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A Healthy Dose of Reality

A Healthy Dose of Reality
No Dumbass Vaccine!

No Dumbass Vaccine!

Blame it all on Joe Torre if you want, but when we score ZERO runs, the likelihood of losing is pretty high.  Blame it on Kuroda if you want.  Blame it on Billingsley or the fact that  we left Jon Garland and Jeff Weaver off the playoff roster.  But, the reality of the situation is that we have seen the Dodgers do this before.  The team that lead the league in batting average and on-base percentage and was 4th in runs scored is hitting 46points below their season batting average and 69 points below their seasons OB%,  and have been outscored 20-8!   Now, their 6.92 ERA is horrible, but most of that was acquired yesterday in the 11-0 loss.   The Dodgers have scored 8 runs in 3 games against the Phillies and have been lucky to win one game!  We should be down 3 games to none and facing elimination and yet, we are only down by 1 game.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that we have all seen this happen before – usually when this teams offense goes into an offensive funk (which is where they are now), it takes a week or two to snap back.  Well, we don’t have a week or two.  We have a game or two.  WE NEED TO WIN TODAY and I won’t put this on Randy Wolf.  I put it on Manny, Raffy, Casey, Andre, Matt, James, Russ, and Orlando (I think he needs to start – not that Ronnie did anything wrong – it’s just a gut feeling), who are our starters.  The offense needs to GET WELL NOW and jump all over the Phillies’ pitching – no matter who is pitching.  Ronnie Belliard has been good, but Orlando Hudson is MOTIVATED to show Joe Torre he deserves to start.  I would start O-Dog today, if for no other reason than to get another left-handed bat in there. 

If the boys don’t bring their bats today, it could be a long, cold winter and I still can’t believe that the morons who own the team couldn’t keep their mouths shut for a couple of weeks.  It just simply proves what Jimmy Buffett sings about (in bold)

she was no marine back from the Philippines
she was their pride and joy, their incarnation
her parents viewed the chief with shock and disbelief
looking for some other explanation

the indian on her back was poised for an attack
she said a tatoo is a badge of validation
but the truth of the matter is far more revealing
it’s a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling

permanent reminder
of a temporary feeling
amnesiac episodes that never go away
it’s no complex momemto it’s not set of revealing
just a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling

Vegas in the rain
drunk on cheap champagne
he hears out of tune synthesized chapel bells painfully ringing
where’s his limo ride
who’s this foreign bride
is that really Elvis spinning around the ceiling

permanent reminder
of a temporary feeling
forgotten fabrications in the chapels of love
what’s this ring on his finger
why is he kneeling
she’s just a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling

Chromosomes and genes
spawn these fateful scenes
evolution can be mean
there’s no dumbass vaccine
blame your DNA
you’re a victim of your fate
it’s human nature to miscalculate

to make up for the fight
they go out for the night
sex drugs and rock n roll seem like the easiest answer
but a short nine months later
there’s no way of concealing
that permanent reminder of a temporary feeling

permanent reminder
of a temporary feeling
amnesiac episodes that never go away
complex momentos not subtle revealings
just a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling
permanent reminder of a temporary feeling
permanent reminder of a temporary feeling

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18 Responses to “A Healthy Dose of Reality”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    Listen up kiddies, Blue Haze is about to give you a gift (if you are smart enough to use it, is up to you), tonight’s game is a lock game for a Dodger victory. The tried and true sister jinx is in full flight. To make a long story short, I am watching the first inning last night, literally just as the double to score the first two phillies runs is struck, my sister opens my front door and walks in. I am not telling you anything but the truth, I didn’t know she was coming over even (she lives about 35 minutes from me). I immediately was all over her, blaming her for the disaster. Well, she has assured me that she has a speaking engagement and will not be able to even watch the game or listen to it on the radio. Break open your piggy banks and call your bookie, it is a lead-pipe lock tonight.

    Besides, Wolf has really been our true ace (stopper) all season, he is going to step up and be ferocious tonight. Dodger bats will come alive.

    Also, teams that usually deliver an offensive beat down one night, have a serious offensive drought the next game. watch for it.

    Don’t doubt the Haze, you silly fools.

  2. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I believe you..Go Dodgers!!! Haze..lock your sister up in the basement until the World Series is over… thanks!!!


    I think this has worked out perfectly….who else to get the blue crew back on track except the former philly and wolf lair himself, randy wolf……..

    if anyones going to get back at his old team and resurrect the dodgers, i think randy has got to be the guy, he has the feel for the park, the fans, the atmosphere….i think we win

    oh, and to top it off………….RANDY GOES YARD, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!


    HEY KAY!

  4. Blue Haze says:

    DodgerDave hitting on Kay, sweet!


    LOL, come on haze, we all have a crush on kay dont we???

  6. Kay in L.A. says:

    I hear music, the sound of my name…. You guys!!! Gee.

    All I can say is, I still have hope. Call me a dope, whatever, that’s how love is.

    I have some thoughts about blame — who doesn’t? — but the Phillies are a really good team. The Dodgers just have to be better, and we know they can do it.

  7. lawdog says:

    Call me a dope smoking a thing called “rope”;
    and I can’t get hope out of my head?

    Sounds like a good intro to another Ken tune… ;)

    I think we win tonight and then again with Padilla. We’ll have real problems winning that 4th game back in LA though.

    Our Dogs have been like schizophrenic, rabid gophers on ‘roids all year. They’ve never had trouble rebounding from a pounding the day before all year. Expect a decent game tonight–and a 3-2 win at the end.

    Our biggest mistake this year was giving up on Charley Haeger after one bad inning. I’d love to see those Philly fastball hitters trying to hit one of his dancers…

  8. Mr. Mike says:

    Yesterday everbody was thinking “I am Cold”. Today they will be thinking we and become a team again. The law of averages say Randy will be able to hit his spots and turn their bats for naught. They also say our offense is powderkeg able to go off at anytime, now.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    My Prediction is 7-3 win. Go Dodgers

  10. Ken says:

    Mark – He’s Alive. Can we have a song writers section on the blog just to the left of the Minor League Report?

    Padilla is the new ACE!!

    Was Belliard an allstar in 2004? That is alot of depth at 2nd base.

    Somebody needs to write a really good song that includes Kay to pass this troubadour!

    Hit the ball the other way, the other way, the other way, …..

  11. Mr. Mike says:

    Batman strikes again. What does Blanton have on the bill of his cap?

  12. Mr. Mike says:

    Come on men and our most beautiful resident Kay, lets have a little chatter in here and will our boys on! Hey batter, batter, batter…Get off your butts and show your love. All aboard!

  13. Mr. Mike says:

    Free Juan Castro, Rafaels OBP is less than zero.

  14. Mr. Mike says:

    My main man, Sandy number 32; that was great. You gotta believe!

  15. LADODGERDAVE says:

    that probably hurt more then somebody punching me in the face……


  16. Bill Russell says:

    That really sucks

  17. lawdog says:

    He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.

    Someone need to teach Broxton how to throw a splitter this offseason.

  18. Badger says:

    What can you say? The Phillies are just a better team than the Dodgers. And, they know it.

    Manny can’t hit like he used to. Blake is soft, Kemp still chases pitches out of the strike zone, Raffy is folding like a cheap tent and until Broxton develops an off speed pitch, those 99 mph fastballs down the middle just won’t work against good hitters that are waiting for it.

    This year’s version of the Dodgers is just like last year’s. Good team, but not good enough.


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