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Step-Up or Shut-Up!

Step-Up or Shut-Up!

“We know we are a good team.”- Andre Ethier

Just shut up and do it!

Just shut up and do it!

The one thing I found out about them, is every time they’ve been tested they’ve done all right.” – Joe Torre

“We’re just going through a bad stretch right now.”  – Russell Martin

“We’re all right.  We’ll come back tomorrow and have a better game.” – Matt Kemp

“We have more games to play.”- Ramon Troncoso


If you are a good team, step-up and show it. 

If you are a bad or mediocre team, shut-up and go home, you bunch of losers. 

The time for talking is over.  Someone needs to pitch a shutout, someone needs to hit a 3-run homer. 

It’s everyone, not just someone.

It up to Furcal, Hudson, Blake, Belliard, Kemp, Loney, Ethier,  Manny, Pierre, Broxton, Troncoso, Thome, that Doug M. guy, Castro, Repko, Ellis, Ausmus, Martin Billingsley, Kershaw, Wolf, Haegar, Kuo, Weaver, Sherrill, Elbert, Garland and whoever else I forgot, to make it happen.  Pitch!  Hit!  Throw!  Run! 

Don’t talk!  I’m done with the talking. 

I’m from Missouri – you have to show me!  Are you winners or whiners? 

Are you Champs or Chumps? 

Are you quitters or finishers? 

Are you going home or to the playoffs? 

Losers say “wait until tomorrow.”

Winners make it happen today!


The rumor on the street is that Billingsley’s hammy is not well and that he needs 2 or 3 weeks of rest.  If that is true, the Dodgers (starting with Stan Conte and Joe Torre) are felony stupid!  They should be brought up on charges.  Billingsley is of no value to us if he’s not 100% (or close to it).  If he pitches with a bad hamstring, he can end up with a bad arm too!  STUPID!  He should sit out RIGHT ABOUT NOW and come back in the playoffs.  STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

For those he think Torre is killing our bullpen, read what Robert Timm of Dodger Dugout has to say:

Many fans have lamented that Joe Torre has taxed his bullpen this season.  Certainly, Dodgers starters have not gone deep into games very often, but frequent use does not equate to misuse.  If the bullpen had been overworked this season, it would clearly be showing signs of it here in September.  But in their last 23 games, Dodgers relievers have posted a 1.11 ERA.   At 3.14, the Dodgers bullpen ERA is at it’s lowest point of the season since it was at 3.09 on May 6th.  Sure, the relief corp has shouldered much of the burden this season and it was fair to assume that they might tire down the stretch.  The proof is in the pitching, however, and the stats never lie:  only the Padres have thrown more relief innings in the Majors, but the Dodgers lead the world in bullpen ERA and batting average against.

Perhaps Joe knows a thing or two about managing a bullpen.

Girl our love is dying
Why did you stop trying
I never been a quitah
But I do deserve betta
Believe me I will do bad
Let’s forget the past
And let’s start this new plan
Why? ’cause it’s the same old routine
And then next week I hear them scream
Girl I know you’re tired of the things they say
You’re damn right
’cause I heard them lame dame excuses just yesterday
That was a different thing
No it ain’t
That was a different thing
No it ain’t
That was a different thing
It was the same damn thing
Same ass excuses
Boy you’re useless

Stop the talking baby
Or I start walking baby
Is that all there is…

- From the Black Eyed Peas

Are You Winners or Losers?  We want to know!

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13 Responses to “Step-Up or Shut-Up!”

  1. DRomo says:

    Wow Mark, The Black Eyed Peas? I knew you were a hipster!

    On a lighter note I hope you all have read this article. It is off topic (my apologies) but a must read for us Dodgerfans.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    That was a great article.

  3. Illini Dodger says:

    I thought we took 2 of 3 from the D-Backs. Why is everyone in the last post saying we split? The season series?

  4. Ken says:

    The Yanks started the season slow (Tortoise v. Hare)and are now 41 games above .500 and surging to 105 wins. The Cards and Rocks are also red hot, after starting the season slow (T v. H).

    Hopefully the Dodgers will win the West so that they can avenge the faltering Phils before being sweep by the Cards who may just lose to the Yanks. One more nail in the coffin for the hasbeen Torre.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    I keep trying to think positive but negative thoughts keep coming up in my mind. Positives are Manny, Raffy and Ethier are hitting the ball. Negatives, where do I start. We walked the bases loaded/drunk with a pitcher that couldn’t make a throw to first. I had a gut feeling that was going to bite us last night and it did. We still have more then half the team going to the plate without a bat. Can we all peak at once? Is that really too much to ask? Manny’s getting in a few good swings, Furcal is hitting ever since Mark called him out. Kemp doesn’t seem to like hitting in the 2 hole. Not a good place for him as I mentioned a few days ago. Troncoso needs some rest. Can’t he run into a wall and take two weeks off? I hope shot of Haeger is still giving off the positive vibes because I’m having trouble sending them out right now. Well I’m got Pittsburgh in my football pool so fight on mighty Steelers.

  6. Kay in L.A. says:

    Romo, that is a fine article. Love the Vinny; he is a master and a wonder.

    Mark, I would love for you to have a closed door session with the Bums. That is, even though they read the blog every day (heh), hearing it in person would be even better!!


  7. Mr.Mike says:

    This is what makes baseball so great. It would really suck if we had a 12 game lead, I would much rather have a race and be headed into the playoffs firing on all cylinders. I think all these strange pitcher injuries are nothing more than a smokescreen to give the arms a little rest like was previously requested right here at LADodgertalk. After this weekend it is all cake. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we will prevail and it sounds like the team has that confidence too. P.S. There is no crying in baseball. Think Positive

  8. Ty says:

    Great post Mark. These guys really do need to quit talking like winners and actually win instead of playing like the choke artists that we’ve been seeing lately

  9. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Alway thinking positive guys… I’m serious! The article Mark posted last week from that Seth Goudin guy… has seriously changed my outlook on my whole life…not just Dodger baseball.

    I refuse to think anything but positive… I know things aren’t looking good right now. All we can do is root for our team and hope for the best. If for some reason I’m wrong..we get to do it all over again next season.

    It’s easy to see all the negative things and lament about what might be or could be. Everything is a journey.. I’m just enjoying the trip..bumpy and smooth parts

  10. SpokaneBob says:

    DRomo, Thank you. That was a great story about vinny. I have adored him since 1958. If I could give anyone a longer life, it would be Vin. He gives so much pleasure to so many people. He is in a league of his own.

    Mr. Mike, No Crying in Baseball……funny and true.

    We all hoped it would be easy. But when have the Dodgers ever made it easy. Ok, there have been a few years when we had great teams like the Boys of Summer, but even in the 70′s we had to fight it out with the Big Red Machine. The norm is tight spinctors and tummys in turmoil. Thats Baseball in general and the Dodgers in particular. You never get used to it and sometimes it breaks your heart. But on those occations when we win it all, its one fun ride.
    Nobody knows how this will end up….but as Tug McGraw used to say “you gotta believe”!

  11. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, you have provided a lot of enjoyment for many of us over the last few years. That’s something that you should be commended for. Now you have changed Haegers life with your posting of positive thinking. You can now say you’ve touched someone’s life and that’s a special thing to say. As for me, I wish I could say the same but I’m just trying to believe in a once very promising 2009 year and trying to figure out how my gut is telling me somethings changed.
    Wolf is down, Kershaw is down, Kuroda is trying to fight back and Bills just isn’t Bills right anymore. Most of the offense has vanished and Joes drinking Bigalows Green Tea to help with his thinking and aging process. I’m still watching and hoping for the turn around needed in bringing back our mojo. Fight on Blue Crew.

  12. Badger says:

    What Bill said.


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