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Start Thinking, Because We Can’t Win It Without Billingsley

Start Thinking, Because We Can’t Win It Without Billingsley

I believe that to be true.  We cannot win the Pennant, let alone the World Series, without Chad Billingsley.  Personally,billingsley-strideI don’t understand why Joe Torre pitched him last night.  He should have been just shut down until his next start.   His velocity is down a bit (especially for relief), as he was topping out at 94-95 (only 2 or 3 times), but I don’t think he’s hurt.  He really went away from his fastball after Rowand hit one for a HR, but he threw him 4 fastballs in a row.  What did he expect?

I think that right about now, the Dodgers need to take some drastic action to “fix” Billingsley.  Look, the Phillies somehow “fixed” Hamels (maybe he fixed himself, I don’t know) and the Dodgers need to do the same with Billingsley.  How do you do that?  That’s the question.  Maybe, it’s as simple as sending him on a 3-day all expense paid vacation with Greg Maddux, or Sandy Koufax.  Something is wrong and it’s obvious that Rick Honeycutt can’t fix it!   Maybe C-Bill neds to go back to Charlie Hough or even his high-school coach.  This much is for sure, we need the real Chad Billingsley in order to win and we don’t have much time. 

Clayton Kershaw’s legacy will be written as he steps up in the playoffs (that IS a prediction).  Count on Kershaw, but we need Billingsley.  Anything less will not get us where we need to be.  Time is ‘a wastin’ – GET BUSY!  Like Billingsley or not, we have to have the dominant Chad we had between the 2008 and 2009 All-Star Breaks.  We won’t win it all without him.

Today’s Lineup:

Rafael Furcal, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Manny Ramirez, LF
Matt Kemp, CF
James Loney, 1B
Casey Blake, 3B
Ronnie Belliard, 2B
Russell Martin, C
Jon Garland, P

The Dodgers have one mission today:  Kill Bad Penny!

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16 Responses to “Start Thinking, Because We Can’t Win It Without Billingsley”

  1. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I really hope you’re right. I think we can win the whole thing without him, but it’ll definitely make the job more difficult if we can’t get him straightened out… let’s hope he can fix whatever the problem is.

    Go Dodgers!

  2. ken says:

    Nice lineup

    The Martin experiment obviously did not work

    Send Bills to the istructional league. Maybe he can get someone out in the AFL.

    Updated ACE Meter (Does not include relief appearances)

    Wolf 3.09
    Kershaw 3.24
    Garland 3.25
    Padilla 3.27
    Kuroda 3.29

    Billingsley 3.74

    The new Bills should not even be on the Post Series Roster. In the real world when the student can not learn from the teacher the parents go hire a special tutor. Bring on Maddox.

  3. Blue Haze says:

    Now that is the Meathead Penny that I rememeber, bout time his over-swelled head returned to earth!

    Right now, Mark Timmons, I think the situation is just the opposite regarding RoadKill, we can’t win it all if we need to rely on him. He is in a bad way and a playoff run is no time to try and fix someone, fixing to that extent has to come during the off-season. RaodKill must be way down on the charts, as far as being a go to guy in the pen or as a starter. If the post-season roster is based on what players are going to help you win, then RoadKill could not be considered at all. I have a funny feeling that many in here are going to have to disagree with you Mark Timmoms.

  4. Mark Timmons says:

    They may disagee, but we won’t win unless C-Bill can re-gain his form. St. Louis has 2 aces. Philly has 2 Aces. I believe Kershaw will be one and we need another. Randy Wolf is not an Ace.

    Neither is Cole Hamels using Ken’s “Ace Meter” which is historic, but Hamels has turned it around and is back in the Ace Hole!

    Unless Billingsley regains his form, the Dodgers will be at home for the Series.

    “Fix Billingsley” should be our mantra!

  5. Blue Haze says:

    Nah, you can’t turn this time of year into a training and rehab unit, that time has passed. This is showtime!

  6. SpokaneBob says:

    Haze is right on this one Mark.

    If you are talking Sandy Koufax, you have a point. But this team has never had to live or die with Bills. Wolf, Kuroda, Garland and Kershaw are all capable of winning games in the post season.

    Unless he can turn things around in the next two weeks he shouldn’t even be on the playoff roster.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    It’s up to Bills over the next two weeks but from what I see he’s a mess. When you lose your confidence it’s up to him to gain it back. Bills melted faster then the ice cream I left out of the freezer yesterday. I think Romo got this one right. Wolf, Kershaw, Kuroda and pick between Padilla or Garland. Bills is a professional so he needs to do what’s right to get fixed. I don’t believe this is Honeycutt’s or Joe’s fault and I don’t believe he has time to get fixed before the start of the post season. I agree with Mark that it would be nice to have a fixed Bills but we can’t afford to take the broken Bills into the post season.

    It was great seeing Penny get bombed today. This was the butt kicking I was hoping for. I would love to see Kemp go on a HR streak over the next two weeks to make the 30-30 club. Belliard is making a strong case for 2nd base on the 2010 club and O-Dogie is hearing foot steps for his job in the post season.
    Furcal will be ready to step up his play in the post season. Loney’s stepping up, Blake will be the foundation, Kemp and Ethier are ready. That leaves Martin and Manny to find their groove over the next few weeks.

    I wouldn’t mind one true Ace on the pitching staff heading into the playoffs but we must go to battle with what we have.

  8. Badger says:

    If we hit, we can play with anybody. If we don’t, won’t matter who is on the mound.

    I would have rested Billingsley for a couple of starts. We have enough to win against teams like the ones we will be facing.

    Since August 1 Manny is hitting .290 so he isn’t that far off. Blake is hitting .268 over the same period, his career average. Martin’s a different story though, about .240. I think he should stay in the 8 hole. Loney is coming around, Ethier and Kemp are doing well, Furcal is doing ok – could be we rounding into play-off shape.

    Belliard? So far, I was wrong about him. I sure hope he keeps it up.

  9. ken says:

    I have been thinking about my Ace Meter and have concluded subjectively that a true ACE must have a score of 2.50 or lower. Based upon that criteria the Dodgers do not have a true ACE based their entire year with the Dodgers or the Newbies who do not really have a sufficent number of starts. Garland is now below 2.50 but he only has 4 starts with the Dodgers. I will attempt to calculate the starters individual Ace Score for all starts after 6/30 if time permits tommorrow.

  10. Badger says:

    I can buy that Ken. I also believe that we don’t need a true ace. It would be nice, but we need exactly what Garland gave us today – a guy who can keep us in it for 7-8 innings. Wolf can do that, Kuroda can do that, maybe Kershaw can if he gets back, Padilla can on occasion, but I don’t really see him as a play-off starter. Bills, if he gets some R&R can give us 6-7. If this team hits, we just need solid starting pitching to get us to the pen.

    But, I am hoping that the hitters carry this club from now until the first week of November.

  11. Bill Russell says:

    You know something funny? I mostly don’t check on peoples bullshit stats that they throw in here but for some reason today I decided to check on the statement that over the same period Since August 1st- Casey Blake is hitting .268 his career average. I didn’t think this was correct because he’s been hitting pretty good over the last few weeks. So I went to MLB and clicked on stats, entered Blake and selected Casey Blake. The screen popped up with Casey’s stats since September 1st and was showing him hitting .400 slightly above his career average. I don’t don’t who to believe, Badger or MLB stats?????

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Edit – Know in place of the second don’t

  13. Bill Russell says:

    So conclusion, Casey Blakes bat has heated up since September but he’s lagging if you go back to August.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    I think the whole Dodger team lagged in August…..

  15. Badger says:

    Bill, you always check the stats I throw in about Blake. And you can believe both MLB and Badger Bill. If you read what is being said, you don’t have to make a choice between the two.

    Listen, since Blake had been sitting on his ass for several games in September I thought it would be a better representatation of the two players if we went back to August 1st. What’s the problem Bill? Don’t tell my you still have wood for Blake.

    But, OK, you think those are bullshit stats, fine, if you want to use Blake’s 30 at bats for September go ahead. I still say in any situation, at any time in any game, I would rather have Manny batting than Casey Blake.

    Manny Ramirez, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier are the foundations of this lineup, not Casey Blake. Blake has been a valuable addition, but he is still a .270 lifetime hitter who this year is hitting .239 with runners in scoring position. And, if Martin wasn’t having so much trouble, I would still bat Blake 8th in this lineup.

    So put that in your hooka and smoke it. Then pass it over to me. We’re still buddies – right?


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