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Thome or Not Thome, That Is The Question…

Thome or Not Thome, That Is The Question…

…whether tis nobler to replace him on the playoff roster or use him as a DH.  Yes, that is the question.  You can cuss and discuss this, but I think

On or Off the Playoff Roster?

On or Off the Playoff Roster?

 the answer is simple – you can’t use Thome if he’s not ready to hit.  In order for him to be ready, he’s going to have to face a lot of “live” pitching.  That means pinch-hitting more than once a game.  It means that he has to play 1B 4 or 5 times before the season’s end or it means going to Arizona and hitting in some intra-squad games.  If he can’t do that, then I can’t see him on the playoff roster.  Just my opinion.  If however, he could get 30 AB’s by year end, he could be a huge factor in the World Series.   Maybe he just needs to take live BP off of Clayton Kershaw – then everything else would look easy.

  • Brian Akin is writing a blog as he rehabs from Tommy John is Glendale, Arizona.   His blog is  I met his parents in Chicago this Summer.  They were up for the series to see the Dodgers and the Cubs and were great people.   His dad is an orthopaedic surgeon in Louisville, KY who gave me some advice on my hip replacement surgery (I gave him a false address so I haven’t seen his bill as yet).  Brian will be 28 at the end of next month and he’s still chasing his dream.  Brian Akin’s Career Stats
  • Kevin Baxter of The LA Times weighs in about what’s wrong with C-Bill with two pieces #1   #2  I’m sure that Joe Torre would like to resolve Billingsley’s situation, so Wednesday should help tell the tale, one way or another.  Ditto on Clayton Kershaw – watch him pitch a “no-no” next time out!
  • Kuroda-San goes today and could (COULD) be our playoff ACE.  Could we catch “lightening in a bottle” with Wolf, Kuroda, Garland and Padilla all having career “Playoff Years?”
  • George Sherrill has been an OUTSTANDING AQUISITION!
  • Can Loney join Kemp and Ethier in the 100 RBI club with a furious finish?
  • John Weisman of Dodger Thoughts has this to say about the Belliard and Hudson rotation:  

Ronnie Belliard is, for all practical purposes, as hot now as Orlando Hudson was in April. Which means it probably won’t last.  And I’m guessing that Joe Torre realizes this, and that he’s just using it. Each time Belliard has a good game, it’s one more game that he can rest Hudson.

Not that Hudson won’t be starting games this week, but my guess is that as soon as Belliard strings together just a few bad games – not many at all – Hudson will be back as the regular starter. And ideally, better than he otherwise would have been.

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47 Responses to “Thome or Not Thome, That Is The Question…”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    They didn’t trade for Thome with any intent on him not being on the playoff roster. I don’t care if he gets only one more at bat this season, he will be on the playoff roster, barring injury. Colletti didn’t go get him just to be nice, he got him for a reason, and that reason has nothing to do with the regular season, it is all about DH in WS.

    The Hudson thing, I think it is all about Belliard’s bat, if he continues to hit, especially in crunch time situations, he will be in the line-up. Belliard has been a “ManRam 2008″ type acquisition for us. Just like Manny in 2008, all Belliard has done is produce good results. He hits, he plays, PERIOD!

    Mr. Mike what are your post-season predictions?

  2. Badger says:


    It still doesn’t compute. Especially if he is a spectator for the entire time he is here. I can see it now, bottom of the 9th in the play-offs and Thome knocks the rust of his butt and comes to plate for for his monthly at bat and K’s. I say again, he should be taking extra infield every day and be ready. So he is a marginal defensive player? So is Belliard. So is Manny. Why did we pick him up if not to play him? Hitters hit. Thome sits. Makes zero sense.

    Belliard/Hudson is an ok 2b duo to me. Hudson is getting some rest, but, isn’t he the starter in the play-offs? Belliard, as good as he has been, is hitting .259 with a .305 OBP. He finds the occasional nut, but, doesn’t it make sense that he will cool eventually? In the mean time, Hudson is getting some needed R&R.

  3. SpokaneBob says:

    Blue, you think you have aches and pains at 48. I’ll be 63 next month and all I can say is enjoy being 48.

    Thome will be on the roster. We got him for the series but as someone pointed out yesterday, his presence on the bench in the league playoffs can have an effect on the opposing manager late in the game.

    Our mission is to clinch before we get back home and play the Rocks and to get home field for the playoffs. One game at a time while we finish strong and build momentum for the post season.

    Go Dodgers!

  4. lawdog says:

    Thome was cheap enough and will be valuable as a DH if we make it to the series. The primary reason we picked him up was to keep him from going to SF who could use him at 1b right now even if he played poorly in the field.


    Jumpin Johossafat! 16 advil per day is too much. Whether you take it in the form of advil, motrin or pharmacutical ibuprophen, it’s all the same stuff. Taken in excessive amounts ibuprophen will cause renal failure. Several NFL players have ended up on dialysis because they took too much of the stuff for chronic pain.

    You’re better off changing up with some Oxycoden in the evenings and night. It is cut with tylenol–but you can take up to 4000 mgs of that (Tylenol) before it starts to destroy your liver. I’d keep it ujnder 3000 mgs a day to be safe. Cut your ibuphron in half, take it early and then in the evening take the Oxys and it will be easier on your body. After 2 or 3 weeks stop taking Oxy and jjust go with extra strength Tylenol or extra strength buffered aspirin in the evenings to avoid addiction to oxys. If the pain persists you can rotate 2 weeks with oxy and 2 weeks with aspirin or tylenol.

    Oxys make you feel better (ask Rush Limbaugh) and a doc friend of mine said that the heavier opiates do less damage than you’d expect. Just don’t get addicted.

  5. Ty says:

    They didn’t get Thome to not put him on the playoff roster. He’s the power bat that we could use off the bench. Our bench would look awfully weak if Thome was left off. Mark Loretta (who should be cut) would be the “big” bat coming off the bench. I wouldn’t mind having both Mientkiewicz and Thome on the playoff roster. Thome can’t get more than one AB during the games. He just can’t play 1B anymore. Not even for one inning. He’ll hurt himself. He’s that fragile now. He’s just going to have to take a lot of batting practice and prepare himself for that one AB.

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    Lawdogs right about the advil. My Doctor prescribed it for my ostio-arthritis some years ago. He did 600 mg (3 tabs) 3 times a day. I thought that was alot.

    There is a nice little story by Fred Claire on the Dodger website about the Ethier-Bradley trade. The Cubs GM suspended Bradley for the remainder of the season.

    “There have been a lot of issues that we’ve lived with during the year but the last few days became too much for me to tolerate, to be honest with you,” Hendry told “I’m not going to allow disrespect to other people in that locker room and uniformed personnel.”

  7. Badger says:

    Opiates are natural. If you need help with pain, those are actually better for the body because the system recongnizes them. Just, be careful and let ‘em go when you don’t need them anymore.

    To sleep you might try some valerian and melatonin. Works for me and I have had sleep issues since my time overseas in ’68.

    The simple fact is – Thome needs more at bats or he will be rusty when we need him. He is not a PH he is a DH. Just look at his numbers as a pinch hitter and you will see that. He hasn’t done much of it his whole career.

  8. SpokaneBob says:

    If there was an all a-hole team I think the outfield would be Bonds, Bradley and Shetfield.

  9. Mark N says:

    Question for anyone: Can’t you change the roster after each playoff series? If so, we could add Thome as the DH when we make it to the World Series. Anyone know for sure?

  10. Blue Haze says:

    There is an a-hole team and they do play in SF, however they are not the Giants.

    Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory not a pain reliever, per se. Yes reduced swelling leads to less pain, but IB is just for inflammation. It is to be used only for short durations b/c it is brutal on the stomach lining and kidneys. I would strongly suggest that you don’t take opiates, opiates have a great way of controlling the pain, all the way up to the point that you no longer have control of yourself. REgardless of my pain issues, I have steadfastly refused any and all pain meds, they are just a mask and Mark Timmons doesn’t need a mask (okay I have seen his picture and maybe he does need a mask, but for a different reason), Mark Timmons needs to heal.

    Speaking of healing, Milton Bradley needs a healing for sure, that is one disturbed, spoiled brat. I hate to say it, but don’t be surprised to see a tragic end to his existence in the next few years, he is on a self-destructive course, he is going to end it or someone else is going to. What a shame (& a waste of DNA).

    The mighty Nationals tonight, I hope we see a three game sweep that includes B-Kills getting his head, act,and pitches together. I am not holding my breath, he has more wrong than just a slump going on. I am not convinced that he is suffering the ill-effects of breaking his leg this past winter. Breaking the leg, obviously affected his preparation for the season and has probably contributed heavily to his “issues” in the second half of the season.

    MarkN, I do believe that is how it works, but I still think Thome is on the roster during all of the post-season. Torre has to love the threat of the long ball coming off his bench in key situations. Personally, I think Thome will have a good post-season, even if he doesn’t get any starts at 1B, that dude is a professional power hitter that has played DH and knows how to stay ready. ONe thing is for sure, he can’t claim to be tired out.

  11. Mr.Mike says:

    Haze, it’s the Dodgers and Joe sticking up the Steinbrenners. I think I may have initiated this Thome thing by saying he is here for the ride now. The plan was Jim comes here gets a few ribbies maybe a couple taters while awaiting the playoffs then the Phils and the series await. Didn’t work, oh well, que sera sera. I can’t waste a roster spot on a fairy tale. The best thing Jim has going for him however is Joes respect and preferences for graybeards. Don’t worry, be happy. :}

  12. Badger says:

    “I have steadfastly refused any and all pain meds”

    You have never had surgery?

    Man you got some stones. I wonder what your dentist thinks about you not using novacaine. Ouch!

    Thome is a roster spot in the play-offs. I don’t know who might be more valuable, but I would think Pierre would be a good DH for this team.

  13. Badger says:

    smiley face…. smiley face…..

  14. Mark Timmons says:

    I don’t take the Advil now. This was while I was in AZ and in Chicago for games. I took the pain meds for a week after I had the hip replaced and then stopped. On days I have a lot of soreness, I take 3 Alieve. That’s it – maybe 3 times a week.

    Thome may not be on the National League playoff rosters, but can be added for teh World Series.

  15. Blue Haze says:

    The only surgeries of significance that I have had is a rebuilt right shoulder and rebuilt right wrist, for those I did use pain meds for 1 to 2 days, that crap makes my stomach feel bad and a general antsy feeling. However for my recent back problems, for a few weeks I did use a very effective analgesic and pain killer, of the inhaled variety. Worked pretty well, at least took the edge off at the worst of times.

  16. Kay in L.A. says:

    Guys, before we discuss Thome and WS, there is something called the Cardinals. Just sayin’….

    I apologize to everyone for asking Ken for a new song. Ouch. Maybe this will help. Click here.

    Belated congrats to Andre for breaking the 100 barrier: he now has 101 ribbie-dibbie-dos. James can do it too; he’s making up for lost time or performance.

  17. Kay in L.A. says:

    Game time today: 4 p.m. pacific.

  18. DRomo says:

    Thank you for pointing that out Kay! We have a long way to go before we worry about WS!!

    With 12 games left, can this team win 100 games? I don’t think so but remeber we have Washington, SD,and Pittsburgh for the next 9 games. I think we clinch by Sunday in Pittsburgh! Steel City Beer is on me if they do!

  19. Blue Haze says:

    Thanks a lot Kay, Ken is going to now accuse me of being you. However, i do appreciate your apology for encouraging him to submit a lame song, you have seen the folly of your ways.

    We clinch in SD next week.

  20. GoNzO says:

    Pain meds suck I try to avoid all medication if possible. A few months ago I got a terrible migraine a 10 on a 1-10 scale. I took over the counter tylenol nothing. my wife had just gotten her balbladdeer out and had some oxycodone. I felt like new and haven’t had one since. Moral of the story not everything old is bad and not everything new is good.

  21. GoNzO says:

    Pain meds suck I try to avoid all medication if possible. A few months ago I got a terrible migraine a 10 on a 1-10 scale. I took over the counter tylenol nothing. my wife had just gotten her balbladdeer out and had some oxycodone. Itook one and felt like new and haven’t had one since. Moral of the story not everything old is bad and not everything new is good.

  22. GoNzO says:

    that should be galbladder

  23. lawdog says:

    Watch out for that whacky tobaccy Blue Haze. You’ll end up with lung problems that make a 3 pack a day habit seem like child’s play.

  24. GoNzO says:

    BH it’s kind of funny that someone would actually take the time to write a song for blog. Maybe I’ll write a song too someday. What genre would you prefer?

  25. Blue Haze says:

    I hear ya Gonzo, I hear ya.

    Give me some punk, either some Pistols or Green Day style.

    No worries LDawg, very short duration, only for a specific need a while back (dang put on a few pounds, but the munchies were fun to revisit) I did enough lung damage (yeah, before you can say it, brain damage as well) in my youth, no need to revisit that destruction. Hey Badger, blew a hole in your theory of my extreme conservatism, didn’t I?

    “He who laughs last, laughs best” Blue Haze and some other guy

  26. ken says:

    I thought all of you old folks might be able to remember Disco Fever. Apparently not. Too many meds for some and not enough for others.

    Pennant Fever Prediction. 94 wins to win the West and 97 to win the NL.

    I had all 4 impacted wisdom teeth out one day, went directly back to the Library to study and took no meds. Going without Meds for pain can be done.

  27. Blue Haze says:

    Before you get pissed, I was just razzing ya, Badger.

    Just thought I should clarify.

  28. Badger says:

    ken, did you have those teeth extracted without medication?

    I had a wisdom tooth taken out years ago, but I sissied out and actually had them use novacaine. Afterward they gave me a codeine scrip, but it made me sick so I just toughed it out with a few aspirins. Pain can be managed without meds, but, why put yourself through that? Life can be managed without any alcohol or recreational drugs too, but, I ask again – why? Unless you have a religious belief that prevents you from having a beer or a glass of wine now and then…….. but, whatever.

    Does anybody know there is a game going on? I do believe the Dodgers are reducing the magic number tonight.

  29. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I had my wisdom teeth and an extra teeth taken out three years ago. They doped me up good. I remember sitting in the chair..felt the shot..the next thing I know, I’m lying in my bed, feeling pretty good. Meds make everything better.

    As far as alcohol.. Alcohol is like the San Francisco Giants to me. I don’t drink because I don’t like the taste of it and the aftertaste leaves a crappy feeling in my mouth, just like the Giants. I spent the majority of my college life trying to overcome my hatred of alcohol and consistently failed… so I gave up. If I could find something I liked.. I’d drink heavily… but’s not meant to be. My vice is Dodger baseball!!!

  30. mark says:

    That Ken is a wild and crazy guy.

    He gets 4 teeth extracted and he goes to get Educated.

    Wild, I tell you! Wild!

  31. Kay in L.A. says:

    Are we having fun yet?! Hey, gang, Kershaw in relief in the 8th, whoda thunk. Dodgers 14-2 over the Nats, lotsa ribbies to go around.

    Ken, I’m more soul music than disco (Gonzo are you reading this?), that’s why I recommended a Stevie Wonder tune… but, never mind!! On the other hand, we know how to annoy Haze…;-)

    Oh man, this is such a LOOOOOONG season. Yikes, it really should be over.

    Management reads the blog (of course) and Thome came in as PH but did not perform. Go Padres! Magic number will be …. 6.

    Excuse me, but did I wander into an infirmary??

  32. Kay in L.A. says:

    Kershaw “felt good tonight.” He sounds pumped; let’s hope there’s a great future for this guy. Especially during the coming month.

    Oh! I want to recognize, someone here was saying during the horrible Dodger slump in August: Don’t worry, Rockies peaked too soon and Dodgers will ascend again towards end of season …. and beyond.

    Who was that?

  33. mark says:

    The Prophet!

  34. mark says:


    Let me assure you that I am not infirm (YET!). Due to economic pressures, my company has to function with fewer people (lower payroll), thus I have not worked less than 12 hours any day except Sunday for the past 4 weeks. This too shall pass…

  35. Mr.Mike says:

    Had to work and missed the game. I want some of the stuff Raffy’s taking. The Prophet also predicted James white hot bat. Did young Clayton look as good as his stats. Kay, this is more like a MASH unit and I suppose that makes you Hot Lips. Peace :}

  36. lawdog says:

    Kershaw’s cutter was magical tonight. He can throw the damn thing at 94-95 and it moves like a a Belesario 96 mph slider–down and away with braking ball snap. He only threw 2 curves and hung one of them, neither were in the strike zone. He threw two 85 mph “changeups” that dropped about 18 inches–both for strikes. The rest was assorted gas. Cheese. Some pitches broke down. Some moved upwards–but they were all fast.

    The kid is ready.

  37. Badger says:

    So you didn’t get any of the stimulus money Mark? Bummer dude. Maybe you didn’t qualify because you didn’t lose enough money over the last 8 years. But, you did give yourself a massive bonus – right?

    So ken, you got a general for the extractions? The anesthetized brain doesn’t form memories or respond to pain signals. So, sometimes pain meds are good – right? I agree.

    Kershaw with a couple of innings and feels fine? This is a good thing.

    15 hits against a terrible club. Batting practice is a good thing.

  38. GoNzO says:

    Well Kay I guess it depends what era of Stevie Wonder you might want to hear. I always thought he was funk until the 80′s. Unless you mind that some of his songs were translated to Spanish only and not to any other language. Not that I’m calling you a bigot or anything…

  39. Bill Russell says:

    Sorry people, I guess I’m old fashion but if I’m in pain, I take pain medication. I remember after taking Psychology in college and the teacher speaking to us about how pain could be blocked out in one’s mind. I went to the dentist and had some work done the next week without novacaine. That was my first and last experience of blocking one’s pain out in my mind. Pain Medication was invented for a reason and I don’t feel bad about using it. I’m not saying to go Bret Farve with it, but using it as needed is OK with me.

    The Dodgers came up big tonight and did what they’re suppost to do against the weaker teams in the league. Some of the bats are coming alive at the right time. I would like to see Manny heat up but I’m satisfied with the rest of the bunch at this time. Kershaw showed that he’s about ready and Kuroda looked great. All is well in Dodger town tonight. Peace

  40. Bill Russell says:

    I heard that the Eagles are trying to aquire the rights to Kens Lyrics. NOT Ken you must have written that song in pain. Because I sure felt it.

  41. Badger says:

    The Eagles need a quarterback, not more lyrics.

    About pain meds – well said Bill. I agree.

    I too believe that the mind is powerful enough to block pain. But, it takes extreme focus and I doubt many actually have that kind of mind control. Some have more resistance to pain, most athletes fall into that category. But, when it comes to certain levels of pain, like teeth pain, some headaches, having SURGERY – it’s just easier to rely on modern advances in medications. And really, what is having a cocktail and smoking a joint now and then if not to anesthesize yourself from the pain of daily living. Your job is a pain in the ass, have a beer tonight and forget all about him.

    Looks like a race for home field.

  42. Bill Russell says:

    The Eagles have Vick the Dog man waiting so Don Henley is calling.


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