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Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day!
"We Did It Again!"

"We Did It Again!"

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7 Responses to “Happy Groundhog Day!”

  1. Illini Dodger says:

    After a little reflection, I guess I should be happy the Dodgers made it as far as they did. I had high hopes when Manny signed in the pre-season. I thought that this might just be it.

    Manny got busted for drugs and Kuroda was injured. Furcal looked lost, but O-Dog was on a tear to compensate. The Dodgers still sailed ahead, but probably wasted mojo trying to compensate for these losses. Manny then came back and couldn’t hit anymore. Billingsley lost it altogether. Kuroda was nearly killed. Blake was injured. Manny was injured. Kershaw and Wolf were injured. O-Dog ran out of gas, since he was out of “playing a whole season” shape. Really only Kemp and Ethier were consistently impressive, and sometimes Kershaw. The bullpen was awesome, but just picked the wrong time to slump.

    What about the Phillies? I don’t recall any injuries, but my memory is probably bad. They are definitely a clutch team who recovered from their late season slump in a resounding fashion. Was it really a slump, or just a rest? We’ll never know.

  2. Ken says:

    Groundhog Day? Groundhog Season!

    For the Latinistas – “ad hominem” spelled backwards is menimohda, which kind of soumds like Manny Mota who is the antihesis of Ad Hominem.

    My true feelings about Torre are revealed here today. In my opinon he should be like a father but he is too much like an uncle or grandfather. He should be like a COO but he is too much like a VP of HR. As such he can play a valuable role as special assistant to Frank and in the Player development department. Since he freely states that he delegates most of the coaching to the coaches he should change some of the coaches if he is going to remain the Dodger Manager for another year. That is not to say that the coaches will be the scapegoats. Rather something truely has to be done about the Dodgers being outplayed, and out prepared both strategically and mentally.

    There does need to be a change in some of the players, coaches, front office, and executives, but not a purge. Many of the player changes will occur naturally based upon free agency. I think maybe now the Dodgers must go after Halliday. Either just sent a shot across Frank’s bow regarding the Dodgers needing an ACE. Will the young Dodgers wait to sign long term contracts until the Dodgers sign a true ACE? Who will they give up? Who is left in the minors? Who will the Dodgers have to sign in order to replace those starters that are traded for Halliday?

    This winter will be very interesting.

  3. Illini Dodger says:

    I used to want the team that beat my team to win the World Series, because then we would at least be “next best.” After watching the Phillies during the game, I really just want the Yankees (Angels?) to kick their collective @sses.

  4. lawdog says:

    Where did you find that picture of Broxton warming up Mover? Actually, all we needed to do to win this thing would have been to amp are tired and hurt guys up with “greenies”. Amphetamines are not specifically banned (and therefore are not tested for even though possession of same can land you prison on a felony beef. Give Broxton some high quality meth and he wouldn’t need no friggen’ change up. He’d change up on his fastball by throwing it 110 mph. And Manny woud have hit .400 with 30 hrs with some help from his “mother’s little helper”.

    Let’s face it. Thanks to Torre’s preferences for players his own age, we have a roster filled with over the hill geezers who run out of gas as the end of the season nears. They look like a slow pitch softball team assembled from local geriatric wards once they get to the playoffs.

    Other teams cheat with amphetamines. Maybe it’s time the Dogs stepped up and used the helper that isn’t being tested for like the other teams do. ;)

  5. Kay in L.A. says:

    I can’t stay away from my favorite site, favorite team (come what may) and such a fetching crew of gentleman as gather here.

    Reality is refreshing, isn’t it, Illini (re your I BELIEVE post)?
    Although I don’t blame Colletti on not landing Lee. I read up on that and he did all he could.
    Colletti overall is golden and has his heart and mind in it.
    Who knew Billingsley would fall apart?
    Was that when Dodgers started to get dodgy, or was it Manny’s return to the team?
    Stiffer penalties for steroids cheating are called for.

  6. Badger says:

    I say even the playing field and let them all do legal drugs. Mark Cuban agrees. If a guy is injured, and his doctor prescribes roids (like for example Manny’s hammy) let ‘em do it. At least it would make the game more exciting. Who knows what could have happened if our geezers would have been allowed to take what their doctors prescribed.

    I wonder what an outfield of Werth, Kemp and Ethier would look like. Victorino, Werth and Kemp? Kemp, Werth, Ethier and Victorino?

    Yeah, another interesting off-season coming up. This one could be very strange for the Los Angeles Frankenjamies. I hope they just go ahead, get it on and get it over so everyone knows who owns what and where we go from here.

    Good year? Yeah, I suppose. It was a great half year, very average second half, and I wonder what might have happened had Holliday not lost that ball in the hankies.

  7. Kay in L.A. says:

    I listened to the last few innings of yesterday’s game just to hear Vinny’s last calls of the season. What a professional. What a wonderful human being. I really choked up at the thought, what a blessing Vin Scully is.

    He reported Dodgers batting .194 with RISP in the postseason. Add to that pitching falling apart and it wasn’t a pretty picture.

    I have another thought we discussed here this year. “Nice guys finish last.” Dodgers need an edge, some really menacing guys, some challenging moves on the field. Put fear in the other guy. Keep them guessing and off balance. Exactly what the Phils did to the Dodgers, eh?

    Sad note, some will dispute. As much as I love Russell Martin, he is one great guy, the concentration is not there and he should be released.

    Otherwise, it’s not fair to the players or the fans to mis-manage and mis-coach the kind of talent, chemistry and enthusiasm we have now in our New Blue Wrecked Crew.


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