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Should The Dodgers Keep Chad Dangling?

Should The Dodgers Keep Chad Dangling?
  • When should the Dodgers decide?  What if Chad pitches well today?  What if he pitches badly?  Should the Dodgers keep Chad dangling?  Should they just put him in the pen?
    100 RBI This Year?

    100 RBI This Year?

      What should they do?  I DON’T KNOW!  But, I do know that 3 months ago he was regarded as one of the best starters in all of baseball.  Keep that in mind!  He lost it fast. Can he re-gain it that fast?  Let’s be fair – he hasn’t gotten “bombed” - mostly base hits have beaten him.  Tonight, he could surprise us all….  OR NOT!

  • Andre Ethier has 101 RBI and it’s a lock the Matt Kemp will also pass 100, but I would love to see James Loney do the same.  He’s hot and he’ll have to stay hot, but that would be cool!  Condemned for a lack of power and sporting just 13 HR, James Loney has 89 RBI.  A trio of 100 RBI producers who are all youngsters bodes well for the Dodgers future.   If Manny hadn’t been suspended, he’d have had 100 too. 
  • Anyone want to bet that NEITHER Belliard or Hudson will be Dodgers next year?  I predict that someone who name starts with De (DeJesus or DeWitt) will be our 2B next year!
  • Kershaw is OK.   He’d look nice in the pen, but he’s one of our best starters.
  • Could Raffy have picked a better time to get hot?
  • Ronnie Belliard is hitting .322 with four homers in 19 games since joining the Dodgers.  Every game he starts over O-Dog saves Frank McCourt $40,000 to $50,000 dollars.
  • Hey Naysayers, the Dodgers have the best ERA in baseball by a longshot!  “Doesn’t mean anything?”  SCOREBOARD!  The Dodgers are #1 in all of baseball with a 3.39 ERA, the Cards are 2nd at 3.62 and the Giants and Braves are tied at 3.63.  THe Phillies are 7th at 4.07 and the Rockies are 10th at 4.23.
  • Dodgers relievers have combined to produce a 3.11 ERA this season – the best in baseball – in 513 innings pitched.
  • The Dodgers bullpen has a record of 65-8 when leading at the start of the seventh inning.
  • I told you the Rockies peaked too soon.
  • What Chad Billingsley needs today is for the Dodgers to score 15 in the first. 
  • Mark Reynolds of the D-Backs has 206 strikeouts to go with his 40+ HR – I’m not sure that is healthy for a team.  Name a guy who strikes out that much and is on a team that wins anything.  Consistently!
  • Magic Number – 3  Get the bubbly on ice!

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49 Responses to “Should The Dodgers Keep Chad Dangling?”

  1. Badger says:

    Mark Reynolds has 43 home runs, 100 rbi’s and has scored 93 runs and you are talking about his strikeouts? We should have such production from one of our corner infielders! Who cares about strike outs when that many runs are being produced! An out is an out. He is only 26 years old and is already one of the best 3rd baseman in all of baseball.

    Our bullpen has saved our starters asses all year long. The pen is our MVP.

    Did Bills get enough rest? I guess we will see.

    DeWitt at 2b? Eh, not so sure about that one. Maybe. But, if he can’t even hit AAA pitching, how is he going to hit ML pitching?

    Belliard, like Loretta, will bounce around the rest of his career.

    I told you Loney would be just fine. Many good Major League hitters are streak hitters and it’s what has been accomplished by the end of the year that matters.

    I don’t believe the Rockies are done yet Mark. If they hit, they can be a very dangerous bunch. They look like a football team to me.

  2. Illini Dodger says:

    BTW Mark, you were referenced in the Dodger Rumors blog recently for your C-Bills analysis??

  3. DRomo says:

    Badger, Here is the deal with Mark Reynolds that gets over looked, sure he has 40+ HR and 100 RBI but you take away the times he drove himself in it is only 60 people he has driven in. Contrast that with the times he has K’d with runners in scoring position or clutch times in the game. That isn’t someone I want on the team. It has always impressed me when a guy has a low HR total and high RBI total. Look at Loney this year. With any power numbers this guy would be amazing. If he drives in 100 and has less than 20 HR that will be an impressive feat!

    Poor Chad Bills. With his luck after last nights offensive showing the Dodgers will put up maybe 1 run, Chad will give up a grand slam and lose 4-1. I’m not saying that I am hoping for that, just it would be fitting for this guys year.

    Peace fellas & Lady!

  4. Illini Dodger says:

    The Rockies aren’t done, but the Giants are. The Dodgers need to keep winning, not only for the division title, but for home field advantage, as well. No better time to build confidence and momentum for the playoffs than with the hapless Nats and Bucs. Last night’s game was a blast to watch, although a tad painful watching the Nats defense. Yoweeee!

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    That’s a very good point ROMO. Yeah, Reynolds hits HR, but he’s a HUGE “Rally Killer.” Again, name me a player who strikes out like that who is on a winning team. The stats look good, but the results are poor!

  6. DRomo says:

    I know we all are not fans of TJ Slimers. But his article today was interesting. He (like myself) can not stand Eric Collins. It is sad we will likely hear the Dodgers clinch from this hack. Is it too late to give Charlie Steiner his TV gig back? He was horrible but at least he knew the game.

    I will predict by 2012 we will have Matt Vasgergian and Eric Karros in the booth for us on a nightly basis!

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    NJ Slimers is actually a pretty nice guy who subscribes to teh theory that negative humor sells. I have talked to him and he’s nothing like how he writes!

  8. SpokaneBob says:

    If Bills does well tonight he will have time for another start to make sure he is ok. If not, I don’t know if there is room in the pen for anyone but a mop up guy. If he can’t get it together, perhaps they should just shut him down until next spring.

    Kay posted that Rick Monday said that Raffy was finally healthy. He is getting back to the player we need at the top of the order. I believe he has stolden 3 bases in the last week. He was going last night on a 3-1 pitch to Ethier which turned out to be ball four. I believe he is escalating his game for the post season. If Raffy can play at his best it will be a tremendous boost for our offense.

    Home field advantage is crucial to our post season.

  9. Badger says:

    Totally disagree.

    “Again, name me a player who strikes out like that who is on a winning team.”

    Ryan Howard. Babe Ruth. Mickey Mantle. Jim Thome. Sammy Sosa. Mark McGwire. Jose Canseco. Reggie Jackson. Mike Schmidt. Manny Ramirez. Carlos Delgado. Willie Stargell. Dave Kingman. Fred McGriff. Alex Rodriguez. Jason Giambi. Andruw Jones.

    I could go on but I think you get the point.

    I would take a 26 year old Mark Reynolds in heart beat. Same with Ryan Howard. I want guys who drive in runs and score runs. I want guys who can hit the ball over the fence. Runs are important when it comes to winning games. Has something to do with the score.

    Some times you guys crack me up. A guy who hits home runs and drives in over 100 runs is not a guy you want on your team.

  10. lawdog says:

    If Raffy is really back, we’ll have a monster offense rolling into the playoffs as Bob observed earlier on this thread.

    206 strikeouts is something no other major leaguer has put up before regardless of the number of home runs and rbis. 206 is a major league record for strikeouts and there are still a few games to go. At least that’s what the Nat’s announcers said on television last night.

    I think our second baseman next year will be “ugly”–the character who does a great Jeff Kent impression–30 hrs, .260 average and little range. Real ugly “Uggla”. I wouldn’t be surprised if we traded for San Diego’s first baseman either.

  11. ken says:

    Pennant Fever Time

    Never knew how much I loved baseball
    Never knew how much I cared
    When Gibby hit that home run
    I get a fever that’s so hard to bear

    You give me fever, when you win
    Fever when you win in the ninth
    Fever in the morning
    Fever all through the night

    Sun lights up the daytime
    Moon lights up the night
    My eyes light up when Vinny calls the game
    ‘Cause I know they’re gonna win tonight

    Everybody’s got the fever
    That is something you should know
    Fever isn’t such a new scene
    Fever started a week ago

    The fans love Kemp
    Kay, she feels the same
    When he put his arms up in celebration
    He said, “Kay baby, keep the flame”

    Badger and Bill Had a very big debate
    When Bill tried to do a pushup
    Badger said, daddy oh don’t you dare
    “LaRoche gives me fever
    “With his singles
    “Fever when he swings and misses
    “Fever, I’m his best fan
    “So, Haze, won’t you treat him right”

    Fever, when the Dodgers win the pennant
    Fever, if they win the World Series
    Fever, ’til you sizzle
    What a lovely way to burn

  12. Badger says:

    Yeah strike outs are ugly, and he has a ton of ‘em. But he is still young and there is this:

    • Ranks 2nd in NL in HR (43)
    • Ranks 9th in NL in RBI (100)
    • Ranks 10th in NL in R (93)
    • Ranks 9th in NL in SB (24)
    • Ranks 4th in NL in SLG (.562)

    He will cut down on the K’s as he nears his most productive years (28-32). They love him here in Arizona, and I suspect they will attempt to lock him up. He is only making $422K this year so he is a bargain. If the Dbacks don’t secure him, other teams will line up to get him.

  13. Mr.Mike says:

    Ken, that was outstanding. Reminded of me when my Dad was taking me and a friend somewhere when I was about 14. She gives me [we used a slang term that rhymes with a part of a female anatomy]i.e. Seinfeld. Anyway the song comes on the radio and my Dad starts singing it, me and my buddie just totally cracked up, we had no idea that it was a remake from a song in his adolesence. Hang on Sloopy.:}

  14. Blue Haze says:

    Again, thanks a lot Kay for encouraging him.
    Well the old adage is proved correct once again “give a guy enough rope and he will hang himself”

    As far as the REynolds is the good/bad for a team. At least REynolds didn’t give himself much opportunity to hit into double-plays with all those strikeouts. I side with DRomo, I don’t like a HUGE K victim on my team, his Ks are rally killers, nothing productive ever comes out of a strike out. There are actually some good outs that help the team (moving runners by hitting the other way, hitting deep fly balls to move a runner, etc.), but a K is just a dead turd laying in the dirt, it is of no use to anyone (unless you are a dung beetle). I would take Loney’s higher batting average, same RBI total, etc. over a HUGE K boy, any day of the week. Obviously, this thing can be seen both ways, like everything else in life, so Badger does have a good argument and it may work for some teams, I just don’t personally like that approach if I were the manager of a team (but since Torre and the brass read and act on all of our comments in here, I guess we are actually the manager and GM of this team. Still, ROTFLMAO)

  15. lawdog says:

    Give me a line up with 8 “half-witted hackers” who hit 30 hrs and hit .260 over a bunch of punch and judy hitters with .375+ OBP any day. Just more fun to watch.

    I’ll take the “Bronx Bombers” over the ’88 Dodgers, given my druthers.

    Like pitchers. Would you rather watch ground ball finesse pitchers or power pitching strike out artists? Rather watch Osteen or Koufax? Garland or Kurveshaw? Jeff Shaw or Broxton?

  16. Mark Timmons says:


    Babe Ruth NEVER had more than 93 K’s in a season. Usually it was 60 – 80.

    The Mick had a high of 126 and only exceeded 100 5 times.

    Reggie Jackson had 171 when he was 22, but for most of his career his average was 123 per year.

    A-Rod averages about 125 K’s a year.

    Manny averages about 100 a year.

    Willie Stargell averaged less than 120 per year.

    I could go on, but aside from Ryan Howard (who is an anomoly) there are no other players I know of in Reynolds’ league who have won anything.

  17. Voldomer says:

    It was very nice to see Kershaw back on the mound last night, and he looked good. I was surprised to see, though, that it took him almost 40 pitches to get through two mop-up innings. No doubt there are some variables here (connected to pitching for the first time in several days, and relieving at that), but perhaps the high pitch count shows that he really is back to form!

  18. DRomo says:

    I side with Mark here. I think what also needs to be said is when Reynolds is on deck a pitcher isn’t scared. Sure he may take you deep but odds are he won’t and he will likely make out or K.

  19. Bill Russell says:

    Wow, I feel star in the making. Hang on Snoopy. Anyway the real question is not How long will the Dodgers keep Chad hanging on but How long will Chad keep the Dodgers hanging on. Will the right Chad please step forward tonight…….

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    The question is, who would you rather have at 3B, Mark Reynolds or Casey Blake? Blake is a nice player, but to me the answer is a no brainer. REYNOLDS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not only does Reynolds have a huge power advantage, he also has a huge speed advantage over the lead footed Blake. I’m not just looking for a guy that will get a clutch hit (and I’ve seen Reynolds get them), but I also want a guy that helps the Dodgers pad leads, and take pressure off the pitching staff. Over a long season that can be significant.

    Also, I wonder what Reynolds would do in the middle of a lineup that includes emerging, and still improving players like Ethier and Kemp, Manny (assuming he returns and gets his mojo back), a James Loney who I believe next year will begin to tap into his power potential, and even a resurgent Russell Martin. Not much room for the opposing pitcher to catch a breath.

    Sorry to anyone who disagrees, but Mark Reynolds, as I noted above, would be a no brainer. However, it’s all speculation, because there is little chance that the Dodgers will be able to get their hands on him without giving away the team. And I don’t believe he will be eligible for free agency anytime soon.

  21. Mark Timmons says:


    Casey Blake is no superstar, but neither is Reynolds. Now, if you just look at this year, it may be a no-brainer, but last year Reynolds hit .239. That would be a “Brainer.”

    Reynolds has huge holes in his swing and I would not be surprised if he were “exposed” just like their CF Chris Young.

    If he can keep up what he is doing this year for another two years, then I’ll believe. Right now, I am not a believer that he will keep it up.

    Plus, you cannot underestimate Casey Blake’s presence and effect on this young team.

  22. lawdog says:

    I’d trade Blake for Reynolds in a New York Minute. Power, speed and youth for mediocrity, age and arthritic joints. The team has come of age. We don’t need geezers doing Donny Baseball’s job anymore. Not after this year.

  23. DRomo says:

    No way. You guys act like it is a fantasy team. Heres the deal, every WINNING team needs a role player who solid plays good defense and is NOT flashy. Casey THE FOUNDATION Blake is that guy. In NY in the 90s Scott Brosius was that guy. In Boston (The 1st ring they won) it was Bill Mueller. M.Reynolds will never be that guy. Say what you want about Blake but he has made a differnce on this team. THE TEAM says so! Also THE TEAM credits him for the start of the turn around last year also the team steady rise to 31 games over .500! Don’t they know better than us hacks?

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      Heres the deal, every WINNING team needs a role player who solid plays good defense and is NOT flashy. Casey THE FOUNDATION Blake is that guy.

      Sweet. I believe also.
      Besides, this is the NATIONAL League, isn’t it?

  24. Bill Russell says:

    Good analysis mr Romo and Mark.

  25. Badger says:

    Mark, Ruth and Mantle each led the league in K’s 5 times. All those other guys struck out a lot too. OK, not as much as Reynolds, but K’s come with power guys. And I do believe Reynolds will get better at what he does. He is young, athletic and when he hits ‘em, they stay hit.

    Casey Blake or Mark Reynolds? Nobody can take that seriously.

    Great debate though.

  26. Kay in L.A. says:

    Be still, my heart! Is that a cute smile on Batman or what? Whoa, thanks Mark. Fellow Loney fans, Mr. Mike and LADODGERDAVE, can you dig it?!

    Also, I want to salute you for such a terric blog, Mark Timmons, especially as you produce it in the midst of that enhanced work ethic you told me about last night. It is efforts and accomplishments like yours that make this country great.

    Of course, I was goofing on the dialogue about surgeries, etc., and not challenging anyone’s pain or struggle in life, nor anyone’s fitness.

    Coming to the blog, listening to and watching the games, following the team is a BIG, BIG pain reliever for me. Life is tough. I’ll spare you the details, but trust me.

    I am not opposed to the use of pain relievers. Know that.

    So, I believe the identity of The Prophet has been revealed. I recall your words, “Watch and learn.”

    These guys are getting into a real groove, AS A TEAM.

  27. Mark Timmons says:


    They were saying the same things about Chris Young two years ago that they are saying about Reynolds.

  28. Mark Timmons says:

    If Reynolds can keep it up, he’s certainly the better player, but I have a hunch he won’t!

    • Ty says:

      Reynold’s won’t be a 45 HR guy, 20 SB guy next year. This is probably his career year but he definitely is a legitimate 25-30 HR guy. He’ll always strike out a ton but he’ll get his fair share of bombs.

  29. Ty says:

    Ryan Howard strikes out a ton and the Phillies win consistently.

    I agree that neight Belliard (he’s not a full season starter) nor Hudson will be here next season. DeWitt hit about .260 in AAA this year and that was in a hitters league. Can DeWitt hit enough to be a regular in the majors? IDJ was hurt this past season so he might need another half season before making it to the bigs. 2B is going to be an interesting position to fill

  30. mark says:

    OK, why (I am being serious) can’t we have Juan Pierre start the offsseason working out at 2B with Larry Bowa and send him to Bucky Dent School? I’m serious. Biggio learned 2B. Other have. Why not Pierre. He’s a hard worker. He’s signed. His weak arm wouldn’t be as exposed, and here’s our linup with him:

    1. Pierre 2B
    2. Furcal SS
    3. Ethier RF
    4. Manny LF
    5. Kemp CF
    6. Loney 1B
    7. Blake 3B
    8. Martin C

    Why not?

    • Kevin says:

      Hey Mark how many left handed middle infielders have you ever seen?

      That is why Pierre will never play 2B my friend.

  31. mark says:


    Unless Reynolds hits 40-50 HR, his 225 K’s don’t play!

    25 won’t cut it.

  32. GoNzO says:

    I’d take Reynolds too. I think he will get better. To qoute the gys from PTI “what a slurpfest” we have here.

  33. Badger says:

    The same thing was said about Chris Young, and he has had a tough couple of years so, that means the same thing will happen to Reynolds?

    Come on Mark, that’s a stretch, even for a guy like you who loves to stretch things.

    I read somewhere that when Reynolds actually hits the ball he hits over .400. There are batting coaches salivating over this guy.

    According to the Web site, Mark Reynolds leads Major League Baseball this season with a 420.1-foot average distance on his home runs. His 481-foot home run off the Phillies’ Brad Lidge on July 28 that landed in the patio area of the Friday’s Front Row restaurant in left-center field at Chase Field was the longest recorded homer of the season. Reynolds’ 461-foot blast last Saturday in New York was the longest recorded home run in spacious Citi Field. In fact, he has hit three of the eight longest homers in Citi Field history. Overall, 26 of Reynolds’ 32 homers this season have traveled 400 or more feet, including 14 over 440 feet and 5 over 450. He is tied with the Rangers’ Nelson Cruz in hitting six of the 100 longest home runs this season.

    He is fun to watch.

    At one time he was on pace to be the first player ever to hit 50 and steal 30. He could still do it with a strong finish.

    I wonder how many RBIs he would have on the Dodgers? hmmm. 120?

    here it is:

  34. Mark Timmons says:

    Look, I don’t have time to go back, but I had this same conversation with someone about Young 2 or 3 years ago. I argued that his swing was too big and had too many holes and that he would have to cut it down and become less of a power hitter or fail. He failed. Can he come back? Don’t know!

    It’s not a stretch to say that Reynolds might be having a career year and will fall back. The Dodgers have figured out how to pitch him.

    In 2007 as a rookie, he hit .382 against the Dodgers.

    In 2008, he hit .227.

    In 2009, he has hit .177.

    The more games, the Dodgers have pitched to him, the worse he has done, because they know how to pitch him.

    I have a belief that the rest of the league will figure out what the Dodgers have, and I don’t think he can adjust.

    Watch and see.

  35. Mark Timmons says:

    IF Babe Ruth had swung as hard as Reynolds and struck out 200+ times, he’d have hit 120 HR in a season. That’s why guys like Reynolds don’t impress me.

  36. Badger says:

    “IF Babe Ruth had swung as hard as Reynolds and struck out 200+ times, he’d have hit 120 HR in a season.”

    More nonsense. Nobody swung harder than did the Babe. And he did it with a 36″ 46 oz bat.

    And we know that Adrian Beltre, his 41 rbi’s and .668 OPS give you wood.

    OK. Your mind is made up.

  37. Mark Timmons says:

    Bills is AWESOME. I don’t care if they are AAA players…

  38. Badger says:

    I am watching. In fact, I get to see Reynolds everyday. He is fun to watch. Great third baseman, very athletic, makes all the plays – and when he does hit them, nobody hits them farther.

    26. Only makes $422K. He would look good in Blue……

    just sayin’…….

  39. Mark Timmons says:

    I only see him when is playing us and we make him look like crap, so I am jaded!

  40. Mark Timmons says:

    Besides, in my mind, no 3B will ever be better than Adrian Beltre or Andy LaRoche.


  41. Badger says:

    LaRoche, future HOFer.

    Beltre? eh, not so much. But, he did have one very good year.

  42. Mr.Mike says:

    Smoking white hot Bat! James is the man. nice:}


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