game Three?

    Otherwise I agree with everything you say. Kuroda is as hard as nails….

    Hopefully he’ll battle through.

    Hopefully Casey Blake is filling everyone in on Lee’s tendencies.

    Hopefully we’ll win tonight’s game.

  3. GoNzO says:

    I’ve been saying it for a while now Mark, Lambo is being groomed to take over Mannywood and rename it Lamboville.

    Kuroda will give us 4 good innings today. if Chad can pitch the 5th to give it Belisario and co. we should be good.

    Offensively, watch for our guys to bust out as the phils staduim is the the exact dimensions of the field in Williamsport.

  4. lawdog says:

    Hey! Where’d my post go? I just suggesetd “Lambo Field” work work better than “Lambowoods”.

  5. DRomo says:

    Slow day in here. Haeger you are hilarious! “HIROKI DOKI?” I am laughing out loud that is awesome!

  6. Mr.Mike says:

    Never say die. Dr Hiroki will morph back to Mr Kuroda now. This is war, CHARGE!

  7. Mr.Mike says:

    Like I was saying, sayonara Hiroki, say goodnight Dick.

  8. jerry says:

    i told you two days ago .hiroki would get lit up like a chrismas tree…he never does good after being off..should of had garland.

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    It looks like we should have had Billingsley.

    • Ken says:

      We should of had a V-8!!

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      Damn straight, Mark. At that point in the game, I recalled the column you wrote about a month ago, saying we need Bills to succeed in the postseason. The Prophet speaketh, and no one listeneth.

  10. Ken says:

    The old Torre decided to manage today’s game with the same moronic felony stupod decisions!

    Leave Elbert in AA for 2-3 years until he leans how to pitch. When are the coaches going to tell him that he can’t even throw as hard as Cliff Lee so he had better learn how to pitch. I would rate him the #30 prospect in the Dodger minors because he will not transition from high school arrogance to MLB maturity.

    Kuroda? Moronic decision. Superstition is not managing.

    Lee is also the perfect type of pitcher to go against the Dodgers. The Dodger batters obviously do not adjust their swing to the speed of the pitch and therefore try to pull all of those breaking balls.

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      The old Torre decided to manage today’s game with the same moronic felony stupod decisions!

      You are too kind.

  11. GoNzO says:

    We gopt 9 more outs lets GO!!! Ronnie with a BH.

  12. lawdog says:

    Let’s get our pitchers new shirts emblazoned with:

    “Gopher Balls!

    “The breakfast of Champions!

    We Deliver!”"

  13. jerry says:

    i am a big dodger fan ..but i think phille is a better team..and it seem they have a better coach. just seem when we face a good pitcher it is all over.seem like every batter is 0 and 2 ..he is always in the hole,, and it is a pitcher count; that is why we live so many men in scoring postion.

  14. DRomo says:

    Well on the brightside we could have had someone throw a gem last night and lost 1-0. Cliff Lee was just dealing, and that is OK. He is just 1 guy. I am convinced we can beat Cole(how does my hair look) Hamel. If we win today we are right where we need to be, let’s not panic.

    Sure Torre should have left Kuroda off the roster and given C Bills an opportunity to fight his demons, maybe even given Garland a chance to do something he has done in the past (win in the postseason). I still think we weren’t winning against Cliff Lee last night.

    “That is why they play 7″

    Think Blue!

  15. Bill Russell says:

    The game went pretty much as I thought it would last night except for I figured we would score a few runs. Now we must focus on winning game 4 with Wolf on the bump. If Wolf is healthy, we can even the series at 2. If Wolf is having shoulder trouble, then we’re in for another long night. Lets all hope for the Wolf we’ve had for most of the 2009 season. If we were to advance to the WS, I don’t expect to see Kuroda on the roster. Garland would have only given up 4-5 runs last night so the gamble was worth it.

  16. A Shot of Haeger says:

    That was a tough one..but we’re still in this series. Let’s hope we can win this game and the one’s beyond.

    I still think we’re going to win the World Series. We just have to keep thinking positive and sending good thoughts to our Blue brethren. Never said it was going to be easy..but it’s going to happen

  17. DRomo says:

    I am not saying Garland would have been lights out but he had 1 bad outing for us against SD other than that the guywas pretty solid. It’s all Monday morning quarterbacking now but I had serious doubts about Kuroda going into last nights game. Funny but I think our biggest regret will be leaving Jeff Weaver off this roster. I just do not get that move.

  18. GoNzO says:

    So if Hiroki gets neck pain today and must be DLed, could the dogs activate garland?????

  19. Mark Timmons says:

    Not unless they go to the Series.


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