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Don’t Wait For The Cards To Die – Kill Them Now!

Don’t Wait For The Cards To Die – Kill Them Now!
Padilla Needs To Pound The Cards!

Padilla Needs To Pound The Cards!

A good team has a killer instinct.  It seizes the moment and puts their opponent away. 

Michael Jordan had a killer instinct when he played for the Chicago Bulls.  The Dodgers need that killer instinct.  They need to stomp on the Cardinals on Saturday and make sure they put them down!  The Dodgers cannot afford for that “two-headed snake” – Carpenter & Wainright to come back and bite them. 

We beat them once and it’s doubtful we can duplicate that.  The Big Dodger in the Sky gave us the first two games.  Now, it up to the boys to nail the coffin shut!  Don’t let that snake come back and bite you – kill the Cards now! 

Of Game 2, Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus said: ” Tony LaRussa was out managed for the first time in a long time!”  Way to go, Joe.

Now, can Vicente Padilla bring his “A Game” for 5 or 6 innings?  We have to get to Pinero and seize the day.  This is it.  Close the series out with a broom!  I think if the Dodgers  don’t win Game 3, the Cards will take the final 2.  They can’t allow that to happen.  They can’t allow them to come to life.  They HAVE to end it TODAY!  Padilla needs to pound the Cards like he pounded Steve Swisher (above).

I have read so much analysis about the playoff games and all the stats and statistical analysis and have concluded that they are an exercise in futility. Baseball stats are fun, but it’s like charting the stock market or a particular stock.  I am a firm believer in “fundamental analysis” and sometime the numbers do lie (or don’t tell the whole story). 

Humans play the game.  People play the game.  It’s not a stat that plays the game.  It’s a player like Mark Loretta who was bashed by practically every dodger blogger on the planet.  They said statistics showed Loretta should not be on the roster.  Statistics showed that Loretta was 0-15 against Franklin.  Statistics are simply a thing.  Statistics are not real.  People and players are real.  Mark Loretta refused to be reduced to a statistic.  Mark Loretta is a player, who knew his stats but chose to ignore them.  I trust my eyes – stats be damned!  These are Destiny’s Dodgers!


  • Tony Abreu is driving through the desert to his new home and it’s not Camelback Ranch.  Bye, Bye Tony – we hardly knew ya.’  Good luck… except when you play us.
  • The Peoria Javelinas start the Arizona Fall League Season on Tuesday with the Dodgers Minor Leaguers on their squad.

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22 Responses to “Don’t Wait For The Cards To Die – Kill Them Now!”

  1. DRomo says:

    What’s with the Star of David on the snake? You might want to think that over Mark?

    Other that I agree we have to kick the Cards while they are down. Let’s finish this and move on with our destiny!!

  2. jerry says:

    we just need to score early are pitcher can relax..then we can just take it to them .seems if we score early the stat say we win.

  3. Mark Timmons says:


    I didn’t even notice that Star of David. I just grabbed the first two-headed snake cartoon I could find. Well, it was the ONLY one I could find. Let’s just say that it shows that are all-stars. No other significance.

  4. DRomo says:

    I was sure it was not intentional Mark. No biggie! I do love the new picture.

    Jerry you are right, we have said this all along, we need runs early. If we can get a lead our pitchers seem to relax and settle in! I also hope Joe has a short leash with Padilla. Maybe Garland will be waiting in the wings. Word on the street is Carpenter will pitch tomorrow if necesary, let’s get Carpenter started on his winter vacation instead!

  5. SpokaneBob says:

    We have never won a playoff game in Saint Louis. It’s time we did, the odds are in our favor. Padilla has had sucess there and its time for some payback. We will hit, run and pitch well today. We will win today!

  6. Kay in L.A. says:

    A guy named Doug Padilla wrote an article in today’s Daily News about Vicente Padilla: Padilla, Dodgers a perfect fit

    Quote: Whatever problems plagued Padilla in Texas haven’t surfaced with the Dodgers. Then again, the Rangers struggled at times since Padilla got there in 2006. The atmosphere has been different with the Dodgers in first place every day Padilla has been a member of the team.

    Daily News coverage much better than L.A. Slimes which isn’t worth a dime, much less 75 centavos.

  7. Kay in L.A. says:

    Romo, you might enjoy checking out the article I linked above. I don’t see a snake. Do you get a different version of the blog than I do?

    Bill Russell, where are you? I noticed you met Tommy Davis and got a hug. I think he threw the first pitch in that game?

    Haze, get off my case. Just kidding, haha. Mark doesn’t reply to my comments anyway. I just wanted to acknowledge the host.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    I’m here Kay, just trying to catch up on some work. I must stop and watch the Dodgers Sweep the Cards now. I can’t believe the experts saying if the Cards win today, the odds shift back into the Cards favor. No one is giving us a chance. GO BLUE

    George Lopez threw out the first pitch Kay and I just shook Tommy Davis’s hand and didn’t get a hug. He might have given one up but I wasn’t feeling like I needed it at the time. Peace

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      Bill, where is Romo, so we can enjoy a toast?
      Romo, get in here: *Clink*

      Torre says he feels “drained” at this moment. I give him huge credit.

  9. Mark Timmons says:


    I respond to comments, when I can. I’m just very busy. I just got in to see Kemp’s AB (missed Raffy’s) – home at 6:10 PM. Too busy right now – football (they lost), business and stuff at home.

    I ran downstairs, got me a cigar and 2 beers, poured them in a frozen mug and I’m now sitting on the deck, watching the game, smoking a stoogie. Life is good! My son went to a HS Football game and the wife’s shopping.

    Hey you all, did I tell you I can go up the stairs now TWO STEPS AT A TIME, with either leg? I can’t run yet, but it’s only been 13 weeks since surgery.

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      Hey Mark, I’m so happy!!!! You predicted a sweep, WOW.

      Of course, you answer, whatsa matta me, huh?

      Oh man, Cards rolled over and died. Padilla was awesome. Ethier magical, Manny back in business, etc., etc.

      Now we got time on our hands, what do we do?

  10. Mr.Mike says:

    Thats one giant leap for you Mark! Andre[not soft]owes you big time. Has Manny awakened from his slumber ? Letz Git er dun Trolley Dodgers!

  11. Mr.Mike says:

    I am really enjoying watching LaRussa crash and burn. This place is almost as quiet as Busch Stadium. I’m way beyond believing, I KNOW. 8}

  12. GoNzO says:

    Congrats Dodger fans! I love the taste of crowe! The pitching staff sure is showing people that a quality staff CAN take care of business. TCB.

  13. Mr.Mike says:

    How sweet it is ! Next !

  14. Kay in L.A. says:

    Sweep deal: Dodgers return to NLCS

    Vicente Padilla, starting because of the neck injury to Hiroki Kuroda, fired seven scoreless innings of four-hit ball for the victory in his first postseason appearance in an 11-year career. Padilla, unbeaten since he became a Dodger in August, retired 17 of 18 at one point.

    The Dodgers were powered — as they’ve been all season — by Andre Ethier, who slugged his second home run of the series, a two-run shot in the third inning, tripled and doubled. Rafael Furcal had two hits, an RBI and scored a run. Manny Ramirez had a pair of doubles, a single and two RBIs.

  15. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I’m very happy right now. I’ll be happier if we continue to play like we did in this series in the next two series.

    Torre probably had one of his best managing series since he won his last title in New York. I can’t think of one decision he made that didn’t work out against St. Louis..

    All of the Torre haters have to give him and the players of course for executing his gameplan to perfection.

    Way to go Dodgers!!!

  16. Illini Dodger says:

    I BELIEVE…..

    I believe the Dodgers have clinched a playoff berth.
    I believe the Dodgers have won the NL West.
    I believe the Dodgers have the best record in the National League.
    I believe the Dodgers have won the NLDS.
    I STILL believe the Dodgers will win the NLCS.
    I STILL believe the Dodgers will win the World Series.



  17. SpokaneBob says:

    I Believe too.

  18. Bill Russell says:

    I’m on top of the world right now. Congratulations to Mark and everyone that’s been a part of LA Dodger Talk. We Rock.

  19. jerry says:

    well we did it..we scored early ..then add more later..but great the LA TIMES dont know what they are talking about ..they said the card,s would sweep us. dont read there colums they are wrighting they know nothing about sports.

  20. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I love sports! I love that no matter what anyone says or thinks, the games are played on the field. Experts from all different kinds of media, tv, radio, print all get paid to analyze matchups, situations, and mitigating factors in order to predict outcomes of games and series…. despite all there due diligence to come up with what they think is the correct outcome…. There words are just words. The games still have to be played. Nobody gives us a chance… we prove them wrong. All we’ve done this season us prove them wrong. I’m so happy to be a Dodger fan. Now let’s go and finish this season off right.

    Go Dodgers!


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