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Whipped Puppies!

Whipped Puppies!

The Dodgers looked like whipped puppies today.  In fact they looked like they had a bully take their dinner last night, and then he came back and beat puppies-main_Fullthem for breakfast!  

If I said they were pathetic, I would be too generous. 

Sundays game may go down in Infamy!  That could be the game that broke the Dodgers! 

Time will tell – I hope not!

One good thing:  Andy LaRoche got to display what he can become.  Now do you believe me?

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74 Responses to “Whipped Puppies!”

  1. DRomo says:

    Absolutely pathetic! Sure they fielded the Bomb Squad as a whole today but the effort was not there. Sure they lost yesterday 2 outs away from clinching the division but that is NO excuse for mailing it in today. I would be disgusted if I was a player on this team. Home field is slipping through our hands, we have the easiest schedule to finish the season and we are letting the bottom of the Nation League out work us. These guys (The Expos…err Nats & Pirates) are Major Leaguers and they can win on any given day, I can accept that. But the mental mistakes on the bases and the errors are inexcusable to give a game away. If we lose home field in the playoffs we need not look very far back to see why!

    As for Andy LaRoche , he had a very good day. I saw Hee Sop Choi have a good day once too. Enough said.

  2. Kay in L.A. says:

    Geeeeeeeeeeezzzzz…….!!!!! Dodgers all fall down, played worse than girls. I started out with radio, couldn’t take that after 5-0, watched some on gameday. We couldn’t hit a losing, struggling pitcher?????? He only used 90 pitches by 8-1/2 innings!!

    Loney is all alone with his hot streak, and buddy Belliard got hurt yesterday. At start today, it was already unacceptable we played .500 on this road trip.

    Dogs play timid at the plate and over-confident on the basepaths, etc. etc. The shame of it all…

    And isn’t it SOOO typical to get beaten by an ex-Dodger?

  3. Kay in L.A. says:

    Oh, I wanted to say Hello to Miguel. Nice to meet you. I started reading and posting here about 3-4 months ago. Time flies, y’know.

    Ken, you are unbelievable. And I mean that.

  4. Illini Dodger says:

    I gotta say the Andy LaRoche debate doesn’t interest me. It’s over. He’s on the Pirates. He’s an enemy combatant.

  5. Mr.Mike says:

    We rolled over and played dead but it ain’t over til the pleasantly plump lady sings. This way Vinnie can call it, like it should be.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Wow , I leave town for a few days and the team falls apart. What is going on with these guys? If you haven’t already posted your playoff rotation for Marks poster of Russell Martin, you may want to skip Kuroda from the rotation. I was thinking he was the most reliable starter other then Wolf on the staff. My rotation is now, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf and Kershaw. I agree with lllini that we all need to move on from Andy the great. I’m over it. He had a great day today good for him. Peace

  7. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Those are adorable puppies! I love that picture… if you expect me to feel bad about todays performance… showing a picture of two cute puppies aren’t going to get it done.

  8. Badger says:

    It wasn’t just a great day Bill, it was a great series. 10 for 18, 6 runs, 4 doubles, 3 HR’s and 9 RBI’s.

    I won’t say a word about Blake’s series.

    OK, let’s move on.

  9. Mr.Mike says:

    Why all the sad faces? Don’t look back, that is history. I am so happy and I cannot wait until tommorows game. Just think, this is Chads chance and he is going to seize it. Vinnie calling it, it is going to be awesome! Put on a happy face [:} Lets go, batter up, I’m taking the afternoon off… [:o

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Good day, good for him, I’ve seen better. Blake will be ready for the playoffs. That’s what’s wrong with the Dodgers, they don’t have the foundation to keep them winning.

  11. Badger says:

    He’s just resting up his hammie so he can get out there for another month. It’s cooling off, I hope he can make it.

    I’m with Mike. We will get it done. The number is 1 for crying out loud. We can get one and against the Pods, Bills is the man to do it.

    A complete game between now and Oct the 3rd would be nice.

  12. DRomo says:

    Bills should be on a short leash tonight. Torre should manage tonight like it is a playoff game. The main reason is to get it over with! Lets win the damn division already and then rest guys, we can then work on the best record.

  13. Badger says:

    If our goal is best record and home field, we don’t have a lot of time to rest anyone.

    But rest they will as now both Blake and Ramirez are nursing hammies. Some of the old guys are wearing out, and some of the young guys may be tiring out. Not exactly hitting our stride here at the end are we.

    We have 6 games against two teams that would love to hand us our collective asses. These games will not be easy. Maybe we just get the one we need, and let the home field thing play out as we give our guys who need it, the rest.

  14. SpokaneBob says:

    We all agree that the week end series was bad. But is there anyone here who would have not been happy if you were told in spring training that we would be leading by 4 1/2 with 5 left to play?

    Badger is right, these games will not be easy. We need Chad to step up and remove the pressure before it becomes any worse. We do need for this thing to be over before we play the Rockies.

    I am worried about Blake. We need him in the line up more than we need Manny.

  15. SpokaneBob says:

    In 1962, we were leading the Giants by 3 with 4 games left. I recall the Duke being interviewd (he was the Captain then) and he said something like “we don’t want to back into this thing”. And of course they didn’t, winning only one of the last 4 and losing to the Giants in a playoff. I am not that proud and will be a Brewer fan until we clinch this thing. At least this year, no matter what happens we will be in the post season.

  16. DRomo says:

    A little off topic here but, Does anyone find it a little weird that the Angels celebrated last night and poured alcohol on the jersey and a picture of Nick Adenhardt (who was killed by a drunk driver)? I get it, it’s just a little weird.

  17. Badger says:

    I didn’t realize that Romey but, your point is a good one. That is very weird. How about they just set the bottle down in front of his picture?

  18. Ty says:

    Andy LaRoche? You mean the same Andy LaRoche who is hitting .260? Is this the same Andy LaRoche who has a whopping 12 HR’s and 60 RBI? You can’t be talking about the same Andy LaRoche who has a very mediocre .735 OPS can you? It’s ok. He’s still young. What? He’s already 26???

    I’m very glad that LaRoche was the prospect that we sent off. I never thought he was anything other than a very average prospect. I still don’t know why he was so highly touted.

  19. lawdog says:

    Route for Chris Narvarson to get his 3rd win tonight against the Rocks. Chris is a 27 year old lefty with a power fastball who struck out 10 Cubbies in 5.2 innings last time out. If he can beat the Rocks we can back into the title tonight regardless of whether or not we can beat those Friars. Bad teams scare the BeJesus out of me.

    • ken says:


      If you root too hard against the Rockies and the Braves pass them in the Wild Card race then you will certainly suffer from regret. I will root for the Rockies against the Dodgers if it is possible for the Dodgers to win the best record in the NL and the Braves; playing much better (15-3?) than the Phils, Cards, or Rock, right now; are beaten in the Wild Card race by the Rockies.

  20. lawdog says:

    That should be “root” not “route”. Sheesh!

  21. DRomo says:

    Chances are we could already be crowned champs if the Rox game is over before ours tonight. If we lose I hope the celebration is subdued. We need this win! Bills needs this win! I need this win (my head is going to explode)!

  22. Badger says:

    Yep Ty, that’s the LaRoche we are talking about. He just turned 26, and this is his first full year in the Major Leagues. So, next year he will still be 26 for most of the year and have a full year under his belt. He only has 815 at bats, so, we could go over several Major League stars first 800 at bats and see what they did with them if you want. Or, we can just wait and see what he does in his second year up.

    And you do know that in Casey Blake’s first full year he hit .257 and his career avg. is only .006 higher than what LaRoche is at now. Blake, The “Foundation” was 30 in his first full year and has averaged 20 dingers and 73 rbi’s as an everyday player. Let’s just wait and see what LaRoche has done after 7 full years in the bigs.

  23. Mark Timmons says:


    How many times have you seen Andy LaRoche in the minors or in person?

    If you don’t know why Andy LaRoche was a highly touted prospect, it’s only because you didn’t see him. If you saw him in the minors and said he wasn’t as good prospect, I would question your sanity.

    I personally saw him well over 30 times in person and on Minor League TV, over a hundred times. For you to say what you just said says volumes about your ignorance (not stupid, ignorant) of the subject.

    Now, every good prospect doesn’t automatically become a good major leaguer, but to say he wasn’t a good prospect flies in the face of reason. You make yourself look silly!

    Everyone travels different paths. Casey Blake came up at age 29 and hit .257. That guy will never be any good right?

    In case you didn’t see what happened yesterday, Andy LaRoche showed what he can do. Chumps don’t do that. I still have seen nothing that suggest to me that he won’t be a very good major league player.

    The talent is there – I suspect even Ray Charles can see that! Average prospects don’t hit 30 HR at A and AA at age 21 with 94 RBI while batting over .300 (.370 OB%) and .925 OPS.

    I could go on, but you (like a lot of others here) have evidently formed your opinion on what he has done on the major league level.

    Watch and Learn!

  24. DRomo says:

    Here we go with the LaRoche arguement:

    Ty, How many times did you see him in person? Ty, How many times has LaRoche been over to your house for dinner? Ty, How many times have you personally consoled Andy when his back was hurting? I didn’t think so!

    Until then you should just back down. Andy will be a superstar in this league I guarantee it, if not he will definitely be selling water purification systems somewhere in Indiana!

  25. Badger says:

    You do not have to engage in the LaRoche discussion if it bothers you. Just skip it. I do that all the time in here.

  26. DRomo says:

    Joel Guzman is going to be a star, The Dodgers will live to regret EVER letting him go! I almost sold my Joe Thurston rookie card to go see him play in Tampa a few years ago!

  27. DRomo says:

    I was buying a used car last summer and Billy Ashley told me “He just needed a chance”

  28. DRomo says:

    “In case you didn’t see what happened yesterday, Andy LaRoche showed what he can do. Chumps don’t do that. I still have seen nothing that suggest to me that he won’t be a very good major league player.”

    Check this boxscore!

    H.S.Choi was no chump either!

  29. DRomo says:

    OK I’ll stop. I just love this arguement it never gets old here. But it still cracks me up!

  30. Slo Dawg says:

    DRomo…….you are the man! I love your style…..

  31. every player some time in there career has a great day..and this is first full yr…that was because he never was good enough..and if he was playing with any other team…he would still be sitting the bench i am talking about every bodys andy la roche. i am still glad that we traded him…no regrets her.. now tonight game..if it was me…bills would only get 5 innings..because the sixth is when he goes bad., i dont care how good he is pitching..he just cant do good after that…jerry

  32. Badger says:

    I don’t regret it either horse – after all, it took him to get Manny. This isn’t about regret, this is about possible unrealized potential. The fact is, the Dodgers never gave LaRoche a legit chance. Now he has it. And we will see what he does with it. All I have ever said is that he will be as good, and probably better than Casey Blake. It took off from there.

    BTW Romey, Mickey Mantle struck out 5 times in a game in 1951. If he had played for you, that would probably have been the end of his time on your team – right?

  33. Mark Timmons says:


    Maybe you were the one who Championed Choi, Ashley and Guzman – it wasn’t me, but the rest of your childish drivel is so absurd that it doesn’t merit a response.

  34. ken says:


    Thank You
    Laughter is Good Medicine!

  35. ken says:

    Cesar Ramos – Not another dreaded unknown rookie pitcher that may have his career game against the Dodgers? Tonight will be another test of the feeble Dodger Scouting information transfer and implementation system.

  36. Blue Haze says:

    Yikes, I thought that everyone was over this love affair. It is obviously a very sensitive topic in here (yeah DRomo and that actually makes it all the more funny to me as well) and one I just can’t quite figure out. Oh well, the messenger often gets sacrificed for delivering the message.

    Let’s move on, LaRoche had a great game, I have seen Blake display similar games, big deal. Blake is my 3B and LaRoche’s is someone else’s (so is Beltre, I might add).

  37. Mark Timmons says:

    A critic is someone who has no discernible talent so tries to make someone else feel as useless as he/she is. A critic is a low-life creature that lacks any talent or ability to contribute anything, yet chooses to verbally attack and put down the works of others.

    Through usage of long words and general pretenciousness, they pretend to show intelligence and also to appear human like the rest of us, hiding their true parasite form.

  38. Bill Russell says:

    Look what I am missing today??? Thank you DRomo for showing some logic to the Andy the Roach subject again and again. Badger said that he just skips some discussions? When? I guess I haven’t been around long enough to see that side. Did Romo say that if Andy doesn’t make it in the big’s he would be selling water system’s for Mark? They would never get any work done. Go Blue tonight. Just end this thing…………….

  39. Badger says:

    You have seen Blake display similar games Haze? Really.

    And if someone agrees with you Bill, it’s logical. If someone disagrees they are then being illogical? I see. I think that giving a player significant playing time before saying they are a bust is logical. You don’t. So, we can just agree to disagree.

    “Badger said that he just skips some discussions? When? I guess I haven’t been around long enough to see that side.”

    Sometimes it’s just better to not respond to the posts that are meant to incite. I’ll just skip that one.

    See? Not hard at all.

    Anybody know the status of our injured players? Manny? Belliard? Blake?

  40. Mark Timmons says:

    It ended when he was traded, but you don’t have to hate a player because he’s traded.

    Nobody knows how good Andy LaRoche will be. I predict he will be pretty good, but that’s my opinion.

    However, when someone says “He’ll never be any good. I knew it when he was in the minors,” I respectfully represent that thay are a complete moron, totally devoid of reason, or are just pulling the answer out of their butt.

  41. Mark Timmons says:

    Oh, and Billy,

    If that’s logic, you need some serious help…

  42. Mark Timmons says:

    Second-guessers are never wrong.

    It’s easy to take the path where you can be adept at perceiving the obvious!

    People like that bore me!

  43. Mark Timmons says:

    Chad Billigsley get bombed:

    “He’s horrible.”

    Andy LaRoche hist .260 his first full season:

    “He’s a bum. I knew it.”

    Get a clue!

  44. Mark Timmons says:

    Try to say something that’s not obvious.


    Because you will generally be wrong!

    That’s why!

  45. Mark Timmons says:

    My new mantra is going to be “HAVE A TAKE AND DO NUT SUCK.”

  46. ken says:

    Podnuh, Tell Us a Story

    I hope Mel scouted this Padre’s pitcher for the Dodgers

  47. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, my wife says from time to time that I need help. So you could be on to something. By the way, I have asked several times for some LA Dodger Talk T-shirts (Ex Large) I need room to grow. I need to represent when I attend Spring Training next year. Just because we don’t agree about La Roche doesn’t mean I can’t support the best Dodger site on earth.
    Badger, You da man. You will always get the last say in any conversation in here and most of the time I agree with what you say. We both try to push the other one’s buttons when it comes to Blake vs Andy the great. It’s just a fact of to Dodger fans with different takes. Speaking of Dodger fans, where has Roger been? Did he change his name or is he boycotting?

  48. Bill Russell says:

    Two Dodger fans

  49. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, did you say Donuts suck?

  50. Mr.Mike says:

    Witness protection program for RodgDodg I think. Mark your new mantra should be TAKE A WALK DONUTS SUCK! Chads’ night to shine and he brought his bat too[prediction]. It just wouldn’t be right if anyone other than Vinnie got the honor to call this.:}

  51. Mark Timmons says:


    You can disagree with me all day long. I have no problem with that. It’s sweeping generalizations without basis that I detest.

    Say that you think I’m wrong about Andy.

    That’s cool.

    Time will tell…

    Mr. Mike,

    Dunkin’ Donuts do not suck…

  52. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, why don’t we ever get t-shirts. Just charge extra to help pay for the cost of the site. And where is Roger? Please address the real issues…..

  53. Mark Timmons says:


    1. Not enough hours in the day. T-Shirts are nice, but I have never made a cent off this site. maybe next year…

    2. I have no clue where Roger is. He was going to be traveling quite a bit. I hope his health is not the issue…

    Check in Roger!

  54. Bill Russell says:

    Thanks, I’ll just bring my broom to Camelback then. IF Roger doesn’t check in who’s buggy will you take to Camelback next Spring?

  55. Badger says:

    Bill, just buy some supplies from the U.S. Water Systems site and who knows, maybe a t-shirt will show up with them. BTW, the t-shirt might say L.A. Roche on it.

    Some guy named Ramos just got the Dodgers out on 4 pitches, and on one of them Kemp got a hit. How can that happen? That’s just not right.

    Blake and Belliard not playing, but Manny is in. He is 0fer so far.

  56. Mark Timmons says:


    No way I’m making the drive from San Antonio to PHX next year.

    I will fly into PHX and rent a car.

    My wife and son will probably be with me next year.

    She has a niece there and my son likes to visit them too.

    He spent a week with them in July (114 degrees) and wants to go when it’s cooler.

    I plan to see Tony Jackson, who lives there, and there will also be plenty of time to see LaDodgerTalk Fans. Maybe I’ll have T-Shirts then….

    I’ll let you know when I plan to be there…

    We should all hook up!

  57. Bill Russell says:

    Badger, now that’s funny. I might still wear it. O doggie is gonna bring us back tonight. Thanks Mark, I looking forward to next spring.

  58. Mark Timmons says:


    I have a 100 GPM commercial RO system that I can sell you for only $139,000.00. Buy it and we will tailgate…

  59. Mark Timmons says:

    I’ll give you a Free T-Shirt too…

  60. ken says:

    100 minutes and counting. Take him out.

  61. Illini Dodger says:

    too late

  62. Bill Russell says:

    Why do we think we can win in the Playoffs?

  63. Badger says:

    Well, Colorado is doing their job.

    Anytime Dogs.

  64. Illini Dodger says:


  65. ken says:

    Is there a doctor in the stadium? Apparently Torre does not know the Heimlich maneuver!

  66. Illini Dodger says:

    The Dodgers have no life. They look defeated. Painful to watch this.

  67. Vigilante says:

    It’s beyond painful. It’s nauseating. Torre doesn’t look like he’s even into it. And once again he puts Colletti’s stooge, Thome into pinch hit against a lefty. I have been a Dodge fan sine the Brooklyn days with Erskine, Snider, Furillo, Reese, & Campanella. This just turns my stomach. If I can’t watch without a barf bag, why should I bother? It’s a good team. Not a great team. But one you could be enthusiastic about. But it has its head cut off.

  68. Illini Dodger says:

    We need a hero.

  69. Illini Dodger says:

    Where’s the pride?

  70. GoNzO says:

    Dromo, just say that everything you said about LaRoche was tongue in cheek, that gets tossed around here alot. I think it’s funny arguing about players that are not on the Dodgers.

    DRomo I especially like your I sold my Thurston rookie card to see Guzman play. Classic.

    Hey Mark, Gatorade is better than water!! ;)

    By the way Mark I need a water system for my house and might be interested in one of yours. I just don’t know what I need. I’ve surfed your site but still can’t decide.

  71. DRomo says:

    Bills actually looked good tonight, the walks are killer though.

    What the heck is wrong with these guys?

    My last word on the Andy La Roche subject. Some guys love this guy some of us don’t. But he is gone now. We don’t need to hear what might have been. I don’t even remember who started it today but knowing what a sensitive subject this guy is I was trying to lighten the mood. Relax fellas.


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