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Heads Up!

Heads Up!

MSTI just wanted to let you all know that just as soon as the Dodgers win the World Series (or fall out of the playoffs, which is more likely), I will no longer be writing this blog on a daily basis.  Instead it will be generally once a week and you can probably look for a new post each Sunday.  I am extremely busy with my work and also need to finish my book.  The way I am feeling now, is that I may never again do the blog on a daily basis.  I thought about stopping it entirely, but once a week is nothing after doing it every day.  There are plenty of great blogs out there and most are listed on the LINKS section of this site.  Hopefully, when I do post it will be fresh and interesting.  I really don’t know what is next, but I do know that my book cannot wait.  I’ll let you all know when it is done.

Thanks for all your support over the years, and feel free to continue to post here if you like.  Just keep it civil and obey the rules.  They aren’t hard.  The reality is that I don’t have a passion for doing this anymore.  I have other things that I want (need) to do and I am being “pulled” in that direction.   I have a very important book to write (which will also be a movie) which will help people understand that no matter what happens to you in life, you can recover, prosper and bloom.  This is now my passion.  I will always be a Dodger fan, but writing this blog and sitting in the pressbox and being a Dodger Groupie are not satisfying to me.   You will see me in Spring Training however, and I will continue to give insights into the minor league crop.

My health is good – I was released from any further checkups by my doctor and I “ran” about 50 feet today – RAN!  Not very fast, but I’m getting there.   I no longer limp and the pain is gone.  Life is good!   

I told you that Jon Broxton was a liability for us and that we could not win with him - not much else to say.  I wished that I was wrong, but I knew what I saw and I saw a guy who folds in the clutch!  I took a lot of heat when I said it, and Jon Weisman and Kensai posted their rebuttals to what I said, but I could see that Broxton is a loser!  There’s no stat for that! 

I’ll post again before the next game. 

I may be blogging at  (not sure yet).  The Dodgers just have to take a backseat to my faith, family, work and my new career as “The Mountainmover.”  Stay tuned….

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46 Responses to “Heads Up!”

  1. Ken says:

    Eve of Elimination

    The pennant race, it is imploding
    Batters takin’, Pitchers yippin’
    You’re good enough for the division, but not for World Series’
    Players don’t believe in listening, so why’s that coach a tryin’
    And even the other teams have players laughin’

    But you tell me
    Over and over and over again, my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of elimination.

    Don’t you understand what I’m tryin’ to say
    Can’t you feel the fears I’m feelin’ today?
    When the season is over, there’s no runnin’ away
    There’ll be no one to cheer, with this season in the grave
    [Take a look around ya boy, it's bound to scare ya boy]

    And you tell me
    Over and over and over again, my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of elimination.

    Yeah, my blood’s so mad feels like coagulatin’
    I’m sitting here just contemplatin’
    I can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation.
    Handful of coaches can’t improve the players
    And pay alone can’t bring motivation
    When player’s attitudes are disintegratin’
    This whole crazy season is just too frustratin’

    And you tell me
    Over and over and over again, my friend
    Ah, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of elimination.

    Think of all the passion there is in St. Louis
    Then take a look around to Philadelphia, PA
    You may win the western division
    But when you win, it’s the same old disgrace
    The poundin’ of the drums, the pride and disgrace
    You can bury your dead, but don’t leave a trace
    Hate your Rockies neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace
    And… tell me over and over and over and over again, my friend
    You don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    Of elimination
    Mm, no no, you don’t believe
    We’re on the eve
    of elimination.

  2. A Shot of Haeger says:

    congrats for you…

    Ugh!! for Broxton

  3. DRomo says:

    We’ll miss it! Good luck to you Mark. Keep us posted on the book/movie.

    Jonathon Neidenfuer strikes again! You could see it on his face when Matt Stairs stepped in.

    My heart is broken. With the sudden bad news about the future of the franchise I am just speechless and heartbroken.

    “There is no joy in Mudville…”

  4. Badger says:

    You have done a great job Mark. Thanks for your work. I am proud to call you a friend. You know where I am, keep in touch.

    This year should be over soon. Stranger things have happened in the world of sports, but I don’t see this team as one that can come back against a team that is obviously much better.

    There are many things that can be pointed to when talking about what happened, but, maybe we should wait until this thing is actually over.

    One game at a time. If everyone decides to go down fighting, this could actually turn into a series. But, I do not see the fighting spirit in this group. They are playing now like they did the whole second half, a .500 team of group of individuals.

    And then there is the McCourt situation. This was the Dodgers year.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Mark, best of luck. I understand where you’re coming from. Although I’m not writing a book, I’ve had more pressing matters to attend to in the last seversal months. Hence my paucity of posts.

    No doubt Broxton shied away from pitching to Matt Stairs. And I guess it could be said that he choked in that instance. But the major problem I’ve seen with Broxton over the past couple of months is his lack of an effective slider. It seems as if his slider flattens out consistently, leaving him to rely almost exclusively on his fastball. Hitters know that. Given the lack of movement on his fastball, it becomes very hittable, especially by good hitters looking specifically for that pitch.

    I remember Torre mentioning at the end of last year that Broxton would be devastating if he developed an effective split finger, which he’s been working on the last few years. I had hoped he would use spring training to work on that pitch, but he never had a chance, given his participation in the WBC. Who knows, maybe the WBC cost us tonight’s game. In any case, I still believe that Broxton will ultimately develop into one of the top closers in the game. All he needs to do is develop another offspeed pitch to complement his fastball and slider. He needs another pitch to go to when the slider isn’t working.

    Broxton wasn’t the only cause of tonight’s loss. The offense simply needs to tack on more runs. I believe the Dodgers were the most patient team in the National League this past year, but you wouldn’t know it watching them in the playoffs. Hitter after hitter is swinging at pitches out of strike zone. Whatever patience they had (veterans and youngsters alike) appears to be gone. It’s as if everyone is overanxious. Apparently this team has some more growing up to do.

  6. chucky says:

    I am heart broken, pissed off and have just yelled at my son. This is not happening.

    I am also giving up on the blue for this season. They could take the next 3 games and go to the world series and I will not root for them. Maybe next year, maybe after the pain and anger is over. I can not do it anymore.

  7. GoNzO says:

    Hey mover, any thought to the email I sent you? Let me know.

  8. kensai says:

    Your argument is that whenever Broxton blows a postseason save, he is a loser. Therefore, unless Broxton is perfect, it makes you right.

    No closer is perfect, therefore you are bound to be right.

  9. jerry says:


  10. Mark Timmons says:


    Yes, but it’s WHEN it happens. You can just see it on his face. Unless something major changes, Broxton will always break our hearts. Sure, the rest of the team bears blame, but that game, right there was the biggest of JB’s carerr and it was a time to attone for last year. I wish I couldn’t say I knew it was going to happen, but at the start of the 9th inning, I could see from Brox’s “body language” that he was not confident. Then after Stairs, he looked like a deer in the headlights.

    I know that Brox only pitches in Tight Games, but this was for our entire season and he failed to deliver. It’s the loser mentality. I don’t know how to measure it, but it’s there. There are just some guys who never have to make excuses – they just get the job done.

    This is something you can’t measure. It’s a gut feeling. If we keep Broxton, I hope I can be wrong. Yes, he blew his share this year, but most of them were not THIS important. You have to hit that shot at the buzzer – you can’t miss.

  11. Badger says:

    I don’t think it’s that complicated mover. Broxton has one pitch that he throws for strikes and it’s the straight 4 seam 99 mph fastball. If he would just throw a variation of the two seamer he would at least get some movement on that pitch and hitters couldn’t sit on it. And, I have said this for two years now, he needs a change up off that fastball. That isn’t a slider, it’s either a split finger or a straight change. One of them must be added and why it hasn’t is mind boggling to me. The change up is not that complicated a pitch, it has been around since Abner was a minnow.

    The Phillies have done it right. They have a balanced lineup with hitters all the way down the order. They have a legit thunder bat in Howard, I know many of you don’t like him because of his strike outs, but I still say an out is an out and if a guy can drive in 140 I don’t give a red rat’s ass how many times he K’s. We have Manny, Kemp and Ethier. Obviously there is a book on Manny and can now be pitched to. Kemp is striking out like a madman without driving in a lot of runs. Ethier is Ethier, but in this series, we go right through these three without any real thunder. Raffy stopped getting on base, and Rollins comes up with the big hit. Blake looks lost, Belliard plays instead of Hudson (?) and Martin is all of a sudden a .250 hitter. The Phihls need a pitcher, they go out and get Cliff Lee – we need a pitcher, we go out and get a guy who we don’t even add to the post-season roster.

    The Phillies have our number. The way our current team is constructed, we won’t beat them in a 7 game series no matter how many times you tee it up.

    Like I mentioned, this was the Dodgers year. Who knows what happens to this team now. Maybe Frank goes back to Boston and Jamie hooks up with Eli Broad and money is no longer an issue with the Dodgers. Or, something else might happen and this franchise fractures.

    It is way past time for the Los Angeles Dodgers to have become the West Coast Yankees and instead, we get this. 3.7 million in attendance, a cable deal on the horizon and the McCourts are splitting up. Terrific.

    Have a nice winter everyone.

  12. Ken says:

    As I have said all year Torre does not know how to manage the players that he has. He does not appropriately deal with their strengths and weaknesses. He just flat gambles way too much in a nonreality mode. Dealing with reality wins games not pop psychology. Allowing a pitcher in inning one or nine to throw only fastballs is felony stupid. Torre calls all of the pitches. Therefore Torre gets the blame. Even Buck Martinez called it right when he discussed Broxton’s problems stemming from sitting on the bench too long in the cold between the 8th and 9th inning. When Broxton does not have it he does not have it. Torre must have the brains to pull Broxton from the game because when he does not have it the Dodgers always lose. Let somebody else lose for once. If the Dodgers had carried more long relievers all year through the playoffs the relief pitching rotation would have been much better. More On Torre – I want a left handed relief pitcher on my roster who can’t get anybody out instead of a long reliever. Felony Stupid. This was a season of missed opportunites. Frank – Hire a manager who recognizes the opportinuties in a reality mode.

  13. Mark Timmons says:

    I hate to give him credit, but Bill Plaschke nailed it about Broxton.,0,5545170.column

  14. DRomo says:

    Torre has made plenty of questionable moves this post season but last night asking Broxton to get 4 outs was not a bad idea. Broxton should have been able to do it.Yeah there was a long inning/wait time for Jon but good closers do it all the time. Hell Mariano Rivera did it just the other night and went 2.1 innings! It was all mental. He fell apart when he saw Stairs. Mark knew it , I knew it, we all probably knew it. I thought he should have challenged Stairs. Up 1, the worst he could do is tie us up. The best thing that happens is he excersises the demons and we win. Bad decision.

  15. Mr. Mike says:

    That one really hurt, from the thrill of victory to the agony of defeat. Thanks for the forum Mark and good luck on the next chapter of your life. Down and out.

  16. Badger says:

    Romo is right about Broxton. He is the closer and should be able to get 4 outs. His stuff is good enough if he knows how to use it. Rollins was waiting for a tubed fastball and he got it.

    Plaschke is also right. If Broxton had stones, he would have sent the first 100 mph pitch inside, not outside. I knew when he pitched him away he was intimidated. You cannot have a closer who is afraid.

    What he doesn’t have Ken is the second pitch and the confidence to brush hitters back. This kid has to learn to pitch inside and he has to learn an off speed pitch. As soon as he does, he will be as dominant as any closer in the game. I still find it ludicrous that this guy does not have a change-up. I was taught one at age 12 and could throw it for strikes whenever I wanted to at age 14. Broxton is a Major League player who is one pitch away from being unhittable and the Dodger pitching coaches can’t see that? Unbelievable.

    I have no issues with what Torre has done. It’s the players who have to get the outs and produce the big hit.

    Gut check tomorrow. (why an off day?) At this point we will see who has the stones to stand and deliver. The schedule I looked at said Kershaw was pitching. Plaschke says Padilla. Either way, I’ll bet the Phillies are licking their chops.

    Make them win it on our field.

    • Ken says:

      He has a second pitch. Unfortuantely the level of contrast in his second pitch makes it only good enough to be a third pitch. I agree that he needs a true second pitch.

  17. kensai says:

    I can’t tell if you are serious or not when you suggest he doesn’t have a second pitch.

    His slider is thrown at 90-92 mph and is one of the hardest pitches to hit. The theory that most baseball coaches apply though is that you don’t want to get beat with your second best pitch. You get beat with your best? Fine, nothing you can do about it, all credit to the hitter. You get beat like Mark Wholers against the Yankees off your third best pitch? You’re sick for the rest of your life.

    If you guys were actually watching the game, the first pitch to Stairs WAS off the plate inside.

    The question I always ask is who you would want more than Broxton. Who is the closer with great skills that has had postseason success that you think is better equipped to close games?

    Mariano Rivera? Ok.
    Jonathan Papelbon? Even after his meltdown this year? Ok.

    Who else? Try and name the current closers with postseason/World Series success.

    There’s one who didn’t completely tank: Bobby Jenks.

    So that’s three guys you would be satisfied with, and everybody here would turn on them the moment they fuck up first in the postseason. Guaranteed.

    • Ken says:

      Broston is and always has been a good old down home country boy who needs to pitch every other day in a semi or lower stress situation. That makes him a great 7th or 8th inning pitcher and a candidate, when mentally ready, to be a closer. His internship in the 7-8 innings will take longer than most potential closers. He can not pitch on 3 or more days rest, he can not pitch three days in a row, and he can not pitch parts of two innings when either the inning is long or the day is cold. With these simple rules any moron could manage Broxton. Disregarding these simple rules will make any manager a moron.

  18. Badger says:

    kensai, yes, you are right, the first pitch to Stairs was a belt high 99 mph 4 seamer on the inside corner. The next three were way off the plate outside. All 4 seamers. Broxton approached that at bat with fear in his heart. Stairs is a .197 hitter. He got lucky last year. Screw him. Throw strikes for crying out loud.

    Ibanez was thrown 2 4 seamers, same speed.

    Ruiz, making no attempt to get out of the way, was hit on the elbow by a 96 mph 4 seamer.

    Dobbs saw one slider for a strike.

    Rollins saw 98 99 and another 99 mph 4 seam fastballs, the last one right down Broadway.

    From what I just read, Broxton used the slider once in that inning, and did not throw any change ups. Why? Because he has no change up. Even I know how to approach Broxton – look for the 4 seamer down the middle. It WILL be there.

    “The question I always ask is who you would want more than Broxton. Who is the closer with great skills that has had postseason success that you think is better equipped to close games?”

    That isn’t the question I would ask and that isn’t the question I am asking. What I want to know is, why doesn’t Broxton, at this point in his career, have a change-up or split finger in his aresenal? Why, in the bottom of the 9th in a play-off game, does he throw the same exact pitch 11 out of 12 pitches?

    I don’t want anyone else in there (though last night, in hindsight, I’ll take Bellisario against Rollins) I want my closer to throw something other than the same 4 seam tubed fastball.

    Yeah, his 4 seam fastball IS his best pitch. And, it appears to be his only pitch. You gonna insist on throwing nothing but fastballs at leat throw a 2 seamer now and then.

    And this off season SOMEBODY better teach that kid an off speed pitch.

  19. tdf says:

    Hey Mark best of luck to you, I have been following this blog for quite some time now. Its probably the best one i read on a daily basis. I dont know what to think about the Dodgers, shocked i guess would be the word. Maybe it is time to trade some of the young ones away. Or maybe when they have a chance at a good pick up they DO IT,maybe its time to stop trying to keep every prospect and start trying to win playoff games.

  20. Ty says:

    Thanks for the daily blogs Mark. I look forward to reading the weekly stuff. Thanks again

  21. Mark Timmons says:


    I don’t know why, but I picture you with a pony tail, white karate uniform and a samari sword. ;) Don’t spoil my visual…

    I get what you say about Broxton, but tell me you didn’t see that “FEAR in the headlites look” he had when Stairs came up to bat and thereafter.

    Animals can “smell” fear and I think some humans are more in tune with sensing it as well. Dogs seldom attack me, but my brother who is bigger (but scared of dogs) get attacked. The dog knows I will kill him if he does it (I love dogs, but if I am attacked, it is on!).

    Some people have a “swagger” about them. I am convinced that Al Hrabosky’s success was his “Mad Hungarian” Personna, and not so much his pitch selection or “stuff”.

    Jon Broxton’s “teddy bear personna” scares no one.

    I think he should have charged home plate and dismembered Matt Stairs with his bare hands (bear hands?) – that would put fear in the batters! Just kidding, but I just don’t think he has that “swagger.”

    I realize that we had the #1 pitching ERA in baseball, but does Honeycutts personna permeate the pitching staff and is that good or bad?

  22. Bill Russell says:

    My Dodger world is crashing down. First the Dodgers don’t aquire the starting pitcher that is needed at the trading deadline. Secondly the McCourts split and leave us all wondering about the future of the team, then the Dodgers blow a win last night that made me sick to my stomach and kept me awake most of the night and now Mark is moving on to moving mountains instead of the Dodgers.
    First let me say Thanks for all your hard work over the past two years since I’ve become a part of this site. I’ve gotten to meet you twice and feel like we’ve become friends and hope we can stay in touch by attending Spring Training games together. If you ever come to LA give me a call.

    This has been a great site, to give opinions and see other peoples takes on the Dodgers daily activities. Hell I feel like we’ve all become family in here. I could predict what pretty much everyone would say after a game but once in awhile I would be surprised at someones reactions. We recently got a few new members and appear to have lost Roger from the site. I see Badger finally reappeared before we sent out a search party. This was the first place I went too every morning and the last place I looked before retiring every night.
    I knew with your work schedule and desire to finish your book, that this might happen someday soon. The devastating loss last night probably was the straw that broke the camels back. Anyway it’s a once a week deal after the next loss and for your sake I hope the Dodgers stock pile all their future draft picks, while the McCourts divide up the team Hopefully we can win it all again before I’m gone.

    So much for my LA DODGER TALK T-SHIRT.
    I guess I should have purchased a water system.
    Thanks again ………………….. :smile:

  23. Mark Timmons says:

    Thanks everyone. This isn’t the end, and I was going to do this regardless.


    I haven’t forgotten…

  24. Badger says:

    Bill – “I could predict what pretty much everyone would say after a game”

    That is one of the reasons I backed off. I found myself saying the same things over and over and it was like I was talking to myself.

    What is happening is really no surprise to me. What would be a surprise is to have the Dogs now win three in a row. The Phillies are playing like they KNOW they belong here. The Dodgers, as was illustrated by Broxton last night, are playing like they are waiting for something good to happen. Nobody on this team has more than 2 RBI’s in this series. Ramirez is hitting .250, Kemp .250 Ethier .200, Blake .133 and Furcal .125. This is a team schneid and nobody seems to want to step out and take the lead.

    This is how they were playing at the end of the year. This just may be who they really are.

    I sure hope they show some hair and force this thing back to L.A..

  25. Kevin says:

    Mark I for one am glad I don’t have to read your crappy dribble day in and day out anymore. I love the Dodgers but you are nothing but a hater!!

    Good riddance.

  26. jerry says:

    simple rollin said all he was trying to do was just put wood on the ball ..and was not trying to hit a home run… that is completely not what the dodger try..they try to hit one out of the park each and every time. just show you most are still young

  27. Badger says:

    You HAD to read it Kevin. Bummer. Was it your mother making you do it?

    I think maybe if Broxton gets into another game and needs a talking to on the mound, and Mark isn’t available, I would send Bowa out there. You can’t send Honeycutt – his name is Honeycutt for crying out loud. Sending out Torre is like sending out your grandpa. Send out Larry Bowa. Bowa won’t go out there to burp the kid, he will go out there to kick him in the ass.

  28. Kay in L.A. says:

    I died a little bit last night. Maybe a lot, I don’t know because numb is the best way to be. (3-1/2 hrs sleep)

    As if that weren’t enough, I meditated on the mess in the front office. This is so not fair to my homies, the players. Watch a lot of good people want out. Way to screw up a really good thing, McDunces.

    I thought Wolf was okay to stay in the game, but what do I know? We needed better movement on the bases, too.

    So many people are writing books. I’m reading one, about Teddy Roosevelt, am fascinated by that guy. Given the tone of your book, Mark, I’ll bet you quote him a time or two.

    I wish we had a game today (MLB scheduling sucks) and this party wasn’t over. Not sure I want to blog Dodgers anymore. This was a lot of fun, a treat, thanks guys. I mean that.

    I hate to say Good-bye, so should I try to go to Spring Training next year?

  29. balloon boy says:

    Broxton looks like a loser to me, too. An insecure fat boy who is ambivalent about his own success. Weisman can talk him up all he wants. The guy can’t cut it under pressure. I wish both he and Billingsley would take a hike.

  30. lawdog says:

    t’s always darkest just before the dawn.–Gandalf.

    All year long when i thought this team was going down the shitter they surprised me and turned it around. You don’t wind up with the best winning percentage in the national league by being “losers”.

    Keep the faith. Thought and emotion have power. Visualize the Dogs winning game 5 with great pitching and bats finally coming alive!

  31. lawdog says:

    I’ll bet we’ll all want to come here once the season is over and communicate about what’s happening with our team. Mover, why dldn’t you keep a Daily posting column open that doesn’t need updating daily. Change it once a week or when you feel like it. Maybe some of us will feel like sending you possible “guest columns” to post if you think they are worthy.

    I know what a grind a daily report becomes from doing the minor league report for a few months. I also know I got better at it and enjoyed doing it the longer I stayed with it. I actually thought it was pretty humorous near the end and i know I packed it with more complete information than the fellow who’s column you copy here now. I’ll bet you’ll feel like posting more often than you expect. We’re all Dodger bretheren (and sisteren) under our skin. We can’t help but love “dem bums”.

    But in any rate, thanks for the great blog and your insights. It’s a better world with you in it, my friend. ;)

  32. jerry says:

    i beleive that if there was a good pitching coach..they could get into there heads and straighten them out..when i went to drafting class ..there was a lot of teachers who could not relate to the student, they new what they were doing but could not get it across too the student,, that is what is happening to bill.s and big john. they need to be able to see it as the student see it..then they can make it clear..

  33. Mark Timmons says:


    So sorry your Mommy made you read it or that your computer is locked onto my site and you can’t go anywhere else. It sucks to be you!

    It’s too bad you either don’t comprehend what your read or worse yet, haven’t learned to read, because if you think I’m a hater, you aren’t reading what I write or you need some of Jimmy Buffet’s Dumbass Vaccine. Maybe it’s both. Hey, you must be Jon Broxton. That’s it!

    This post of yours a few months ago sums up how uninformed you are:

    A journeyman Mark? OK admit your wrong on that one isn’t a journeyman a player who moves from team to team? I’ll answer that for you yes it is and Ethier has only played for the A’s (which I’m not sure he ever even got called up) and the Dogers.

    See, if you don’t even comprehend what “journeyman” means, how can you understand the rest? Try reading the Seasame Street Blog. I’ll bet Big Bird’s your favorite.

    By the way, is your name Kevin, Kpizzle, Anonymous or Mark’s a Dummy? You’ve posted under all four names and every time you attack me – and I’m a hater? Look in the mirror, moron!

    Ok, I’ve got that outta’ my system.


    I’ll be at Spring Training. Hope to see you there.

  34. Mark Timmons says:


    It will be open and you can do that!

  35. DRomo says:

    I can’t wait for the reunion on Glendale!

    BTW, If I never thanked you Mark for the kind words when my daughter was born, THANK YOU!! I feel much like my brother BRuss, we have become a little like family here.

    Mark you know we disagree on a lot from time to time but I keep coming back to the best Dodger Blog out there!!

    Peace, do keep us informed on the book. Consider 1 pre-sold!!

  36. Badger says:

    Did you guys hear the Jimmy Rollins interview with ESPN post game? I don’t have it word for word, but he said he had seen Broxton enough to know what he throws and what his fastball does and he just waited on one.

    11 out of 12 pitches 4 seam fastballs. You just cannot get away with that in this league – unless you are Sid Finch.

  37. BleedinBlue19 says:

    Badger – mix in the fact that your not throwing them (or his slider for that matter) for strikes and you REALLY cant get away with it.

  38. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Mark, I’ve been reading this site for two years and just recently started posting. Thank you for everything. You truly changed my outlook on life with the Goudin post. Good luck and thank you and

    Gosh Darnit… Go Dodgers!!!

    Win three games now!!! That’s an order!!!

  39. Jim D. says:

    Living in New Jersey, and being a Dodger fan since their days in Brooklyn, this loss was crushing. After the Phils blasted our Dodgers 11-0, all the talk on Philly & New York sports radio was on the upcoming Turnpike World Series between the Phils & Yankees. The Dodgers were written off as not having a chance of matching Philly’s pitching or batting. Seems they are correct. Our boys are cooked. Let Philly win on Wednesday & end this fiasco, so it does not go back to LA & ruin my weekend by Philly winning it there. Time for NFL & NBA – see you in March at Spring Training. Again, I am crushed like the 50′s & the Yankees – somethings never change.

  40. Badger says:

    Good point Bleedin’. If Broxton threw one at the chin, and the next one at on the corner at the knees, he might could get away with one pitch. He doesn’t do that. The thing about pitching inside is – you have to do it high or low. Batters will move their feet and they will duck. You throw it at the belt, and guys will do what Ruiz did.

    Jim – if the Dodgers can pull one out of their collective sphincters tomorrow, they only need to win the next two at home.

    It can be done.

    If you had to place a $1,000 bet on the game, and the odds were 20/1, which way would you go on it?

  41. Voldomer says:

    Best wishes Mark, and thanks for all you have done here. I’m glad you’re just slowing down here, not shutting the place. See you in Glendale. in a few months.

  42. Badger says:

    Manny is an idiot. He is a rich idiot, but, no shortage of those in this country.

    Anybody watching the Angels/Yankees? The Yankees don’t need any help, but they sure are getting it from this umpiring crew. I haven’t seen this many butchered calls in – days.

    Nobody going to take that bet hey. Don’t blame you. I wouldn’t either. I would take the safe money.

    So, anyone going to bet against the Yankees?


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